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Design your own Civ VI civ

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Morningcalm, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Zaarin

    Zaarin Diplomatic Attaché to Londo Mollari

    May 14, 2016
    Babylon 5
    Given that the Fourth Crusade was an unmitigated disaster, wouldn't it make sense to go with Urban II, the Pope who achieved the pinnacle of papal power and also, incidentally, presided over the only successful Crusade?
  2. Kimiimaro

    Kimiimaro King

    Mar 25, 2017
    Maybe it was a disaster, but not for Enrico Dandolo and Venice ;)
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  3. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy The Gangster of Love

    Jul 14, 2013
    The failure of the Fourth Crusade was not due to Innocent III in any way, other than to suppose he would have diverted the crusaders from sacking Constantinople had he lead to holy war personally, as was his want to become the first pope to directly lead a crusade. Moreover, he was aggrieved and condemned the violence against the Byzantines, going so far as to excommunicate the offending crusaders, even if he found silver lining in the (seeming) reunification of the Latin and Eastern Churches.

    I'd agree that Urban II would be the next best choice, but Innocent III represents the height of Papal power. He arguable exercised both the most temporal authority of any pope and articulated the most wide reaching theology of Papal Supremacy over secular leaders. Plus, he was a far more consequential pope than Urban II, given his ecclesiastical reforms via the Fourth Lateran Council.
  4. Zaarin

    Zaarin Diplomatic Attaché to Londo Mollari

    May 14, 2016
    Babylon 5
    @TheSpaceCowboy Oh, I'm aware it wasn't Innocent III's fault and that he excommunicated the entire Crusade. But it still happened under his watch, and it pretty much precluded any possible reconciliation between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches (and just in case sacking the city wasn't enough, the Crusaders occupied it, plundered it, and overthrew both the government and the Church). ;) Also, given that Urban II presided over the Cluniac Reforms, I wouldn't dismiss him as a reformer.
  5. Cossackaiser

    Cossackaiser Chieftain

    Jun 18, 2016
    Königsberg, Germany
    Unique Ability :
    Breadbasket of Europe

    +1 culture for every farm. +1 food from each encampment. Gets +1 Great Writer point per turn after researching castles
    Unique Unit :
    (Russia gets Streltsy instead), Higher Production cost (340 vs. 330), Higher Combat Strength (67 vs. 62), +5 Combat Strength when fighting in or next to home territory, Can move after attacking, Requires no resources.
    Leader :
    Bohdan Khmelnytsky

    Leader Ability :

    +3 combat strength vs Barbarians, may spend money to hire barbarians for five turns, +2 combat strength for all units, +1 combat strength for every great work
    Leader Agenda :
    Khmelnytsky Uprising

    Likes civilizations that keep their people happy. Will try to reduce war weariness. Dislikes unhappy Civilizations

    Attached Files:

  6. Cossackaiser

    Cossackaiser Chieftain

    Jun 18, 2016
    Königsberg, Germany
    Unique Ability : Gott mit Uns : may use theological units to combat barbarians. +5 combat strength for Cavalry units when invading countries on Prussia's Home Continent
    Unique Unit : Panzer, Replaces Tank, Costs less production, +2 combat strength against other Tanks
    Leaders :

    Frederick II
    Leader Ability : Enlightened Absolutism : +4 faith and science for every military unit. +8 when at war. +3 production to all wonders in the capital. +5 combat strength for every civilization he's allied to
    Leader Agenda : The Soldier King : Likes Civilizations that have strong militaries that ally him. Dislikes civilizations that don't ally him but have a strong militarry. will try to ally as many civs as possible

    Hermann Von Salza
    Unique ability : Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem : +3 combat strength for all units in the medieval and renaissance era. +2 added if the enemy units follow a different religion
    Unique Unit : Teutonic Knight (Replaces Knight) : May be purchased with faith. +4 faith for every unit it kills. +1 combat strength against barbarians, +5 against enemy units following a different religion. may be used in religious combat with +2 extra health points
    Leader Agenda : Baltic Crusader : Likes civilizations that fight barbarians and have high faith. dislikes civilizations that get bullied by barbarians. If no barbarians is on, then He likes civs with strong Cavalry
  7. Jepp

    Jepp Chieftain

    Aug 20, 2017
    Do you all think that maybe the Civ game could develop into a more further game one that needs to remove the whole point or +3 numerical system, and transverse into a game that gives power like a health bar or mana bar in relation to amount, or perhaps rewards the players building and managing style to contribute to how they play? Imagine seeing an uprising in one city and have it be seen in a color aura spread to other areas, and that effect like a natural disaster lower happiness, that would then lower production, but not on a numerical scale. In the UI after clicking the city you would see tabs that would reveal things about the effect, and see it in real time.

