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Dec 19, 2017
Hey everyone,

New version inbound! We have major balance changes this version in a number of areas, notably Happiness, Technologies, Skirmishers and some Buildings, which we are excited to see you playtest!

In addition, today's release marks the formal beginning of the first session of the VP Congress. Balance changes made after this point (not counting the changes in this release) will now be subject to ratification from the community, and the first Proposal Phase officially begins!

For more information on the VP Congress, how to make proposals, and how these votes will impact the mod going forward, please read the VP Congress Guide: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/vox-populi-congress-guide.678962/

Note: The VP Congress Guide has just been updated to specify the rules for proposals which modify changes that would be ratified and present an alternate option, i.e. "numbers tweaks"; see the Ratification of Changes section for more information.

Huge thanks to @Rekk, @ilteroi, @pineappledan, @axatin, @L. Vern and @azum4roll for their work in this new release!

- Substantial performance improvements
- Lots of code cleanup
- Road and Improvement builds in-progress can now coexist, starting a Road does not destroy your progress towards an Improvement and vice versa (thank you Rekk!)
- Added a function to check if a city is connected to the water via canal, which allows the creation of naval units in that city, but not buildings (thank you axatin!)
- Added code for ASSERTS to the DLL, which triggers a breakpoint and crash if a value isn't what it should be (useful tool for debugging)
- Improved the template for new issues on Github
   Explanatory info is now commented out (easier to read)
   Explanatory info is now more detailed and clear about what you need to include in a report
   Reports that do not have the required information are likely to be closed!
- Note: Compiling the DLL now requires more memory due to recent changes

   Happiness System Rework (envisioned by Rekk, coded by me with some modifications)
   - Does not change the basic principles of the system, but does make it a lot simpler
   - Unhappiness from yields is now based on a new formula that scales automatically rather than relying on "magic numbers" to determine the right amount
   - Unhappiness = ceil(Population - (Yield Per Turn In City / Modified Median Yield Per Population)) - Flat Reductions
   - Cities must now have at least 3 population to contribute to the global median, softening Unhappiness in the very early game
   - Global Happiness distribution is now more intelligent, targeting Unhappiness before boosting Happiness
      Happiness is first distributed ONLY to cities that have less local Happiness than Population
      If all cities have Local Happiness equal to Population, any remainder is distributed to cities in order of Population
      Both distributions are still done deck of cards style in descending order of deficit/population
   - Removed the "hierarchy of needs" in the UI - all sources of Unhappiness will be displayed at all times
      No surprise Distress when you fix Poverty, no surprise Boredom when you fix Illiteracy, etc.
   - City yields from trade routes now count towards reducing Unhappiness, but don't impact the global medians
      This makes trade routes viable tools for Unhappiness management
   - Local Unhappiness (other than from specialists) is still capped by Population, and text was added to clarify this
   - Updated outdated text about Happiness still being capped by Population
   - Total Need Modifier (City % Modifier) code cleaned up to be accurate at all times
   - Difficulty Modifier to Needs is now displayed in the UI
   - Added globals to un-hardcode the rate at which the median for each yield changes
   - The formerly "magic number" globals can still be used to adjust the medians, but are disabled (100) by default
   - Updated outdated comments for the SQL globals for happiness (now correctly explains how the globals work)

   - Units now only blockade tiles that they can end a turn on
       Barbarians can't blockade territory they can't enter
       Units that can't enter mountains can't blockade them
       Ships can't blockade deep ocean before being able to enter it

   Buildings and Wonders
      - Loses +25% Tourism conversion for Great Works, Terrain and Wonders

      Circus/Ceilidh Hall
      - Removed instant Tourism, but grants 100 Culture on completion (150 for Ceilidh Hall)

      CN Tower
      - Reduced local Tourism conversion for Great Works, Terrain and Wonders to 25% (was 50%)
      - Added 25% global Tourism conversion for Great Works, Terrain and Wonders

      - Removed 25 Food when constructed
      - Removed boost to Bison and Deer

      - Removed +1 Production to camps

      Interpretive Center
      - New building unlocked at Telecommunications
      - Costs 2250 Production, requires Hotel in city, 10 GPT maintenance cost
      - +2 Happiness
      - +1 Culture and Tourism to all Landmarks in empire
      - Converts 50% of local Culture from Terrain and Wonders to Tourism

