Challenge: A Billion of People!

I thought about this challenge as Rome also, and Mediolanum sucks compared to some of the better options.

But you could always let the Celts take it back and then raze it if you really want to use another location. That's a pretty big stability hit though that you'll have to live with permanently through the challenge.
I thought about that, but It's not worth it. Alternatively disband it when it revolts to me, but it would make life a pain for my workers until then.
I'd rather build Pompeii, that leaves Mediolanum a decent space.

By the way. How much does the stability suffer when you give/liberate cities to your vassals?
I thought about that, but It's not worth it. Alternatively disband it when it revolts to me, but it would make life a pain for my workers until then.
That's not actually an option, because the city doesn't flip to your culture, it flips to your spawn zone. You only get an option to raze cities that flip to your culture, not your spawn.
Trying Babylon. Founded NINUA (much better than Babylon), sent two warriors to pop goody huts eastward, one to west; popped math in southern China (very lucky). War with India so they won't build Oracle soon. Befriended with Persia, Greece, Rome and Egypt until got enough techs from them. Disbanded Shushan. Oracle for Theology, Christianity founded in Jerusalem. Couldn't raze Sur upon conquering. These 2 cities is crap, and will flip to Arabs... I built nothing except the Church of the Nativity.

After finished the Colosseum, began conquering. First Persia, then Greece. AI kept founding cities in crap spot like Pella (what a waste of that sheep), and Egypt founded 2 cities only 2 spots away to their capital, discouraging me to conquer them... I plan to settle America in late game so I should raze cities as few as possible.
Here's a cheat sheet that should help with this challenge. Rename it to a .csv and open in your favorite spreadsheet. It shows the maximum food production (not counting sushi or cereal) for each city site, with these health adjustments (since these won't be the same from city to city):

- no fresh water = -2
- not coastal = -3 (can't build lighthouse)
- flood plains in area = -0.4 per flood plain

A plot that says "80" theoretically corresponds to a size 40 city, but in reality, you're going to have sushi and you're probably going to reach 1 billion before any of your cities maxes out. So this information is mainly useful for comparing different city locations.

It's possible that there are some mistakes, but I've checked the calculation on most of the really big sites and they look okay. The numbers assume that all flat plains and grasslands can be irrigated, which is not the case, but I don't think that affects any of the biggest sites. Also, I didn't add the one bonus food from supermarkets, but that's constant across cities anyway.

These values count the resources that are added up to 1700. The 1850 resources weren't included.


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I think you meant "harbor" instead of "lighthouse."
And yes, all plains and grasslands can be irrigated after biology.
Except those that can never reach fresh water, obviously. Never thought that a city in Germany can be in fact even larger than the mighty US cities. Definitely worth trying as the French I'd say.
I seem to be having trouble reading the map, is the 86 city Amiens?
Hammers=100% gold/culture/science
Now if only one can turn production into people...:)
Yes, 86 is Amiens.

RFC switches the names of Harbor and Lighthouse. The building that increases health (and trade route income) is Lighthouse in RFC.
Yes, 86 is Amiens.

RFC switches the names of Harbor and Lighthouse. The building that increases health (and trade route income) is Lighthouse in RFC.

Accually, RFC swaps the features of those buildings. The required techs, the art, the name etc. are the same. :smug:
I'm sorry, I thought you can't build EITHER one (lighthouse or harbor) if you're not on coast. And I thought that you get more population from the harbor(food) than the lighthouse (health).
Then again, I haven't played RFC for close to 2 months now, so I'm a little rusty.:)
I did this as Bismark / German people (please note Emperor difficulty, Beyond the Sword version, latest patches). It wasn't easy, though i reached 1 BILLION in 1995 or so. I'm not sure if its possible without corporations (which are only in BTS AFAIK, but probably yes), aka Sushi and Co. I didn't finished the game yet, but i will, and then i'll send you screen. I'm trying currently reach maximum population and global control for fun :] (i won historical).
Currently im on 40 with Danzig, but London, Inverness, and Tours for example aren't fully developed yet. Also the main reason why i didn't finished yet was nuclear war in '95 or so :) Which as you know means global warning, and that's absolutely no good for this kind of stuff.

BTW: Suggestion to other challenge: did you ever build / get all possible wonders (which means: possible wonders from 600: Notre dame, Learning Tower, Spiral Minaret, University of Sankore, Wat Preah Pisnulok, and all the other) on emperor difficulty? (From later start.) It's pretty tough i think, i did it after literally few years of playing :)) In my game i've build everything except Notre Dam (build before i started in 840 in Constantinople), which i conquered from Byzantine empire ASAP.

Now it's the other part, i actually cheated a bit (or changed the rules), because i played it as custom scenario with technology brokering, and some stability logging (which can cause some random bugs, but _hopefully_ doesn't - and i did it because i needed to understand the stability exactly - like running representation + bureaucracy with 20+ cities and similar extreme stuff without loosing stability). And i used save / load plus minus normally. It shouldn't affect the game rules a lot (you know the tech. brokering was enabled in prev. versions.)... anyway i'll try it later with vanilla version / settings later, but unfortunately i don't have any time for this in near future.

So good luck and have fun. (Screens later, i currently doesn't have access to them.)
There should already be a thread for 100% wonders. I believe someone has done it before as Greece.

I don't know if someone has done it for a 600AD start, though.
I'm attempting this as the Egyptians on Monarch. Going to see if I can get to 1 billion Egyptians. :D

Edit: Nope. It continuously crashes on turn 137 - the turn after I discover Iron Working. This is a picture of the autosave on turn 136.

Pressed enter to move on to the next turn:

Did it 10 times in a row. >_<
Well, I'll try this again some other time. I'll go and make some Civs for my new mod that I'm starting to make.
Quick question: what about 2 billions? :cool: I'm trying but it's hard, because nobody wants share all, so only option is resource wars, which hurting my stability. Currently my population is 1.8 billion (year 2050).
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