    I understand a lot of players love to crunch numbers and plan every little detail out, but I guess I'm a artistic player, who sees motion in flow be a determining factor in how.

    Also I feel the real hang up in the game is that all the players AI have dislikes and likes specified towards their actions they take in game. 5minutes in and I'm at war with every computer player. I myself feel the AI should have emotion anger fear, and judge their actions based upon human feeling, such as jealousy. Though if it was based upon the current leaders, some would be downright crude to play against or with.

    Could the next Civ have areas; a region like Rome be Rome but have different possible leaders who would randomly be picked from all of Rome's leaders in the past, but as a baseline bonus towards Rome; no mater what leader Rome will always have "All roads lead to Rome." Upon other bonuses that will always be for Rome.

    Most games also have the sometimes annoying point reward based upon XP to put into HP or Science or to have better ability, How do you all feel about building your leader to how your leader as you should have bonuses, like an option to create your own world leader, I find it fun to play a certain leader because it gives versatility to how I play, like wonder building with china.

    Also about computer AI, It's a bit off topic, but how would you all feel about, computer AI being a server side, single player option, whereas the AI has always been either dumb and predictable or cheat. But now Civ developers have the ability to consistently update on their end improvements to the AI, that while connected to the Civ AI server could make the AI react much more intelligible.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  8. XVeris

    XVeris Chieftain

    Nov 14, 2014
    Civilization: The Teutons (State of the Teutonic Order)

    Unique Ability: Helfen, Wehren, Heilen (Declaring a Holy, Reconquest, Liberation, or Protectorate War grants 50% reduced warmonger and war weariness penalties. Own and Ally units heal double near Holy Sites, and receive +1 Combat Strength per Holy Site in Cities following your majority Religion.)
    • "Helfen, Wehren, Heilen" is the motto of the Teutonic Order. It translates to "Help, Defend, Heal."
    Unique Unit: Teutonic Knight (Replaces Knight. Ignores Faith-based combat bonuses of enemy units, and receives no combat penalties when capturing cities following a Religion different from own majority Religion.)

    Unique Infrastructure: Priory (Replaces Temple. +1 Amenity. Allows units to be purchased in City for Faith. Religious Art slots in Cities with a Priory can also hold Relics and vice versa.)


    Master Sibrand
    Spoiler :

    (Coat of Arms of the Grand Master. Cannot find depiction of Sibrand himself)
    Capital: Akkon (Acre)

    Leader Ability: First of the Order (Cannot receive Great Prophets, Great Prophet points, or found a Religion. Priories have no maintenance, are automatically built in Cities with a Holy Site and Shrine, and receive an additional slot for Relics.)

    Leader Agenda: Crusader's Will (Likes Civs who share his majority Religion and are long-standing allies. Dislikes Civs who do not share his majority Religion and declare war on him and his allies.)

    Heinrich Walpot von Bassenheim
    Spoiler :

    Capital: Akkon (Acre)

    Leader Ability: The Military Order (No penalties to yields in occupied cities that follow your majority Religion. Every Priory grants an additional +1 Combat Strength to "Helfen, Wehren, Heilen," and every 3 Priories grant an additional Military Policy slot.)

    Leader Agenda: Deus Vult (Likes Civs that follow his majority Religion declaring war on enemies of a different Faith. Dislikes Civs of the same majority Religion as his own at war with one another.)

    Hermann von Salza
    Spoiler :

    Capital: Marienburg

    Leader Ability: The Livonian Branch (Building Walls in Cities grant additional Tiles, and can Culture Bomb tiles from neighboring enemy Cities that follow a different Religion. Receives the Bishop as a Unique Support unit.)

    Leader Agenda: Prussian Incursion (Likes Civs who share his majority Religion and have large armies to defend it with. Dislikes Civs lacking large armies that share his majority Religion.)

