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Leftists agitate for changes in society that I do not support.
Ditto, in the other direction. There's a crazy woman in my province who wants public teachers to set up literal one-room schools in their homes, so the actual real school buildings won't need to be used as schools, or they could be torn down or sold or whatever her nutty ideas are. This woman wants to be premier. This is not the most insane idea she keeps promoting.

Still, he has horrible political views, the only thing about him that I don't loathe is his choice of Halloween costumes decades ago.
Yeah, gender-balanced cabinets and women's reproductive rights and not allowing faith groups to discriminate against LGBT youth is just sooo awful and disgusting! How DARE he treat women and LGBT people like equal human beings! :rolleyes:

But you're just fine with blackface? Okay. Current society mostly isn't. I have a photo of a friend who is wearing head-to-toe black body makeup, but that was for a science fiction convention and he was portraying a character in an Andre Norton novel. Justin can't say the same thing.

At the cost of destroying any kind of heritage of the country, replacing it with essentially a "mini United Nations".
No. State X is for X people, State Y is for Y people, State Z is for Z people. A place for everyone and everyone in their place.
A dog born in a stable is not a horse.
Wow. So I guess you've never left your home country even to visit any other? I've visited the U.S. and found it an interesting experience. Their highways are worse than ours, but the people were mostly friendly. There was this usual bizarre idea that everyone in Canada knows everyone else in Canada, and they wanted to look at my Canadian currency and actually feel it, like it was some weird thing (this was decades before we got polymer notes, which do feel and smell very different from paper banknotes). My last trip there was in 1987, and I've no plans to return, though it would have been nice to see the Grand Canyon. Americans are welcome here, as long as they leave their guns at home.

A dog born in a stable is a dog that is still allowed to leave the stable. My own current cat, Maddy, was born in a barn, adopted by a family who discovered that the dad was allergic to cats, they offered her for adoption on Freecycle (perceiving that her all-black fur would mean she'd go unadopted at the SPCA due to ridiculous superstitions about bad luck), and I was in the right place at the right time to take her in. That was over 15 years ago and she's snoozing just a couple of feet away as I type.

Thank you so much for your invaluable feedback on my posting here! I really, definitely appreciate it so very much!
People tend to offer such advice in good faith, and GenMarshall is someone whose advice is worth taking.

I'm against adherents of that lifestyle being role models to the next generation, yes. Asking students to call a biological women "Mr" or a biological male "Ms" is, in effect, promoting transsexualism in schools.
1. "Women" is plural. "Woman" is singular. I don't get the current tendency to use the phrase "a women."

2. What do you imagine goes on in schools that you continually harp on "lifestyle"? As long as they teach the classes and don't insert personal political or religious opinions into the class, who cares what their personal lives are? The only time it mattered to me if one of my teachers was a believer is when they pushed their personal religion in class, via mandatory prayers or using a bible as a textbook for interpretive exercises. Things got rather ridiculous in high school as some students thought it necessary to find some kind of religious angle to the poems or other things we were required to interpret, in order to please the teachers who continually foisted religion-based assignments on us. Honestly, the horses in Muir's poem don't represent Jesus. They're horses, and it's a poem about the aftermath of World War III (we had such a cheerful curriculum for English and social studies in my Grade 12 year in 1979-80).

Either way, Trudeau will never be even 1% of 1% the leader John Macdonald was.
So you approve of everything Sir John A. did, like creating the residential school system that even the Pope has declared to be cultural genocide, and having Louis Riel - an elected Member of Parliament and one of the Fathers of Confederation - executed? :huh:

There's controversy over him now, with statues being moved or vandalized, and he was removed from the money (used to be on the $10 bill). Buildings and other places named for him are being renamed. Yes, he had a vision, yes, he had an ambitious plan to create a country spanning the continent. Yes, it worked. But there was an awful lot of misery and suffering and outright injustice that went along with that, and the historical chickens came home to roost. There's so much that we weren't taught in school about this, and putting Sir John A. in his proper historical context is just part of trying to fix things.

