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What are you driving?

Beep beep. This is a cute car!
cute car 1 geely-lc-1.jpg
It looks like a lady bug. Should be red.

This one is nice too. Should also be red. Still it sold by $70,000,000 making it the most expensive car in history probably.
It is if the buyer sells it by $100,000,000 in few years.
1963 Ferrari 250 GTO! My favorite car from that era is this Porsche 904

That is a serious contender!

IMO sport cars reached the stetic peak in the 60s.

Lambo Miura. And at $2,000,000 is a bargain!
Yes, the most beautiful cars are from the 1960s (with a few outliers from other times). EVs may enable some new impressive designs though.
I have a ten (ish) year old Kia Venga in the driveway. Car ownership is a catch 22 for me. If I have one I get annoyed over the insurance money I sink into something I hardly use. But every now and again something comes up where it's super handy to have easy access to a car. If I had real money I'd get a good EV with good range. I love my e-bike it's by far my main mode of transportation but yeah, sometimes you just need a car for something.
Recently I've been on an Alfa Romeo small sedan kick.

Alfas have that je ne sais quoi, even with its bad reability reputation. According to Jeremy Clarckson they are made to be great during a brief period of time. In any case i will add one to my car collection. (if i ever have a car collection)
This one is nice too. Should also be red. Still it sold by $70,000,000 making it the most expensive car in history probably.
I think this is the most expensive car, a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé that cost $135m in 2022.

I think this is the most expensive car, a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé that cost $135m in 2022.

No wonder, only two like that were built (street approved). All other 300 SLR were pure racing cars, winning many races in the 50s, and were driven by Fangio nothing less. And they looked even more amazing IMO:

Sadly this very model was the one causing the big massacre in Lemans in 1955 killing 80+ spectators (plus the pilot Pierre Levegh) and making Mercedes to retire from racing for 30 years. So big history of motorsports behind (even if the most macabre aspect) which makes it even more valuable.
Beautiful car, but yeah, the old head-on shot of Levegh's car flying straight towards the stands is haunting.
Speed limiters arrive for all new cars in the European Union

It was a big week for road safety campaigners in the European Union as Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology became mandatory on all new cars.

The rules came into effect on July 7 and follow a 2019 decision by the European Commission to make ISA obligatory on all new models and types of vehicles introduced from July 2022. Two years on, and the tech must be in all new cars.

So how does it work? In the first instance, the speed limit on a given road can be detected by using data from a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) – such as Global Positioning System (GPS) – and a digital map to come up with a speed limit. This might be combined with physical sign recognition.

If the driver is being a little too keen, the ISA system must notify them that the limit has been exceeded but, according to the European Road Safety Charter "not to restrict his/her possibility to act in any moment during driving."

"The driver is always in control and can easily override the ISA system."

There are four options available to manufacturers according to the regulations. The first two, a cascaded acoustic or vibrating warning, don't intervene, while the latter two, haptic feedback through the acceleration pedal and a speed limiter, will. The European Commission noted, "Even in the case of speed control function, where the car speed will be automatically gently reduced, the system can be smoothly overridden by the driver by pressing the accelerator pedal a little bit deeper."

I am not sure who buys new cars anyway, but I would expect this to put off some people.
It'll be fine. Totally won't kill people when sensors malfunction, because that never happens?

Mistakes are what drivers make. Designers are different creatures, surely.
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I should have also quoted this bit:

This writer has driven a car equipped with the technology, and while it would be unfair to name and shame particular manufacturers, things are a little hit-and-miss. Road signs are not always interpreted correctly, and maps are not always up to date, meaning the car is occasionally convinced that the speed limit differs from reality, with various beeps and vibrations to demonstrate its belief.
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Along similar lines, fisker is going bankrupt so will the connected cars work?

Oceans need to connect to that cloud for basic features including the sunroof and doggy windows (little windows by the liftgate that are a unique Ocean feature) to function.

De Bardi said owners aren't sure what else may go wrong on the cars if that cloud or the Ocean's internet connectivity drop out for an extended period.
If those sales numbers are final, service is just a straight up nightmare if you can work it at all. Those are zombie cars.
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