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Go, Boldly - Space Exploration

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Decamper, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    The Pilot

    The ship was silver and white, gleaming curves and smooth surfaces. Even bound as she was, the clamps of the keelyard shackling her in place, everything about her lines screamed barely contained motion.

    Serafina Mickey had never seen a ship more beautiful.

    The shuttle she was on arced past the raised windows of the command deck and over the red lettering “ESS Azrael,” and, smaller, in black beneath it, “NCC-007,” and then underneath the ship’s sweeping wings, before slipping through the open bay doors and through the shimmering containment field into the hangar. Softly, the shuttle settled into a cradle, and Serafina shimmied out of the pilot’s chair and into the passenger’s section of the shuttle.

    “We’ve landed! I hope you’ve enjoyed your flight, please be careful gathering your kit as they may have come loose and shifted while in transit. Welcome aboard the ESS Azrael, Ensign.”

    “Oh my GOD this is so exciting!” The only other person in the shuttle spoke. She was short and thin, with short cropped black hair, and didn’t look to be a day over twenty. She was quivering with excitement, almost hoping in place. “I didn’t think I’d actually get posted on the first wave! There’s so many of us at the Academy hoping for a ship listing, and I got it! I’m sorry, I’m babbling. I’m Ensign Turku. And you are Lieutenant...?”

    “Lieutenant Mickey, Ensign.” She smiled “Lets get you actually onto the azrael before you burst!”

    “Thank you, thank you! I heard we’re being sent to Alpha Centauri directly, do you know? I’ve listened to the transmission, and I have some ideas as to what they’re saying, but it’s not the same as actually going and meeting them!”

    “So you think it’s actually aliens?”

    “Yes!” She paused for a moment. “Well, at least I think so. It SOUNDS like a language, but there’s no way to know what they’re saying without context. It could well be anything. A commercial for Alpha Centauri Cakes, or a call for help, or a warning. We just don’t know. It’s so exciting!”

    As they spoke, they entered the corridors of the Azrael. For a moment, Serafina felt a pang, remembering the dirty corridors of the first Azrael, at the end. The exposed wiring, the panels left off for easy access since repairs had been needed so often. The dim lighting, as the lights burned out and couldn’t easily be replaced.

    By comparison, the ESS Azrael was blinding. The softly curving white corridors were lit by glowing panels recessed within the walls, and the black floor was polished so brightly it looked like a mirror, reflecting the silver ceiling. At regular intervals, screens on the walls would display alternately maps of the ship and views of the outside. A few shuttles were flitting about the few ships in the Keelyard, and for a moment, the writing on the ship in the next berth over was visible. ESS Scarborough, another of the FTL capable ships, a sister of the Azrael, though with a hugely different look.

    Serafina realized that the Ensign was looking at her expectantly, and that she must have asked a question.

    “I”m sorry. I didn’t hear your question, I was...” She gestured vaguely towards the Scarborough and it’s towering superstructure.

    “Oh! No problem. I just asked if you knew anything about the captain?” Her voice dropped in tone, and she whispered, leaning in “I heard she was in Jail! I heard she fought on the wrong side of the war. They talked about her at the Academy.”

    “Losing side of the war, sure. I’m not convinced it was the wrong side. It’s true, though. She fought the SEA in the war. Best damn commander I’ve ever had.”

    The Ensign looked stricken for a moment. “You’re a belter?” Then she smiled again “I’ve never really had to talk much to a belter before, I should have guessed when I couldn’t place your accent. It’s got some north canadian to it, but with something else that I... Nevermind. So, she’s a good captain?”

    “The Best.”

    The Loudspeaker system hissed to life “Launch in T minus thirty minutes. Command Crew report to Command deck, please. Command Crew to Command Deck.”

    “That’s us, I guess.” The ensign said.

    “You have time to stow your things. Your quarters are...” Serafina tapped one of the screens on the walls, bringing up the crew registry. “D-319.” She tapped again, and a green line appeared on the floor. “Follow this, it’ll take you to your room. There’ll be a Red one to take you to the bridge.”

    “Thank you Lieutenant!” The ensign snapped a salute, before scurrying down a side corridor.

    Serafina walked towards the bridge, and palmed the door open. It slid aside with a soft hiss, revealing the command deck. A circular room, arranged in a descending manners with the Captain’s chair overlooking the dozen or so nooks and stations. Nearly twice that number of the crew were busy in the room, completing the final checks for the launch of the ship.

    “Permission to come aboard?”

    The Captain’s chair swiveled towards the door, revealing Captain Jayne Bramford. She looked younger than she had five years past, when the war had drained all of them of much, younger, even than when she had been in jail. Her curly red hair was tied behind her head, and she sat with a regal posture. She smiled at Serafina.

    “Granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant.”

    “Launch time T minus 15 minutes. Commence Breakaway procedure.” The loudspeaker announced as Serafina walked to her station. She sat in her seat, leaning back comfortably as the screens came to life. Her fingers danced over the screen, the final checks and tests required in the last minutes before launch.

    “Launch time T minus 2 Minutes.”

    Serafina heard the captain take a deep breath, before speaking over the intercom to the rest of the ship.

    “This is your captain speaking. As you all know, two years ago, we received a signal that changed the way humanity saw it’s position in the universe. From that moment onwards, the issues that had plagued us seemed small and inconsequential, and we stand united to greet the universe, whether it’s as a friend or a foe. Our mission will be to link up with ESS Geneva and the ESS Hiawatha in the Alpha Centauri System, and determine what, or who, is sending that signal. It is an honor to serve with you all aboard the ESS Azrael.” She flicked the intercom off. “Commander, status report?”

    Serafina opened her mouth to answer, a reflex from years past, but a tall black man in the green of the Science Divisions turned away from his station and spoke.

    “Captain. All systems optimal. Station central is confirming for breakaway.”

    “Very well. Lieutenant? At your discretion. Three percent impulse.”

    “Aye aye, captain.” As she grasped the throttle, the ship vibrated with contained energy, before smoothly pulling away. The bulk of the Keelyard’s arms, quickly passed from view, and Serafina whispered. “For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast”
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  2. gay_Aleks

    gay_Aleks communism will win.

    Feb 20, 2013
    Nightvale, US
    ESS "Ghost in the Machine"

    Crew Action:

    Take Ensign X-1241132 out of any crucial to the ship task and have him investigated by the Science team, led by Co-Administrator X-1240212.