Why should Whites be accountable for the "sins" of our forefathers?
There's accountable and pretending it never happened, or that it happened a different way. I don't feel guilty for what happened, as I was not personally responsible, nor was anyone in my family. That said, I won't pretend that horrible things didn't happen and that they should never happen again.

Like I said, I am not anti-LGB. I vociferously disagree with T. I'm a TERAF - a trans-exclusionary radical anti-feminist.
Of course you're anti-LGB. Your posts drip with condescension toward them.

I have nothing whatsoever against gay/lesbian/bisexual people.
Your posts do not support this.

Yes, mostly, I am. Society functioned far better back then. Once the children are all school age, the mother can go back to work. I would never marry someone from a different heritage, but I don't think it should be illegal or anything. If other people wish to marry out, that's their business, not mine.
Hm. You do realize that not all women who have kids also have husbands or common-law spouses or even live-in boyfriends, right? So if the woman is staying home caring for the pre-school-age children, how are they to be supported? You strike me as the sort of person who expects women to stay home and care for the kids but would rant and complain if such women needed social assistance to make this work.

Besides, the mother is not always the best caregiver. My own mother was physically and verbally abusive, and my parents' divorce when I was 8 was one of the best things that ever happened. My dad got custody, and I lived most of my life with my grandparents and dad (stayed on in later years as they needed help). My mother died 8 years ago. I don't miss her. My dad died 3.5 years ago. I miss him terribly. Living with my grandparents was a complicated situation, navigating through modern life and the patriarchal attitudes of my grandfather. So no, society did NOT function better in a time when women were expected to shut up and do the dishes and never join in the men's conversations (I grew up in a time and place where this was considered normal).

It's your business who you marry, but I suspect that if your offline life is similar to the self you've presented here, you will have limited choices.

Who cares about their lonely souls? We strive towards a larger goal, our little lives don't count at all.
Okay... what "larger" goal do you strive toward? My larger goal is to leave some part of this world, however large or small, a better place than I found it. I want to have done something positive that was of benefit to others, whether human or non-human.

What's yours, other than driving the clock back, and appearing to be okay with Margaret Atwood's Republic of Gilead becoming a reality?

I don't want schoolchildren taught anything about heterosexuality than the bare minimum of reproduction. I don't want schools teaching "how to please your boyfriend in bed 101" to girls.
Well, it's a good thing that this isn't what schools teach, then. You should really stop listening to far-right propaganda, not to mention that it's really off-putting to have this misinformation bandied around OT. I see enough of it on my MLA's Facebook page (she represents the United Corruption Party, and her idea of an acceptable field trip for Catholic high school students was to bus them to Edmonton to participate in an anti-abortion rally - gotta teach 'em young in how to harass, intimidate, and abuse women and girls who are seeking medical treatment that is absolutely 100% legal and absolutely 100% NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS.

I seek a return to tradition.
So does this mean your time here will be short? After all, the internet didn't exist 100 years ago, so your being here is definitely non-traditional. Shall we gather names and RL addresses and pass them around to continue this conversation? Anyone know the postage rates to South Africa?

I don't think it's some sort of horrible, cancel-worthy offense. It's a minor nothing that is blown out of proportion. Keep in mind, the movie "White Chicks".
Quite a few people were offended when the photos surfaced. Mind you, the timing was suspicious... trotting them out in time for the federal election.

That said, I much preferred Justin's Halloween costume in the fall of 2015. He took his kids trick-or-treating, dressed as Han Solo from The Empire Strikes Back. It's rather cool to have a Prime Minister who likes science fiction. It tends to make him more receptive to funding real science research and education programs. It's a nice change from the Dark Decade when Stephen Harper literally threw science libraries in a dumpster.

I mean, some schools in the US bring "drag queens" into the classroom to read to school children.
So? I'm sure the kids didn't care who read to them.

