What is political corruption?

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There's opinions and out right falsehoods.

You support the marriage is slavery claim for example? It's crap like that I object to not bad things said about NZ. All the bad things you hear about overseas well they exist here.

Much like anywhere if your in the bottom 10% here it sucks and further down you go its that much worse.

It's the scale and frequency is where the nuance comes into it.
You've quite literally said outright falsehoods before. I'm sure I have too. It happens. They're still opinion.

I don't care that you think NZ is better than other places. It's immaterial to me most of the time. I care that you got on your high horse about "people who aren't from NZ" at the same time you were lecturing an American on what the US is like, lol. Or me, when you go on about British politics. Can't you see?

Like I could just laugh this off and blow raspberries. But I am genuinely trying to make an argument here. Struggling to relate it back to corruption though, so I should prolly just give up.
Moderator Action: I do give up. this thread is a mess. closed for now.
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