Feral Ork unit pack (Nov 24, 2007)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here is a pack of feral orks for warhammer 40.000 -mod. Enjoy :)

Ork Hunta
In order to survive the harsh habitats in which Feral Orks live, many group together in large mobs. Not yet skilled in the arts of hunting and trapping, these gangs of Orks rely on strength in numbers to protect themselves from predators (including other Orks). They hunt in large mobs, depending on the sheer number of their guns to kill enough prey. Competition within the gangs is fierce as food and supplies are limited. Only the strongest will acquire the best weapons and gain the larger portions of the kills.

- - - - -

Or Madboy
Most Feral Orks have little concept of technology and occasionally their introduction to even the simplest mechanical devices will be too much for the Orks' small brains to handle. When this happens an Ork can become psychotic and lose what little rational thought processes he had in the first place. These Orks are known as Madboyz or Nuttas and are grouped together on the battlefield. Although unpredictable and erratic at times, they can prove extremely effective. Sometimes they may start arguing about which Ork God a particular cloud formation looks like, and another times they might run straight towards enemy, fuelled by their true Orkiness.

- - - - -

Ork Trappa
Feral Orks do not have the same resources as normal Orks and are dependent on a select few highly skilled Orks to bring them food to eat and furs to wear. Many of these Orks band together into elite groups that call themselves Trappas. The Trappas have perfected the art of setting snares and digging staked pits in order to catch their prey, and are skilled at sneaking up to targets for the kill. These talents are also useful on the battlefield. Trappas often wear thick pelts of fur, skinned from particularly vicious animals they have caught as trophies.

- - - - -

Ork Wildboy
A Feral Ork raiding party will often come across a small community of Orks that have spored up away from the larger tribes. These Orks are usually armed with the most basic primitive weaponry such as clubs or spears. The Ork raiding party will bring these wild Orks back to their tribe and over a period of time will teach them da proper Orky way. Before tehy are truly accepted in the tribe they must prove their strength in a raid using only the weapons they were found with.

I definitely have a use for the Wildboy in the Final Fantasy mod... I've been meaning to replace the last of Embryodead's orc units that I was using if something suitable came along, and this guy fits the bill for one of the earlier Orc units.
Actually, looking over my orc unit lineup for the FF mod again, I've decided to have the Hunta replace what I currenly have for the Orc "Kommando" (Marine)....
Great work as always aaglo! :thumbsup:

EDIT: The Wildboy INI file has some misspellings in it. The Fortify and Victory entries are spelt Orc, when the flics are spelt Ork.

Well, the WildBoy DOES look like he could fit in quite well with the WHFB Orcs.....:lol: (in my mod, he's the earliest Orc-specific combat unit you can build)
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