    Ship Action:

    The humans are intrigued by the goings-on in Alpha Centauri. If we outdo them first...We gotta head there. Now!
  3. TheGryphonPrince

    TheGryphonPrince King

    Jun 30, 2013
    ESS Colombus

    Travel to Sector Gamma-18, rename it Etruria.
  4. Zappericus

    Zappericus Euro scumbag

    Mar 6, 2015
    Captain's Log, Stardate 2301.1
    "At 1322 hours we intercepted communications from the Belt. More precisely; Hektor 624. It would appear clear that a radical religious group calling themselves the Hektor Church has brought low the station's colonial administration, as well as security detail, and has as of now usurped control of the station. Communications are silent, but the message is clear. We act. Earth Prevails."

    The ESS Scarborough relocates from Earth's orbit to Hektor Station, positioning itself in effective combat range of all ships in the vicinity, including the station itself. All incoming or outgoing vessels are to be hailed, identified and their intentions made clear until the situation has been settled. Any unauthorized craft attempting to dock with or depart from the station will receive a stern warning to stop. Failure to comply will result in the Scarborough destroying the target. The ESS Tian Shan is to be hailed, greeted and supported for the duration of this mission. Dispatch a platoon of ESF Marines to the station as to provide immediate support for the Tian Shan's diplomatic mission. Should diplomacy fail, however, the marines are to wrestle control of the station by lethal force. (3 Security, 2(+1) Command)
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  5. Decamper

    Decamper ..!

    Jul 28, 2014
    Loving all the early orders. If @inthesomeday @Reus and @Crezth get orders in soon we could see the update sometime during the week.
  6. Reus

    Reus Polar Bear

    Nov 17, 2013
    Devon Island
    ESS Angela Ziegler
    The Angela Ziegler will depart towards Alpha Centauri to provide support in the form of medical assistance if needed for all cooperating allied ships in the sector.
  7. Crezth

    Crezth 話說天下大勢分久必合合久必分

    May 26, 2006
  8. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    The Necessity of Xenophillia
    Why we must open our hands to the stars

    Speech by Dr Daniz Teke, specialist researcher of xeno sentient theory at Cambridge
    Speech held at the International Peace Corp conference at Cairo University, 12th of November 2300.
    Attendance included the Captain and many crew members of the ESS Hiawatha, as well as representatives of the United Communities for Justice.

    Dear attendance: I am glade for the warm welcome and invite by Professor Qitarah El-Ghazzawy to this conference.

    As you no doubt aware, especially the delegates of the International Peace Corp in diplomatic sessions with the Earth Special Forces, the prospect of extra-stellar exploration dawns upon humanity. The prospect of delving beyond the cradle and to the great beyond is one of quantum importance for the understanding of the universe and of ourselves. It is in this prospect that we will not only begin to witness of the cosmos at a closer glance but that we will finally answer that most central of questions: are we alone? I have mathematically, as you may have guessed by my job title, of the opinion that the answer to that question is a "no" but I am here not to speak of the "no" but rather of the prospects that would raise should be cometh across not only other life but other intelligent beings, be they those who have only awakened into sentience or grand space faring civilizations who would draw us all in awe.

    Now in this prospect of greeting other intelligence we may cometh to questions of how to interact with the extraterrestrial. The ESF has, as you no doubt noted, being preparing for the prospects of diplomatic engagement with possible intelligent beings beyond Sol. These beings may pose awe but also may drag in impulses of paranoia, especially for those who imagine conflict and destruction as the de facto fates of international relations, as you may no doubt have heard from Professor Edward Hunter at University College London on prospects that any engagement with other space faring powers, especially those of "superior war-faring capabilities," would respond to our arrival onto the scene with a most classical of aggressions. The prospect, Hunter argues, is that we would see a repeat of historical human international political reactions on a galactic stage. The alien, to Hunter, is a potential threat to the children of Earth. Terra, Wells argued, would greet this age as their last. At the same time Matías Garcia (a controversial Martian politician) made a speech at the Martian Freedom Centre in Veliky Novgorod titled "Xenophobia as Survival: why First Contact must be Aggressive," in which he dictates that any diplomatic engagement with other space faring powers and even non-space faring non-human sentient lives should be conducted with utmost hostility, less (to quote Mr Garcia) "they do to us what we were afraid to do to them." In the end we cometh to a pessimism, be it Hunter's fear of the unknown or Garcia's destiny of war.

    Now there is argument indeed to be prepared in case but utter pessimism set us to a prospect of, if I give my own professional opinion on the matter, defeatism. A aggressive note especially was condemned by Professor Hunter, stating that Garcia had confused realism with the mindset of the warmonger. Yet I join Professor Vladimir Orzov of Tomsk State University in calling for a new to not be afraid. There is also the question of the diplomatic. The prospect of peaceful space faring powers is not blind optimism, for our own history (as helped by the International Peace Corp) has been one that shows that when we all get together peacefully we get more done. Aggression brings down and the necessities for space colonisation requires fanatical co-operation. It was our co-operation that bought us up, while aggression ultimately leaded to the horrors of the Third World War and the recent tragedy of the Earth-Free Alliance Conflict.

    There is also the chance that space faring aliens would have to have internally make peace, less they would not have the means to arise to the stars proper. In what reason would the alien launch a assault upon us? Reaching the stars requires a peaceful society and from this they would be logical henceforth in not wanting war. Why go to war anyway? The resources they would want from us they are will have ten forth already. They would have plenty of living space without the need of forcing us out of our own. As on the recent news article by the populist Ted Bull on his fear of enslavement by a xeno power; humans make poorer slaves and would be primitive compared to robotic industries. I would hence suggest that the extraterrestrial will not only be not a threat to us but that we should, for the path of ensuring of the best for humanity, have our arms open.

    I suggest a policy of xenophillia, of embracing the others of the stars, for our history shows that openness rather than closeness is the path to progress. Any practices of xenophobia will only hinder us in the long term and return us to the same mistakes that saw the conflicts we called the World Wars. I humbly request to the ESF that they do not enter other sectors of the universe for war. I do not suggest we go unarmed but there is a difference between having a weapon than using one and that we should focus our policies, as the ESF have thankfully shown to follow with their request for linguists, to one of peaceful co-operation with other intelligent beings. We should also stress this to those who have still to leave their home-world, less we repeat the evils of colonialism. We will need to debate whether we leave alone or introduce them to the stars but either way we must respect less we become the monsters that the likes of Matías Garcia fears. We must be open and greet the alien as a sibling in the stars.

