StGNES IV Rise of Nessos II

The Leonte Family
Mare Nostrum, Mare Domus

While many families earned their glories/gold from war or from (land) production, the Leonte family is different. The Leonte's roots lie elsewhere, in the sea to be exact. It is in the sea where there is bountiful fishes and other sea games for everyone. Some says that the Leonte originated from Pila, and whom migrated to Nessos after hearing of the opportunities that can be found there. Very few knew when the first member of the Leonte family stepped foot on the city of Nessos, and even fewer cared. What the public do know when they hear the name Leonte is a family known for sea-faring and ship-building. This is not to say they're too peaceful or pushovers. The pirates on the sea, or who used to roam the sea before they encountered us would attest to that. Although Nessos is still landlocked, it is Pontius Leonte's hope and mission to ensure that one day it will neighbour the sea.
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Ergotimos Family:

Family Head: Monato Ergotimos

I came to this city from the north, where I was allways poor and hungry, and in poverty. There were many wars, and a lot of the people in my villiage went "Missing"
as my parents explained it to me... and for this reason we had to leave. We headed
to the city I'd only heard of in my dreams... Nessos! My mother was killed on the long journey, whcih took 100 moons exactly. Once we reached Nessos it was only My father, my younger brother and I. My father first became a storyteller, as he knew many fables, but that brought in very little money, and we ended up running the betting for the Chariot track, the backdoor bets of course, and with this money he ammassed quite a large sum of winnings, which he used to open up a legal gambling institution, monitored by the government. When he died last year, I took over the buisness. We wiped out the behind the counter betting and now are the sole place to go to place a bet on practically anything.

My younger brother has also recentally started up a farm on hte outskirts of the city, growing food for the people
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It seems the future of Nessos is likely to remain very violent with all the good generals :goodjob:

@Concona: you have quite a few of the backgrounds to read and make up your own. Just to clarify - you are maknig one family of about 200-400 related people living in the city of Nessos. They can have numerous professions with perhaps one or two being more of a "family trait" or "favourite" profession (like they did in the old days). If you get elected for one of the positions you can run Nessos, otherwise you run your family.

I'm immensly satisfied with the backgrounds keep them up people!

Grandmaster and Panda would you please repost what you wrote in this thread.

@T&T: The background is good. However while people gambled all the time Nessos in its moral standings in somewhat close to very ancient Rome. Too much gambling will be frowned upon so you have to be carefull as to how far you go :).

I need only 2-3 more people to sign up and then we could start with elections.

The year is 200 AG (after Birth of Gaelion) and the consul, judge and religious leader elections are coming this year....
Etheliari Family:

Family Head: Mathél Etheliari

Etheliari is one of the oldest family's in Nessos, maybe even the oldest, it is also a troubled one. War has broken the spirit of the family, though very rich and whealthy there isn't much that bonds the family. Thank god the Etheliari has got Mathél the charismatic. The power of the Etheliari family lays in trading, this because they are the oldest family they have got many bonds with other family's and lot's of trust from others. May one day the spirit return unstoppely for the Etheliari.
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"The Laevinii are among the truest of Nessans. For twelve generations we have served this city -- under kings and princes and senators and consuls. My ancestors rode with Galaeon Magnus against the Arkadian raiders, and with Satilin Victor against the Mugdul barbarians. We were there when the first foundations were laid, when Pila was taken, when the Republic was founded. We have always been a part of Nessos, and she has always been a part of us.

We know what is best for the city and the Republic. Land. Resources. Slaves. The fires of war have made Nessos strong. The spoils of war have made Nessos rich. The God of War who favors and blesses our people has made Nessos great. This is the proud tradition of our city -- forged in war, made great by the glory of war. My family knows this -- knows its better than any other. We have always fought for the glory of Nessos. We know.

Look about you! To the north, the south, the west -- everywhere, dirty, unwashed barbarians, the ancient and mortal enemies of our glorious Republic. Filthy, uncivilized beasts, whose presence so close to our borders is not only a danger but an insult. So long as these uncivilized tribes continue to exist their can be no peace.

The War God demands blood sacrifice. We must satisfy Him or risk losing His favor. The blood of our enemies, barbarian blood, must be spilt upon His altar; for if Nessos loses the favor of the Gods it shall surely die. Therefore to arms! To arms, stout Nessans, for the glory of the Republic and the favor of the Gods! To arms against the savage Arkadians! To arms against the Numonians of the West! To arms against all who threaten Nessos with pillage and plunder and the stench of barbarism. These are our enemies; they must be conquered. It is imperative that good Nessan law and order be established over Arkadian barbarians.