      - New building unlocked at Trapping
      - Costs 65 Production, no Maintenance cost
      - +1 Production
      - +1 Production to Camps
      - +5 Food instant yield on border growth (scaling with era)
      - +1 Food to Deer and Bison

      Ger (Mongolian unique Lodge)
      - All the effects of the Lodge
      - +1 Faith
      - Reduces Gold/Culture cost of new tiles by 25%
      - +1 Food to Cows, Sheep, Horses

      National Visitor Center
      - Removed

      Power Plants
      - None of them require a Factory anymore
      - All of them grant +10% to all Yield processes
      - Wind Plant boosts all workable tile types a little
      - Hydro Plant boosts all Lake and River tiles
      - Solar Plant boosts all land tiles, with triple yields on Desert tiles
      - Tidal Plant (new) boosts all sea tiles
      - Nuclear Plant boosts specialist output

      - Moved to Atomic Theory
      - Increased Tourism conversion for Great Works to +50% (was +25%)
      - Loses +25% Tourism conversion for Terrain and Wonders
      - Removed instant Tourism, but grants 2500 GAP and 20 Influence with all City-States on completion

      - Removed instant Tourism, but grants 500 Science on completion

      - Removed +25% Culture during Carnival
      - Brazilwood Camp now requires no Fresh Water access instead of an adjacent Luxury Resource
      - Ampitheater/Acropolis: +1 Culture and +1 Gold to Brazilwood Camps

      - Promotions granted after a unit's first battle (Kris Swordsman, Dojo) are now properly randomized

      - Loses +2 movement and ignore ZOC on all mounted ranged units (simply too OP in human hands)
      - Mounted ranged units now benefit from flanking bonuses when attacking and gain +10% to flanking
      - Ger is now a unique Lodge (see above)
      - Fixed Mongolian Ordo not counting as a Citadel for a few bonuses

      - Increased combat bonus in friendly territory to +20% (was +15%)
      - Encampment gains +1 Production at Drama and Poetry, +1 Food and +1 Science at Advanced Ballistics
      - Comanche Riders now unlocks at Military Science
      - Comanche Riders now gains 200 Science when pillaging (not scaling with era)

      - Conquistador now replaces Explorer
          Unlocked by Compass instead of Chivalry
          23CS, 3 movement
          Gains Overrun and Vanguard for free
          Cities settled by Conquistadors lose free Castle, but can now purchase Missions with Faith
          Missions: +2 Faith, +3 Defense, +100 HP, +1 Faith to Haciendas, instantly adds 9999 pressure for capital's majority religion when constructed

   - Reduced AI unit supply from population by 5% on all difficulties (matches Emperor)
   - Moved the AI's starting Warrior to StartingDefenseUnits in HANDICAP_AI_DEFAULT to make it easier to disable on all difficulties
   - Tweaked starting global and capital happiness slightly on all difficulties:
     Settler: 10 Global (-2), 3 Capital (+1)
     Chieftain: 9 Global (-2), 3 Capital (+1)
     Warlord: 8 Global (-2), 3 Capital (+1)
     Prince: 8 Global (-1), 2 Capital (+1)
     King: 7 Global (-1), 2 Capital (+1)
     Emperor: 7 Global (+0), 1 Capital (+1)
     Immortal: 6 Global (+0), 1 Capital (+1)
     Deity: 5 Global (-1), 1 Capital (+1)
     AI: 7 Global (+0), 1 Capital (+1)
     Settler/Chieftain/Warlord are very slightly harder, Emperor/Immortal are very slightly easier.
     Guarantees at least 1 Happiness in the capital no matter what.
     Gives a small boost to humans in OCC games since the capital happiness from difficulty is doubled.

   Great People
   - Great Person instant expend yield calculations are now based on the average yields from the 10 turns prior to their birth
   - Expending a Great Engineer now grants 10 turns of Production (averaged from the civ's best 4 cities)
   - Expending a Great Merchant now grants 5 turns of empirewide Gold output, and its base WLTKD turns are now customizable in SQL
   - Expending a Merchant of Venice still doubles the Gold from a regular Great Merchant

   Natural Wonders
   - Rewrote Natural Wonder selection and placement code
   - Among other things, this should allow Sea NWs to spawn much more often

