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SVN Changelog

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall: Europe' started by merijn_v1, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1219:

    Revised the setup for DCNames when the Civ is a master of 1 or 2 other civilizations
    Fixed bug in the DCNames code which made it impossible for the master condition to trigger
    Updated text for some interface messages connected to the Reformation
    Fixed bug which enabled some specific AI wars to be declared even when there was an active peace
    Fixed messed up order of colony names on the Colony Screen tab under the Info Screen
    Increased AI willingness to choose indy targets inside it's war map, decreased chance for choosing indies outside the war map
    Norway and Denmark start with Catholicism as a State Religion and with a couple additional Catholic cities in the 1200AD scenario
    Uppsala is preplaced in the 1200AD scenario (will be reduced to town a couple turns later), Shrine of Uppsala is preplaced there so it can't be built later
    Seljuk Turcoman Horse Archer units no longer get defensive bonuses from tile features
    Tuned down the number of Seljuks spawning against human controlled Byzantium
    Core cities cannot be chosen for city secession because of health issues
    All cities have less chance for secession because of religion unhappiness, while all cities have bigger chance for secession if they are unhappy (happy faces < unhappy faces)
    Culture in cities is now also taken into account when choosing the city for secession (not the amount, but your cultural percentage, so the nationality of the population there)
    So cities with low own culture has more chance to be chosen if there is a secession - my intention with this is to add more chance for your recently acquired cities
    Bonuses on small islands without a city are also connected to the trade network if both their improvement and a road are built on the plot

    Increased civic stability boost from Religious Law + Theocracy
    Added small initial stability bonus for Arabia, Hungary and Novgorod if controlled by the AI
    Settling in core province means +1 stability, in historic/potential 0, in contested -1, in foreign -2
    Various tweaks in the stability calculations for preplaced/preset stuff in the scenarios
    Potential provinces now properly update on the start of all new games (important for the 1200AD scenario), so stability from them is also updated correctly
    Revised collapse rules from bad stability for the human player, now it has a lower chance to happen generally (still very dangerous, but reaches 100% chance much slower)
    Reduced overall impact of unhappiness from religious civics on city instability
    Reduced foreign culture instability if you run the Subjugation Civic (-1 with less than 20%, 0 otherwise)

    Fixed the annoying bug with mercenary notifications (both appearing merc and leaving merc messages) when there wasn't any changes in your mercenary pool
    Fixed bug with ever increasing cost for mercenary price and upkeep whenever you clicked on them (for civs with modified values, probably caused by the new StoredData handling)
    Fixed bug where you could hire naval mercenaries in non-coastal cities - they will still appear on the mercenary screen though
    Mercenaries requiring more culture in the province or a different state religion will also show up on the merc screen, but you can't hire them
    Added information texts for the mercenary screen about the reason(s) why you cannot hire specific mercs: money, culture, coastal city, religion
    Fixed bug where mercenaries could appear in cities without enough culture (if there were multiple cities in the province)
    Specific interface message for the human player when there is a new mercenary in the list, but can't be hired because needs different State Religion
    New interface message for the human player if a merc available for him/her was hired by another player

    Improvements near a plagued city have a chance whether to reduce their level, or to reset the progress towards the next level: Towns 100%, Villages 75%, Hamlets 50%, Cottages 25%
    Plague chance to kill population in the city (calculated every turn) is heavily adjusted with the current population size
    Even though city health is also important, there is a much bigger chance for losing citizens with a bigger population
    So while losing some population is still common in all cities, very unlikely to shrink in each turn unless it was a huge city originally
    Thus cities will no longer decrease to size 1-2 in most cases, not even for small civs with less health resources
    On the other hand, when plague spreads to a new city, one population will be killed by default
    The first plague (Plague of Justinian) is less deadly for Byzantium, both for your cities and your units - not historic at all, but better for gameplay
    The first plague won't spread to Italy and France, so neither the Franks nor the Pope will suffer from it
    Moved the potential start date of the first plague a couple turns earlier
    While plagues can still kill units after a couple turns, they won't kill healthy units instantly when spreading to a new city
    Other than the initial hit, plague will also deal slightly less damage to your units generally - much less unit deaths from plague than before
    Damage difference for units in the city and for units adjacent to a city isn't as significant as before, so attacking armies won't have a huge advantage anymore
    Fixed bug which caused almost all plagues to be as deadly as the Black Death (which is supposed to be more deadly than the others)
    Base plague duration now heavily takes number of cities into account (instead of a constant 6 for everyone), so it won't be significantly more deadly for smaller civs
    Overall health in your empire is still a significant modifier for plague duration, but values are adjusted to be more coherent with the new base duration range
    Revised interface messages for plague spread (both to civs and cities), added new message when the plague kills units or a huge percentage of the general population
    Fixed bug where the plague spread to the same city multiple times in some rare cases
    Indies and barbs are no longer more vulnerable for plague spread than normal civs
    Naval units will no longer be killed by plagues (they can get some damage, but significantly less) unless they were heavily damaged already
    Damage from the plague will be somewhat more random for all units, especially when there are more units on the same tile
    The plague spread mechanics is based on trade routes and city distance, but much more random than before
    Plague can spread to more of your cities in a given turn (max is based on the size of the empire), bigger chance for it if there are many cities close to already infected ones
  2. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1220-1221:

    Various fixes and updates in the Civilopedia by Arcangelus
    New Civilopedia text for some buildings and units by Arcangelus
    Improvements in the Concepts page in the Civilopedia
  3. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1222:

    New base terrain: Semidesert - 1 production, +1 commerce near rivers, city founding only possible near fresh water
    New base terrain: Salt Lake - 1 food, 3 commerce, +1 food with Harbor, +10% defence
    New base terrain: Fresh Water Lake - 2 food, 2 commerce, +1 food with Harbor, +10% defence
    New terrain feature: Islands (2 variety, green and rocky) - +1 food, +1 production, +10% defence
    New terrain feature: Reefs - costs 4 movement points, 25% damage if naval units end their turn on it
    Renamed Ice base terrain to Permafrost / Permanent Snow, Ice terrain feature to Sea Ice
    You can no longer found cities on coastal Desert tiles, only near fresh water (same as for Semidesert)
    Forts are buildable on Semidesert, Tundra, Desert and Snow tiles too
    Fixed bug with terrain layer orders, thus corrected some blending mistakes when joining some terrain types together
    Semidesert, Wetland and Tundra have +25 build time modifier, Desert and Permafrost have +50%
    New button for Moorland, Dense Forest, Permanent Snow, Marsh, Tundra
    Cottages can be built on Moorland, Semidesert and Tundra tiles too, but fresh water doesn't enable them automatically
    Cottages no longer need at least 1 base food on the tile, so they can be built on most Hills
  4. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1223:

    Replaced all previous lakes with the new Salt Lakes and Fresh Water Lakes
    Various resource and terrain rearrangements in Ireland
    Updated Egypt with the new Semidesert terrain, increased chance for AI settling Damietta
  5. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1224:

    Spanish translations by Arcangelus, couple minor improvements on the Concepts page
    Aragonese UB: Consulate of the Sea (instead of Seaport), Prussian UB: Volksschule (instead of Public School), Bulgarian UB: Stan (instead of Bulgarian Stan)
    Updated civilopedia entry for Bulgarian Stan, Consulate of the Sea, Volksschule
    New Civilopedia entry for the Novgorodian Konets
  6. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1225:

    A few additional tiles in Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega, added Islands feature to both lakes
    Removed the misplaced 1 tile lake from the south of Onega, revised placement of northern Russian lakes
    Revised all Finnish Lakes, Saimaa and Paijanne have better placement, also moved around a couple smaller lakes
    Changed Limfjord in Denmark to be an actual Coast Sea tile instead of a lake
    Added inland Coast Sea tile near Trondheim/Nidaros to represent the huge fjords in the area
    Added a land tile north of Bergen, removed some peaks between Nidaros and Bergen, added Island feature south of Bergen and west of Nidaros
    Terrain and resource rearrangement in inland Norway, added Amber near Uppsala
    Lake Tuz and the Dead Sea now take 2 tiles, added Sea of Galilee
    Revised rivers near Bergen, in Finland, longer Jordan river in the Levant
    Revised resources and terrain in north Sweden and Finland, added a couple Islands on the Finnish coastline

    Fixed bug with city resistance timer on multiple persecutions in the same turn
    Fixed oversight where the Arabian UP could be used with Judaism, thus enabled spreading the minor religion
    Fixed mistake in religious stability calculations when Judaism is your State Religion
    Enabled coast tiles in a diagonal position from actual seas to become normal coast tiles instead of lakes, representing fjords
    Naval units cannot enter lake tiles (neither freshwater nor salt) or forts, but they can enter fjords
    Settling on a hamlet improvement results in a free granary in your cities
    Settling on a village or town improvement results in a free granary and an additional starting population
    Fixed bug with free walls: Morocco gets a free Kasbah instead of walls when founding cities on a fort improvement

