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Sep 30, 2013
For Players Seeking A Longer Game with More Immersion

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Featuring 130 New Techs, 45 New Civics, over 50 New Buildings, and over 65 new policy cards!

Completely integrated with the Warfare Expanded Mod series!

Completely redone civics and tech trees, and changes to existing vanilla policy cards.

Featuring longer and more in depth eras!

New boosts! (They are rarer, harder, weaker, and now you might have to actually work for them!)

Rearranged civic and tech bonuses, and governments!


for many of the new techs and civics!

Featuring the voices of:
The late great Leonard Nimoy (from Civ IV),
Charleton Heston...................... as Moses,
Elizabeth Taylor........ as Queen Cleopatra,
George C. Scott............ as General Patton,

as well as JFK, LBJ, MLK and Carl Sagan as themselves!

Finally, our recommended mod list has been thoroughly tested in multiplayer.
Civ Reimagined is a project whose goal is to extend Civ Games. With more focus on role playing, and creating longer eras and more vertical civs. (This was initially designed for personal use as a private mod among a group of gamers hence the version 6.0)

Massive Tech and Civics Tree Expansion & Rework:
The tech tree was the first step in the process. I began modifying it to better integrate the amazing units in the Warfare Expanded Mod Series. But as I did this work the project began to grow. More techs and civics meant more buildings and policy cards were needed. Governments had to be rearranged, and tech and civics bonuses adjusted. I also began integrating many small changes I had always wanted to see in Civ. But there is still more work to be done. So I appreciate anyone who plays and gives feedback on balance and other issues that arise. Also, since there is so much more I want to do, and only a finite amount of time in life, I am on the lookout for folks who can help me create a few new units (Marines for WWII era, Paratroopers at Combined Arms, Alpine Troops at Reorganized Infantry, and more.
sample tech tree 1.JPG

  • Stability, to maintain stability of this mod I have not used any of my own dynamic modifiers, I always just use modifiers that already existed in game. And just copy and pasted code, this I believe has really aided in the game being much more stable. As I had heard in the past some thought that mods that change Yields were causing instability in multiplayer. (As a consequence it is recommended you have Aztec Civilization and Macedon & Persia DLC activated, as the mod uses code from both)

  • LONGER ERAS Ever since Civ II I wanted eras to playout longer, back then I seemed to never get a chance to use my knights. Instead of using a mod that just added turns time to research I created many new techs and designed bottlenecks into the Civics and Tech trees so that certain eras would need to be played out, and there would be time for other (AI & Human) players to catch up.

  • Dilemmas, I really was frustrated by the "gameification" of Civ VI, all policy cards are good, and you just play your best cards. It didn't feel like governing, it felt like a mini game. When I was a kid playing Civ II, I wanted to feel like I was running an empire. And part of governing is making tough decisions. If you study history or follow politics today you will know that no piece of public policy is perfect, there are always trade-offs. So I integrated some dark era penalties into many of the new policies I created. Now you will need to govern, and make difficult choices about what is best for your people.

  • City Administration, one of the biggest issues I had with the civ series since I played it for the first time over 20 years ago was the steam rolling effect. We all know the moment when you no longer are in doubt of whether your civ will stand the test of time. It seems in civ the more you grow the more powerful your empire becomes. This was never true in history, the game should get more challenging as your empire gets larger. So I have been increasing maintenance costs for buildings, and even created a "City Administration" which costs 4 gold per turn, and is necessary to build many city center buildings as well as train settlers. The result is to make it so that as you build more cities your expenses rise. I am also looking at various ways to prevent this steam rolling effect using existing game mechanics, any suggestions are always welcome!

  • Penalizing Progress This is another concept I have integrated to prevent steam rolling. The fundamental flaw in all 4x strategy games is that they try to GIVE you a reason to progress.But with Civics and Technology we don't need additional incentive to advance. We need to in order to survive. So in this game there are negative bonuses you will receive as you progress. It seemed like a way to implement penalties to slow more advanced civs and just make the game more interesting. For example when you research the "Superstition" civic and you lose some science production, another civic (Imperial Expansion) reduces 1 amenity in each city (due to "corruption").

