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Star Wars Acclamator Class Assault Ship

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FF: Babylon 5 Mod Team
Sep 9, 2007
Ich bin in Mexico Stadt
Hello everyone!,

I recently saw the SW movies and suddendly wanted to make a few models, so here it is the first one of these, the Acclamator Class Assault Ship.

The Acclamator I-class assault ship, also known as the Republic assault ship, Acclamator I-class Star Destroyer, or Acclamator I-class medium frigate, was a starship created for the Galactic Republic by Rothana Heavy Engineering. It was the predecessor of the Star Destroyer line

Poly Count: 1416
Animation: SW_CustomCruiser
Damage states: Yes
Glow: Yes
Gloss: Yes
FX extra polys: 16
Team Color: No

The Acclamator comes in two flavors Republic and Empire, feel free to use it, just give proper credit.

The SW_CustomCruiser animation is a modification of the FF Cruiser one, within the "SW_CustomCruiser" you will find the single file that was modified (firing animations).





There was also another version with a different animation but it didn't fit the SW environment.
Spoiler :

More details in the Readme file.


I will also be making the Venator, but no ETA on that one.
Impressive unit. So the classic Imperial Star Destroyer is next?

Minor Request, completely unrelated to the excellent unit: Could you modify the airship model to behave like the gunship model (float above land, not moving through it) and use the gunship combat effect?
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