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  1. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Britain & Ireland / British Isles (TSL) v1.1a

    Saph's Britain & Ireland (TSL) Time for a journey to these beautiful islands! Come and explore the geological richness of the Emerald Isle, admire the magnificent peaks of the Scottish Highlands, walk the invigorating coastal path of Pembrokeshire, hike among the valleys of Yorkshire, or get a...
  2. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Antarctica No Ice (TSL) v3.0

    Saph's Antarctica No Ice Following extreme global warming, intense continental drift and a thermonuclear war that destroyed all other continents and sent humanity back to the stone age, Antarctica melted and its climes have gone all bonkers! Now it's your job to lead your tribe and rebuild...
  3. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Africa Plus: Humid Edition (TSL) v1.2

    Saph's Africa Plus: Humid Edition (TSL) Welcome to the beautiful, glorious and now wetter dark continent! Design Features Sections of all sizes: The full map is Enormous, but if you are less ambitious, 16 sections of the map are available as smaller maps. The Africa section of the map is...
  4. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Africa Plus (TSL) v1.2

    Saph's Africa Plus (TSL) Welcome to the beautiful and glorious dark continent! Design Features Sections of all sizes: The full map is Enormous, but if you are less ambitious, 16 sections of the map are available as smaller maps. The Africa section of the map is Huge-sized. True Starting...
  5. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Orbis Terrarum Redux (TSL) 1.1a

    Saph's Orbis Terrarum Redux (TSL) A bigger, more detailed, more feature-rich, complete remake of Saph's first ever Civ map! Design Features The Old World as the Romans knew it: This map is based on a reconstruction of the Orbis Terrarum ("the circle of the world") completed by Marcus...
  6. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Atlantic: A Clash of Worlds (TSL) 1.1b

    Saph's Atlantic: A Clash of Worlds (TSL) Welcome to a much more intimate Atlantic! Europe is now enlarged and much closer to the Americas, facilitating transatlantic relationships. Will you lead the African empires to prosperity on a difficult landscape? Will you replicate the European...
  7. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Vortex 1.0a

    Saph's Vortex Welcome to the Vortex! It's a landmass that strangely resembles the logo of a certain game company... Design Features Randomised Options for Replayability: Rivers & resources are randomised each game (no pre-placed rivers). Terrain features (e.g. woods, rainforests, reefs...
  8. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Middle East: Cradle of Civilization (TSL) 1.1d

    Saph's Middle East: Cradle of Civilization (TSL) Welcome to the cradle of civilization & the theatre of empires! Can you lead your people to glory greater than that of Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Alexander, Antiochus, Tigranes, Shapur, Justinian, Tamar & others? Design Features Middle East Plus...
  9. bite

    Mapping Humankind

    This is probably one of the more difficult things I have charted, but after several failed starts I bring you all of Humankind mapped out (including the two DLCs) https://tldrmoviereviews.com/2022/07/19/humankind-map-it/ You can also see the Humankind Cartographic Educational Database
  10. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Mediterranean: Ice Age (TSL) 2.1f

    Saph's Mediterranean: Ice Age (TSL) Does the summer heat bother you? Then welcome to a colder Mediterranean! Design Features Mediterranean with a cool twist: Snow and ice sheets cover the North of Europe, turning the area into a frozen wasteland. Sea level has lowered across the region...
  11. Adamiy

    Map of France V 1.1

    Map of France (and surroundings) made mannually from an empty canvas Discover Gaul in all its splendor All Based : - Mountain - Cliffs - Ressources - Rivers - Dimensions - Forests - Swamps - Regions (by continent) - Start Position - Features - Lakes - Land - ... Updates will come to make...
  12. B

    YnAMP Giant Earth but restricted to Old world with world wrap

    Hi, new to the forums, I'm really interested in playing a "if Columbus was right about geography" map of the world where the Americas don't exist and travelling west of Europe lands you in Asia. I've been using YnAMP's Giant Earth map for the past few months and have really enjoyed its size but...
  13. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Americas (TSL) v1.0c

    Saph's Americas (TSL) Welcome to the Americas! Will you choose to conquer this "New World" as one of the European colonisers? Or will you choose to defend your homeland against colonial invaders as one of the native civilizations? Design Features Conquer the Americas: This map covers all of...
  14. Saint3639

    Earth map 160x90 V.3.0.

    I APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCORRECT TRANSLATION OF THE DESCRIPTION, THANKS TO THE ONLINE TRANSLATOR... Map created, personally by me according to my subjective opinion! a little disproportionate, Europe is slightly enlarged, some islands are also slightly enlarged, but everything is located...
  15. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Twin Europes (TSL) v1.0b

    Saph's Twin Europes (TSL) If you like playing on a map of Europe, this map has double the fun! Design Features True Starting Locations: 25 official civs, 15 city states and 9 natural wonders are placed at their real world locations. (An additional 9 natural wonders are placed in Mirror...
  16. L

    Senaq Desert 2022-04-09

    Think of this map as archipelago-style, with the water replaced with desert. There are seven starting areas, one for each color. Due to the vast desert, players will find it challenging to settle beyond their arable starting land.
  17. Skylar Saphyr

    Saph's Hawaii v1.0b

    Saph's Hawai'i Aloha! The Hawaiian Islands welcome you! Details Map size: 108x42 (Standard) Recommended number of civs: 4-6 Civs (The map itself does not limit the number of civs or city states you can have, so feel free to have as many or as few as you like!) Required Mod: Gedemon's Yet...
  18. L

    Cyclades Islands 2022-03-24

    104x96 Civ 2 Vanilla Map of Greek Cycladic Islands of the Aegean Sea All civilizations have starting spots. Tried to balance between realism and playability.
  19. E

    Forsena Map 1.0

    This tiny map contains 6 continents based on rulers of the Legend of Forsena game and real cities naming on it. No TSL as there's no Brigandine civs mod yet. This map was created using the Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter by Zobtzler and requires Yet (not) Another Map Packs by Gedemon to...
  20. Blake00

    Super Earth Map (MGE & ToT) by Denis Kozhin

    Am curious to know if people have tried Denis Kozhin's utterly huge map of Earth? Embarrassingly I didn't know about it until now and am utterly blown away by it's sheer size! Most of us know of the popular Giga Earth map (used in many scenarios) however this has even bigger land masses due to...
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