    Mines get +1 commerce after researching Replaceable Parts
    Sulphur yields less production with mines, some of the precious resources yield 1 less commerce with mines
    Switched early naval buildings' tech tree position: Harbor with Astrolabe, Lighthouse with Cartography
    Trading Post replaces Harbor (instead of Lighthouse), free Navigation 1 promotion for all naval units, +1 commerce
    Feitoria replaces Lighthouse (instead of Harbor), +1 commerce on all water tiles, prebuilt in all newly founded cities with Astronomy
    Consulate of the Sea replaces Lighthouse (as before, but now in it's new position), also now it enables 1 merchant specialist
    Venice, Genoa and Aragon starts with Harbor in their cities
    Venetian Arsenal available earlier, moved to Clockmaking from Optics
  7. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1226:

    - Dynamic Company system is introduced to the mod!
    - Companies are not founded by civs anymore (or with GPs actually), but are independent entities on their own
    - They semi-automatically spread to cities based on their own preferences:
    -- Available regions and provinces for the companies are set up on a (more or less) historic base
    -- Most companies have hated and preferred religions, and have modifiers for most religions (both on a state and on a city level)
    -- Hated state religion or the lack of preferred religion in the city can even be an excluding reason for some companies
    -- Wars might also add negative or positive effects to company spread on some situations, mostly based on state religion of the participants
    -- Knowledge of some techs give better odds for some companies (e.g. Chivalry, Plate Armor for military orders; Banking, Shipbuilding for trade companies)
    -- Military buildings will boost your chances for a military order, trade buildings for a trading/banking company
    -- Many civics have various modifiers to company spread, for example Merchant Republic, Feudal Law, Mercantilism, Religious Tolerance, Militarism
    -- Trade goods available to a city is fairly significant in spread chance, also you get bonuses to yields in a similar fashion as in vanilla BtS corps
    -- Number of trade routes is also an important factor for deciding where to spread the trading/banking companies
    - They have a "birth" date and some have a "death" date, and are mostly active between those (these are usually set on historic dates)
    - All of them have a limit for the number of cities they can be active at at a given time
    - There is competition between the cities for the companies - every few turns the company may leave some cities if there are better ones for their needs
    - If there is a huge drop in the preference value for a company (for example on state religion change or city ownership change) it may leave the city right away
    - There might also be competition between companies for a given city (e.g. Templars-Teutons-Hospitallers), if one is present the rest have decreased chance
    - If a given company has already spread to some cities of a civ, it will have somewhat decreased chance for further spread in that civ's cities

    - Masters/Executives can no longer spread companies, they are effectively removed from the mod
    - Currently there are no Headquarters, all cities with the given company spread into them are considered equal - this might change later on
    - Companies have resource preferences, and add various yield bonuses if you have access to them (based on their quantity) - as in the vanilla game
    - Hospitaller, Templar and Teutonic Knights also give you access to the Relic resource type, which adds extra happiness to your civ
    - Companies might have special units and/or buildings associated with them, all of which are only buildable while the company is present in the city
    - Company costs are independent from your civ: do not cost any money when they spread to your cities, and do not cost any maintenance for being present
    - Added various interface messages for companies spreading/leaving, both for your own cities and for foreign cities visible to you
    - Removed unnecessary popups connected to company availability
    - Corporations in your cities no longer add any stability penalty

    - All 7 previous RFCE companies were integrated into the new system
    - 2 new companies: the Order of the Dragon, the Order of Calatrava
    - Hanseatic League can only spread to coastal cities
    - Hospitallers, Templars, Teutons and Calatrava spread Catholicism to the city when they spread there
    - The Levant (and especially Jerusalem) has a greatly improved chance for Hospitallers, Templars and Teutons
    - Trading/banking companies have a preference (smallish) to their historical founding provinces
    - Hospitaller preferred region change after the Crusades, with Malta and Rhodes gaining importance
    - Teutons preferred region change after the Crusades, with Transylvania and the lands of Prussia gaining importance
    - Teutons are set to have a very high chance to spread to cities of the Teutonic Order (Prussia)
    - City limit is also modified for Hospitallers and Teutons after the Crusades are over
    - The Genoese UHV is changed to simply build 8 banks (for now)