    I will end this speech by quoting our host Professor Qitarah El-Ghazzawy. I quote in specifics from her addresses in the summer of 2298 to the IPC and SEA at the Festival of Peace that was held in Mexico City. She stated to the attendances: "in we do not make peace with ourselves we would never make peace with others. Henceforth when we go beyond our cradle we should see the peace we will have with our neighbours to be as a practice most blessed, for it would demonstrate the peace within and outside ourselves. There is nothing greater than to love thy neighbour"

    I thank you all for inviting me here today!

    OOC: RP inspired by this article.
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  9. Amesjay

    Amesjay Warlord

    Apr 1, 2013
    ESS Tian Shan
    Control Room Audio Log

    L: 'Hey, Michelle. a weeks pay says you won't be able to entertain aliens if we find them in Alpha Centauri.'

    M: 'Ha, you're gonna wish you hadn't said that. There's a reason I'm the only entertainer out on one of these ESF ships searching for aliens. I could entertain a rock on the surface of the moon and it'd probably tip me.'

    L: 'Hahaha with sayings like that there's no way you're gonna win Michelle. Oi, Rob, weigh in on this, I'm betting aliens aren't gonna bat an eyelid at Michelle. Whadya reckon?'

    R: 'Look man don't drag me into this, I've got a job to do unlike you slackers.'

    L: 'Just give us an answer man, you don't have to play the diplomat with us.'

    R: 'Fine, fine, I'm siding with Michelle.'

    M: 'Hah, told you Leon, boy are you gonna be sorry.'

    L: 'We'll see, anyways looks like a situation's popped up on Hektor station, they need some diplomats. Sounds like a job for us. Looks like this bet is gonna have to wait. Anyway someone should probably tell Adam.'

    M: 'Nah, just leave it, you know how he gets when he's making a souffle.'
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  10. inthesomeday

    inthesomeday Immortan

    Dec 12, 2015
    The ESS Leviathan accidentally overshoots Alpha Centauri to Beta 8 due to a series of problems to be discussed soon
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  11. Decamper

    Decamper ..!

    Jul 28, 2014
    Update is progressing with all orders sent. Should be up before the weekend. Writing bonuses will be counted toward this turn up until the update is posted.
  12. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale

    She was five.

    The stars shined in the cold sky, sparkling in a way that only happened one the coldest winter nights. She exhaled, a cloud of steam vanishing in the dark, and turned to look up at her dad.

    “They’re so pretty!”

    He laughed. “They are!

    “Can we go there?”

    “Maybe one day you’ll go.”

    “Are there people up there?”

    “Maybe! There’s no way to know! There might be a whole planet of mermaids, or a planet of horses, or even a planet full of SPIDERS!” He tickled the top of her head with his fingers.

    “Ewww.” she shrieked, bending over to throw some snow at him. She paused, staring up at the sky in wonder, captivated again, the snow falling from her hands.

    He picked her up, and plopped her down on his shoulders. “Maybe you’ll be the first person to step on a planet far away, Ayse.” She curled around his head, slightly, arms around his forehead. “Let’s go inside. Gamma might have some hot chocolate ready for us!”

    “Yes!” Ayse said, though she craned her head to look at the stars for as long as she could.

    She was thirteen.

    The stars shone dimly in the sky, with the full moon dulling their light. They shimmered, motionless, bracketed on all sides by the thousands of tiny moving lights of spaceships and shuttles flying through the heavens. Ayse had never seen anything more beautiful.

    “Come on! This is boring!”

    “But look! I can see the lights of Mars… Like, the cities on Mars! This is so cool!”

    “I’m happy you like your birthday present, but when I gave it to you I didn’t think we’d spend all night with you looking through it! Let’s have FUN!”

    “Emma! Come on, look through it!”

    “Ugh, no, why would I want to see stupid Martians anyway? They’re fighting us. Please…?”

    “Fine,” Ayse sighed, “what do you want to do?”

    “Come here, I’m going to paint your nails.” Emma grabbed Ayse’s hands, pulling her away from the telescope. “So, I heard Justin Li has a crush on you. I heard he’s going to ask you to the Fall Formal.”

    “Ewww. He’s so boring!”

    “But he’s dreamy! AND he plays basketball.” She gently brushed a polish that gently pulsed with red light onto Ayse’s fingernails. “Well, if not him, who?” Emma grinned. “Come on, who do you want to ask you?”

    “Ummm... No one.”

    “There IS someone! You like someone! Who is it!”

    “No one!” Ayse pulled away. “I don’t want to go to the stupid dance.” She looked through the telescope again, as Emma laughed at her again.

    She was sixteen.

    The stars of the milky way shimmered, hazy, a long band across the sky, bisecting it from end to end. It was a hot evening, following an even hotter day. The fireflies were out in full force, bringing the stars of galaxy to the muggy air around them, shimmering and flashing in an incomprehensible dance.

    She was laying in the back of a pickup truck, the weight of their bodies pushing down slightly against the rho-fields holding its body a foot off the ground.

    “And that’s the Academy Station!” She pointed up at a blinking light in the sky. “Um...I’m pretty sure.”

    “How do you know?”

    “It’s the only one that makes sense.”

    “Still set on going, next year? Even with the war still on?”

    “It’s the only way I can go to college. You know Dad can’t afford it, not with the... ” She sighed, “I’ve always wanted to go to space.”

    “Yeah, but you need to be good at math to go to space!”

    Ayse turned onto her side, propping her head up. “Oh, is your plan to keep me here to tell me I’m stupid? That sounds like a great way to make friends, Kat.”

    The other girl laughed “Then it’s a good thing we’re already friends.”

    Ayse giggled, and leaned over, kissing the other girl lightly on the lips, before rolling back up to look at the sky. “I’ve always wanted to go to space, Kat. As long as I can ever remember. I’ll study something like diplomacy, or linguistics. I was reading somewhere that some of the belt colonies have already been isolated enough to develop their own patois! The ESF will need people to talk to the belters, once the war is over.”

    The other girl poked her in the ribs, lightly. “Linguistics? If you want to study tongues, I’ve got one for you.”

    She was nineteen.

    The stars were invisible in the bright light of the day, but they were up there, somewhere.

    Ayse stood at attention in a line with a row of other cadets, shoulder length hair tied in a short ponytail, uniform blues crisp and ironed. An Admiral stood on a pedestal, pontificating at the front. Ayse had forgotten his name already, but he had supposedly distinguished himself in some way or another in the war. The Battle of Tannhauser Gate, or some such.