    Unique Unit: Bishop (Replaces Medic. Is available earlier [Civil Service], and receives an Acoloyte-strength spread charge of your majority Religion. Spread can be recharged at a Holy Site with a Priory.)​

    Music: Battle on the Ice - Sergei Prokofiev

    EDIT: I didn't notice that @Cossackaiser had included Salza as a leader for his Prussian suggestion. My bad. I think I will keep him listed here, though, since he was a Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  9. AnonymousSpeed

    AnonymousSpeed Pink Plastic Army Man

    Nov 21, 2014
    I do like the overall design of the Teutonic Knights, though I'm not so sure about the UA's combat bonus, I could see that stacking a little high over time. While Heinrich has some immediate appeal, I like the design of Salza more mechanically.

    Oh here's another Christian empire, less done though, without such a broad collection of leaders and probably not as nice overall.

    Unique Ability: City of the World's Desire
    • Each district constructed in the capital begins with a maintenance free version of its first tier building. This includes the City Center, which begins with a Monument.
    • Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Walls each provide +25 Outer Defense Strength when built in the Capital.

    Unique Unit: Cataphract
    • Replacement for the Knight.
    • Receives +7 Combat Strength versus Melee and Ranged units.

    Unique Building: Basilica
    • Replaces 3rd Tier Religious Buildings
    • +3 Faith, +1 Culture
    • Adopts the additional benefits of any Worship Beliefs which are present in the city at any point after the Basilica is constructed. For example, if a religion with Wats and a religion with Synagogues are both present in the city when the Basilica is constructed, then the Basilica will also provide +2 Faith and +2 Science. If an apostle later spreads a religion with Cathedrals to the city, then the Basilica will have a slot for a Great Work of Religious Art, even if an inquisitor later removes that religion.
    • Provides +1 culture for each added Worship Belief affect
    • Can be built even if the city has no Religion with a Worship Belief

    Leader: Basil II
    Capital: Constantinople

    Leader Ability: Boulgaroktonos

    Below is a list of every affect which I conceived of for this ability. Please let me know which combination of them seems the least bad.
    Spoiler :

    • Doubled Great General and Great Admiral Points.
    • +50% Production of Encampments and Harbors.
    • Great Generals provide an additional +5 Combat Strength and +50% Combat Experience for units within 2 tiles.
    • Killing an enemy unit grants experience to all of your units within 5 tiles.
    • Killing an enemy unit reduces combat strength of enemy units within 5 tiles.
    • Killing an enemy unit generates increased war weariness.
    • Killing an enemy unit reduces their Great Person points.
    • Great Generals cancel any Great General combat boosts of enemy units in their range.
    • Levying a City State's military automatically converts it to your religion.
    • Each farm within Byzantine territory reduces overall unit maintenance by 1 gold per turn.
    • Unlocks the Varangian Guard unique unit, powerful on the defense and/or in Byzantine territory.

    Agenda: Father of the Army
    • Likes civilizations which compete for Great Generals and Great Admirals. Dislikes civilizations which do not compete for either of these Great Person types.
    NOTE: This agenda would be different if I had a more set idea for a leader ability which didn't enhance Great Generals/Admirals.

    Spoiler :

    On Introduction:
    "Sigh...greetings, I am Basil, the Younger, the Second, the Bulgar Slayer, Born in the Purple, Emperor of the Romans, and so on and on and on. Now, with court pleasantries out of the way, let's get down to business."

    "May I stop by your capitol if I'm ever campaigning near there? I'll tell you a bit about mine if I can find the time."

    Sending Delegation:
    "I've sent a troop of diplomats, with horses and art and things like that. I hope you'll receive them kindly. I would hate to have to find a place for the artwork."

    "You're well fit for your position, some as corrupt as you makes for the perfect bureaucrat."

    War Declared On:
    "Hmph. An eye for an eye, they say. After I'm done with you, you'll wish an eye for an eye had been your punishment."

    Declared War:
    "Court talk doesn't suit me. We'll settle our differences on the battlefield."

    "I gave up everything for Rome...my life, I dedicated to my country, to my men...and I failed."

    My interpretation of Basil II is someone who's very dry and impatient, someone who's fed up with the whole of aristocracy.
  10. AnonymousSpeed

    AnonymousSpeed Pink Plastic Army Man

    Nov 21, 2014
    Koori / Kamilaroi
    Spoiler :

    Unique Ability: Dreamtime
    • Tribal Villages visited by other civilizations remain visible to the Koori, who can visit them a second time for the same reward as the first visitor.
    • Earn Faith and Great Prophet Points for each Eureka and Inspiration.
    • Can purchase Relics and Artifacts with faith, even in the earliest eras.

