Happy Father's Day

Valka D'Ur

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Mar 3, 2005
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
better late than never I guess. Happy Fathers day.

sleep in, drink some beer, gorge on some food cooked by real fire.
Father's Day was invented in Spokane. Just lettin' y'all know.

I got my dad a radio control boat.
I can not find my kind, gentleman employer, Senor JR today, nor his tomcat. It is as if they are in hiding for some reason.
Happy Father's Day to Lord Baal, proud father of Kaitlyn Grace!
its days like this that i wish i could impregnate a girl in every country, can you imagine all the cool stuff your kids would send you? One gift would be a jade buddha, while the other would be an AK-47... cant tell me thats not awesome.
I very much enjoyed my first "not-a-father's day". My church gave food to all the dads, but they didn't want to make people like me feel bad, so I got an extra lunch out of it. Thats winning in my book.
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