Trudeau supports feminism and multiculturalism, ergo, I don't support Trudeau (even though I'm the furthest thing from Canadian).
Trudeau supports women having equal opportunities to have whatever education or career we want, without being stomped down by "the old boys' club". Canada was founded by multiple countries and ethnicities, by people speaking multiple languages and holding multiple faiths. And that's just the first four provinces back in 1867. There are a lot of different ethnicities represented among the people who live in my apartment building. How does it negatively impact my life if they want to keep some of their cultural traditions? The only time it would is if I happened to be allergic to something they're cooking or preparing to eat (raw basil gives me migraines).

It's so sad to see people so utterly determined to reject all the interesting cultural things available in multicultural societies. One of my favorite days of the year used to be Canada Day when we'd go to the Folk Festival and sample a wide variety of foods and entertainment. My own ancestral background is Swedish/Norwegian on my dad's side, and Irish on my mom's side. I am also one of the few people I know personally who loves bagpipe music (a guy once stood on the sidewalk in front of his house and played for awhile; when I went out to talk to him, he was sure I meant to yell at him, and was surprised when I thanked him for giving us music and I'd really enjoyed it).

An insect is not someone. Someone = people (and in my opinion, dogs, I love dogs).
They're someone to other insects. Probably. And dogs and cats are people. They're just much shorter, hairier, and don't speak human languages. Otherwise, each has a unique personality.

It's funny that someone with a name like Trudeau was teaching in a school in BRITISH Columbia.

Why is it "funny"? Justin Trudeau was born in Ontario, and his mother's maiden name was Margaret Sinclair - definitely NOT French. Justin grew up in a completely bilingual home, and so language would only be an issue if he decided to live and work in the Territories where indigenous languages are becoming used more. Inuktitut is one of the territorial languages of Nunavut.

This may surprise you, but French is not confined to Quebec. It's present all over the country, and most major and middle-sized cities have at least one French immersion school, if not several. As for myself... I took French for 10 years, from elementary through university level, and while I've lost a lot of it (it's true that languages are a "use it or lose it" thing), I still remember enough for a basic conversation and reading package labels (nearly everything sold in this country has bilingual labeling on it). I remember one time when my dad's girlfriend bought a TV and asked me for help to program it. I realized that the English instructions were gibberish - they seemed to be badly translated from Japanese. So I looked for the French instructions and found them straightforward and easy to follow. I got her TV programmed.

I don't care for science fiction. I prefer musicals, comedy, mysteries, dramedy, etc...spaceships and stuff are for children.
You really should get off the internet, then. After all, computers and near-instantaneous communication around the world were once science fiction. You don't like spaceships? How do you think the communication satellites get up into orbit - jump up on their own?

"Spaceships are for children..." Sheesh. :shake: Here's my take:

The Meek shall inherit the Earth.
The Rest of us will go on to the Stars.

That said, musicals are cool. I spent 12 years working in musical theatre, on various backstage crews. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say you must have loved "Kiss Me, Kate". After all, Kate finally knuckles under to Petruchio, with her "I am ashamed that women are so simple... to offer war when they should kneel for peace..." speech. That was the first show I ever worked on, and while it was loads of fun and helped me get over my fear of heights (having to climb a tall ladder and be stationed in a lighting booth over the stage was part of the job and not for a panicky person), over the years I've mused about the actual song lyrics to some pieces and found them rather off-putting. Kinda like Peter Pan. I worked on a production of that, 35 years ago, and didn't realize until just a few years ago how utterly racist it is.

Lifestyle was a reference to a gender-divergent lifestyle. I have nothing against people who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
By this point I doubt anyone else here believes this but you.

Modern medicine doesn't need to bring modern society...
Do you have any idea at all how many diseases and medical conditions that women suffer because male doctors and researchers didn't consider them worth the bother of researching and treating, because they figured women were just smaller men who could have babies? This is still going on.

I know what Gilead means, it's still better than living under Malema. Do you know who Malema is?
I skimmed the Wikipedia article. You're still saying that a fascist theocracy is something that's good. Under the Gilead regime, people like me would just be executed, since we would be deemed useless. Thanks so much for making your view of disabled people known.

