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Single Player bugs and crashes v43 plus (SVN) - After January 2023

By the way, was anything done to anarchy lenght on city capture? On long game speed, I'm looking at 30 turns on a size 1 city in ancient era. Honestly this is way too much. It needs to be cut by 2/3rds (kinda back to what it used to be).
Hmm, maybe it's missing a divide by 10 in the calc somewhere?
Can you provide a save right before a city is to be captured?
Hmm, maybe it's missing a divide by 10 in the calc somewhere?
Can you provide a save right before a city is to be captured?
If you're taking a look into this, one possible problem may still be that the education building that adds longer anarchy penalties for high education MIGHT still not just be restricted to the capital. If its not, the compiling amounts from so many cities getting a national modifier could be part of the issue? If it's only capable of emerging in the capital then obviously that's not the issue. I also don't know what kind of scaling we're talking about here in these games.

EDIT: We're not talking about national amounts on civic changes, just city, got it...
The diplomacy menu doesn't seem to be working in Worldbuilder? I was trying to make one civ go to war with another but my clicks don't register at all.
I was also wondering,what exactly does the AI struggle with when Revolutions is on? I really miss using it but I don't want to make the AI even worse at combat than it already is.
Rev isn't going to make the AI struggle with strategic matters worse but it may make it harder to get a larger player hitting a success steamroll without collapsing at some point when doing so. The AI may struggle to maintain balance enough to keep revolution from happening but somehow the system structure seems robust enough that we've poked and prodded and changed a lot about the game's expectations since it was introduced and still players say the system works, so despite none of the current modders doing much with it, seems it stays somewhat balanced. We just can't say we give it much in the way of support so play at one's own risk really.
Can you provide a save right before a city is to be captured?
There you go, Munich ready for the conquest with the next attack. It should give you a 30 turns anarchy.


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Hey guys, so I declared war on Babylon and went pillaging, and they absolutely will not attack me. Not even if I leave one of my troops out of the stack. They wouldn't attack a great leader that I Worldbuilder'd in either,even if i moved all my combat troops out of the area. It's too bad the AI is still so bad at fighting.

Edit: the AI also is sending out gatherers to rebuild improvements even when my units are two tiles away. And they seem to be fond of sending out one rock thrower too for some reason. Babylon did that and now Persia did too.

Edit Edit: Zulus come to the rescue! They initially did the same as Babylon and Persia. However they finally threw a couple lone (not in the city square) slingers at my stack. After the 2nd they finally pressed an attack.


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So the Zulus declared war on Assyria, managed to capture Assur with obsidian swordsmen. Assyria reconquered a few turns later (i have require complete kills on). That's great! But it looks like Zulus have a bunch of swordsmen and axemen just sitting in their own territory so im not sure why the ai isn't pressing anything.


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Issue seems to be resolved somewhat in the v43.1.4 patch where revolt is 6 turns rather than 30 when conquering Munich in your save.
Bless you! That sounds so much more appropriate.

Since I'm on SVN, I gotta download the 43.1 and patch it?
(Randomly chosen thread to post this, lol.)

Let's see how much better turn time goes NOW, hehehe.
What does this error mean? I was trying to a load a save that I made after the save breaking SVN.
Wonderful, something else weird. I have spent the last 3 days trying to fix the mess I made. I am so glad for the revert function.

Update: Fixed, I forgot about some edits that I did one file that I didn't need anymore.
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CTD latest SVN


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Admin Tab takes forever to load. I just can't recall if it was always like this or after the save breaking update. Unit Tab, Building Tab etc work just fine.
I will confirm.
Plus the chained switching between cities is also an eternity from the industrial age.
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