    “... and though this war is over, there is still much work to be done. We must rebuild many things, we must rebuild the infrastructure upon which Earth and her colonies depend, and we must rebuild the trust of those over whom we have prevailed…

    Ayse zoned out again, though did not let any sign of her boredom show in her rigid posture. A year at the academy had taught her well. It had been a year, already, since she’d left the small town in Ohio behind, left her dad, left Emma, left Kat, for the first year of training at the San Francisco academy.

    All ESF cadets on the officer track who did not already have a higher education were trained on the surface for a year at one of a dozen facilities around the world. Those that made it through the brutal physical and mental training, survived the first year, were then shipped up to the orbital academy, where their training would begin in full. Another two years, and then she’d be posted on a real Starship, where the Coms and Linguistics training would be put to use peacekeeping somewhere, or establishing contact with some of the Belter stations that didn’t know, or refused to believe, that the war was done.

    There might even be more, maybe.

    Some of her friends in the Engineering track, drunk on one leave or another, had sworn her to secrecy and told her that some of the early FTL tests were positive. Or at least positive leaning.

    Wouldn’t that be something, Ayse thought, a posting on a real intergalactic ship, one of the first to push the boundaries of the Solar System. There was a drive, a reason to do as well as she could, do better!

    “...So, without further ado, it is my pleasure to welcome all you promising young cadets to the Academy. If you’ll board your shuttle, the first day of the rest of your life awaits you.”

    She was twenty-one.

    There were no stars, not here where they were travelling, in the void between places.

    Ayse still could not believe her good fortune. She knew this had to be a dream, because what else could it be? Her, a girl who grew up in one of the places the future seemed to have never reached, a girl whose grandparents had fled war and strife, whose mother had died before she’d ever really gotten a chance to know her, a father who had sunk slowly, but surely, into Alcoholism to cope with the loss, and, in doing so, faded more and more from her life, was sitting on the command bridge of one of the first starships to pierce the veil that surrounded the Solar System.

    More to convince herself that this was, in fact, real, she performed another status check, her finger flicking over the touch screens and hardlight interfaces, first performing a routine check of the ship’s com systems, and then of the exterior communications. Radio, Laser, Tachyon, all systems were green, even the spotlights mounted on the hull of ship to communicate with flashes of light, were primed and ready to work.

    The ship vibrated beneath her seat, and Ayse looked around, catching the pilot’s eye. She’d met the older woman earlier, but figured she’d put her foot in her mouth, talking about the captain and the war. The Pilot smiled at her, though, and Ayse smiled back, so it couldn’t be all bad.

    She glance around the command deck, passed the captain, who was sitting above it all, looking at a readout on her chair. Nearly a dozen crew members sat in arranged stations around the circumference of the Captain’s Dais.

    A man in his mid-thirties, with the same green day uniform that she wore, with commander’s bars on his arm walked over to her station. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced, yet, Ensign. I’m Commander Jason Beringer, XO of the Azrael. You’ll have a chance to meet the captain shortly, but in addition to my duties as XO, I will be supervising all xeno-archaeology and xeno-communication missions, so you'll be working with me directly in most capacities.”

    Ayse lept up with a salute, “Ensign Ayse Turku, commander. It’s an honor.

    He smiled at her. “Don’t worry about that, so much, the captain isn’t much one for overmuch decorum on her ship.” He glance at a readout on his wrist. "I see you graduated from the Academy in three years instead of four. Well done, that's not easy."

    "Thank you sir"

    “We’ll be reverting to realspace momentarily. When we do so, open bands of communication and get status reports from any other ships, and then scan for the source of the Signal."

    “Yes sir!” Ayse, sat back down, fingers settling over the panels, at the ready.

    And then, with a shudder, the ship was free from the forces hurling it across immeasurable distances. The massive viewports at the front of the command deck depolarized, providing the command deck with a view of the outside.

    The stars shone without a glimmer, just pinpricks of light hung in the vastness of an alien space.
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  13. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Captain Sora sat crosslegged in her private quarters, her mask laying beside her. Where she was from on Earth, nobody walked with the face or appearance they were born with in public. Here, in the privacy of her quarters, she could not be herself, but rather, the person she was when she was not wearing the mask of captaincy. It was not some denial of her own face and identity as was popular in some old earth literature involving masked characters. She simply knew that for now, she was the person without the mask, and soon, when she stepped outside the quarters to take command once more, that she would become a person with the mask once more. She accepted both as being herself, and saw nothing particularly wrong with the situation.

    So she did what she usually did when she was a person without the mask. She meditated. Holographic lights blinked into existence beside her as she began her mantra:

    "With clarity and quiet, I look upon the world and say: All that I see, hear, taste, smell, and touch are the creations of my mind.

    The sun comes up and the sun goes down in my skull. Out of one of my temples the sun rises, and into the other the sun sets.
    The stars shine in my brain; ideas, men, animals browse in my temporal head; songs and weeping fill the twisted shells of my ears and storm the air for a moment.

    I do not know whether behind appearances there lives and moves a secret essence superior to me. Nor do I ask; I do not care. I create phenomena in swarms, and paint with a full palette a gigantic and gaudy curtain before the abyss. Do not say, "Draw the curtain that I may see the painting." The curtain is the painting.This kingdom is my child, a transitory, a human work. But it's a solid work, nothing more solid exists, and only within its boundaries can I remain fruitful, happy, and at work.

    Determine the omnipotence of the human mind in appearance, but also its incapacity beyond appearance. This is the path towards salvation."

    With that, one of the light blinks out of existence. A new icon blinks into its space--that of a blindfolded man. She sighed, and continued. A faint knock on the door, but a faint knock meant that it was nothing critical. "I will not accept boundaries; appearances cannot contain me; The mind is patient and adjusts itself, it likes to play; but the heart grows savage and will not condescend to play; it stifles and rushes to tear apart the nets of necessity."

    "I walk on the edge of the abyss. Two voices contend within me. The Mind: Why waste ourselves by pursuing the impossible? Within the holy enclosure of our five senses it is our duty to acknowledge the limitations of man.

    The heart, the Sixth Power, resists. It shouts: "No! No! Never acknowledge the limitations of man. Smash all boundaries! Deny whatever your eyes see. Die every moment, but say: Death does not exist."

    The mind: "My eye is without hope or illusion and gazes on all things clearly. Life is a game, a performance given by the five actors of my body. I look on avidly, with inexpressible curiosity, but I am not like the naive peasant to believe what I see, clambering on the stage to meddle with the blood-drenched comedy. I am the wonder-working fakir who sits unmoving at the crossroads of the senses and watches the world being born and destroyed, watches the mob as it surges and shouts in the multicolored paths of vanity. Heart, naive heart, become serene, and surrender!"