Find one post where I said anything homophobic. I was very clear - the lifestyle I disapprove of is transsexualism, not homosexuality/bisexuality. It's fine to be LGB, but T is biology denial.
Every single time you prattle on about "lifestyle". And honestly, nobody gives a damn if you approve or not. It's not your place to approve or disapprove. Other people's sexuality is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

But those detractors didn't stop Victoria or either Elizabeth from being Queen.
It's not like they had any viable options, did they?

Well, lots of left-wing parties (i.e. EFF) despise people like me, and sing songs about killing people like me. So don't be surprised that I have come to hate the world, this world that always hated me. Take an eye for an eye, turn your heart into stone. This is all I have lived for, this is all I have known...
It's unfortunate that such violence and hate exists in your country. But you are projecting that brand of left-leaning politics on to countries that are very different and assuming they're all the same.

Radical feminism = anything beyond the early stuff (i.e. a woman's right to vote is the last feminist idea I agreed with).
So let us vote, and then tell us to get back in the kitchen and make you a sandwich, then. Y'know, you'd have gotten along great with my grandfather, and that is NOT a compliment. He and I had some very bitter arguments over his notions that girls don't have a right to opinions until marriage and at that point their opinions become whatever their husbands' opinions are. I couldn't believe that it was the 1980s when this BS was being handed to me. It came as quite a shock to my grandfather when he realized he could not force my grandmother, dad, and me to vote the same way he did, in the last election he was alive to vote in. His choice was an anti-Jewish ex-teacher who lost his teaching license for preaching Holocaust denial to his high school social studies students. There is no way I would ever support anyone like that.

I may not be able to turn back the clock, but at least I can slow the winds of change if I try.
:lol: There's actually a Star Trek character who would agree with you - Mistress Beata, in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Angel One." She was speaking of men's rights, though. On that world, women rule. Men primp and look pretty, and are the servants. Mistress Beata strongly disapproves of men having equal rights, and makes a speech about reducing evolution (social evolution) to a slow crawl.

Ah, yes, very assimilated!

Is this supposed to be some kind of profound "gotcha"? :huh:

Jagmeet Singh was born in Canada, and he's the leader of the federal NDP party - that's the party I usually support both federally and provincially. I fail to see why you think he deserves being sneered at because he wears the traditional turban and beard of a practicing Sikh man. Freedom of/from religion is a basic clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, so it's actually really disgusting that you would mock his decision to follow the traditions of his faith. Why would you demand he be "assimilated" into the culture of a country he was born in?

There is no need for a flame war, you'll notice that I'm not flinging insults at people, rather I am expressing my views in an articulate but sometimes feisty manner.
It is possible to be both articulate and insulting at the same time.

They are trying to get me to play along with their delusions, which I will not do.
So you're okay with referring to some of the members of CFC as "delusional"? I'm sure that any who see this thread will just love you for that. Not.

But when too many people are making choices that are bad for the long-term survival and continuity of their nation...
You realize that national boundaries can't be seen from space, right? What matters is the survival of the species.

The larger goal is ensuring national continuity. This cannot be done with sub-replacement fertility.

Trying to live as the opposite sex is a lifestyle choice. LGB is fine, I have nothing against it. Schools are now promoting that transsexualism is a valid lifestyle.
Y'know what? For someone who values looking inward rather than outward, you seem to love sticking your nose in an awful lot of other people's business. Teaching kids that LGBT people exist and are entitled to equality is in no way promoting anything other than equality. Stop listening to propaganda and actually ask real teachers what goes on in schools.

You're very happy to toss around the term "lifestyle." Not so many years ago someone flamed me when I mentioned being atheist and she ranted at me over my supposed "atheist lifestyle." I asked what she imagined an "atheist lifestyle" consisted of. The truth is it consists of most things anyone else's lifestyle consists of, minus prayers and worship and holy texts.

The difference is that for me, atheism is a choice. I chose it decades ago, while I was still in school. LGBT people don't choose. It's a matter of biology.

