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Sullla's AI Survivor Season Seven - Playoff Game 3 Thread

Kudos to...

Darius, for cultivation of the jungle and ice wastelands, unrivaled prosperity and riches, and unquestionable imperial hegemony over the four corners of the world 🥇

Saladin, for betraying the counter-Maya coalition and paying homage to the Persian King of Kings 🥈


Alexander, who never ever gives up...never! ⚱️

Gandhi, who led a successful peacekeeping mission on his eastern border only to fall prey to betrayal from his former allies ⚱️

Barbarians, who introduced promotions and assorted military doctrine to the sedentary powers ⚱️
What...so Darius won Dom?!!!...I'd never expect that
Qin decided that if he wasn't going to the Championship he was going to go out in a blaze of glory, and it gave Darius the territory and pop he needed to hit Dom :).
Well Darius was always tucked away. Away from Alex too. Stayed peaceful, teched well and won. Alex never really had an economy. Others just stuck in wars getting nowhere. By which time Darius was so far ahead.
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