    But the heart leaps up and shouts! "I am the peasant who meddles with the course of the world! I do not seek checks and balances. I do not seek to adjust myself. I seek to follow the throbbing of my own heart. I ask, again and again, who plants us in this world without our permission? Who uproots us from this world without our permission? I may be a weak creature, of metal and flesh, but I can sense the whirling power of the universe within me. I wish to open my eyes, and seek the truth before these forces crush me. I set for myself no other purpose. I want to seek the single justification that will make this daily spectacle of disease, ugliness, destruction, and death bearable."

    "I once set out from the Womb, but now journey towards the Tomb. Power hurls me out from a dark point and puts me on the path to another. But I am not like a condemned man whose mind has been deadened with drink. Clear headed, I seek to signal to those who follow me to tell them what I think this procession is. How necessary it is to put our steps and hearts in harmony."

    "Yes, the purpose of Earth is not life. It is not Humans. It has existed without both. It will live on without them. Life and humans are mere elemental sparks of a greater superhuman struggle. Let us unite, let us hold each other tightly, let us merge our hearts, let us create - so long as the warmth of this earth endures, so long as no earthquakes, cataclysms, icebergs or comets come to destroy us - let us create for Earth a brain and a heart, let us give a human meaning to the superhuman struggle."

    "This anguish, this conflict between the heart and the mind, and the rejection of appearances, is the second necessity in our path towards salvation." The door opens. Captain Sora knows who it is, and does not mind. A new icon blinks into existence: a floating mask. It disappears as she clears her throat and continues. "THE MIND adjusts itself. It wants to fill its dungeon, the skull, with great works, to engrave on the walls heroic mottoes, to paint on its shackles the wings of freedom.

    The heart cannot adjust itself. Hands beat on the wall outside its dungeon, it listens to erotic cries that fill the air. Then, swollen with hope, the heart responds by rattling its chains; for a brief moment it believes that its chains have turned to wings."

    "But swiftly, the heart falls again, its hope extinguished. It is gripped by fear."

    "It is time," second voice continues. "Abandon both the heart and the mind. Take the third step." The second void has a tenor and ringing quality, not unlike that of a choir. "Free yourself," Captain Sora continues. "From both the complacency of the mind that seeks to put all things in order, and the terror of the heart to hope and seeks to find essence in things."

    "Conquer the last and the greatest temptation there is. Hope. This is the final path to salvation."

    "We fight because we like fighting. We sing, even if there is no ear to hear us. We work even when there is no master to pay our wages. We do not work for others. We are the masters. The vineyard of the universe is ours, our own flesh and blood."

    "Say farewell to all things at every moment." Captain Sora almost considered coming out of her trance, to address the second voice on his breach of protocol, but continued. "Look around you, all these bodies that you see will rot away. There is no salvation.

    Look well, and they love, live, work, and hope. Look again: Nothing exists!"

    "Generations of men and women rise up from the earth. Endeavors of mankind breach the sky and create contrails in the air and space. Where do they go? Do not ask! There is no beginning, and there is no end. Only the moment exist, full of bitterness and sweetness. I surrender myself to everything--I live, I love, I struggle. The world is wider than my mind. The heart is an eternal mystery of the abyss. I launch the ship of my body into the current. Our goal? To be shipwrecked! When the silent whirlpool of death finds you at last, it is your final duty to point the nose of the ship firmly towards the abyss and declare: "nothing exists."

    "Neither life nor death exists. I watch mind and matter chase each other like nonexistent phantoms, and I say: "This is what I want."

    "Hope for nothing. Fear nothing. Free yourself from both the heart and the mind. Seek not salvation, but freedom. This freedom is what I want. Nothing more." The second voice concluded.

    Captain Sora opened her eyes to confirm that the owner of the second voice was indeed, her android, who looked blankly at her with his inexpressive flashlight head. "I still do not understand portions of the mantra," Grey said. "Perhaps it is due to my own limitation as an android."

    "Don't think too much about it," Captain Sora shrugged as she fixed the mask back on her face. "It is simply to calm the nerves."

    "Perhaps it is due to my lack of a central nervous system then."

    "It's an idiom, Grey. You don't have to be so uptight all the damned time."

    "Yes, if only I wasn't programmed this way, is that not right, Programmer?"

    "That's better."
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  14. thomas.berubeg

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale

    The Ship

    Your keel was first laid down at the height of the war, but your conception was long before that.

    You and your sisters had first been dreamed on the back of a napkin at lunch, you sweeping arches and curves inspired by the odd layout of a rib bone in a rack of pork. That rough sketch had been passed to a team of engineers, who had added function to the form.

    Thirteen different design boards had to approve your design. Many, to be sure, but still a number that had been cut from twenty by the outbreak of the war.

    The War itself saw a significant redesign, your purpose shifting from police action and relief supply hauling to pure combat. Your engine capacity and cargo space were sacrificed for increased weaponry and armor. You’re a bit slower, sure, but now you can punch high outside of your weight class.

    The first of your sisters had been commissioned days before the official outbreak of the war, and the ESF Wings of Justice entered service under the command of one Captain Mbala, and performing with distinction before her loss with all hands during the Scouring of the Dover Keelyards.

    By the time the Wings of Justice had been destroyed, however, nearly a dozen of your sisters had been completed, and many had shown their mettle in combat against the rebel forces.

    You were first commissioned as the “ESF Constitution,” and your hull was assembled in the Nubium Dry Docs, on the moon. Your construction stalled, however, as the war wound towards an end.

    Your engine, a Vaporum Drive Yards Mark IV, was installed four days before the peace was signed, and, after the peace, no work aside for basic upkeep was done.

    You was towed from the Drydock to rest at one of the lagrange points, until such time as you’d be needed. There, you rested for three years, surrounded by half built ships of a dozen makes, opened to the vacuum, listening to the solar wind wash over you, nothing more than a stately hunk of metal with engines, until the development of the FTL Engine.

    Almost regretfully, you were towed back to the Drydock, and fitted for your wings. With the FTL Drive came your brain, a central nervous system wired in, linking your eyes to your ears to your legs to body.

    But for all that, you remained a living creature only in potentiality.

    By the time the Signal was heard, you were a beauty. Gleaming chrome and white, floors polished to a shine, and with your name in crisp black lettering.

