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Colonialist Legacies' Tlingit for VP


Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada

UA - Ku.Éex':
  • +100% :c5culture: Culture, and :c5science: Science from :trade: International trade routes.
  • :trade: Internal Trade Routes provide the Target City with 2:c5food: Food for each Fishing Boat, and 2:c5production: Production for each Noow worked by the Origin City every turn, Scaling with Era.

- UI
Unlocked at Engineering
Can be built on any tile with access to Water (coast, river, etc.), not on a resource, and not adjacent to each other
10% :c5strength: defense
+1:c5food:, +1:c5production:, +1:c5culture:, +1:c5science:
+1:c5production: for every adjacent Forest/Jungle tile
Units on a Noow Receive the 'Survival March' promotion
+1:c5production:, +1:c5food: at Machinery
+1:c5production:, +1:c5science: at Navigation
+1:c5production:, +1:c5culture: at Combustion

Survival March Promotion
Gained by Land units standing on a Noow, and lost by moving off the Noow
+40%:c5strength: Defense vs :c5rangedstrength:Ranged Attacks
100% chance to withdraw from melee combat

- musketman
unlocked at Metallurgy
25:c5strength:CS, 31:c5rangedstrength: RCS (+5 CS, +2 RCS from musketman)
2 Range
2 movement
Embarkation with defense
+1 vision when embarked
'Tidal Raid' promotion
(Costs 1 movement to embark or Disembark)
Spoiler 3rd and 4th Unique Components :

3UC - Duk
- Fishing Boat - Esquiah-ah from Chinook Civ mod
Unlocked at Fishing
No unit maintenance

70:c5production: (+30 from fishing boat)
5:c5strength: CS, 12 :c5rangedstrength:RCS (-1 CS, -3 RCS from Dromon/Penteconter)
No :c5gold: unit maintenance
1 Range
3 Movement
Cannot end turn on deep ocean
Can build fishing boats (like polynesian melee boats)

4UC - Hit -
Lighthouse - Plankhouse from Chinook Civ mod
Unlocked at Trade (1 Tech Earlier)
Can be built anywhere (Does not require Coast)
120:c5production: (-30 from Lighthouse)
1:c5gold: maintenance
1:c5war: Unit Supply
+2:c5food:, +2:c5production:
+1:c5food:, +1:c5gold: from Coast and Ocean tiles
+1:c5gold: from River tiles
Can form city connections over water
+4:c5food: to Internal :c5food:Food :trade:Trade Routes from this City
+4:c5production: to Internal :c5production:Production :trade:Trade Routes from this City
Allows :c5production: Production to be moved from this City along trade routes inside your civilization.


  • TPangolin: Concept, Icons, Map, Leaderscreen, Pedias
  • Firebug: Concept, Compilation
  • Neirai: Concept, Lua
  • DJSHenniger: Lua, Icons, Improvement
  • Kaduseon: Lua
  • Slippery Snake: Icons
  • Hobonatir: Pedias
  • Deliverator: Xaa Graphics
  • Reedstilt: Concept
  • Pineappledan: VP compatibility
  • Adan_eslavo: lua
  • Asterix Rage: promotion icons
  • ASCII Guy: CBP DLL integration
  • InkAxis: additional DLL code functionality
  • Sukritact: Icons and unit model (Duk and Hit)
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Changed UA

OLD: +25%:c5gold:/:c5science:/:c5culture: for all international Land :trade:Trade Routes
NEW: +50%:c5science:/:c5culture: for all international :trade:Trade Routes

Simpler and more universal so AI is guaranteed to make use of it.
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"Internal Trade Routes provide the Target City with 2:c5food: Food for each Fishing Boat, and 2:c5production: Production for each Noow near the Origin City every turn."

Is it scaling with era or not? If not - that's kind of poor. Noow has very strict conditions where it can be build, it's not connecting resources, so it's going to be hard to get more than 3 of them in the city (assuming "near city" means 3 tiles). Now while 6:c5production::c5food: seems kinda strong (but far from OP) in medieval, it's almost useless in further eras. Given that number of trade routes is limited to like 8 before you get ideologies and you get 3 Noows in all cities, which are involved in UA, that means you get total 48 :c5production::c5food: from your whole UA. Not a lot.
Maybe I should change it to +1:c5food:/:c5production: every turn, scaling with era?

