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Suggest your own world wonders, natural wonders and city-states

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Xandinho, May 8, 2020.

  1. Xandinho

    Xandinho Emperor

    Feb 11, 2013
    I've been having a free time with nothing to do during the quarantine, so I thought of creating a thread for bonus suggestions for world wonders, natural wonders and city-states that you would like to see in the game. I started with 5 wonders of the world that I really want to see in the game and I thought of bonuses that could be fun for each of them: Notre Dame, Neuschwanstein, Zeus Statue, CN Tower and Borobudur. So I went on with 3 famous wonders of nature: Mount Sinai, Sugarloaf Mountain and Grand Canyon. Finally, some city-states that I would like to see implemented: Bagan, Vatican City, Vienna and Teotihuacan.
    Feel free to give your own suggestions of wonders and city-states and their bonuses.

    World Wonders

    Notre Dame
    Divine Right
    Must be built next to a river

    2 slots for relics
    1 slot for religious great work of art.
    +2 culture
    +2 faith
    +15% culture, faith and building wonders in this city, all of these effects are doubled if you are in a golden or heroic age.

    Must be built on a mountain

    +4 culture
    +2 amenities
    +2 appeal on all tiles in this city
    Provides +6 tourism and +4 gold to all your cities that are within 6 tiles.

    Zeus Statue
    Must have founded a religion
    It must be built adjacent to a holy site with a shrine

    +4 faith
    +2 points for great general
    Killing a unit of a civilization that follows another religion provides faith equal to 50% of its combat strength.

    CN Tower
    Must be built on a flat land adjacent to the city center with at least 15 population

    +2 diplomatic favor per turn.
    +12 tourism per turn
    +10% tourism for allied civilizations for each alliance level.
    +25% production in all cities for world congress projects.

    Must be built on a rainforest tile.

    +2 culture
    +2 faith
    +2 points for great merchant.
    All the plantations on the continent that this wonder is built generate +1 gold and +1 faith. Rice farms receive these double bonuses.

    Natural Wonders

    Mount Sinai
    1 impassable tile
    Acts as a Mountain

    +3 faith and +2 appeal to adjacent tiles.
    For the civilization that has this tile, it receives +4 points for great prophet per turn.

    Sugarloaf Mountain
    1 impassable tile
    It doesn't act like a mountain.

    Appear next to a coast
    +2 culture, +2 gold and +2 appeal to adjacent tiles.
    For the civilization that has this tile, cities that have at least 1 seaside resort receive +1 amenitie.

    Grand Canyon
    3 impassable tiles
    Acts as a source of Fresh Water.

    +4 gold, +2 food and +1 faith to adjacente tiles and +2 appeal to adjacent tiles.
    The civilization that has any of its tiles, tourism from national parks is doubled.


    Religious city-state
    Allows the construction of Pagan Temples
    They can be built on any terrain except desert, tundras and snow.
    +0.5 housing
    +2 faith
    +2 culture (converted to tourism after flight)
    +1 extra faith for each adjacent holy site.
    +1 faith if you are adopted theocracy government.

    Vatican City
    Religious city-state
    +1 diplomatic favor per turn for each foreign civilization you converted to the religion you founded (maximum 5).

    Cultural City-state
    +1 point of influence per turn for each alliance you have.

    Industrial city-state
    Your cities receive + 10% production towards districts. Doubled effect if the city has at least 3 districts.
    Last edited: May 25, 2020 at 2:48 PM
  2. Alexander's Hetaroi

    Alexander's Hetaroi Deity

    Oct 17, 2017
    I love this idea

    World Wonders:

    Statue of Zeus: (It's similar to yours)
    Unlocks at Mysticism
    Must be built adjacent to a Holy Site with a shrine and have founded a pantheon.
    +4 Faith
    +5 Combat Strength in Theological Combat
    Killing a unit of a civilization that follows another religion provides faith equal to 50% of its combat strength.

    Globe Theater
    Unlocks at Humanism
    Must be built adjacent to a Theater Square with an Amphitheater.
    +2 Great Writer points per turn
    +2 Great Works of Writing slots
    +1 Great work of Music slots.
    Automatic Great Writer appears

    Mt. Rushmore
    Unlocks at Conservation
    Must be built on a mountain tile in a National Park.
    All other tiles within the National Park that Mt. Rushmore is in gain extra appeal.