    Barely a month later, the first of your crew comes aboard. They run checks, but all your systems are performing optimally. Better than optimally. But something is still missing, even when your pilot comes aboard and first takes you for her milk run, your inaugural jaunt. She takes you to your berth at Orion Station, in Earth orbit. It’s almost there, whatever it is, when the XO comes aboard, setting up his lab deep within your belly, and starts issuing orders.

    And then your captain comes aboard, and sits in that chair in the middle of the deck. You quiver in anticipation as her hands come down on the armrest and she first speaks over your intercom.

    Finally, you are alive.
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  15. Decamper

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    Jul 28, 2014

    While the majority of the 1st ExoFinders Fleet leaving Sol, and the few remaining headed to Hektor Station, only the ESS Zero Gravitas responded to ESF Command’s request to examine the Voyager probe. The ship intercepted the probe, and its engineering and science crews began examining Voyager’s systems. With the aid of the ship’s scanners, Lt. Grey and the science team was able to determine that a the probe received the Alpha Centauri system at the same time Earth had, which somehow repowered the probe’s generators. The change of the probe’s trajectory occurred a week after the probe reactivated, and well before Earth became aware of the revived Voyager. Examining the probe’s computers revealed unfortunately little, with no records of how or why the probe was sent off course, but what was discovered was the Alpha Centauri signal saved into probe’s memory, along with a second signal, similar but different from the first. The engineering team managed to jury rig an FTL drive, and modern sensors and communications equipment onto the probe, then allowed it to continue on its new path. ESF Science Council confirms that Voyager 1 is continuing to send information, and is now pouring over the data retrieved from the probe by the Zero Gravitas. While the nature or new objective of the modified probe remains unknown, its new voyage will be monitored closely.
    ESS Zero Gravitas 7d20+13=88(12+17+9+9+16+4+8+13) vs. DC30
    Extreme Success
    Result: +120RCs for ESS Zero Gravitas

    The Hektor Station crisis originally seemed as if was going to be covered up in the shadow of extrasolar exploration, but two of the 1st ExoFinders starships, the ESS Tian Shan, backed up by the ESS Scarborough, diverted from their original tasks to the station. Hails from the Tian Shan initially went unanswered, with only a constant pre recorded loop of anti-extrasolar exploration, anti-Earth and pro-Belt messages being broadcasted from the station’s long range communications, but the Tian Shan’s sensors picked up a weak, short range communication coming from the station. It revealed that the uprising on Hektor was much less organised than the propaganda loop was letting on, with the Hektor Church group being made up of less than two dozen individuals. The rest of the station’s personnel only nominally joined the uprising, and have since distanced themselves from the hostage takers.

    With the assistance of the station’s regular population in bypassing the station’s docking lockdown, shuttles from the Tian Shan and Scarborough were able to safely drop in command and security teams. Further cooperation brought the ship’s joint command teams, backed by the Tian Shan security crew and three squads of the Scarborough’s marines, to hostage takers’ stronghold in the station’s SEA office. Negotiations were highly successful, with the rebels quickly surrendering in the face of the superior ESF numbers and equipment. Talks between the station’s residents and the freed SEA and ESF personnel, arbitrated by the Tian Shan and Scarborough captains, led to the assuaging of many prior disagreements, and by the time ESF reinforcements arrived, a measure of informal power sharing was in place. SEA and ESF command agreed to only charge the Hektor Church rebels, taking them back to Earth for trial, leaving the rest of the station’s population to continue life as normal. News peaceful resolution of the crisis has already begun calming tensions throughout the outer colonies, showing that the SEA and ESF may be able to handle the worries of belter communities in a more gentle manner.
    ESS Tian Shan 5d20+3=42 (2+17+11+6+6(+3))
    ESS Scarborough 5d20+2=75 (20+8+17+12(+1)+16(+1))
    117 vs. DC50
    Extreme Success
    Result: +72RCs for ESS Tian Shan, +128RCs for ESS Scarborough

    The ESS Leviathan was initially scheduled to jump to Alpha Centauri with the rest of the fleet, but due to unforeseen miscalculations, ended up in the Beta 8 sector. Making the best of the situation, the ship surveyed the nearby red main sequence star system. It discovered a few small planets in close orbit of the star, far too hot and with too variable of atmospheres to be suitable for human activity. Further out in the system was an asteroid ring, and among those rocks was the Leviathan’s most interesting discovery. A weak signal, which the crew correctly assumed to be some sort of distress signal, led them to a wrecked alien vessel, floating with minimal power and severely damaged. Further scans indicated several weak life signs aboard the ship. No communication attempts have been succesful.
    5d20=45 (15+11+4+5+10+)
    Result: Beta 8 45% discovered, +45RCs from ESS Leviathan

    The ESS Catalina jumped to the sector dubbed Utah, discovering a star redder, and slighter larger, than Sol, and managed to survey about 40% of the sector before the end of the month. In the Utah-1 star system, the Catalina has so far found a handful of barren planetoids in distant orbits, a gas giant roughly the size of Neptune, and a planet about 70% the mass of Earth, and at a slightly further orbit. Being in a suspected habitable orbit, the Catalina further inspected the planet, Utah-1 Prime, and scans indicated it likely indeed did harbour alien life. Unfortunately, only a little over a month ago, a large asteroid had collided with the planet, creating catastrophic conditions, and the blanket of dust and ash smothering the planet has made precise sensor readings impossible from orbit.
    ESS Catalina 3d20=39(16+11+12)
    Result: Utah B3 39% discovered, +39RCs for ESS Catalina

    The ESS Dave Bowman had brief scare as it jumped into Sepang G17, directly into the face of a massive black hole. After finding a stable position far enough from the Sepang black hole, the ship managed to scan over half of the sector, finding a number of fascinating anomalies. Perilously close to the black hole’s event horizon is a vast ring of dust and asteroids, most less than a metre in size, but with some up to 20km across, somehow stable and showing no signs of orbital degradation. Odd energy and chemical readings have been detected throughout the ring, sometimes on asteroids, and other times seemingly drifting through the great gaps between the rocks.
    ESS Dave Bowman 6d20=52(17+20+5+5+3+2)
    Result: Sepang G17 52% discovered, +52RCs for ESS Dave Bowman

    The ESS Midway discovered a red dwarf star in the eponymously named the G8 Midway sector. While only surveying 28% of the sector, the Midway located a small planet, intensely hot, and very close to the Midway star. Of more interest was the sighting of a large rogue comet, 23.4km in diameter, in the outer reaches of the sector. While initial scans indicated it was just a standard, if large, ball of ice and rock, further inspection detected an unknown material deep within the comet.
    ESS Midway 2d20=28(8+20)
    Result: Midway G8 28% discovered, +28RCs for ESS Midway