   - Added +1 Production to Engineer Specialists at Engineering
   - Removed -2 Culture to Landmarks from Telecommunications
   - Moved +2 Culture to Musician Specialists from Satellites to Telecommunications
   - Updated the cost of most technologies based on L. Vern's testing
        All eras should now be roughly equivalent in length, later eras should no longer breeze by
        Allows more time for the later eras' units to shine, and games will last longer
        - Medieval Tier 1 and earlier: Unchanged
        - Medieval Tier 2: 700 beakers (was 850 beakers)
        - Renaissance Tier 1: 1750 (was 1800)
        - Renaissance Tier 2: 2400 (was 2500)
        - Industrial Tier 1: 3600 (was 3500)
        - Industrial Tier 2: 5150 (was 5500)
        - Modern Tier 1: 8100 (was 7500)
        - Modern Tier 2: 11000 (was 9000)
        - Atomic Tier 1: 14500 (was 9500)
        - Atomic Tier 2: 17700 (was 10000)
        - Information Tier 1: 21250 (was 11000)
        - Information Tier 2: 26000 (was 12000)
        - Information Tier 3: 27150 (was 13000)
        - Future Tech: 31700 (was 14000)

   Trade Routes
   - Resource Diversity Modifier nerfed to 5% per unique resource (was 10%)

   - Tercio/Musketeer/Impi/Landsknecht CS increased by 1
   - Slinger/Waraq'ak CS decreased by 1
   - Archer/Bowman CS decreased by 1
   - Slinger and Waraq''Ak production cost reduced to 40 (was 45)
   - Skirmisher Line Rework from Rekk:
      Removed rough/open terrain bonuses
      Chariots gain the Beam Axle penalty promotion (Rough Terrain costs +1 movement to enter)
      All Skirmisher units now have 5 movement, except Chariots (4) and Helicopter Gunships (6)
      All Skirmisher units except Chariots gain +50% ranged defense
      All Skirmisher units except Chariots now count as 2 units for the purposes of flanking
      Mongolian Skirmishers (including Chariots) now benefit from flanking while attacking, and have a +10% flanking bonus
      Adjusted the CS/RCS of many Skirmisher units:
      - Chariot Archer: 8 RCS (was 5)
      - War Chariot: 9 RCS (was 5)
      - Skirmisher: 7 RCS (was 10)
      - Horse Archer: 9 RCS (was 11)
      - Heavy Skirmisher: 14 RCS (was 18), 18 CS (was 15)
      - Camel Archer: 16 RCS (was 19), 20 CS (was 17)
      - Cuirassier: 22 RCS (was 27), 27 CS (was 25)
      - Hussar: 23 RCS (was 27), 28 CS (was 26)
      - War Elephant: 30 RCS (was 27), 30 CS (was 25)
      - Cavalry: 31 RCS (was 41), 40 CS (was 33)
      - Berber Cavalry: 34 RCS (was 42), 42 CS (was 34)
      - Comanche Riders: 35 RCS (was 42), 41 CS (was 34)
      - Cossack: 37 RCS (was 44), 44 CS (was 35)
      - Anti-Tank Gun: 58 CS (was 52)
      - Helicopter Gunship: 70 RCS (was 75), 70 CS (was 60)

   We Love The King Day
   - Duration is now halved to 10 turns, scaling with game speed
   - Cities can now demand resources you already own (but not those within 3 tiles of the city)
   - AI will no longer value resources as IMPOSSIBLE! but will still avoid asking for resources without a reason
   - Open to better suggestions on how to handle this - make a VP Congress proposal

AI Changes (almost all from ilteroi)
- Significant improvements to city production AI
- AI should build missile cruisers and nuclear subs again
- AI is better at selecting cities to build Wonders in
- Reprogrammed many AI calculations to use "landmass" rather than "area" for more accurate results
- Improved AI use of Great Diplomats to create Embassies
- France AI is more likely to make use of its multi-attack bonus
- Adjustments to AI's early game expansion planning (selection of city sites)
- Improvement to AI's military strength perception in the early game
- City governor no longer places extra emphasis on Production when starving
- Made diplo AI more responsive to circumstances, and added a customizable value for this in DiploApproachWeights.sql

- Improved icons and textures for Maize and Rice (balparmak)
- Text in Civilopedia is now highlighted in a different color if it's unique to VP (axatin)
- Numerous text fixes, including removing the erroneous "unless ending on a Coast Tile" text and making "Reset Specialists" localizable
- Editing pass on Loading Screen Tips
- Made the tooltip for spy ID/kill chances more accurate

