Civ3 Complete Fixed for QT 7.6 !! Try this if Civ3 Complete doesn't run


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Jan 9, 2003
Thanks a lot, Alan! :thumbsup:

The new version is also 50MB(!!!) smaller, i.e. 10MB instead of 60MB. Digging in the packet shows, that the old version included a "Disabled" folder with a complete version (including docs) of "InstallAnywhere". Shame on those who released this bloatware in the past ...
Yes, that excess baggage was spotted at the time of the original release. Difficult to imagine how it got in there, but it speaks volumes for Aspyr's release control and QA procedures!
Thanks Alan, I didn't think that my first post actually posted, because I didn't know that there were multiple pages. In my second post (the one before this one) I said that I have already downloaded to no avail. To make myself more clear about the "Ribbon" thing, I have replaced the icon on the dock, and when I open it from there, it bounces once and stops. Thanks for your help,
Please don't post the same thing all over the place. Please try the remedy in the first post here - it is NOT the one you have downloaded and tried. Then if it doesn't work, come back and we'll discuss it.
Now that I have my new Mac I want to make sure I've got the proper set up.

My version of Quicktime is 7.6.2
C3C shows as 1.22 - should there be an "A"?
If I need to upgrade C3C to "A" then I guess I should do the patch Aspyr offers then the modified copy you link to above.
Quicktime 7.6.2 is the latest.

C3C: Mine says 1.22 Rev. A (v10667a)

Yes, you should do the update to A, and download the modified application.

Now back to the WWDC coverage :)
The modified application is no longer available from that link:cry:
I have a 15" macbook pro. Installed C3 complete from Aspyre. The game would not run so I downloaded and installed the update. Now when I click on the icon to run the game I get the message please insert the original disc even though the disc is in the drive. The game will not launch.
Which version of OS X are you running?

If you are running OS X 10.7 then the Rev A version is mandatory, as the original release was PowerPC code which is no longer supported in Lion/10.7.

The above thread was written over two years ago. The fixed version should no longer be necessary because Apple fixed Quicktime. As far as I know, the Rev A version of Civ3 Complete runs OK with the current version of Quicktime, and has done for well over a year.

If the software cannot see the DVD then that is not related to the problems discussed above. Back then, the game didn't even get as far as trying to check the DVD.

Have you tried cleaning the DVD? Is it scratched? How old is the DVD drive?
OSX 10.6.8 (completely up to date)
Macbook Pro 8.2
2.2 /ghz Intel Core i-7
AMD Radeon HD 6750M VRAM (Total):1024 MB

DVD Arrived today from Amazon boxed set Civ3 complete Aspyr no scratches or smudges on DVD.

This is my first Mac so please bear with me I purchased it in August for school, below is a screenshot.

Uploaded with
If I try to start the game without the disk it says:

Please insert the disk "Civ3 Complete" or press Quit.

It's interesting that yours has a different message, and doesn't give you the option to just load the disk to proceed. You can only quit. This suggests to me that you have a different version.

Please can you do two things:

1. Look at the contents of the DVD in a Finder window. It should have a folder called Civ III Complete. This is the folder you should have copied from the DVD to your Applications folder. In that folder there is a file called Civilization 3 Complete.

Single click that file to highlight it, and select Get Info in the File menu. This is the Mac equivalent of "Properties" in Windows. You should see a Version entry under General. Mine says Version: 1.22 Rev. A (v10667a), ...and a copyright message. Please post the equivalent information for yours.

2. Please do the same for the copy of the file that is in your /Applications/CivIII Complete/ folder.
/volumes/civ3 Complete/Civ III Complete-Version 1.22 Rev. A (v10667)
/Applications/CivIII Complete/ folder-Version 1.22 Rev. A (v10667)
It looks as if you didn't need to run the Rev A update, as your DVD already has it. It's possible that your attempt to do so has changed the copy protection back to an older version that is incompatible with your DVD. You should probably reinstall your software from the DVD and we should try to get that running.

You said that that when you first installed the software it didn't run, but you didn't give any details. Please can you say what the failure symptoms were then?
When I first installed and ran the app it appeared for a second in my dock then abruptly quit with no warning. Every-time I tried to re-launch it would do the same thing. No error messages or warnings.
OK, so it looks as if the DVD problem was simply that the "update" made your software incompatible with the latest version of the Aspyr copy protection. You definitely need to stick with the plain copy from the DVD.

I assume you were not trying to run the game directly from the DVD? That definitely won't work.

I wonder if the game is incapable of running in its default state on your screen.

Please can you try reinstalling the app from the DVD and launching it while holding down the Command key (cmd) ? If this brings up a dialog box with display settings options, you may be able to change it to run in a window, and set it to one of the built-in display size options. You could then check the box so that this dialog opens each time you launch, so that you can try different settings until you are happy with the display.

If this fails, please can you run /Applications/Utilities/Console and look in the left column for "DIAGNOSTICS AND USER INFORMATION". Under this heading you may have some User Diagnostic Reports for Civilization III Complete. If so, select one and copy and paste the first 100 lines from the report into a post here. This may give us some clues.
I'm pleased to hear that you are up and running. I guess screen resolutions have grown a bit since this game was created.
Glad they have a mac side to the forums, I get the same "Please insert original disc" error for when I try to run PTW. C3C works fine but are any of you having this problem or know how to fix it?
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