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Jun 17, 2002
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After getting an insparation from some one doing the B-52 bomber, TVA22's CTP Nuclear explosion, and the Cut-n-paste technque. I have made the Polaris Nuclear Missle tough it was a quick and easy way (Basicly pasted a Polaris missle from CTP onto the Tactical nuke :p and is only one directional.)

The Polaris A-3 SLBM (left) next to its larger successor, the Poseidon C-3 SLBM, March 1968. Here is a little background on the Polaris SLBM ;)
The Polaris A-3 was the latest and last version of the Polaris missile, the Navy's first underwater ballistic missile initially deployed in 1960. The A-3 was deployed between 1964 and 1981. In 1965, the Navy started development of the next generation of SLBMs and beginning in 1971 the Poseidon C-3 was deployed aboard 31 converted Polaris submarines, with 16 missiles on each submarine. The Polaris A-3 carried three W58 warheads, each with a yield of 200 kilotons. The Poseidon C-3 carried an average of 10 W68 warheads, each with a yield of 40-50 kilotons (the missile was tested with 14 warheads but carrying this number would restrict its range).

Download: The Polaris Nuclear Missle unit for Civ III

Unit Stats,
Class: Land
Shield Cost: 10-20
Moves: 1
Attack Str: 0
Defense str: 0
Bombard Str: 0
Bombard Range: 6
Rate of Fire: 0
Prerq Resources: Uranium and Aluminum
Abilities: Nuclear Weapon, Tactical Missle
Prerq: Rocketry and the Manhattan Wonder
AI Stategies: Tactical Nuke
Standard Orders: All
Specal Actions: Load, Bombard, Re-base(Into Nuclear Submarines or any missle carrying ship ;) There is a thread somewhere that is done with the Cruise missle)
Advalible to Civ: All
Here is the Preview of the Polaris Missle. I suggest using this unit as eather an alternative cheaper nuclear weapon or if you are impatient to research Space Flight or Satellites in Civ III ;). Note. I have also make the Nuclear symbol on the CTP's Nuke Civ Colored :).
Originally posted by Senoj
Neat! Look's great. Can't wait to download it!!!!

Actualy the unit is ready for download ;). The *.zip file isself is bigger than the attached limit so I had to upload it into the CFC upload center. Just click on the link entitled Download: The Polaris Nuclear Missle unit for Civ III ;).
I am amazed you like nukes so much. I just lost my first game on emperor level yesterday as Israel due to perpetual enemy nuking. Well, I didn't actually lose but kinduv like America in Viet Nam I had to pull the plug.

Here's what happened. I was locked in a horribly violent world war with American which owned all of North & South America and my exhausted alliance had just managed to push the yanks out of their many holdings in Africa and Asia. I had just gotten my first army leader and filled him up with fresh Merkavas. I was way behind America in tech and I was researching 'laser' when the ordeal began.

Every turn for about 20 turns America hit me with 1 or 2 nukes, generously spreading them over all my cities. I had only one ICBM to throw back and it missed due to enemy SDI action. Then they came about 1 every 5 turns randomly on top of the previously nuked cities (Israel does not get many cities by the way) killing off heaps of workers and engineers. My proud and unblooded new army of merkavas also died in the haulocast along with heaps of brave SDF soldiers. Coupled with this came about 50 battleships and countless B-52s and Lancers blasting literally everything into oblivion. I had only 2 merkavas, 2 infantry units and one special forces unit left to defend my empire which consisted of 10 cities 1 or 2 population each. The merks were hiding in a mountain range to avoid being shot at by the battleships that had run out of targets. I managed to fire a tactical nuke into a thick patch of battleships and aircraft carriers with a follow-up attack by my 2 obsolete dreadnaughts to work on the wounded (a one-way trip for them sadly).

The worst thing was that I was trying to research smart weapons to eventually get the SDI but every turn the research time got LONGER! All this American war material was available despite the phenominal prices: B-52s cost 600 shields, 800 shields for a battleship and nukes go for a 1000 each (double original civ3 prices)!

The weird thing was that the AI was too dumb (or scared) to do a proper amphibious landing, just 2 units at a time which my tanks easily rolled over.

I just hope America never does this in real life.

How the hell did America mass that kind of firepower with those kind of prices? I changed the prices on nukes to half or 1/3 of their original value because they were ridiculous. How could the AI build so much?
Now that just sucks ... how could you not make a strong alliance with America? It just doesn't seem right with those two countries not backing eachother up...

I played a game a while back and constantly helped Japan out. They needed money, I was there. whatever they needed. Japan was also constantly going to war with China so I had a fleet of ships right between Japan and China. Whenever war started up, I sunk all of their ships in that range, and then bombarded their roads.

I also put about 5 of the highest tech units on Japans main island, just incase a few units got threw. In the end whatever I wanted from Japan I got; money, alliances, anything.
America was by far the strongest nation in the world and at one point had a huge pile of M1A1s massed around Cairo and I had 4 Merkavas and 12 artillery blocking the Sinai peninsula to make sure the american hoardes didn't sneak through. America threatened me about 6 times and I paid their protection money every time (I saw what they did to India when I asked for their help - wiped it off of Asia in about 10 rounds with massed tanks and B-52s). America was bored after killing Canada, Brazil, India and most of Egypt. I was gonna take a picture of that ugly build-up on my border but my Paint Pro 7 trial period ended.