- Fixed many crashes
- Fixed a major bug in the tactical AI which caused AI players to be very passive
- Fixed a nasty bug which prevented proximity updates in some circumstances and caused crashes
- Fixed AI puppeting their own recaptured cities (lol!)
- Fixed AI issue where they would incorrectly count players' World Congress votes for diplo bonuses/penalties if a vote was tied
- Fixed coup quest not expiring if the target City-State is allied
- Fixed Influence from Trade Confederacy and Treaty Organization not stacking, not being added properly for the first Trade Route
- Fixed a bug in map resource placement
- Fixed spies dying when there was no defending counterspy
- Fixed new CTRL+RCLICK feature for clearing all notifications not working properly
- Fixed some bugs with Impossible deals/requests
- Bugfixes and improvements for Linked Units modmod

- Ottoman UA is no longer hardcoded (supports any yield for internal routes, external routes, or both)
- Added DLL support for promotions providing yields from pillaging

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eoAs5xxkMucn3rUKjNPu9FXkhaff40mf/view?usp=sharing

Online as of 12:30 PM CST. Not savegame compatible.

Hotfix 2.7.1 has been posted. Link above has been updated.
Fixed incorrect text on Granary, Zoo
Fixed a bug in the WorldBuilder tool which caused it to assign major civ player numbers to City-States (return of Putmalk!)
Changed names of power plants:
- Hydroelectric Power -> Hydroelectric Power Plant
- Nuclear Power -> Nuclear Power Plant
- Tidal Power -> Tidal Power Plant
- Solar Power -> Solar Farm
- Wind Power -> Wind Farm

Online as of 6:28 PM CST. Savegame compatible with 2.7 versions.

Hotfix 2.7.2 has been posted. Link above has been updated.
- Fixed a huge bug that was multiplying unhappiness from War Weariness/Public Opinion by 9
- Fixed a crash when loading savegames from ingame
- Fixed a bug causing wrong/negative numbers to be displayed in the city unhappiness breakdown
- Fixed Happiness tooltip not displaying in Non-EUI version
- Fixed Happiness tooltip not displaying local city happiness in Non-EUI version
- Fixed Ger not giving +Production to Camps
- Fixed buggy Social Policy menu tooltips (displaying incorrect reasons why a branch was locked)
- Updates & corrections to Civilopedia text from axatin
- Added MODDER_ENUM13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 (some kind of modmod thing, ask Putmalk)

Online as of 7:37 PM CST. Should be savegame compatible with 2.7 versions, though existing Gers will not give Production to Camps.

Hotfix 2.7.3 has been posted. Link above has been updated.
- Fixed a crash when completing City-State quests (invalid iterator)
- Improvements to tactical AI (less likely to retreat when about to capture a city, less likely to leave Great Generals/Admirals undefended, fixed some corner case issues)
- Fixed Great Merchants & Merchants of Venice being unable to do trade missions
- Number of puppet cities is now displayed in brackets after the number of cities in a leader's tooltip info (EUI only)
- Fixed City-State coup quest being given to the City-State's current ally, then immediately removed
- Fixed City-State coup quest showing the wrong City-State in the notification title/summary
- Performance improvements

Online as of 4:20 PM CST. Savegame compatible with 2.7 versions.
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New version 😍 you know what that means?

Spoiler Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war :


Uff. I worried there will be tons of modmod fixes required with so huuuge update, but I counted... 3?

Good job guys!

Special thanks to @azum4roll for his cooperation in Natural Wonder spawning method fix. More Wonders will be even better with it!
Thanks for continuing great work.
Is this the intended pressure in "Missions: ..., instantly adds 9999 pressure"?
Thanks for the update and the AI fixes. Just a heads up, the Granary still says in the description that it gives +25 food when completed, and states it gives a bonus to Deer and Bison.
I was concerned about the Granary nerf when it was being discussed and now it's apparently gotten more extreme, which is a little sad. Is it just clearly the worst tier 1 building now? That +25 food was important for digging out of really dry starts sometimes too.
Does this mean that the mounted ranged unit line actually loses RCS when you upgrade it in the Classical Era?
Yes. It does gain +50% ranged defense and the flanking bonus, however, and loses the Beam Axle penalty.
Absolutely lovely civilization changes, now I can finally play Mongolia it was too easy and Shoshone for the opposite reasons! Marvelous Spain change! Please let's make the final blow to Songhai too like we did to Mongolia...