    Unique Unit: Boomerang Thrower
    • Replaces Slinger
    • 15 Ranged Combat Strength, 15 Melee Combat Strength

    Unique Improvement: Bora
    • Requires no Technology or Civic (as with the Ziggurat)
    • Must be placed on flatland tiles without Forest or Jungle
    • +1 Faith
    • +1 Faith with Mysticism
    • +1 Faith with Apprenticeship
    • +1 Faith with Natural History
    • +1 Culture with Masonry
    • +1 Culture with Cultural Heritage

    Leader: Gambu Ganuuru
    Capital: Gunnedah

    Leader Ability: Baited Trap for the Callissis
    • Melee units receive an additional +5 Combat Strength when on animal resources.
    • Melee and Ranged units receive an additional +3 Combat Strength when defending in Rough Terrain.

    • Melee and Ranged land units receive +5 Combat Strength in Melee Combat against other Melee and Ranged land units.

    Agenda: Ally Against the Bundarra
    • Dislikes civilizations which attack weaker civilizations or city states. Likes civilizations that form alliances with weaker civilizations and especially who attack stronger ones.

    This concept could use a little refining, I'm sure, but I think I'm on the right track. I felt it was most appropriate to try and gear the civilization towards a cultural victory, but I couldn't escape the idea of using faith to compliment this. As such, I gave Dreamtime the ability to generate Great Prophet Points so the Koori could secure a religion and easily enhance it with beliefs like Reliquaries. The idea moved from this to simply generating mass amounts of faith through additional Relics and the Bora so the civilization could do...stuff with it, nothing in particular really. I didn't want it to be too geared towards religion though, which admittedly feels hard to separate from the faith generation.
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  11. Amrunril

    Amrunril Emperor

    Feb 7, 2015
    I really like the tribal village portion of the dreamtime ability. I will note that it wouldn't currently do much in single player, as the AI tends to ignore goody huts, but I think that's a problem with the AI rather than a problem with the ability.
  12. Kimiimaro

    Kimiimaro King

    Mar 25, 2017
    First of all - I wouldn't be very happy if this appeared in game, because it was more a personal union more than one country. I'm just saying this because my beloved Bohemia was part of it, and if this appeared, something tells me that chances of independent Bohemian Civ would be pretty low. It's practically a Civ that was called Austria in Civ V. But this his how I roughly imagine it if it had to appear...

    Habsburg Monarchy

    Capital: Prague (Ok, I know that most of people would want to know why is Prague capital of a "Civ" whose capital was Vienna for most of time. It's because the leader I chose made Prague the capital of the Monarchy and ruled the country from there.)

    Leader: Rudolf II (Some people may argue that Rudolf wasn't a very good leader and his mistakes led to the Thirty Years' War. But on the other way, he was also a great patron of the Arts and Sciences - he eventually had great collections of paintings, statues, devices and many other interesting things (for example Codex Gigas/The Devil's Bible, the largest hand written book in the whole world). Too bad that Swedish soldiers stole it at the end of Thirty Years' War... Also, alchemysts, artists and scientists from the whole Europe came to Prague. For example, Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe. With so many great people present, Prague became one of the most important centres of sciences and culture.)

    Leader Bonus: Rudolfinian Collections (As I said, Rudolf II loved to collect art, curiosities, devices and such things, and he created really huge collections. From what I read, when Swedish soldiers stole Rudolf's collections from Prague, they took about 500 paintings, 70 bronze statues, 370 scientific defices, and much more.)