    The ESS Alamo made its first FTL jump to Alpha 6, now known as Torus A6, a sector containing a known red dwarf star. Initial scans unfortunately proved less than satisfactory, uncovering only a smattering of planetoids drifting around the star, none of which seemed any more exciting than those in Sol at first glance, though further scans would be necessary to better map out the sector.
    3d20=18 (3+14+1)
    Result: Torus A6 18% discovered, +18RC for ESS Alamo

    The ESS Colombus jumped to the Gamma 18 sector, naming it Etruria G18. The ship’s powerful scanners and sweeped a little under half the sector, but uncovered nothing of note in the vast empty expanse of deep space.
    4d20+8=39 (2+10+15+4(+8))
    Result: Etruria G18 39% discovered, +39RCs for ESS Colombus

    The ESS Tiamat made its way past Alpha Centauri to the Beta 7 sector, renaming Anastasia B7 after the captain’s mother. Scanning over half of the sector, the Tiamat found a few planets and planetoids orbiting a blue main sequence star. The most interesting finds were on the system’s earth-like second planet, and on a moon of the third planet, a gas giant.

    The A-class is the first of its kind discovered outside of Sol, and while scans indicate the atmosphere isn’t safely breathable without light assistance, it should otherwise be safe for human activity. Scans have also indicated abundant life signs spread across the planet, with large clusters dotting the continents, though there are no indications so far of sapient life.

    The moon is smaller than Luna, roughly the size of Europa, with a very thin oxygen atmosphere. Activity on the surface would require a full suit, if it wasn’t for Tian Shan’s amazing discovery of a massive dome, encompassing what appears to an intact city and well tended surrounding farmland and woodlands. Scans have detected well over a hundred thousand life forms and huge energy readings, and the internal atmosphere appears to be survivable for humans, if a bit too oxygen rich. So far the city does not seem to have detected the Tian Shan, or indeed even have any capability to do so.
    4d20=52 (14+11+20+10)
    Result: Anastasia B7 52% discovered, +52RCs for ESS Tiamat

    Only a few short days before its scheduled jump with the other 1st ExoFinder ships to the Alpha Centauri sector, the ESS Ghost in the Machine had to deal with a malfunctioning crew-droid. Ensign X-1241132 was removed from crucial ship tasks, and investigated by the science team. They found that something had indeed been changed in ‘32s positronic brain, but the change proved to be incredibly small, and difficult to really comprehend what had been altered. The Ensign was indeed playing the signal over and over in its systems, but it was also changing the signal, making different rythms and patterns. There was also no indication that ‘32 was conscious of playing the signal, and was determined to not be lying. Even more strangely, 24 hours after being removed from most of its tasks, the android began making sounds, which after substantial research was determined to be ‘humming.’ When asked what it was doing, Ensign X-1241132 replied that it was ‘bored.’ With the diagnosis showing nothing clearly wrong with the android, it was allowed to return to its duties, though under strict surveillance as it continues to display a tendency to be, for a lack of a better word, ‘creative.’ ESF Command has indicated it would be interested in taking the android back to Earth for a full diagnosis, but leaves the choice up to the captain.
    3d20=39 (12+16+11) vs DC20
    Substantial Success
    Result: +60RC for ESS Ghost in the Machine, Either 150RC or Ensign Entertainer

    While many of the 1st ExoFinders broke out on their own bold paths into the stars, six ships, the ESS Geneva, ESS Azrael, ESS Hiawatha, ESS Ghost in the Machine, ESS Angela Ziegler, and the ESS Liberty, warped into the Alpha Centauri sector in formation, chasing the signal that had started this new age of exploration. Their combined scans quickly and efficiently mapped out the entirety of the sector

    ESS Geneva 3d20=27 (8+10+9)
    ESS Azrael 6d20=49 (4+13+7+13+10+2)
    ESS Hiawatha 5d20=44 (3+14+8+12+7)
    ESS Ghost in the Machine 3d20=30 (9+8+13)
    ESS Angela Ziegler 4d20=45 (16+17+2+10)
    ESS Liberty 4d20=51 (11+19+15+6)
    Result: Alpha Centauri A4 100% discovered, ESS Geneva +10RCs, ESS Azrael +20RCs, ESS Hiawatha +18RCs, ESS Ghost in the Machine +12RCs, ESS Angela Ziegler +18RCs, ESS Liberty +21RCs

    What they found was staggering. At the beginning of the month, humanity was just beginning to crawl out of its cradle, and by the end of the month, it had made first contact with alien life. Twice.

    The first came from the Earth-sized planet orbiting Proxima Centauri discovered three centuries ago, determined to be the source of the signal received last year. As the fleet entered the sector and began scanning the planet, the signal once again was received. It was the same rhythmic pulsing, but faster, and after a few hours, a second signal was received with a different rhythm. Every five hours, a new signal was sent from the planet, but scans of the planet were not as expected. They revealed minimal life signs, likely limited to microscopic, or possibly insect at best, life forms, and the planet’s surface was severely chaotic, indicating hugely active tectonic movement. So active, that over the first few days of observing the planet, the fleet detected no fewer than three thousand earthquakes large enough to be discerned from orbit. They could physically see mountain ranges raising or collapsing by metres, and the planet’s night side was illuminated by constant volcanic eruptions forming island chains in the ever widening oceans. The source of the signal seemed to be coming from the planet itself, with no structures at all to be seen. After a few days of ogling the planet, the ESS Ghost in the Machine was the first to initiate contact, with its newly licensed ‘musician’ having the bright idea of mixing and returning the signals. The planet responded immediately with a flurry of auditory and visual rhythms and patterns, though none appeared to contain any sort of script, language, or clear way to carry information. Attempts by the fleet to send written, spoken, or coded messages were met with silence, while anything vaguely musical was met with similar bursts of activity. Whatever is responding is clearly intelligent in some fashion, but its still unclear what it is.

    The second first contact with obvious alien life came simultaneously with the ‘conversation’ with the planet. A ship, larger and far more advanced than the ESF ships, was also found orbiting the Proxima Centauri planet, likewise scanning it. The unknown ship immediately sent a package of signals to the fleet, many of which were indecipherable, while others were found to contain a series of prime numbers and other mathematical constants. The fleet responded in kind, and soon after the ship sent an audio and visual reply, presumably of their script and speech, though what they said is still unknown as linguists race to decipher the alien language. Since the second signal pack, the ship has not responded to any further messages, nor has it changed its orbit above the planet, and has only done cursory scans of the fleet before returning to scanning the planet.