    Natural Wonders:

    Two tile impassable natural wonder.
    Acts as a volcano. Only spawns on coastal water. Always active.
    +1 Science for adjacent tiles initially and +2 appeal


    Trade City-State
    Lake tiles in your territory provide +2 gold and an amenity.

    Miltaristic City State
    May build the Totem Pole Improvement:
    Provides 1 culture. +4 fortified strength to units on the tile or within 3 tiles of the totem pole improvement.

    Religious City-State
    Religious Units may move through mountains as if mountain tunnels are built.

    Cultural City-State
    + 1 Great Musician Points per turn for each alliance you have and +1 more for each level of alliance.

    Edit: I like your idea of an alliance bonus to Vienna so I tweaked my ability.
    Last edited: May 9, 2020
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  3. Sirsquier

    Sirsquier Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2019
    U.S.A. land of the free and home of the brave
    Here's my thoughts.

    Washington Monument:
    +10 loyalty in the city it's in and +3 loyalty in each adjacent city.
    + 2 culture in the city it's in

    Twin Towers:
    +5 influence points
    +5 culture
    Increase chances of barbarians spawning near city.

    Texas (City state):
    Economic City State
    Grants +2 gold for each unit you own
    Can be bought by Suzerain (City will have +4 gold)
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  4. Vahnstad

    Vahnstad King

    Sep 2, 2014
    Low countries
    The Notre Dame Fire made Notre Dame so legendary that we really need it as a wonder in civ 7. I'm 99% sure we will get it.
  5. Denkt

    Denkt Reader

    Jul 3, 2012
    Not in a Civilization City Atleast
    World wonders
    Name: and Insperation: Detroit tank arsenal, or simply the tank arsenal
    Requirements: Need combustion and need to be placed next to an encampment with a military Academy and a industrial zone with a factory
    Effect: Whenever you produce a land military unit in the city, you get an additional unit of the same type for free

    Name: and Insperation: Willow Run
    Requirements: Need advanced flight and need to be placed next to an aerodrome with a Airport and a industrial zone with a factory
    Effect: Whenever you produce an air unit in the city, you get an additional unit of the same type for free, also double the airdome capacity

    Name: Vasa Museum
    Requirements: National Heritage and need to be next to coast and your civilization need to have gathered 3 shipwrecks
    Effect: Whenever a shipwreck is collected, the Vasa museum gain +5 Culture and tourism, this works retroactive

    Name: The great museum, based on British museum
    Requirements: Natural History and a Theatre Square with an archeological museum
    Effect: The great museum have 9 artefact slots and create 3 archeologist on completion. Once full it is automatically themed

    World wonder tied to tier 4 governments

    Name: The particle accelerator, based on hadron collider
    Requirements: You need to in the synthetic technocracy government for it to work and in order to build it also it need to be next to a fully developed campus.
    Effect: Gain +10% science for each Alliances you have, allies gain +5% science.

    Name: R&R (probably a better name), inspired by the civ 4 wonder of the same name and I could not find anything better
    Requirements: You need to in the digital democracy government for it to work and in order to build it also it need to be next to a fully developed Entertainment complex.
    Effect: Rock bands start with 2 levels of experience and can always enter borders even with music censorship. Gain +25% tourism towards allies and allies gain +10% toruism to you.

    Name: The military industrial complex, again a better name could be used
    Requirements: You need to in the corporate libertarianism government for it to work and in order to build it also it need to be next to a fully developed Commercial hub.
    Effect: Reduce production cost of military units by -10% for each alliance you have while allies gain -5% reduction. You can declare gold age war without any requirements.

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  6. Captain Van der Decken

    Captain Van der Decken Chieftain

    May 18, 2020
    Notre dame (France)
    Unlocks with Divine Right
    must be built next to the river
    2 slots for either relics or religious art
    +20%faith output in this city

    Woudagemaal (Netherlands)
    Unlocks with Steam power
    must be build adjacent to a lake
    Prevents flood damage due to rivers in all your cities within 6 tiles.
    +5 production and +2 food

    Afsluitdijk (Netherlands)
    Unlocks with electricity
    Must be built on a coastal tile adjacent to at least two coastal or ocean tiles and two land tiles.
    prevents flood damage in your entire kingdom, can be crossed by units without embarking

    Cayan tower (Arabia)
    Unlocks with economics civic
    must be built on flat land adjacent to city center
    provides max appeal to all tiles this city owns.
    + 1 economic policy slot
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  7. iammaxhailme

    iammaxhailme Emperor

    Jun 4, 2015
    Since we got some mythological wonders in Frontier Pass, how about...