    • Every building or wonder that offers a place for a Great Work, Relic or Artifact has one bonus place for such thing (for example, Amphitheater will have three places for Great Work of Writing instead of two).
    • Each Great Work/Relic/Artifact provides +2 bonus Culture, +2 bonus Science and +2 Gold.
    • Generation of all types of Great People is increased by 25%.
    Leader Agenda: Lover of Arts and Sciences (As said, Rudolf loved arts and scientists and he was the reason why so many great people came to Prague. Also, as I said, the collections.)
    • Likes Civilizations that have high amount of Great Works and have hired many Great People. Dislikes Civilizations with low amount of Great Works and ignore Great People.
    Civ bonus: Habsburg Emperors (I first wanted to use a bonus called "Personal Union", but I couldn't think of anything. Then I thought "Royal Marriage", but I immediately remembered that Austria from Civ V had something simillar. Eventually I came up with this. Given that Habsburgs (if we don't count the later House of Habsburg-Lorraine) were Emperors of HRE for some 300 years and that HRE was an union composed of many smaller countries, sometimes City-States, I thought some diplomatic bonus would be nice.)
    • In any government, Habsburg Civ will always generate +1 bonus influence point to gain envoys.
    • Quests finished by Habsburg Civ will allways generate two envoys instead of one.
    Unique Unit: Dragoon (I didn't want to reuse Hussars from Civ V. I tried to come up with something new, so I tried to search on Czech Wikipedia, and I found Dragoons. I think they would make a decent alternative for Hussars...)
    • Replaces Cavarly.
    • Has increased +5 strenght.
    • Gains the first attack - when Dragoon attacks an enemy unit, he will hurt it first. The enemy unit will attack him right after it has been hurt. Works only in attack, not in defence.
    Unique Improvement: Coffee house (Maybe it doesn't fit Rudolf's era, but I have to admit - I don't have much knowledge of what would make a better building for this Civ, so I'm using this from Civ V. Basically, this is the least developed part of my concept.)
    • Provides +1 Amenity, +1 Culture and +3 Gold.
  13. Phrozen

    Phrozen King

    May 7, 2012
    Dragoons were simply mounted infantry. They usually had worse horses than regular cavalry since the horses were only used for moving between fighting positions rather than in actual battle.
  14. Kimiimaro

    Kimiimaro King

    Mar 25, 2017
    As I said, I do not know much about them. Czech Wikipedia ranks them as both - cavarly and infantry. I have also read there that they were used to do surprise attacks. However, I can always change it to Hussars or Uhlans.
  15. AnonymousSpeed

    AnonymousSpeed Pink Plastic Army Man

    Nov 21, 2014
    Thanks, I thought it was a good fit for a sort of "outside of time" type ability, the tribal villages might be gone to everyone else, but the Koori know that they are always there in Dreamtime. You could still also sack goody huts in AI territory while invading them.
    I also would like to note that getting the result doesn't mean, like, the exact same result, it means the same type of result. If an AI in the Ancient Era gets a Eureka from a tribal village and they're on a different continent, by the time you get there in the Industrial Era and collect it the Eureka will be for a different, actually relevant technology.

    I'm wondering if the idea would be better if they couldn't found a religion (though unlike Mvemba could still build Holy Sites) but gained the ability to accumulate beliefs in a new way, though maybe having consistent access to Reliquaries would be broken. I still would like for them to have some bonus to founding, though not spreading, a religion.
  16. RFormica

    RFormica Imperator Silvae

    May 27, 2017
    Pennsylvania, USA
    @Kimiimaro Any other ideas for Bohemia civ ability? I'm not sure if the In The Heart of Europe UA is codeable...
  17. Siptah

    Siptah Eternal Chieftain

    Jul 24, 2016

    Ability: Three Brothers Districts prices are 10% higher than usual. If you build a district, that is already present in a neighboring city (within 9 tiles), the cost is reduced by 30%.
    This ability is based on the three Malla Kingdoms in the Kathmandu valley. It is often regarded as Nepal's golden age. The three cities of Kathmandu, Patan und Bhaktapur were Kingdoms ruled by three brothers of the same dynasty. They competed hard in building projects, which lead among other things to the three glorious Durbar Squares with their many temples and royal palaces. Sadly, they are now heavily destroyed due to the 2015 earth quake.
    Leader: Prithvi Narayan Shah
    Spoiler :

    Leader Ability:
    Conquerer of the passes Units get a fighting bonus of on hills (+7) and an additional fighting bonus if they are next to a mountain (+5). Trade routes can move over mountain tiles.
    Prithvi Narayan started with the Kingdom of Gorkha and then conquered many other kingdoms in today's Nepal in order to reunite the country. He was afraid the British would come to conquer them, as they were doing that in India at that time. He was successful as far as the British never succeeded in conquering Nepal when they came (after his death). Given Nepal's topography, a lot of the fighting took place on hills and near mountains. One of Prithvi's tactics was to conquer the passes surrounding a valley before he went for the cities in those. Trade routes to Tibet and China were (as always in Nepal's history) important and they were of course able to cross the high passes to those countries.

