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Project *pause* Genesis.
Finished the latest season of Lower Decks. It was decent but overall underwhelming. The little snippets every episode hinting the impending conflict were cool. The final culmination... was not.

Spoiler :

The Ferengi paywall joke on the Genesis device was hilarious though.
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Well it's been a while since I was last here as I took a break from 'new trek' for a few years after being turned off so badly by Season 3 of 'Discovery of Infinite Melodrama' and more so season 1 of 'Patrick Stewart Goes to Space' (my rants about these shows can be found earlier in this thread haha).

Because so much of their content is appearing in the live action shows I recently smashed all of the Star Wars cartoons which I enjoyed way more than I expected to, and I think my opinions on Star Wars Ashoka (which I enjoyed a lot) would have suffered had I not, as jeez.. almost every character, ship, and place in that show was from either Clone Wars or Rebels and many story elements were sequels/continuations of cartoon storylines & events. So anyway I originally didn't plan to watch Star Trek Lower Decks but now that I hear they're doing a bit of a Star Wars and bringing characters & things from that show into the live action shows and I keep hearing good things about it I figured I'd better do the same as I did with Star Wars and smash all the Trek cartoons out too!

That being said I still went into Lower Decks thinking "Star Trek cartoon? Star Trek comedy? I'm not gonna like it" and in the opening scene of the pilot I was thinking "yup, this is stupid" but.. then something really funny happened and next thing I knew I was laughing a whole bunch of times.. then there were fast zombies.. then it made me laugh some more lol. Even the intro sequence is pretty funny as I like how they spoof VOY, TNG & DS9's intros lol. I love the fact its TNG era too and they do a good job at playing on that nostalgia. As I progressed through the seasons I found it just got better and better.. there's just so many endless Easter eggs and references to TNG/DS9/VOY..
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multiple cast members from those shows have done cameos too.. I loved the S3 DS9 episode and them doing laps around it to the music lol. I love how the intro keeps changing every season so that the giant battle they run away from just gets more and more ridiculous lol! S1 Romulan vs Borg, S2 the Klingons & Pakleds are there, S3 the Crystaline entity lol, and now S4 has the Breen and the friggin star trek 4 whale probe hahaha! If this show goes for 7 seasons I wonder what on earth will be there by then haha!
I'm currently half way through season 4 so not long to go now before being fully up to date.

Have just finished season 4 of ‘Discovery of Infinite Melodrama’.. the A story with the 'DMA' & species 10C was pretty good.. but god.. all the B stories.. painful as usual.. everyone's crying and yelling and talking about their feelings every 5mins. I mean the ship can literally be about to explode and people are stopping to talk about that time little Johnny picked on them in the playground and then getting a pat on the back.. and of course it wouldn't be a season of Discovery if there wasn't a moment where they conveniently forgot about the transporter to put someone or everyone in jeopardy only to then use the transporter for something else 5mins later lol.. urgh.. thank god there's only 1 season left of it coming out soon.. apparently the cast didn't even know season 5 would be their last when they filmed it lol!

Am starting season 2 of 'Patrick Stewart Goes to Space' now.. have been kinda dreading it after disliking season 1 so much (I actually prefer Discovery to Picard, which is saying something lol) however I know the TNG cast are all back for Season 3 and a lot of people really liked it as it undoes a lot of the damage season 1 did and gives those happy endings we wanted for them. So I figured I just gotta survive S2 with the icky/annoying S1 cast to get there.. however much to my surprise I’m actually really enjoying it so far.. am 3 episodes in and holy moly..
Spoiler :
Guinan, Q, Borg queen, another evil alt universe, Star Trek 4 style time travel, heaps of sneaky Easter egg references to old Trek events like Lower Decks does (eg in like one scene Q casually drops episode names like “Yesterdays Enterprise” and “In a Mirror, Darkly” in his sentences haha).