And it's true that alternative gender lifestyles are being promoted in schools.
Your source for this claim?

There are far more atheists and agnostics who vote for liberal parties than for conservative parties.
True. Who wants to vote for a party where most of the members are intolerant of those who don't follow their religion, or at least any mainstream religion? But I suspect that isn't what was meant. I've observed that most Conservative politicians claim to be Christian, yet the policies and views they espouse are the direct opposite of what their Jesus would have preached. They are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

No, it isn't. If Jesus Christ were alive today, he wouldn't be preaching in favor of making followers of false prophets feel welcome, nor in favor of gender ideology that contradicts biblical truth.

That's not the impression I got when I read the New Testament.
This guys stuff is all just reactive stances based upon who you are. Theres no method and maybe a skeleton of an underpinning ideology. My team and your team.

Its really boring.
Ditto, in the other direction. There's a crazy woman in my province who wants public teachers to set up literal one-room schools in their homes, so the actual real school buildings won't need to be used as schools, or they could be torn down or sold or whatever her nutty ideas are. This woman wants to be premier. This is not the most insane idea she keeps promoting.

What is her most insane idea ?
Just chiming in to give an advice : sliced-up wall of text are unreadable. I doubt many will bother with following an argument when it's about fifteen quotes in a row.
It would probably be better to be more synthetic and to focus on main points.
This guys stuff is all just reactive stances based upon who you are. Theres no method and maybe a skeleton of an underpinning ideology. My team and your team.

Its really boring.

This. I'm certainly not wasting any spoons on it, even if he's really misinformed about WWJD; it's ironic that most enthusiastic Christians nowadays really come across as Pharisee-like, and I suspect that if Jesus returned tomorrow he'd be loathe to label himself as a Christian in the first place.
If Jesus came back, he would be derided as a socialist.
I hate to say it, but society is going to move towards progressive ideals
No one knows the future. I predict tho that most of the gobbledygook people are spazzing about these days will be forgotten when the **** hits the fan regarding climate change.

The days when people spent hours a day arguing w strangers online about their precious beliefs about society will be unbelievable to future generations struggling to survive in a barely inhabitable world.

"I'm right, I know how the world should work"
"No I'm right, I know how the world should work"

One thing we all have in common, despite our 'privilege' as rich 1st worlders w enuf time to fritter away w this wankery, is that we're all victims to the rush of histroy carrying us all down the river whatever we may believe.
This. I'm certainly not wasting any spoons on it, even if he's really misinformed about WWJD; it's ironic that most enthusiastic Christians nowadays really come across as Pharisee-like, and I suspect that if Jesus returned tomorrow he'd be loathe to label himself as a Christian in the first place.
The low class pharisee seems like it wouldn't be a terrible place to start looking for Jesus. Even if they're a bit hidebound. If you manage to work the leather into usefulness, they get tough and protective. So much work, though. And the purchase to do it is hard to come by.
Mental hospitals would be a good place to start looking for Jesus, claim you're Jesus and that's where you'll end up.

They should have a game show where they collect the 100 funniest Jesus claimers and have them compete.
I did sorely want to make a snark about sadducees that seems like it'd still fit, but even tax collectors can be made fishers of men.

Mental hospital isn't wrong, still. I had meant "purchase" in the "grip to carry furniture" sort of sense. But if we're using Jesus as the example of God, and I can't think of a better, what does a Godly love cost?
We have really backslid in recognizing God's influence. Abraham got mad respect, Andrea Yates was declared mentally ill.
No, but you are expected to call people by biologically inaccurate pronouns these days.
what the problem to use the right pronome the people choice for himself? Don't matter what is his gender of birth, just matter what gender he/she associate with it self now.
This gender nonsense has been going on at least since Christians starting collectively considering themselves the bride of Christ. Collectivism, polygamy, and gender hocus pocus in one fell swoop.
Hello, on a different note. If you are familiar with wildlife safaris, how different are the ones in S. Africa from those in Tanzania?

If you do go, we damned better coordinate a day!
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