    Leader Agenda: With the bible comes the bajonett, with the trader the musket. Doesn't like civs that fight wars when they share a religion or have trade routes between them during the DoW.

    Just a quote by him that originally meant that he had to be carful if he wanted to stay sovereign between British-India and China. It's still a rule today in Nepal to be block free and have a peaceful co-existence as a goal.

    Capital: Three possibilities, since the capital of his inherited kingdom was Gorkha, he later transferred it two Nuwakot and finally
    Kathmandu when he conquered them. Given the significance of the city over the whole history of Nepal, I would settle for Kathmandu.

    Unique Unit:
    Gurkha Replaces the Infantry. Has the special ability to scare enemy units when they try to attack and the attack will not happen by a 50% chance.
    Not much to write about. The Gurkha troops of Nepal fought successfully around the world in foreign armies and have a reputation to belong to the most elite units in history. They are said to know no fear and that enemies fled often hen they came close.
    Unique Infrastructure: Durbar Square Unique Holy Site with two special abilities. a) it gets +2 adjacency from being next to the city center b) you can freely choose to which religion this Durbar Square should belong. So if you choose your own religion and have some good beliefs, you will probably choose your own. If you haven't found a religion or good not good beliefs, you can choose someone else's religion. The city will convert to the religion you choose. So maybe one city has a Wat in their Durbar Square and another one has a Meeting House and one has Jesuit education and the other cheaper apostles and so on.
    As written above, the Durbar Square is a central element in the three cities of the Kathmandu valley. It's filled with temples to different gods, even if they are all Hindu gods. In Nepal, there is always place for the Buddhists to use this temples as well and often Temples share altars or stupas for both religions. There is also more harmony than usual between these two religions and the small christian and muslim minorities. Different religions are accepted surprisingly well in this nation. Graphically, it could have some of the famed Pagodas on it.

    Fitting wonders: Machapuchare, Ama Dablam (natural wonders, very holy mountains with iconic appearance), Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath (famous temples/temple complexes that would look great on the map).
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  18. XVeris

    XVeris Chieftain

    Nov 14, 2014
    The Hittites have been suggested several times before, however, because it's been some time since their last suggestion, I had the thought to reintroduce them from a different perspective.
    Civilization: The Hittites

    (Credit to Irkala. He made several other icons like this for Civ V mods)

    Unique Ability:
    First of Iron
    (Eurekas and Inspirations provide 75% of Civics and Technologies that contain Military Units instead of 50%. Does not require improvements over Strategic Resources to receive a copy. [Still requires them to be within your borders])

    Unique Unit: Four-Spoke Chariot (Replaces Heavy Chariot. +1 Movement, +5 Combat Strength, and Cheaper than Heavy Chariot.)

    Unique Infrastructure: Hattian Walls (Replaces Ancient Walls. +60 Defense instead of +50, +2 Faith.)
    • Something I noticed while looking at the Hittite ruins and artistic reconstructions was that just about every city they founded in their empire had a massive wall and ornate gates, such as the Sphinx Gate. They've also been noted as to undertaking other large stone construction projects resulting religious monuments, so it seemed fitting to combine those traits into this.

    Labarna I
    Spoiler :

    (He's a crackpot, guys! :crazyeye:. Labarna's name is mentioned on it)
    Capital: Zalpa

    Leader Ability: To the Borders of the Sea
    (+8 Combat Strength to Land Units fighting on your home Continent and no penalties to yields in occupied cities on your home Continent.)
    • An excerpt from the Telepinu Proclamation (a legal edict laying the ground work for Hittite monarch succession) says he overwhelmed his enemies and "made them borders of the seas," with historians believing that to mean he expanded the Hittites all the way to the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
    Leader Agenda: Telepinu Proclamation (Likes building massive armies and declaring wars on Civs with smaller ones on his home Continent. Will be diplomatic with Civs who can match him in Military Strength.)

    Suppiluliuma I
    Spoiler :

    Capital: Hattusa

    Leader Ability: Warrior-Statesman
    (Receive Faith equal to 25% of the build cost and 1 Envoy upon completing Hattian Walls. +10 Combat Strength against City-States who are allied to a different Suzerain.)

