Guess the map 14: We mapped our sky before we mapped our Earth

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Bolivia has a coastline!
Bolivia has a coastline!
I think that's enough for me to post the whole thing:


Not spotted: Finland in the Arctic, Rwanda-Burundi together (again), and the mysterious disappearance of Leo von Caprivi's strip down in southern Africa.

Also poor Ceylon. Disappeared without a trace and went totally unnoticed. :lol:

Another: In this altered map, Norway has no border with Russia.
I noticed after I posted that I was missing a pixel somewhere there, but didn't want to edit the post to correct it.
I thought the game was over, and Kyriakos won. I thought the colours were incidental.
I am not sure there are any rules for posting maps, the only "rule" is not to do a google reverse image search of the posted map. You can go a long way by doing a google image search of '"something you are interested in" map'. I like using the world bank development indicators which has a function to generate maps but it is not working right now for me. You have to select all countries (the tick in a box icon), then the series (the thing you want to map) and then the year. Another source is the world in data that will make maps of loads of stuff.

[EDIT] Actually looking at the first post there are some basic rules, but not that effect your choice of map.
I see the game has moved on, but for future reference: I intend to learn how to do this, and if I ever get another chance, I have exactly the map in mind (dunno how hard or easy you'd find it; guess we'll see some day).

EDIT: Prince Edward Island is missing in the above map.
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Nakhchivan! United by a weird land corridor to Azerbaijan! What have you done to the Caucasus?
Although it was a collective effort I’d say @tjs282 is the winner having been the first to notice:
I'm not sure that counts: I though it was just a glitch... :lol:

Open floor then...?
What is the exact criterion for the map? Other than ‘crossover with Altered Maps’?
I think it was Randall Munroe who pointed out that everything can be found to correlate to population density, but I'll say ‘residential building height’ for the lulz.
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