I got this comment from HungryforFood and Documental as well. do you think that would resolve it?
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It would be much better, but it's just theorycrafting right now, as I haven't had a chance to try this civ. Just compare it to Ottomans/Portugal - I believe internal TR are way worse. Ottos have 150/25=6:c5culture::c5gold: scaling - more valuable yields and Portugal has 5:c5science::c5gold: scaling. In normal circumstances I can't believe your city with most fishing boats and Noows has more than 5 of each. And that's really extreme case. And that extreme case doesn't really sound imbalanced, as you are spreading 10:c5production::c5food: starting from medieval around the empire at the same time, losing opportunity of other TRs. For me this part could be even 2:c5food::c5production: scaling and wouldn't be that OP.
Well, I'll release a version with the scaling and fix you suggested. Adjusting the amount is a simple matter, as long as we don't keep changing how the bonuses are added.
Incoming version 3:
  • internal TR bonus scales with era (+2 for every age after Classical)
  • optimization for international TR lua
  • science and culture from UA should affect needs in city like they are supposed to now
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There's an issue with the dependencies in the current release of the .civ5mod file.

The notification for the UA needs improvement. I'm working on a fix for that, and I will release an updated version of the mod with the fix once I get this figured out.

replace the dependencies in the civ5mod file with this:
    <Dlc id="6DA07636-4123-4018-B643-6575B4EC336B" minversion="0" maxversion="999" />
    <Mod id="d1b6328c-ff44-4b0d-aad7-c657f83610cd" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="Community Patch" />
    <Mod id="8411a7a8-dad3-4622-a18e-fcc18324c799" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="Community Balance Patch" />
    <Mod id="eead0050-1e3f-4178-a91f-26cf1881ac39" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="CSD" />
    <Mod id="c7bf7064-d1b1-4708-9e93-7a1560868582" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="C4DF" />
    <Mod id="be2d13ee-d18d-410e-8f04-7cd19cd99a98" minversion="155" maxversion="999" title="(5) More Luxuries - CBO Edition" />
Near as I can tell, the balance looks pretty good, at least with 4UC it does, anyways.
Update is live.
  • modified the mod dependencies so that should help with the 4UC incompatibility
  • The UA scaling was not being reflected in the yield notifications. Changed notification to an actual notification, rather than a floating text above the capital. If you had other instant yields appear simultaneously, those floating texts became illegible.
I’m out of town today, and can’t guarantee I will do it before Christmas. I’ll try to see what I can do tomorrow though

Edit: @infidel88, is the UA not working at all? My update should have only been to the notifications, but I didn’t touch any of the code for implementing the UA. The UA adds it’s yields via buildings, you should be able to see the bonus production/food in the city screen
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No rush mate, I just want to finish that game, as I kind of enjoy totally trade civ.

Having said that - no, I don't have any dummy buildings. Chilkat has TR from Manu, which has 5 fishing boats withing 3 tiles (working only 4 of them - how is it calculated by the way - worked fishing boats, noows or all?) but gets only 7.4:c5food: and has no dummy buildings.
Plus - if dummy buildings are involved - will +50% yields from internal TR affect it?
I have fixed the issue and will be pushing a new version shortly. There was an ")" missing from 2 new lines of code.
Plus - if dummy buildings are involved - will +50% yields from internal TR affect it?
There's no way of adding the yields via lua which could make the Tlingit UA benefit from the +50% from internals. I went for dummy buildings specifically because I wanted the bonus yields to directly impact :c5unhappy:Needs. A policy giving +XX% yields from internals will not affect the bonus :c5food:/:c5production:, but it would still be additive on the base amount from TRs at least, so there is still some synergy there.
This does mean, however, that % bonuses to :c5food:/:c5production: in a city (Temple of Artemis, Mandirs, etc.) do affect the TR bonus, so keep that in mind.
new version is live

minor text change on UA
fix for dependencies issue with 4UC
Hi, long time lurker here. I love your work-

Just a heads up, you linked your Canadian Dominion Mod instead of the The Tlingit in the downloads section.

Just posted an update:
Added 25:c5production: to Internal Trade Route completion, scaling with era, to the 4UC Hit.
I'm only getting 2 unique components when I install the latest version of 4UC (40).
I still fail to get UA bonus, maybe it's a conflict with other (plenty) mods I have. I don't know. Despite city with fishing boats sending caravan to another city, neither gets dummy building with extra :c5food::c5production:

And two - in latest release instead of hit UB I am getting something like TXT_HELP_BUILDING_SAHIGAHPHSAHASDASHAUHSUHAUGSIAGYISA. Some long ass name with capital letters. Is the game shouting at me? :(
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