    In the proper Alpha Centauri binary star system, a number of small planets were discovered, some with their own mysteries.

    A planet smaller than mercury very close to Alpha Centauri B appears to be widening its orbit at a progressively faster rate, lengthening its year by nearly an hour every full cycle, which at this point is roughly two Earth-months. The planet surface is inhospitable to human life, with a tenuous and rapidly changing atmosphere, and temperatures either far too hot or far too cold. Any surface activity would have to be done quickly before safety measures break down.

    Another small planet is pock marked with a huge number of craters, which is odd given the comparatively thick atmosphere and active weather patterns. Further scans seemed to indicate that comets and meteors throughout the system were actual being somehow pulled towards the planet, and in just this year alone is projected to receive dozens more substantial impacts.

    Energy readings have detected what appear to be automated mining stations dotting the asteroids in the system’s outer asteroid belt. Scanners show around twenty of these stations, and among them absolutely no biological life. The stations appear to have docking stations, most likely for cargo ships, but no ships are currently present in the system beyond the alien vessel around Proxima Centauri. The mining stations may be related to the alien ship, but there is no way to tell without further inspection.

    Lastly, an odd reading located some sort of space station far in the outer reaches of the system. There are no apparent life forms, nor are there any readings to indicate active robotics or computers. The station is a large ring, with the empty space having a diameter of nearly two kilometers, with the structure itself being about 50 meters across. Once again, it may be related to the alien ship or the mining stations, but further inspection is required.


    Ship Challenges
    Spoiler :

    ESS Zero Gravitas
    Spoiler :
    Keeping an Eye Out
    Blue Alert
    The science crew has kept some of the scanners locked onto the retreating signal of the Voyager probe. It will require increasingly more of the ship’s scanners to maintain contact with the probe, which could be used for other operations. The ESF Science Council will maintain contact with the probe, but still some science officers on the ship are interested in conducting their own studies of the probes findings.

    ESS Colombus
    Spoiler :
    Void Sickness
    Blue Alert
    Some of the crew have been experiencing what the medical crew have dubbed ‘void sickness.’ With no obvious visual markers in the current sector, susceptible individuals are experiencing nausea and disorientation at more extreme levels than those with normal space sickness. While it is likely not too dangerous, and can be treating with common medication or by simply giving the affected individuals a more comfortable environment, the medical staff is interested in conducting further studies, if the sick and the captain are willing to allow it.

    Spoiler :

    Writing Bonuses

    ESS Azrael +50RC
    ESS Zero Gravitas +50RC
    ESS Hiawatha +50RC
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  16. Decamper

    Decamper ..!

    Jul 28, 2014
    There we are.

    Orders are due Tuesday the 21st. If you can get orders in early, then the update may come earlier as well. If more time is needed, I can do that too.

    You are able to do travel, and then undertake challenges or scanning, but not the other way around. For example:

    The stats for the ships are fully updated, as well as the stats for the sectors with ships currently in them. I haven't full updated the stats for sectors that are visible, but have not yet been scanned. I'll try to get to it sometime this weekend.
  17. thomas.berubeg

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    The ESS Azrael will move our of formation and in front of the Alien ship. Since this is why Ensign Turku is here, she will take the lead on communications projects, though XO Beringer will coordinate the ships' Science staff to assist. Ensign Turku will transmit series of information packages, including the traditional "Voyager Package." She, and her team, will also transmit mathematical equivalencies, as well as English Language literature, news articles, etc, all to provide the Aliens with Context. We will also intersperse the communications with repeated introductions of our ship, the ESF, and humanity. Once we can talk, we will offer to help scanning the planet.

    Breakdown: Ensign Turku will be assisted XO Beringer, and by 2 points of comms, 3 points of Science, 1 point of command, 1 point of engineering, 1 of engines to establish communication and translation protocols with the Aliens. She will also use 1 points of comms to stay in contact with ESF ships in system, coordinating their resources as needed.
    Spoiler Breakdown of point explanations :

    2 comms: Should be obvious, but exchanging transmission with the Aliens as well as communicating findings with the rest of the fleet.
    3 Science: SCIENCING their translation packages
    1 command: to coordinate the ship's resources toward the task
    1 engineering: If we need to make some physical changes to the ship to make things easier to communicate, whether it's bolting spotlights to the ship to make them flash, or writing on the hull, or something!
    1 engines: To make any kind of communicative maneuvers needed, whether it's, I dunno, dancing the ship, or performing complex mathematical maneuvers to create some sort of baseline.

    Seraphina Mickey and the Captain will both remain on edge, a bit, ready to enact evasive maneuvers, using remaining engines, shield, stealth, weapons, command, and engineering points. Return fire if fired upon, though bear in mind some cultures may use firing across the bow as an initial communications (I dunno, aliens are weird, and I'm not behavioral scientist.)

    All remaining points are to assist other ESF ships in their actions.
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  18. gay_Aleks

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Nightvale, US
    ESS "Ghost in the Machine"

    Ensign X-1241132 has been a part of our crew. It is obvious that he was assigned here to stay on-board. Therefore, he will also stay on board, although this..."Boredom" and his erratic "humming" will be continuously investigated and kept an eye on.

    For the moment, we shall not engage into any real communication, besides the so-so called theory of unambiguous communication, that is to say, one that, according to the experts in SEA, anyone would discern. It consists of a series of binary code, a demonstration of human movements and what each move means in culture, and musical soundwaves of the greatest composers on Earth. One hopes they do not have Wagner.

    Instead, we shall beam down an Engineering team, led by Co-Administrator X-1240212, to figure out this domed structure and how it works. Alongside them, Ensign X-1241132 will also come, in hopes that his..."creative" (???) abilities would come to serve in case of contact. All of that shall be observed from space while we're using our scanners and communicators to keep in contact. At the hint of any danger, they will are to be immediately beamed up.

    Finally, if possible, our science team shall figure out the planet in its entirety beyond the current analysis we have done: soil, atmosphere, so on. No detail must be spared!
  19. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Strike out into the Unknown! Jump to Delta 24. Rename: Intent

    In the meantime, devote 1 points of Comms and 2 points of Science in order to maintain contact and analyze the information gathered from the probe.
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  20. Sniiperman456

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    Nov 5, 2016
    Travel to episilon 12, name it Stickler
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