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Go, Boldly - Space Exploration

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Decamper, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Shirogane

    Shirogane Chieftain

    Nov 26, 2015
    ESS Tiamat
    After the successful first contact with the aesthans, Captain Zhan sets her eyes on "New Terra" to satisfy her never ending curiosity, it may not be as exciting as first contact but a adventurer is a adventurer none the less. Before ESS Tiamat setts off to New Terra Lt. Gunner Johnny Wagner request a meeting with the Captain regarding the ship's weapon systems. He feels they are not up to the standard. He requests a series of upgrades to the systems before travelling anywhere, to protect the ship and crew better if danger should befall them in their travels across the unknown space. Naomi sees the logic behind this and who is she to refuse an old friend a request like this. Naomi orders a full upgrade of the weapon systems overseen by Lt. Wagner personally, but not before having a drink or two and talk about the old days. (225RC to upgrade ESS Tiamat's weapons to rank 3)

    World of Green
    We will send a ground team made up by Terra Prime leading the Science/medical team with a Security team to protect them. The ground team will study the clusters, determinate if they pose any danger to colonization the planet and collect different types of specimens to be studied. The medical team will also make sure they don't get sick from anything or bring dangerous bacteries, viruses and so on back to the ship.

    2nd Lt. Android Terra Prime, 1 points security, 4 points of science (4 points of assist from command), 2 point of medical.

    ESS Tiamat will assist the ground team with scanning the planet.

    2 points of Scanners and Comms.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  2. Decamper

    Decamper ..!

    Jul 28, 2014
  3. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    ESS Geneva

    The ESS Geneva will head back to Sol to prepare for and meet with the Scouts' diplomatic vessel.
  4. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Requisition another point of Comms with 200 points

    Make Contact
    with the possible aliens in the Veil Sector, using 2 points of comms, 2 points of engineering and 2 points of science to figure out a way to send a message to them and figure out a way to mechanically intercept the floating chunks of rock after a scan. Our geoarchaeologist will lead figuring out the aliens, while our pilot will maneuver us close to the launched ice chunks as the Captain leads the project to capture them with manipulator arms. Make first contact once communications are established

    Keep 1 point of comms and 1 point of science on voyager probe.
  5. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    ESS Hiawatha

    Spoiler stats :
    Captain Citlali Azarola
    Captain Experience: Career Officer
    Captain Trait: Diplomat
    Requisition Credits: 232
    Ship Points:
    Weapons 1/1
    Engines 2/2
    Shields and Armour 2/2
    Scanners and Comms 3/3
    Stealth 1/1
    Crew Points:
    Security 1/1
    Command 3/3
    Engineering 1/1
    Science 2/2
    Medical 2/2
    Distinguished Officers:
    Lt. Counselor Sam Farzid
    2nd Lt. Surgeon Dr. Lesedi Dube
    Ens. Linguist Dr Papan Colex

    Before our next orders we will use 100 credits to increase security to level 2 and 100 credits to increase engineering to level 2.

    Now there is the matter of First Responder

    Head to Beta 8 with intent to aid the alien vessel.

    Dr Colex will for our contact with the signals from the signals from the aliens so we can prepare to communicate. Have Dr Dube ready the medical teams for surgery. Mr Farzid will be ready to serve as our first voice to these aliens as he may provide the necessary diplomatic tact to help provide calmness.

    Captain Azarola will be aware that this will be a risky mission and there is no telling if we are going not face danger, at least from the instability of the alien ship's core.

    Our first focus we will to rescue the survivors. Have our core command focus on medical provisions and getting the survivors on board. Security will be used to quickly attempt to board and bring the survivors onto our vessel; Dr Dube will be in charge of catering to medical needs.To ensure that can work engineering will focus on finding a way to access the ship.

    Our second focus will be to scan the area for any reasoning why the ship ended up in this state. The asteroid would suggest a all too natural reasoning but we cannot afford to come to such conclusions as nothing is as dangerous as a unknown danger.

