[LP] Civilization VI: Leader Pass - 11/17 Developer Livestream Discussion

All I have is Caesar and I keep closing out Steam and the game. I can see the GreatNegotiators file folder in my file explorer, but it won't load.
Did you buy it, or did you already have all prior DLC and just had it when you went to play the game after the update?

I would definitely not buy it right now. Just wait, this mess will very likely resolve itself (well, for us, Firaxis must still be working on it).
Julius Caesar and Great Negotiators, but still won't start...


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Julius Caesar and Great Negotiators, but still won't start...
Because you don't own it.

The game downloads all the DLCs but blocks you form using it if you don't own them.

This way you get to use the content in MP with hosts who own DLCs you don't.
which is suppose is also why everyone had vanilla for a while . . .
No, people had vanilla because they released the wrong version to the main branch.

Which indicated a patch was meant to come which we got (but no patch notes that I know of).

I had Julius first, then it reverted back, then it reverted to the correct version again.

after the first update I also had the GN DLC in my files.
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