    Over the course of the game the new buildings, and some new bonuses will gradually cancel these penalties out. But the idea is it slows you down. For example as you enter the Medieval Era you will be hit by multiple penalties, but by the Renaissance you will l mostly counter them, and face new challenges as you get back on track. This also forms a sort of bottleneck (in theory) where faster players get slowed down first, and more primitive civilizations can have a window to catch up. That's the theory anyway, implementing it using only existing game modifiers is challenging.

    To make up for the penalties to science and culture in the Medieval Era, I am working on production based boosts. So you can progress you civics and tech trees by constructing buildings or training units. As your production is not penalized. Of course these new buildings and units will cost more gold. So the medieval era will be the first time your civ is tested. Integration with the Plague Mod means you will also face the black death at this time. So perhaps your steamrolling empire won't survive after all!

  • Resources Revealed: Most resources are now revealed by a tech or a civic. One of the first challenges is settling your first city, with no idea where the best resources will be. You must choose based on other ideas, such as defensiveness and access to water. Then choose your techs wisely as you scour the countryside for resources.

  • Other Mods: I have integrated a few of my favorite mods, which I give credit to below. The only reason was to keep our "required mod" list low.

    LEAGUE (extended tech tree) - This was my starting point for building this mod, I used it as a template to build upon. .........................Much much credit to this amazing mod!
    ANGRYR (military tactics mod) - inlcuded some of his sql code within this mod.
    _ZEE (Normalized Climate Change) - included _ZEE's SQL in this mod.
    DESUCRATE (Don't Mine Dirt!) - Included some of this code.
    LUKE JESUS SAVES (Harder Era) - utilized this mod to help nerf era score now that eras are longer.
    MACHIAVELLI (Settlers Retreat) - Included in this mod because I think it is an essential mod to help the AI.

    Credts to required mods:
    DELIVERATOR - For all his amazing work on unit asset design (STEEL & THUNDER) I am also working on using some of his ported Beyond Earth units to flesh out the future era. But currently my version is crashing in multiplayer.
    NHC - for his work on the Plague Mod, and FEARSUNN for the initial work on the Black Death Mod.

    XYTH for inspiring me with Civ IV: History Rewritten

    Finally to the entire Warfare Expanded Team for inspiring me to make this mod in the first place!
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I had some people struggle with the mod list. Since this mod requires other mods to work. So here is a little demo of me doing the setup and playing a little.
(I am using the Enhanced Mod Manager mod and I also run it with the Civ V Environment Skin.)
(Also... I disable a number of DLC. You want to disable any DLC you don't plan on using to avoid the graphics glitch which from too many assets. This is something the modding community has been urging Firaxis to fix).

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Finally a Mod that makes my civ 6 experience not feel hollow. I am getting game crashes for this mod. I think its because im running huge map with not enough ram.... I just finished watching your video. I did not expect to see that setup. I did a couple things wrong and didnt disable alot of things. You disabled Barbarian clans mode. Does it interfere with the game? I havent noticed it until I ran this mod and love it. Im getting crashes, the reports arent being copied because unresponsiveness. I think there are not functioning buildings and policies. I think that ancient buildind sounds something likew staging house +2 gold per bonus resource+1 amenity.
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look fantastic !
have you fixed the insane bug where the world congress meets before you have even met all of the other civ
will not buy GS until this is fixed. Inexscuable that it has not been
Don't really expect a response after all this time, but I've installed and enabled all that lot, and still get the message at the end....given up....shame.
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Hello, i love the immersion that your mod brings and, since i am making my own scenario in modern world, i was wandering if you could borrow me the new civics and technologies that you created,especially those after industrial era.
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