    City State: Camelot
    Type: Militaristic
    Effect: +25% tile defense and +4 culture on forts

    Natural Wonder: Mount Olympus
    - Spawns on a mountain surrounded by hills
    - Yields 1 faith and 1 culture to surrounding tiles
    - If it's in your city, air units get +strength, as a reference to Zeus (yeah this bonus won't be relevant much, but I can't think of any particularly logical effect!)

    Natural Wonder: Atlantis
    - Spawns on ocean tiles
    - Yields 2 culture, 2 faith, 1 science
    - First unit to go over it gets a relic

    Natural Wonder: Garden of Eden
    - Spawns in desert next to an Oasis
    - Yields 3 food and 2 faith
    - If it's in your city, citizens cannot starve to death or die from natural disasters

    World Wonder: Tower of Babel
    - Built on desert
    - Yields 2 science, 2 culture, 2 writing slots, causes great works of writing to give +2 science (I think babylon's ingame ability is a reference to this anyway)
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  8. Zaarin

    Zaarin Chief Medical Officer, DS9

    May 14, 2016
    Terok Nor
    Natural Wonders
    Mt. Ararat / Little Ararat
    Appears as a three-tile mountain. Adds +2 Faith and +2 Culture to each adjacent tile. Owning any tile of it generates +1 Diplomatic Favor per turn.

    Lake Baikal
    Appears as a two-tile lake. Provides fresh water. Each tile provides +2 Science, +4 Food, and +2 Faith. Provides +2 appeal to each adjacent land tile.

    Garm Chashma (we don't currently have any hot spring wonders, and Central Asia needs some love)
    Provides +2 Science and +1 Amenity. Does not count as fresh water.

    Ala-kul Lake (an alternative to the above)
    Appears as a single-tile mountain and a two-tile lake. The lake provides fresh water. The water tiles have +2 Food, +1 Production, and +1 Gold. The mountain tile boosts appeal of adjacent tiles by +2.

    Appears as a single-tile island. Provides +2 Science and +2 Culture; adjacent water tiles provide +1 Production and +1 Food.

    World Wonders
    Notre Dame
    Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Holy Site with a Temple
    Provides +4 Faith and +2 Culture; holds a Great Work of Music and a Relic slot

    Darvaza Crater
    Must be placed on flat land with no adjacent districts; districts cannot be built adjacent to it
    It would look amazing on the map. :p Provides +2 Science and doubles the tourism production of the city it's placed in.

    Po-i Kalyan (once again, Central Asia needs love)
    Must be built on flat land adjacent to a City Center
    Provides +2 Science, +2 Faith, and +2 Culture; replaces your Monuments with Minarets that provide +1 Faith in addition to their normal bonus.

    Must be built on a Hill adjacent to the Capital
    Loyalty pressure from your capital is doubled; if the city is ever captured, enemy Loyalty is halved. Has a Great Work slot that can hold anything.
    Acts as a second Palace.

    Thousand Buddha Grottoes (for being the wonder king, China is lacking in wonders)
    Must be built on a Mountain (like Machu Picchu)
    +2 Faith; has a Great Work of Writing slot; your Great Works of Writing provide +2 Faith and +1 Science; each citizen following a minority religion provides +1% Culture

    Mount Olympus is a real mountain, but it's not that wondrous.
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  9. Laurana Kanan

    Laurana Kanan Don’t underestimate who I am.

    Apr 10, 2014
    Near the Greatest Snow on Earth
    I think there's a few. I love Utah's Mt. Olympus here along the Wasatch Front - I think it's pretty wondrous.

    OK, personal bias...

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  10. Zaarin

    Zaarin Chief Medical Officer, DS9

    May 14, 2016
    Terok Nor
    I kinda assumed he was talking about the original one in Greece. It's tall but not extremely tall, and it doesn't have a particularly distinctive massif. (I vacationed in Utah a few years ago. Gorgeous state. Unfortunately I was sick for most of the trip, but I loved the landscape. :D )

  11. AntSou

    AntSou King

    Jun 8, 2019
    Disclaimer: I'm biased.

    Douro Valley

    Provides Port Unique Luxury upon Completion. +6 Amenities. Must be built on Grassland or Plains hill next to a river.
    Also Culture/Tourism bonus

    Spoiler :

    Pena Palace
    Looks cool af. Must be built on Mountain tile. Bonus irrelevant :D

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