Nessan culture, too, must be brought to these heathen savages. Their foul-tongued language must be stamped out and replaced with proper Nessan; their so-called 'culture' must be annihilated, and replaced with the traditions and customs which have made Nessos great. Only when the barbarians have been fully civilized and assimilated into our glorious culture is Nessos truly safe. Only by conquest can we bring Nessan civilization to the barbarians.

And in return, of course, we would receive the profits of conquest. Land -- good rich land, for patrician magnates and plebeian farmers alike. Resources -- the gold and silver and iron and tin that is abundant, and yet untapped, in the lands of the barbarian hordes. Slaves -- prisoners of war, conquered tribesmen, whose labor will enrich our economy and whose services will improve our lives. These are the prizes awaiting our grand Republic. These are the things which Nessos needs. Land. Resources. Slaves.



Marcus Laevinius Honorius / Laevinii / Grandmaster

The Laevinii are an old, well-established patrician family. The Laevinii, while among the landed nobility, are not great landholders; they own a respectable estate in the countryside, where breed horses, raise livestock, and grow various types of fruit in their orchards, groves, and gardens. Plantation crops like wheat and grain they leave to the larger estates of the magnates. The primary business interests of the Laevinii are not in agriculture but in manufacturing; and, more specifically, in the manufacturing of weapons and armour. The Laevinius Foundry is one of the oldest and most highly-esteemed in Nessos. It produces numerous types of swords, kinves, spears, and shields, as well as armour, all to a very high standard of quality. As a result of their metalworking interests, the Laevinii have also recently expanded their reach into the iron mining industry; this combination of raw materials and manufacturing under one firm has greatly strengthened the productivity and profitability of the Foundry.

EDIT: Bah, looks like half of all characters are old-blood warmongers with weaponmaking/mining interests. Maybe I'll change mine, then...
The Paeologii Family [Singular, Paeologius]
Ad augusta per angusta - To high places by narrow roads

To high places by narrow roads, to greatness by hardship. So well do such 4 words, Ad augusta per angusta, detail the long and bitter history of the Paeologii.

The Paeologii family have can trace their roots back to the early days of the ancient Galeion Dynasty, the ancient tyranny. In those early days they were book keepers and scholars, and towards the later eras of the dynasty, prominent Philosophers at the great Scriptorium of Nessos. The Scriptorium, founded by the ancient tyrants to educate young courtiers and government officials, was the premier educational facility of the City, aswell as the largest library. Its book collection was vast, and its wealth, accumulated from the tuitions of rich nobles, was equally as vast. Yet in the latter days of the Galeion Dynasty, discontent was rife in the Grand Scriptorium, which had become somewhat of a beacon of liberal thought. This discontentment was headed by none other than the patriarch of the family at that time, Aemilius Paeologius. His ideas were radical - he preached a perfect state in which all men were granted equal voice, equal rights. He called this state, a Republic, and in his great treatise, titled, The Republic, postulated on what such a state would bring to its people. The monarchy's reprisal against this threat was harsh - Aemilius would either give up his teaching or face execution, and in an act of valiant rebellion chose the latter. This action, this crime, caused a terrible backlash from the students of the Scriptorium, sons of the most influential Nessians. And it was this action that contributed to the ineptitude of the latter monarchs and the eventual downfall of the monarchy.

And when the monarchy collapsed, Marcus Paeologius Brutus, headmaster of the Grand Scriptorium (the backlash following the execution of Aemilius found the Paeologii back in the limelight within the great Scriptorium, to which all male heads-of-family have been leaders since) called upon the great treatise, The Republic, and called for the complete dissolution of past traditional government, to be replaced by the great Republic. Such a call was slowly heeded, and soon the Republic came into existance. Yet even though such a republic was founded on the ideas of a once great Paeologii, the influence the family had in the republic after the founding was not as great as one would expect. Instead, the patriarchs of the family began to divert most of their attention back to the Great Scriptorium and became prominent men of letters - essayists, poets, and writers. Some even branched into the realms of the arts and mathematics. The Paeologii had become a family of intellectuals, centered upon the ideals of their great ancestor, Aemilius.

Yet now, with elections coming towards the realms of Nessos, the Paeologii seem poised to campaign for a greater voice in the most noble enterprise - democracy.

