Barbie Movie Discussion (Spoilers)

A what what now?

$50m is rare, and so is a movie like Barbie making as much money as it is. They correlate. If you want to get mad at the system, that system is capitalism :p

Not Margot Robbie, and not the Barbie movie. If you want to describe a problem, you'll find that it's a symptom. There are other symptoms.
I think I covered this by noting to you that in a Barbie thread it is on topic to speak about (against) the Barbie movie :)
"The rest do it too!", while valid, isn't on-topic, much like it is discouraged elsewhere. That was the not-so-cryptic meaning of the reverse-whataboutism.
"The rest do it too!", while valid, isn't on-topic, much like it is discouraged elsewhere. That was the not-so-cryptic meaning of the reverse-whataboutism.
Except you're framing it as both a bad movie (not sure how else to interpret "pos"), and suggesting that it is unrealistic such a movie gets the woman whose idea it was so much money.

I'm saying it's very realistic. I'm saying that's exactly how it works for the A-listers.
Isn't that a reverse what-aboutism? ^^ Naturally the same grievances on different films, aren't as tied to the topic of the specific thread.
Though if we are to momentarily refer on the tangent of other basic fun/dumb movies, indeed lots of clowns make bank with millions, but 50 mil for one movie is still rare as google tells me.

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And while you personally wouldn't need this to be spelled out, of course I am equally annoyed with making 15-20 million for such. This ridiculous star system for actors/celebrities is a bane, and even manages to gain drones to support it.

Payouts like that generally only hapen when an actor gets a %. And then the movie blows up a lot more than anticipated.

Think Jack Nicolson is the highest paid actor ever adjusted for inflation he got around double Margot got.
She (or her agent) negotiated a back-end deal on the revenue that Barbie would generate. She was also credited as a Producer on the movie. Just smart business IMO. Robert Downey Jr. started doing the same on the later Avengers movies he appeared in. It's banking on yourself, & showing confidence in the movie the actor appears in.

Completely unrelated: What would be funny though is if actors got penalized for movies that flopped - like actually lost part of their salary for bombs. That never happens though. But I don't begrudge any actor (or their agent I guess) for tying in extra revenue for when a film does well - well negotiated on her part.
Hey, found a shorter article.

Barbie’s ‘pornographic’ origin story, as told by historians​

A new trailer for the Barbie movie shows her visiting the real world. In reality, the doll was based on a German sex toy called Lilli.​

It was 1956, the co-founder of Mattel and her teenage daughter stood outside a shop in Switzerland, transfixed by the window display: An 11.5 inch doll with a platinum ponytail, heavily lined eyes, and puckered lips, sitting on a rope swing.

The doll, a German-made model marketed as Bild Lilli, was popular in that part of Europe at the time — generally considered a sex toy, or a gag gift for men.

It’s not clear that Ruth Handler — a business executive on vacation from her home in California — knew what Lilli was. It’s not even clear among historians where the shop was: the popular Franz Carl Weber toy shop in Lucerne, a tobacco store or a bar.
Regardless, Lilli did what she was designed for. She intrigued Handler, who took the doll back home and three years later introduced her Americanized doppelgänger: Barbie. ...
Ok I finally just saw it and this movie is amazing 😍
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