    Should danger come in form of a hostile ship try to get as many aliens as possible from the damage vessel and retreat; we cannot afford a full confrontation.

    Should the danger be a more natural threat then keep eyes peeled for any stray rocks.

    Should the danger be from inside the vessel, via something they carried or someone... there will be a reason why the first dispatch of security will be a small vanguard while our engines will be primed just in case.

    Remember though: this is a rescue mission. If any other Earth vessel come to help then ensure they understand the priority. Co-operation will be welcomed.

    Mechanic usage: 3 points of our comms focused on this mission along will our 2 meds and (to be now) 2 security. 2 engine set as a defence measure. Command to focus on the operation to help boost. 2 science will aid in diplomatic communications. Engineering to set 2 on accessing the ship. All other features will remain on passive. Officer purposes detailed in above.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  6. TheGryphonPrince

    TheGryphonPrince King

    Jun 30, 2013
    ESS Colombus

    Use 2 science points to attempt to verify if there are indeed life forms in the sector. If we can detect life forms in the sector, use 2 communication points to try and set up communication between these. However, we must keep our shields online in case the potential natives pose any threat, and we shall extend our shields to the Gravitas should that prove the case.
  7. Reus

    Reus Polar Bear

    Nov 17, 2013
    Devon Island
    ESS Angela Ziegler will head towards Beta 8 sector to act as a First Responder to the damaged alien ship in the sector. The Ziegler will cooperate with ESS Hiawatha in dealing with the matter, with the Ziegler serving its purpose as a medical support ship.

    3 Medical Points will be allocated to help any survivors in the ailing ship or in the event of unwanted combat while 1 Scanner/Comms will be utilized to asses the situation and ensure that we have all the necessary intel to keep our crew save in this mission, 1 Engineer would also be directed to handle technical issues that may come in the way of the rescue operation. The team will be accompanied by a token 1 Security forces with them, as well as 2 Science to help with the difficulties of interacting with alien. This rescue team will be led by (Medic) Lt. Karl DeForest while others stay on the ship.

    In the event of unwanted combat, Ziegler's minimum engagement capabilities mandates it to stick closely with the ESS Hiawatha and support it. With what we have, namely 1 Weapons, 2 Engines, 3 Shields, 1 Comms, and 1 Stealth.
  8. inthesomeday

    inthesomeday Immortan

    Dec 12, 2015
    I think I shall need to drop, I'm sorry.
  9. gay_Aleks

    gay_Aleks communism will win.

    Feb 20, 2013
    Nightvale, US
    It appears that in Beta 8, there's already a number of ships aiding the ship. However, we can of course lend the Engineering and Scientific expertise, as well as our expert on Critical Ship Systems to aid in fixing the ship.
  10. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    Move the Catalina to Gamma 3, naming the Galaxy "Ashley" and the planet will be named "Fishlake"

    Spend 100 RCs on improving the Shields and Armor of the Catalina.

    Optional: I'm not sure I can set up a conditional like this but; if there are no quests in the Ashley Galaxy, move on to Delta 4, naming it "Manti-La Sal"
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  11. Everblack

    Everblack Blacker then you

    Jul 21, 2012
    ESS Alamo

    Get Your Rocks Off

    The ESS Alamo will assist and monitor the situation with ESF construction ship lending both Engineering and Scientific expert if needed. Lt. Special Operative Cobalt Briggs with some (2) Security personal and 2nd Lt. Linguist Eve Williams will come along to assist with investigation of the asteroid. Ens. Medic Parker Samson will be on stand in cause situations goes awry.
  12. Amesjay

    Amesjay Warlord

    Apr 1, 2013
    ESS Tian Shan

    We shall be responding to the Singalong request. Both Lt Robert (Linguist) and 2nd Lt Michelle (Entertainer) shall attempt to decode the 'musical' messages and in turn shall convert captain Leon's diplomatic message into the appropriate code. We shall use the ships (2 comms) to attempt to project our message and utilise our engineering crew (1 eng and 1 command) to assist in sending our the message.

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