    - Crusading units now have a chance to arrive to their destination, around 70% of the units will arrive for the first Crusade
    - Number of arriving Crusader units scale reversed with the start date of Crusades, to counterbalance the increasing number of units available for selection
    - This reduction is very significant for an AI-controlled Jerusalem, much less if the human player has to defend the city
    - When the Crusade is deviated to a new target, it gets only a little more than half the units as it would have if it was a normal Crusade
    - Increased gold cost for deviating Crusades for both the human and the AI player
    - Decreased extra votes for the Papal States (they were the deciding factor before, thus almost always the Papal favourite civ was chosen to lead)
    - Adjusted some minor inconsistencies with unit types in the Crusading unit categories
    - Revised how special units and UUs are handled on Crusades if the leader of the Crusade has access to the given unit
    - Fixed calculation bug when Paladin units were participating in Crusades, which caused issues with number of Knights as well
    - Fixed bug where both Catapults and Trebuchets were added to the Crusading stack in many cases (doubling the intended amount of siege units)
    - Added Cordoba as the primary target for stolen Crusades for AI Portugal, Aragon (Castile already had it this way) if they are Muslim and not a vassal
    - Added Ottomans as the primary target for stolen Crusades for AI Hungary, Austria and Poland (if there is a late Crusade) if they are Muslim and not a vassal
    - Byzantium will only be the primary target for stolen Crusades for AI Venice and Genoa if they hold Constantinople and they are not a vassal
    - Fixed mistake which would kill all units around the Crusade's target city (instead of only making room on one tile) if no valid plot was found

    - Added special religion spread rules for a couple areas, based on provinces, only checks for cities without a religion
    - Orthodoxy: increased chance to spread in Rus territories between 850-1300AD, in Bulgaria and the Balkans between 700-1000AD
    - Islam: greatly increased chance to spread in the Maghreb and in the southern part of the Iberian-peninsula between 700-1200AD
    - Catholicism: increased chance to spread in southern Scandinavia between 1000-1300AD, in Hungary between 960-1200AD
    - Increased generic Judaism spread chance slightly, especially in Central-Europe
    - Reduced Islam spread, it will have a harder time reaching the faraway parts of the map (Scandinavia, Novgorod)
    - Fixed bug which could mess up Judaism spread if some parts of the map were sparsely populated with cities

    - When choosing where to construct free buildings or whom to give gold the Pope considers a weighted value of both faith points and diplomatic relations
    - You need to have Catholicism as a state religion and open borders with the Papal States to be eligible for any bonuses
    - For gold gifts diplomatic relations matter much more, for religious buildings faith points are the deciding factor
    - The (Catholic) owner of Jerusalem has a greatly increased chance to be selected for free Papal buildings
    - Increased frequency of Papal gifts between the Schism and the Protestant Reformation, decreased afterwards
    - No monasteries will be built for the chosen player after the discovery of Scientific Method (so the Pope may only build temples)
    - Changed civ selecting method on Papal bonuses, earlier civs (with lower IDs) won't have a bigger chance anymore

    - Revised NW Keshik spawns, to move the Mongol threat more on Poland and Hungary (instead of the recently spawned Prussia and Lithuania)
    - Changed barb city spawns in Ireland, not all 4 will spawn in all games, 2 is enough (already provides an early barb-island feel)
    - Ireland, 700 AD: Hill of Tara/Dublin (100%, "Teamhair"), barbarian, population size 1, has a respawn in 988 AD
    - Ireland, 700 AD: Downpatrick (20%, "Rath Celtair"), Rathcroghan/Sligo (30%, "Cruiachain"), Cashel/Cork (50%, "Caisel"), barbarian, population size 1
    - Redesigned early barbs in Iberia as Visigoths (also to represent the Kingdom of Asturias), strengthened them to slow down early Cordoban expansion
    - Wends added as new barbarians for Germany, with extra threat from them around the Great Slav Rising of 983AD
    - Revised barbarian Magyar spawn areas and numbers in the late 9th century in Central Europe (before the Hungarian spawn)
    - Toned down stregth of "barbarian" Teutonic Knight spawns in Livonia in the early 13th century (right before the Prussian spawn)
    - Reduced number of Berber barbarians in North Africa (especially for Cordoba), less early barbs for AI Kiev

