Colonialist Legacies' Republic of the Philippines for VP


Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada

UA - Pearl of the Orient
Receive a free Trade Unit at Trade.
Trade Route Origin Cities gain 20% of the Target City's specific :c5production:Production Progress each turn, increasing by 10% per Open Border Agreement with the Target Civilization.
Both you and your Trade partners gain :c5culture: Culture when either of your :trade: Trade Units move through the other's territory.

UU - Katipunero:
Available on adoption of any Industrial Era Policy Tree
600 :c5production: Production cost

35 :c5strength: CS
3:c5moves: Movement
Ignores Terrain
Gains XP from revealing tiles and pillaging tiles
+25% attack
"Katipon" - Available at unit level 1 - +15% Unit Production when garrisoned in a city
"Kawal" - Available at unit level 3 - +15%:c5strength:Strength in Friendly Territory
"Bayani" - Available at unit level 5 - Adjacent Units gain +15%:c5strength:Defense​

UU - Balangay
Available at Trade
Gain a Free Balangay whenever a Sea Trade Route is completed

5:c5strength: CS
Can enter Deep Ocean
Can be expended in any friendly city for 25 :c5food: Food and :c5culture: Culture
Gains Experience by Exploring, increasing the amount of :c5food::c5culture: yields when expended, and spawning a free Settler unit at level 4​
Spoiler 4UC Compatibility :

UB - Coral Church (replaces Harbor):
available at Civil Service (same tech level as Compass, same tech as open border unlock)
Can be built anywhere
350 :c5production: Production Cost

+1 :c5faith: Faith and +1 :c5gold: Gold
+1:c5faith: in City for each Civilization that you have given Open Borders to
+1:c5gold: in City for each Civilization that has granted you Open Borders

+5% :c5food:Food
+1 :c5food: Food to Coast and Ocean
+1 :c5production: Production to Sea Resources
+200 City HP
+2 :c5war: Military Supply
when a :trade: Sea Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a :tourism: Tourism boost with the civ based on your recent :c5culture: Culture output
:trade: Sea Trade Routes gain +50% Range and +2 :c5gold: Gold​

UU - Lantaka (Cannon)
Available at Gunpowder
325:c5production: (7.5% cheaper)
16:c5strength:CS, 31:c5rangedstrength:RCS
"Siege inaccuracy"
"Cover I"
"bonus vs cities" (100)
"Moves at Half Speed in Enemy Territory"
"Swivel Gun" When embarked beneath a Naval Unit, provides +50% attack​

  • JFD: XML and Lua; Concept.
  • Neirai: XML and Lua help.
  • TPangolin: Art, Concept.
  • Knightmare: Katipunero and Rizal icons.
  • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting.
  • Viregel: Civilopedia Entries.
  • Filipino Singkil: Peace/War Music inspiration.
  • Pineappledan: 4UC concept, SQL, and Lua
  • Asterix Rage: Unique Promotion art
  • Wolfdog: Lantaka unit model
  • Cardboardmech: Lantaka icon
  • C. Roland: Balangay unit model
  • HungryForFood: DLL integration
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I have not completed a game with Philippines. I am very interested to hear how people think the civ plays!
Gonna give this a whirl with 3/4 shortly; any updates needed for 3/4 with the new 1/11 beta?
None that I know of. The changes to defensive buildings are vaguely worded in G's OP and I don't have time today to dig into what his changes to walls/castles/arsenals are. Everything should still work, but it might alter the balance of unique replacements for these buildings, especially Assyria's Lamassu.
No worries then. I'll dive into the Philippines within the next half-hour or so. Thanks, pd!
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(also, you may want to correct the common spelling error--double p, single l, not the other way around)
I got it right in the OP. But yeah, I have been having a really hard time getting that spelling straight ever since taking this on.
One quick thing: the tool tip for the balagay says 7 strength + 7 for each era, instead of 6; it functions as listed in the OP, 6 + 6
Right. I nerfed it because there was that space in early medieval where the Balangay was absolutely creaming those pathetic triremes.
Hi, thank you as usual for working on this mod!

I started playing this civ last night -Standard map and pace, Immortal, and I'm overwhelmed with the balangays (I thought were mediocre). My starting position is a lone continent with coral monopoly, I managed to explore much of the sea and meet all civs and city states (other civs except Polynesia will fall behind if they got stucked on an island), therefore I can trade my corals with gold and luxuries, as well as doing construction quests on CS. I settled on another landmass to take the ancient ruins and secure my position. I settled about 10 cities on turn 160, but my UA is still not utilized, but having 10 almost "free" caravels helped my navy, which is very useful.

I have a few problems though:
1. Cities disappear upon building arena
2. Sometimes, settlers were deployed on mountains
3. Coral churches were not unlocked on Civil Services, it is still on compass

Overall, though I'm not leading but I'm on a good spot, with about 3 transcontinental cities~ Where I plan on increasing, I took Progress and Artistry (I planned on taking Statescraft for the TR, but I'm confused if Philippines' UA works on CS, because I'm particularly attracted on sending TRs on major civs)

Edit: I'm still researching Compass- to upgrade my balangays to caravel and for the coral churches, let us see what will happen :thumbsup:
1. Cities disappear upon building arena
Not a problem with this mod. Could be an issue with base CBP art defines
2. Sometimes, settlers were deployed on mountains
I will fix
3. Coral churches were not unlocked on Civil Services, it is still on compass
I will fix
but I'm confused if Philippines' UA works on CS, because I'm particularly attracted on sending TRs on major civs
The UA works on CSs, yes. However, CSs are generally behind in tech, they don't get good bonuses to production, and they have no uniques, so they aren't a good target. The UA works on ALL possible target cities, including internal TRs, if that wasn't clear before.
So, I played up to industrial with Philippines, here are my notes:

The UA is a complete black box. I have no idea if I was using it well. I didn't get any free units or any noticeable bumps in production for anything. I started setting spies as diplomats in foreign cities just so i could see what they were building so I could build it too. Probably suboptimal play, but the UA feels pretty forced, especially if you are top 3 for techs.
Wow, Balangay are just tremendously useful. Basically a faster settler and a free (albeit weak) unit that you can use to scout once it has laid down its settler. the vision is tremendous! I'm going to nerf the vision when I push a new version
Lantaka do what they say on the box. I didn't get to use them much since I was playing peaceful.
Katipunero have a bug right now. Only commerce unlocks them out of the 3 industrial trees.
Coral church are very powerful for peaceful games. I had so much gold, it felt great. With the UA being so scattershot it was really nice to get a solid, dependable yield source in medieval.
I'm not entirely sure, but the production boost from the UA in a unit or building seems to decay when the trade route's target city is not producing that unit/building.
Considering how the UA is pretty invisible and can be hard to execute on with the various hoops to jump through (defend trade routes, 1/2 benefit if target invests, no benefit if building already exists in origin city), I'm thinking of increasing the UA's siphon to 34%, +8% per open borders (max of 50%). ie. I am proposing a 36%/43% increase in :c5production:production siphoned before/after open borders

This is based on my assessment of a game I played up to industrial (ie past everyone's unique components coming out), where I never generated a single free unit or building, though I think I had a few turns shaved off a few buildings. Once again, it's hard to tell.
Does anyone have any thoughts?
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