Then came war. Russia nuked New York and Washington and in turn had Russia and Kursk reduced to orange sludge. Russia was almost equal to America owning everything from China to Norway/France. Russia invaded me as well as declaring war on all nations. I let the american hoardes through the Sinai and I took 2 cities - Paris and Berlin before making peace with them (Paris promptly flipped back to them though and Berlin was an empty shell after centuries of war).

I noticed something strange at one point. America was attacking me! Why??? No declaration of war or nothing! I asked my buddy South Africa to join the fight and also allied with Russia and the ailing Egyptians. I burned down Cairo and killed 6 american M1A1 armies. I went into India and burned down Delhi and Bombay (american controlled). This was a mistake but I didn't know what was coming. My rubber plantation Saigon over the east was subjected to all kinds of punishment: endless bombings (I shot down over 30 enemy bombers there), battleship bombards and ground attacks. I burned down an american city in Thailand destroying another 5 bombers.

An american M1A1 army took over Baghdad - my oil supply - and razed it. I killed the army with merkavas and got my first leader. Then I rebuilt the city. At this point america was almost pushed out of asia - Russia was finishing off its holdings in southern China. I felt confident and was planning to build transports to carry the war to their homeland.

Then Tel Aviv was nuked for the first time and you know the rest.
It was a pity that you couldn't have recorded that or something, because that sounds like more fun than most of my Civ 3 games. I still can't believe the AI could build that much though, it seems kind of scary to me. But I guess America had enough cities where it could afford 20 turn build times.
I was playing on emperor so the AI gets a nice price discount. Also, America owned N & S America plus it temporarily had numerous holdings in Africa and Asia before I put my (unscratched) foot down. After it killed Canada and Brazil it ran out of enemies to pick on for awhile and just built and built while all of Asia, Africa and Europe scrapped it out amongst themselves perpetually.

I saw what was coming but was helpless to stop the senseless fighting around me. I was also caught up in the endless wars of the weaker ones which gave me Baghdad during an Arab-Israeli war providing me with a total of 7 oil wells in the middle east.
I sold oil and rubber (from Saigon) to all my allies (South Africa, Egypt, and Germany) giving me about $600 a turn so my tech slider was at 100%. This also equipped my allies for the inevitable showdown with America. At the same time India insisted on being my perpetual enemy and the Indo-Israeli war dragged on for centuries until America silenced them for good some time in the future. I didn't have merkava tech at the time so I lacked the attacking power needed to break into Dehli.

I was planning an amphibious invasion but America attacked first by simultaneously landing in Egypt and China with devasting assault waves of tanks and bombers backed up by many kinds of support units. Russia made things hard at the same time by suddenly blitzing through Germany (just as I as trying to build it up) and wiped it out using Russian armor, grunt armies and hind gunships. It was astonishing to see such a lightening fast take-over. I was having trouble building up a proper army because the merkavas cost 400 shields a piece and gunships 350 shields and I was still trying to put enough troops in each city for a basic defence. I didn't have supersonic bomber tech yet like Russia and America had and this proved to be a costly weakness in the coming world war.

The american attack was an extremely rare case of a proper amphibious assault made by the AI. Actually this was the first and last time I've ever seen the AI do it properly.

Has anyone ever seen the AI do a full-scale amphibious invasion?
I'm sorry if this is off topic, but you guys seem to know what your doing...

I put oil and gas in the coast squares... how can I make it so it's useable? Because I can't make a road to it...????

Sorry again
Originally posted by thisismysn20
I'm sorry if this is off topic, but you guys seem to know what your doing...

I put oil and gas in the coast squares... how can I make it so it's useable? Because I can't make a road to it...????

Sorry again

It doesn't work. I tried it too for realism but civ3 just isn't programmed to handle it. It must be on land to be accessible by roads.
Originally posted by thisismysn20
I'm sorry if this is off topic, but you guys seem to know what your doing...

I put oil and gas in the coast squares... how can I make it so it's useable? Because I can't make a road to it...????

Sorry again
Harbors let you use resorces within the city radius.
Originally posted by thisismysn20
I'm sorry if this is off topic, but you guys seem to know what your doing...

I put oil and gas in the coast squares... how can I make it so it's useable? Because I can't make a road to it...????

Sorry again

It is possible to build roads on sea squares: go into the Editor and give a commerce bonus for roads, the you will be able to build them using workers in transports.
I'd be careful about enabling workers to build roads on the ocean. In addition to the strangeness of it, you have to consider what it will be like with the entire ocean covered in roads after the AI workers do their thing.

As for harbours enabling collection of ocean based resources, this may be a misconception carried over from the old Sid Meier game "Colonization" in which the harbour was necessary to collect fish.
Wow, what a great war story that makes. Good stuff all around. Some day I hope to get my ass kicked in such a memorable manner as well! :D

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