    - Kuban province changed to contested for the Ottomans, Lithuania and Suvalkija contested for Prussia
    - Starting civic changes: Arabia (Trade Economy), Kiev (Serfdom, Manoralism), Spain (Serfdom, Manoralism), Morocco (Trade Economy, Militarism)
    - Starting civic changes: Genoa (Feudal Monarchy, Serfdom, Manoralism, Vassalage), England (Vassalage), Portugal (Serfdom, Manoralism, Vassalage)
    - Starting civic changes: Aragon (Serfdom, Manoralism, Vassalage), Sweden (Feudal Law, Vassalage), Prussia (Militarism), Austria (Vassalage)
    - Starting civic changes: Ottomans (Apprenticeship, Guilds, Militarism), Moscow (Feudal Monarchy, Feudal Law, Vassalage), Dutch (Colonialism)
    - Novgorod starts without the Feudalism tech, thus in the Despotism civic (similarly to Kiev)
    - Venice starts without the Vassalage and Code of Laws techs, Germany without Machinery, Burgundy with Aristocracy
    - Venice starts with Spearman instead of Crossbowman, Germany and Burgundy with Guisarme instead of Crossbowman
    - Burgundy and Germany stars with a couple additional defensive starting units
    - Additional starting units for the French, to be able to get more aggressive with early conquests
    - Revised Prussian starting units - instead of Teutonic Masters, they start with more military units
    - Tuned down Cordoban production modifiers a bit, increased Castilian and Aragonese
    - Increased production modifiers for AI Kiev (stays more or less the same for the human player)

    - No interface messages are displayed during autoplay/autorun (Crusades, RiseAndFall, Religion, Wonders, Leaders, etc.)
    - Plague icon on the city banner, not only the plague cloud above them (idea from DoC)
    - Fixed oversight in the 1200AD scenario where Norwegian cities started with both Trading Post and Harbor - now they have Lighthouse instead
    - Fixed oversight in the 1200AD scenario where Portuguese cities started with both Feitoria and Lighthouse - now they have Harbor instead
    - Bonus health from Infirmary increased to 2
    - Removed unnecessary Derivative Civ settings for all civilizations
    - Reduced unit chance to stay with the original civ on city secession
    - Adjusted province borders in Ireland, Norway, and Finland
    - Minor updates in the CNMs in Ireland, Norway, Finland and Karelia
    - Updated CNMs for all civs around the lakes in Anatolia and the Levant
    - Lowered diplomatic bonuses for sharing a religion, for almost all religions
    - Civs can't get back one of their previous leaders on resurrection (would be changed to the later one anyway in a couple turns)
    - Civs have 40% chance to remain with the leader before the collapse, 60% chance to get the next leader (chronologically)
    - Minor text updates in the wording of some UHVs and UPs

    - Fixed bug which sometimes caused issues when the plague spread to a known civ's unknown city
    - Fixed a couple oversights in various province lists (representing regions)
    - Fixed bug where Protestantism wasn't auto-founded by the Dutch even if no civs researched Printing Press by their spawn
    - Fixed bug in the Genoese UHV counter for Banks
    - Fixed bug with unit removal in the NW tile of Iceland (related to various mechanics which include switching/moving units - ie: spawn, respawn, secession)
    - Fixed bug that caused AI civs to produce unnecessary prosecutors way too often
    - Fixed a couple minor issues and inconsistencies with some old leftover code from vanilla RFC
    - Added a couple more fixes for Firaxis oversights and bugfixes from Karadoc/K-mod
  8. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1227:

    - Updated the Company Advisor / Company Screen, now all 9 companies should fit without any issues
    - Removed date founded, headquarters, founded by GP information from the company screen (all of which is irrelevant or non-existent with the new system)
    - Added icon/button/gamefont for the Order of Calatrava and the Order of the Dragon
    - New gamefont icon for Teutonic Knights, Templar Knights, Bank of St. George (the latter 2 from SoI)
    - Mercantilism enables company spread (trading/banking companies do have a lower chance though)
    - Updated Merchant Republic civic, new trade route bonus instead of the corporation maintenance reduction
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  9. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1228:

    - Added Kontor UB for the Hanseatic League: +1 trade route, +25% income from foreign trade routes
    - Added Knight of the Dragon UU: 12 strength heavy infantry, +10% against cavalry units, may cause small collateral damage
    - Added Calatrava Knight UU: 9 strength heavy infantry, +10% city strength, +25% attack against heavy infantry units
    - Significantly reduced cost for the original Knightly Orders' UUs, nerfed some bonuses
    - New art and icon for Knight of St. John (Hospitaller UU), new icon for Teutonic Knight UU
    - New unit art for Janissary (3 different versions), Inquisitor
    - New icon for all 4 Missionaries, new art for Orthodox and Islamic Missionary
    - New icon for Végvár (Hungarian UB), new icon for Manorialism civic and tech
    - Improved religion and company icon positioning on the city screen
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  10. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1229:

