Guess the map 13: Mercator maps are cool, actually

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Mar 4, 2013
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How to guess the map:

1. Someone posts a map, and you try to guess what the map's supposed to represent
2. Person who guesses correctly gets to post the next map guessed on, or they can declare open floor, and then the thread is left dormant for several months it's first come first serve to post the next map
3. The longer time it takes, the more and "better" hints the person who posts should give
4. Map should be reposted at the top of every page. A default page is 20 posts long

If you're making a map and need guides on all the island countries in the Caribbean Sea and the Indian and Pacific Oceans, here you go:
Spoiler :

Here's the blank maps put in every thread, copy-pasted from last thread:
Spoiler :

Old threads also link these three sites, so check them out if you want

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BTW I, Lohrenswald, would highly reccomend using the first of the three sites above for your custom maps instead of using ms paint or something

Current map is this by me:

not too eager to give hints yet
not at all

also I guess I might have cheated the new thread from @The_J hehe aren't I a little rascal
Population density?
depends on your outlook

most people I'd guess probably don't really care either way

you'd probably look silly if you were bragging about living in or coming from a non-zero prefecture. Because it would be an odd thing to care about
It's unrelated to the field of biology

but I mean
humans are biological creatures (even the japanese)
It's unrelated to the field of biology

but I mean
humans are biological creatures (even the japanese)

Let me be more precise: Is the subject matter of biological origin?
(is it something about humans, their demographics, plants or animals?)
Birthplaces or home districts of Prime Ministers? Yamaguchi is awfully green behind Tokyo.
yea you got it lol

sasuga japan resident

I wanted originally to do birthplaces of chinece premiers, but there haven't been to many of them so I decided to look at Japan instead
The land/water boundaries on that map could be improved....Good map though.
Can I jump in then?

Grey = no data (some could be my mistake (Czech Rep. for some reason), but some are because the world does not know)


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