You can just tell the switch has already happened from Michael Chabon’s “let’s ignore as much old trek and make it as different as possible, and lets make every character depressed, addicted to something, messed up and kill a bunch of them in cold blood” dark miserable style of writing in season 1 to a more “let’s go on a traditional Star Trek adventure” writing by the people doing S2 which has won me back surprisingly quickly.. still, I shouldn’t get too excited as there’s still 7 episodes left in season 2 which is plenty of time to screw things up as I remember thinking Picard season 1 was going okay by the 3rd episode and then boy did that change lol!

Anyway once I’m all done with Lower Decks I’ll move on to ST Prodigy and when I’m done with Picard I’ll get started on Strange New Worlds S1!
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Beamed over from the superheroes thread:

A time travel episode in Strange New Worlds' third season has Starfleet visit modern (21st C) Toronto, and several Toronto landmarks actually featured in the episode.
Good episode. I like Paul Wesley's Kirk. It felt to me like his version was flowing more out of Chris Pine's than William Shatner's, but that was okay. I'm trying to imagine Shatner's Kirk with a woman like La'an from that era - Diana Rigg's Emma Peel is the only one I can think of - and it doesn't really work. I can almost literally see their energies clashing. But I thought Wesley and Chong were good together.
Yes, I liked that episode. I've only seen the first four, I think, but so far the first one was the weakest.
I've just seen Those Old Scientists (SNW s2e7). I haven't watched Lower Decks, but that was a really good episode, nonetheless. Una finding out why Boimler is so fearful of her was a really lovely touch.
I've just seen Those Old Scientists (SNW s2e7). I haven't watched Lower Decks, but that was a really good episode, nonetheless. Una finding out why Boimler is so fearful of her was a really lovely touch.
I'd never seen Lower Decks either, but yeah, I thought Quaid and Newsome were both great.

I don't know if they deliberately cast the voice actors of the animated show to be able to play their characters in live action, or if that was just a fun coincidence (if the latter, that could be why they picked those two characters to appear in SNW). The upcoming DCU animated show Creature Commandos was cast with that in mind, and I couldn't help thinking this crossover Star Trek episode was kind of a proof-of-concept. Merle Dandridge played the same character in the tv adaptation of The Last of Us and in the original video game. That one had to be a coincidence, but again, it showed how well it can work.
AFAIK the casting choices for Lower Decks were intentional, going so far as designing the characters themselves after them.

An animated comedy show for Star Trek instills skepticism, but it's a great show, and that episode becomes 5x more amazing when you have the prolonged character development of Boimler and Mariner as context.
Isn't that the SNW enviro-suit?
Isn't that the SNW enviro-suit?
Yeah, it could be the suit with the bulky parts removed, just the body-suit underneath.

I also don't see the Terran Empire device anywhere.

Terran Empire 2432? Is that from Star Trek Online?
Terran Empire 2432? Is that from Star Trek Online?
Good question. Absolutely nothing comes up on a search for that year in Star Trek. 2409-2411 is only associated with ST:O, but the actual Mirror Universe page has no mention of anything after DS9 and Discovery.

Finally, I found this:

In the computer game Star Trek Online, by 2409, the Terran Rebellion has succeeded in overthrowing the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and restored the Terran Empire to its former status as a major power in the quadrant. The Terran Empire of the 25th century has also returned to the old ways, having engaged in a series of hostile incursions into the prime universe. The Empire attempts to invade that universe using a trans-dimensional portal in the Badlands, and later allies with the Temporal Liberation Front. Imperial ships have markings similar to those used in the 22nd century, albeit red instead of yellow. The Emperor in the 25th century is revealed in the episode "The Eye of the Storm" (released in September 2022) to be the mirror counterpart of Wesley Crusher, who seeks to combine his powers from the Traveler with those of "the Other" (the mirror counterpart of V'ger) to become a god and destroy all of existence. After he is defeated, he is replaced by Leeta, who up to that point had commanded the ISS Enterprise-F.

The mirror universe novella Saturn's Children identifies Andorians, Bolians, Tellarites, and Denobulans as part of the rebellion. Whereas the success of the Terran Rebellion has led to the reinstatement of the Terran Empire in Star Trek Online, in the novels, the democratic Commonwealth is established.
That sent me on a Star Trek wiki walk, so fair enough! :)
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