Civ 4=Warlords Empire MOD, in progess


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Sep 4, 2007
In this MOD I plan to add 2 new civilizations (USSR, Nazi Germany), 1 new leader (Hitler:twitch:), 15 new units (Bazooka, Missile Launcher, Nuclear Missile Launcher, Great Leader, Cybernetic Marine, Cybernetic Nuke Trooper :borg:, Cloned Marine, Cloned Nuke Trooper, MegaTank, EcoTerrorists, Advanced ICBM, Fusion Troopers, Reveloutianary, T80 Tank, MG42 Machine Gun:ar15: ), 10 new techs (Cybernetic Engineering, Cloning, SuperStructures, SuperEngines, SupperTurrets, Eco-Power, Advanced Fission:nuke: , Advanced Fusion, Advanced Scientific Thinking, Globalization), 18 new buildings (Cybernetic Work Force:assimilate:, Cybernetic Barracks:scan:, Clone Work Force, Clone Barracks, SuperHomes, SuperFactory, SuperEngine, CDT, CDT Control, Eco-Power Plant, Advanced Nuclear Barrier, Advanced Nuclear Plant, Fusion Barrier, Fusion Plant, Advanced Research Center, Senate, GULAG Center, Concentration Camp) and 5 new wonders. (Mars Elevator, Ultimate Engine Power Plant, Advanced SDI, Cure For Illness, The TerraResearch Center)

More info on Civilizations, units, techs, buildings, and wonders on next few posts:thumbsup: :woohoo: :rockon: :banana: :sheep: :cheers: :pat: :spear:

USSR=Joseph Stalin (Aggresive, Industrious, now USSR leader), T80 Tank (replaces tank), GULAG Center (replaces jail:( )

Nazi Germany= Hitler:twitch: :run: (Imperialistic, Industrious), MG42 Machine Gun (replaces machine gun), Concentration Camp (replaces jail:( )

Now, I am feeling lazy:sleep:, so no more posts till' tommorow.:rotfl:
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These are "wonders" that create mass amounts of energy. To activate 1 of the 5, click on its symbol in the military advisor, then click on a tile you want to annhilate. Doing this costs gold to power it up.

Solar Lazer=Advanced Fusion. Creates a crater 3x3 squares, craters totally unworkable and cannot go away. 1975 gold.

Nuke Turret=Advanced Fission, SuperTurrets. Creates a 6x6 squre of fallout, while nuking all of those spaces. 2000 gold.

EDC (Ecologic Disaster Creater)=Eco-Power. Randomly, creates a 10x10 square of desert, fallout, and dense jungle (cannot be cut down). 1500 gold.

Cybernetic Revolution Plant= Cybernetic Engineering. Makes an Doomsday Robot (300 strength, 5 movement, creates desert and/or fallout when attacking), makes enemy of your choice go into CyAnarcy (loses production on current building, stays for 10 turns). 2500 gold.

PsyBomb Factory=Advanced Scientific Thinking. Uses 1 population to create 1 PsyBomb and 1 Controlled Cyborg Speicialist (+5 hammer). 2250 gold.
Bazooka= +50% against tanks, 20 strength, 1 move, Rocketry.

Missile Launcher= +50% bonus against city, causes collateral damage, can reduce city defenses, 35 strength, 2 movement, rocketry.

Nuclear Missile Launcher= +60% bonus agsinst city, causes collateral damage, can reduce city defenses, creates fallout in nearby squares when in battle, 42 strength, 2 movement, Rocketry, Fission, Uranium. (it will also make the mushroom cloud that everyone loves.)

Great Leader= After you get a total of 5 great people you geta great leader. (this happens again after you get 5 more people, infinitely)can discover techs,can add a leader trait to your empire, and build a senate.

Cybernetic Marine= +25% bonus against gunpowder units, 38 strength, 1 movement, Cybernetic Engineering
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This forum is only for finished modpacks
a friendly suggestion,

if you want people will be attracted to try your mod, and play it,

then i suggest you re arrange the apearnce of your mod thread and alterations,

browse through the mod posts on the forum and see how the mod details are orgenized.

no dissrespect, but its a little messi, its a shame cause you got some nice ideas there.

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