The Eagle of the Paeologii, in one claw the cross of the Scriptorium and in another the ancient philosopher's stone.
It rests upon two keys - keys to the gates of knowledge.

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I'm thinking just how much industries I can have. Don't worry it will be in the stats...the question is what name will it have.

Out of former players I am waiting only for Stormy and blackheart....
ThomAnder said:
but whose running? and for what? :confused:
There are 2 consul positions to fill
2 judge positions
and 1 chief priest position
First 4 are filled by election. As for what who runs.... you'll have to decide who wants to run for each position. Those that feel that they will get enough votes can nominate themselves. It is not my business how you do your diplomacy related to elections both with croud and the senators.... ;)
"Gentlemen, members of the Senate - It is in these early years of the Republic imperative that Nessos be ruled by strong leaders, firm hands. We, as Senators must, in these times of infancy, do the most to ensure our great enterprise, our great Republic, lasts until the whole of this earth is consumed in fire and brimstone. The time has not come to be selfish, or to squabble amongst each other over issues which are wholly irrelevant. The time has come to stand united, stand united as a singular peoples, a singular democracy. For we, us Nessians, are the truest of the true, the bravest of the brave - And as such our democracy is the purest of the pure. Let us not corrupt it.

The duty of the government is to work for the people, and not the other way around. In my tenure as Senator, I have contributed fully to this grand republic and I have observed the needs of the future. Our new Consul must make sure that this democracy stands, that it is not manipulated by a corrupt few. That it is not partioned by landholders. In this republic the supreme law shall be the law of the state, and no others! For what greater power is there than that of the state, than that of the people? Nothing, and the barbarians which surround us know this, and fear this. And the corrupt barbarians within, fear this aswell. However, should the leaders of these people grow fat, and lazy with their power then all is lost. Where there is no vision, the people shall perish.

And I , Senator Nicolaous Paeologius Gracchus, with the hopefull blessing of the republic, announce my bid for the Consulship to hopefully provide such vision and guidance to the Senate and the city of Nessos."
Senator Ottae stood shortly after the announcement of Nicolaous Paeologius Gracchus, and began to speak.

"It is with some regret that I say what I will today. For I, Senator Aurelian Ottae, have seen many sessions of the council, many pointless proclamations. It is with regret that I say, because I would like nothing more than to spend time on my family lands and live in peace for the rest of my life.

"But much as we would wish it, men of Nessos, there is no way, no time that we will live in peace. Other cities loom on every side, with large treasuries and many soldiers. Barbarians are all over the peninsula. My own lands have seen much of this, with tribes raiding us in large numbers, hordes of barbarians pillaging our farms. We would drive them off easily enough, but they would only come again, and this is when I came to the realization.

"Nessos cannot be at peace while such threats ravage our frontiers. While we ourselves might wish it, they do not, and it is clear the only way we can have the peace and prosperity we desire is through the dismantling of the barbarian armies and the growth of Nessos.

"I have said much without letting you know my intention, but perhaps you may guess it from what I have said. Members of the Senate, I would like you to consider the name of Aurelian Ottae for the position as consul. If you elect me, I shall serve Nessos only; I shall grant no favors to friends and make peace with my enemies in the senate--I serve the state.

"I serve Nessos!"
The Yunan Household is an ancient family of Nessos. Said to have been one of the first to appear. The once meager holdings have over time grown, to become some of the richest, and largest lands of all the great families. It was on these lands that their wealth and Power rested upon not that of the power of arms, but in the political intrigue that can create and break families they won themselves to this position.

Like any good politicion Antonis Yunan, the current head of house, positions his family in strategic Buisness' pastimes. His eldest son, Thucydides, he takes with him so that he may become a shrewd polition too, and lead the house to prospeity, he is taught of the laws of the lands, so that he may harness their power to the good of the House. His middle son Pausanias has taken to study Medcine the other great art, and with it some of the great philisophical works of our time. He invites people round to his own private House to engage in Philisophical discussion, but also to work cures on others.

The youngest son, Isocrates, however still had wanderlust within himself. Antonis in a compromise set him up as a merchant. Now he trails the waterways trading goods and wares between the cities, if the price of grain is good in Siren he buys some and imports it into Nessos to feed the ever expanding population. His cheif interest is in the Harbour City of Pila, here he trades for luxuries from far off places with which to sell at high prices to the Citizens of Nessos. These few Luxuries make people lives easier they however always in short supply.

That in short is todays Family of Yunan
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