    - Resized/improved all other Company gamefont icons, not all of them were displayed perfectly (also to be more in line with the new ones)
    - Hanseatic League historic regions expanded with eastern England and western Norway
    - Most knightly orders' historic regions expanded, especially for the Templar and Teutonic Knights
    - Tweaked building and civic spread value modifiers for various companies' spread calculations
    - Further tweaked early Orthodoxy spread rules around Novgorod
    - Minor DCN update for France: Empire status needs more provinces
    - The province of Calabria was added to the 3rd Aragonese UHV, the Balearic Islands are needed for the 1st Moroccan UHV instead of Tripolitania
    - Thessaly, Morea, Crete and Cyprus provinces are also needed for the 2nd Venetian UHV (besides the city of Constantinople)
    - Turns remaining message only show up in the last 30 turns of the game (instead of 100)
    - No permanent (flashing) victory message on the middle of the screen after you are victorious (from DoC)
    - Minor code optimizations connected to corporations in the .dll (removing some unnecessary parts)
    - Fixed issue where naval units skip turn on unit unload even with movement points left (from DoC)
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  11. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1230:

    - Removed all leaderhead FPK-s from the mod, no use in PAK-ing leaderhead art files
    - Fixed minor glitch with the leaderhead art of Bela III (Hungary)

    WARNING: big dl, you have to download all leader art (~300 MB) when you update
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  12. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1231:

    - Plot information shows city name when a settler is selected (for plots where your civ have a civ-specific city name)
    - Adjusted some colours on the plot tooltip, to make information more noticeable
    - No looped victory music during your play if you decide to continue after your victory
    - Plague icon on the city billboard is now shown on all visible cities (not only on own cities)
    - Fixed rare crash bug connected to one of the recently added code optimizations
    - Fixed setup for python Dataloader, it will now correctly handle data on loaded games too
    - Revised XML and python order for buildings and units
    - Revised Crusade unit categories and chances, updated both with the new units
    - Improved selection method for units leaving for Crusades
    - Decreased Papal vote power on Crusade leader even more
    - Fixed bug where some of your last defender units in a city could potentially leave for a Crusade
    - Fixed bug where Knights of St. John weren't eligible for Crusades
    - Fixed Calatrava Knight attack bonus, now it's against Swordsman and Maceman classes (instead of Protestant Missionary :))
    - Picardy will remain historic for France on the English spawn, Northumbria will remain contested for Norway
    - Krak des Chevaliers will add bonus stability for Castle-type buildings if they weren't present before the conquest
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  13. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1232:

    - Additional checks for the plague to leave some of your cities even before it stops completely
    - Plague leaving your cities is much more common in general (after it stopped the spread in your civ)
    - It's way more likely that the plague leaves smaller, less unhealthy cities than bigger ones
    - Decreased damage from plagues for naval units, they should rarely be killed
    - Civilian units also get less damage from plagues, but it's still deadly for them (especially for workers)
    - New interface text message when a new Janissary unit is ready for your service
    - Revised timing and availability for most previously added interface messages
    - Reduced German respawn zone around Brandenburg, now it doesn't have an overlap with Prussia's
    - Minor updates in the Swedish and Prussian respawn zones, to avoid overlap with Lithuania
    - Revised respawn zone for Novgorod and Russia, better shape for both without any overlaps
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  14. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1233:

    - Company spread is updated to an initial state in the first turn of the 1200 AD scenario
    - Companies have increased penalties if they are already present in a couple cities for the given civ (try to spread them out)
    - Rebalanced contribution from different building types for company building spread bonus calculations
    - Decreased significance of buildings/infrastructure in a city in the overall spread value calculations
    - More balanced bonus for company spread from number of desired resources
    - Fixed minor mistake with company max number counter
    - Small optimizations in the company check and company spread code
    - Increased chance for the Teutonic Order's spread to Prussian cities
    - Added more provinces to the Teutonic Knight preferred spread regions (now for real)
    - Dynamic Civ Names for Norway, Denmark, Sweden, lots of interconnected names between them
    - Updated DCN Empire trigger conditions and early DCNames for France / the Franks
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  15. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1234:

    - Dynamic Civ Names for Novgorod, Kiev, Muscovy by DC123456789 and SanJose
    - Dynamic Civ Names for England, Scotland, the Dutch with the help of DC123456789
    - Small updates in the Scandinavian and French DCNames
    - Colony for Genoan, Zhupa for Bulgarian, Voivodeship for Polish and Lithuanian vassals' DCNames (already added to the recently updated civs)
    - Added Dynamic Civ Names reference file to the mod
    - Civilopedia entries for the new companies, UUs, UBs
    - Various UHV text improvements by DC123456789 and 2phunkey4u
    - Fixed dates for a couple events/deadlines, including the Norwegian 2nd UHV and the Bulgarian 3rd UHV
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  16. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1235:

    - Company HQs redesigned as generic buildings, as an indicator for company spread - they show up in the city while the company is present
    - These temporary company buildings can get various bonuses, which are independent from the main company bonuses (based on number of resources available in your city)

    - Bonuses for the current company buildings:
    -- Hospitaller: +1 Great Prophet point, can turn 1 citizen to Priest, +2 XP for heavy infantry units, +1 health
    -- Templar: +1 Great Prophet point, can turn 1 citizen to Priest, +2 XP for heavy infantry and heavy cavalry units
    -- Teuton: +1 Great Prophet point, can turn 1 citizen to Priest, +2 XP for heavy infantry and heavy cavalry units
    -- Hansa: +1 Great Merchant point, can turn 2 citizens to Merchant, builds water units 25% faster
    -- Medici: +1 Great Merchant point, can turn 1 citizen to Merchant, +20% gold
    -- Augsburg: +1 Great Merchant point, can turn 1 citizen to Merchant, +20% gold
    -- St. George: +1 Great Merchant point, can turn 1 citizen to Merchant, +20% gold
    -- Dragon: +2 XP for heavy infantry and heavy cavalry units, +10% military unit production, +20% great general emergence inside cultural borders
    -- Calatrava: can turn 1 citizen to Priest, +2 XP for heavy infantry units, +10% military unit production, +10% great general emergence

    - Resource and bonus updates to the companies:
    -- Hospitaller: iron, olives, timber, copper, incense, +1 culture per resource consumed, generates relic in the city
    -- Templar: wine, wheat, iron, horse, dye, +1 science per resource consumed, generates relic in the city
    -- Teuton: salt, horse, iron, amber, barley, +1 production per resource consumed, generates relic in the city
    -- Hansa: salt, fur, amber, timber, fish, +1 commerce and +0,5 food per resource consumed
    -- Medici: marble, silk, gold, silver, dye, +2 gold and +1 science per resource consumed
    -- Augsburg: gold, silver, copper, sulphur, coffee, +1 production and +1 gold per resource consumed
    -- St. George: olives, silk, cotton, gold, timber, +1 gold and +2 espionage per resource consumed
    -- Dragon: iron, wheat, honey, sulphur, wine, +0,5 production and +1 culture per resource consumed
    -- Calatrava: sheep, wine, iron, olives, sugar, +0,5 production and +1 espionage per resource consumed

    - Hanseatic League starts earlier, in 1157 (earliest remaining documentary mention), with much increased city number limit in 1356 (the first general Diet of the Hansa)
    - Bonus health from Infirmary (Hanseatic League UB) reduced back to +1
    - Updated resource alignment and positioning in the Company Screen
    - Hanseatic League can spread to riverside cities too, not only coastal ones
    - Faith points taken into account for religious military order spread
    - City size taken into account for company spread, especially for trade based companies
    - Changes in the Hanseatic League building art, it is now displayed more in line with the other companies in the Civilopedia
    - Added separate building art for the 2 new Chivalric Orders (Dragon and Calatrava)
    - Added help text and bonus information for the various company buildings
    - Changed the Novgorodian 2nd UHV goal to 11 fur resources (was 12)
    - Adjusted main screen UHV counter for a couple civs, it won't be displayed after the UHV date
    - Fixed wrong class for a couple resources, which resulted in wrong AI value associated with them
    - New gamefont icon for copper, timber, tea, tobacco, silk, sugar, corn, marble, stone, dye, gems, wheat
    - Improved gamefont icon for olives, cotton, apples, honey, potatoes, coffee, fur, amber, salt, sulphur
    - New map/civilopedia icon for copper, amber, silk, sugar, corn, potato, cotton, coffee, salt, honey, marble, stone, dye, gems, wheat, olives
  17. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1236:

    - Fixed issue where company resources added half as much bonuses ingame as they were set up and as they were shown in the Civilopedia before starting an actual game
    - Readded initial civ name functionality to the DCN system (usually something like Xyz Peoples)
    - Dynamic Civ Names won't refresh if you don't have any cities (so no new name before you found your first city)
    - Added initial Dynamic Civ Name for all the 28 civs, most of them based on the entry they had in the old system
    - Added Genoan, Polish, Lithuanian, Bulgarian vassal DCN to some of the previously updated civs (4 Iberians, Morocco, Tunesia, Sicily)
    - Minor changes in the Swedish-Norwegian-Danish joint kingdom names, updates in the Iberian civs' names
    - Changed some vassal name entries in the Castilian DCN from "Spain" to "Castile"
    - Updated the DCN reference text file with all recently mentioned civs, standardized entries
    - Fixed issue with character encoding in a couple DCN related files, now all special characters should be displayed correctly
    - Vassals are now allowed to trade cities with their master, e.g. you can give cities to your vassal if they are willing to accept it
    - The Papal States cannot trade any technologies (you can neither trade techs from the Pope, nor trade techs to him)
    - Yields are now displayed correctly for 0 base yield plots which have yield modifiers on them (bonus resources, Moroccan UP)
    - Initial company setup for the 1200AD scenario happens even before the first turn starts
    - Fixed company value calculations for competing companies in the Levant
    - Adjustments in the values of the base religion spread mechanics
    - Added Lakes of RFCEurope reference text file to the mod
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  18. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1237:

    - Added plot coordinates to the tile information tooltip - settable in GlobalDefines_Alt.xml file, disabled by default
    - Added option for city naming popup on city foundation (with the civ's CNM name where it is available) - settable in GlobalDefines_Alt.xml file, disabled by default
    - Added specific name to the plot information tooltip for all lakes (and fjords) on the map
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  19. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Revision 1238:
    Massive coding commit, with a couple cool new features and some very important fixes and AI improvements

    - Switching from Paganism to State Religion/Theocracy/Organized Religion gives you a free religion choice (so no extra anarchy) right on civic change
    - Mainly for civs who start without a religion (Bulgaria, Norse civs, Rus civs, Hungary, Lithuania), no need for the annoying double-revolution anymore
    - AI will also use the function, the choice for a free religion is based on number of cities with the religion, on available holy cities, and on historical preference
    - Reenabled civic change messages - for all civs you have contact with, for all change-types (revolution, diplo, spy, etc.)
    - Civic/religion/many other interface messages will now use the DCN name instead of the short description of the civ
    - Fixed vanilla BtS display bug where messages about civic changes didn't show up if it was an initially set civic
    - Fixed vanilla RFC bug where civics were set back to the basic ones for most AI civs which started before the civ with autoplay (so the human controlled civ)
    - AI civs won't do a revolution in the first couple turns after birth (wait for the potential city flips, initial conquests/settling, war declarations, and whatnot)
    - AI civs won't do a revolution in the first couple turns of the scenario either (keep the initial civics until relations are more established)
    - Dynamic civ names are refreshed for all civs right before the player starts the first turn of the scenario
    - Reduced diplomatic relations penalties from close borders
    - Decreased normal (vanilla BtS) diplo bonuses from sharing a religion, faith points should be the dominating factor
    - Round church no longer negates all diplo bonuses from sharing a religion, but it has increased diplo penalties against civs with the same faith
    - AI won't consider their trade partner worst enemy for tech/map/resource trades and open borders, if diplo relations between them is pleased or friendly
    - Decreased general AI willingness for vassalization, also greatly reduced chance for vassalization on resurrection
    - Cleaner replay log for civic and religion changes, also on peace declarations
    - Made the coding for the settler map tile display more dynamic
    - The Pope might also give free techs to the most pious civs
    - You can only get one tech at a time, and only from techs which are known to the Pope
    - For selecting the civ, relations with the Pope matter, but faith points are much more important
    - The possibility for a free Papal tech is somewhat slim, but the selected civ has bigger chance if it's more techs behind
    - The Pope gets all technologies automatically which is known by at least 3 Catholic civs
    - Fixed issue where some civs started without any techs and without their initial stack if their capital was flipped from another player
    - Fixed issue where some indy/barb units could remain in the core area on the new civ's birth
    - Minor balancing changes in some company spread values, minor changes in the religion spread
    - Little shorter plague duration (on civ-level), also it spreads to a little less cities in a given turn
    - Revised plague related health calculations, now there is a real chance to avoid or mitigate plagues if the civ is healthy enough
    - Fixed bug with autopeace messages with dead civs on civ resurrection
    - Fixed frequency of pillaging messages, added message on pillaged roads too
    - Fixed a couple instances of the autoplay going to -1 turn bug (hopefully all of it)
  20. merijn_v1

    merijn_v1 Black Belt

    Dec 29, 2008
    The city of the original vlaai
    Rev 1239
    General code improvements
    - Removed brackets for better readability
    - Changed some code to be more effecient
    - Included some useful RFCUtils from DoC

    (No game updates, but it should run slightly faster.)
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