I think granary should gain one food on sheep, cattle, horses from Mongolia to all, I don't think Mongolia requires a compensation for that, or maybe faith on pasture tiles, not just resources from unique lodge instead of plus one faith from buildings. Sounds neat doesn't it?

Also food on expand border should be in the granary because that where the food is stored.

Edit: I've opened a proposal for this
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Looks like someone forgot to change some texts.

- Removed 25 Food when constructed
- Removed boost to Bison and Deer
Granary help text still mention +25 :c5food: Food when completed and +1 :c5food: Food for Deer and Bison.
UPDATE Language_en_US
SET Text = '+25 [ICON_FOOD] Food when completed. 15% of [ICON_FOOD] Food is carried over after a new [ICON_CITIZEN] Citizen is born.[NEWLINE][NEWLINE]Allows [ICON_FOOD] Food to be moved from this city along trade routes inside your civilization.[NEWLINE][NEWLINE]Nearby [ICON_RES_WHEAT] Wheat: +1 [ICON_FOOD] Food.[NEWLINE]Nearby [ICON_RES_MAIZE] Maize: +1 [ICON_FOOD] Food.[NEWLINE]Nearby [ICON_RES_RICE] Rice: +1 [ICON_FOOD] Food.[NEWLINE]Nearby [ICON_RES_BANANA] Bananas: +1 [ICON_FOOD] Food.[NEWLINE]Nearby [ICON_RES_DEER] Deer: +1 [ICON_FOOD] Food.[NEWLINE]Nearby [ICON_RES_BISON] Bison: +1 [ICON_FOOD] Food.'

- Removed instant Tourism, but grants 500 Science on completion
Zoo strategy text also still mention instant Tourism for all civs.
UPDATE Language_en_US
SET Text = 'The Zoo reduces Boredom in a city, produces additional Culture, and boosts the Culture value of nearby Jungle and Forest tiles. Generates a large sum of Tourism with all known Civilizations when completed.'

Here is the fixed file to fix that. Place the SQL file on (2) Vox Populi/Balance Changes/Text/en_US.
NOTE: The latest update fixed it. You don't have to download this again if you already download the latest update.​


  • BuildingText-fixes.zip
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Looks great. Feeling like I am playing this version (for buildings and many tweaks) for quite a while already but can't wait to see the AI logic changes, difficulty adjustments and tech costs!
I was concerned about the Granary nerf when it was being discussed and now it's apparently gotten more extreme, which is a little sad. Is it just clearly the worst tier 1 building now? That +25 food was important for digging out of really dry starts sometimes too.
This and the herbalist are my biggest concerns, both building just seem extremely poor for their hammers now, the Granary especially, the +25 food bonus is often much more impactful than the other bonuses in your first 3-4 cities when that initial growth is critical for settlers and early infrastructure.. I know people were looking to add more buildings, but I was hoping to see it in Renaissance when I'm often running out of things to build, not ancient/classical when I have tons of competing priorities for my hammers already.

I'll give it a go, but my first impression there is concern.

The other stuff though I'll go to work on. I am surprised the Spain conquistador change got through, I though their was a lot of pushback on it, but I will give it a try in my next game and see how it looks.
While I should wait until I try this next week or so the Granary change seems somewhat problematic. That food buff is usually what kickstarts a lot of my early cities -- to get them over the initial hump, to get them in the four pop range so they can start to push out settlers it certainly is more important if you are in less then ideal food location or the food tiles are out in the secondary and third ring. The Herbalist, it's very situational in that regard if you need one or not, that some of it's things moved to a new building as I understand it is just another building then. Not sure if a Lodge in that regard is more accurate or better then just having the Herbalist as is. I gather then it's a matter of more specialization -- the herbalist is for plantations and the Lodge is for forest stuff. To be continued ...
I was concerned about the Granary nerf when it was being discussed and now it's apparently gotten more extreme, which is a little sad. Is it just clearly the worst tier 1 building now? That +25 food was important for digging out of really dry starts sometimes too.
I completely agree. Pretty well no need to build a granary now.
Stuck at work and desperately wanting to start up a new game. Has anyone spent a few hours with this yet? If so, does the ai now punish you severely on higher difficulties if you have a weak or even only a moderate sized army? I miss the auto war declaration when i used to forward settle them.

Im a glutton for pain and enjoy restarting a game several times due to hard ai. Makes me learn more and be more focused
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