    Leader Agenda: Remember Zannanza (Likes to focus the allied City-States of his enemies in war first. Will be diplomatic with Civs who leave City-States he is the Suzerain of alone.)

    • His son, Prince Zannanza, died on the way to a diplomatic marriage with an Egyptian Queen. There were several angry letters sent between him and the succeeding pharaoh, Pharaoh Ay, that led to Suppiluliuma conquering several City-States under the protection of Egypt.

    Spoiler :

    (Nondescript figure on the far right is Puduhepa)
    Capital: Kizzuwatna
    • This was Puduhepa's place of birth, and where she worked with her father as a priestess for some time before marrying Hattusili III and becoming Queen. I've decided to list it as her Capital instead of Hattusa in the case that both she and Suppiluliuma were in a game at the same time.
    Leader Ability: Priestess Diplomacy (Trade Routes to and from Hittite Cities provide +1 Faith [Scales with Era]. Upon completing a Trade Route, you receive 25% of the total yields to the starting City. If the recipient of the Route was an Ally, they receive 15% of the total yields to the receiving City.)

    Leader Agenda: Kadesh Treaty (Likes Civs who participate in Trade and are Peaceful with one another. Dislikes Civs who pillage and make Demands.)
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  19. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    Wow, no suggestions here for a while, so here is my design of the Zulu civilization:


    Civilization ability: Ubuntu – districts provide +1 food when adjacent to a pasture
    Unique unit 1: Iklwa Impi (replaces pikeman) – +4 melee strength, begins with a ranged attack
    Unique unit 2: Ipapa Impi (replaces crossbowman) – -20 production cost, +10 melee strength
    Unique infrastructure: Ikhanda (replaces encampment) – +2 food, allows training of corps and armies without a military academy

    Leader 1: Shaka
    Capital: kwaBulawayo
    Ability: Bull Horns – iklwa impis’ ranged attack is removed, but they receive a further +4 to their melee strength, +2 combat strength for units when an enemy unit they attack is adjacent to another Zulu unit
    Agenda: The Black Napoleon – dislikes neighbouring city-states and civilizations, aims to conquer them or at least to be at war with them

    Leader 2: Cetshwayo
    Capital: uluNdi
    Ability: Spirit of Isandhlwana – +8 combat strength against more technologically advanced civilizations and/or civilizations from other continents on home continent
    Agenda: The High Place – likes leaders expanding their empires in peaceful ways, dislikes leaders from other continents that wage war against civilizations and city-states on his home continent, denounce other leaders on his home continent, or convert cities on his home continent
  20. Thomas Yopa D.

    Thomas Yopa D. Chieftain

    Oct 14, 2017
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    is the thread dead yet? i have the most influential civ ever just for fun:
    under leadership of:



    At its greatest extent!​
    Builder cannot improved water tiles.
    +1 Food from Coastal and Ocean, +2 Foods, +1 Production, +2 Gold from Sea Resource.
    +0.5 Housing from each Freshwater tile in city border.
    Received Luxury and Oil from water tile automatically when it is in your border.
    +30% Productions toward District and World Wonders adjacent to Coastal.
    +50% Production toward Builder. Free 2 Builders for each Great Person spawned or each time you entered new era.
    Like civilization who declare friendship with himself and other civs.
    Hate civilization who build Fishing Boat!!!
    "The F.U.N Song" (Instrumental)
    WAR: ???

    UU: Sandcastle Jet (Jet Fighter):

    seen in episode 'Sand Castles in the Sand"
    Cheaper when built in coastal city:
    Stronger than normal Jet Fighter.

    UI: Conch Street (Neighborhood):
    Available at Naval Tradition:
    Halved production cost.
    Build-able only on Coastal, Sea or Lake.
    +5 Housing.
    +2 Productions.
    +2 Cultures.

    Bikini Bottom
    , Bottom Up, New Kelp, Rock Bottom, Bass Vegas,StupidTown, Loserburg, etc...
    Patrick, Cannonball Jenkin, Smitty Werben Man Jensen, Hash Slinging Slasher, Patchy, Dirt Bubble, Barnacle Boy, Flying Dutchman, Johnny.

    Bikini Bottomite under Spongebob is a Maritime and Industrious civ that can pursues any type of victory.

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