Guess the map 14: We mapped our sky before we mapped our Earth

Not open for further replies. what makes Beijing, Tainjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong stand out the most. And why not like say Chongqing. It can't be pop.

I'm gonna say it has something to do with tech sector
Hmmm. It can also be a map of foreigners' presence, given the history of concessions in the era of unequal treaties.
Is this related to public services e.g. public services per capita?
Telephones per capita?
Do telephones count as a public service?
Ukraine support for Putin?
it looks like UA , Crimea is to to small, and western edges are obviously "edited
" - looks like UA :O
C'mon education ? Man ! The edges are a bit t to sharp for that, they're a bit dull for that xD
Just "beacuese" China look a bit like.. oh who am i kidding this is China....xD
Percentage of higher level education?
Not open for further replies.
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