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Design your own Civ VI civ

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Morningcalm, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Greywulf

    Greywulf Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2008
    Awesome! Thank you for your support, I'm really hoping this one will happen! :)

    If you have any ideas or improvements for it, by the way, please feel free to share.

    Also, you can vote for the Tonga as a civ in this poll if you like: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/which-polynesian-civ.627851/page-7#post-15034062
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  2. Greywulf

    Greywulf Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2008
    We've put our heads together and designed a Romani civ in this thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...ble-controversial.628139/page-3#post-15036130
    We did our best to keep it both historically/culturally realistic as well as fitting for the game.

    Roma Tribe / Romani Nation

    Leader: Ștefan Răzvan. (alternatively: Ionel Rotaru)

    Leader ability: Romanipen (Romani Spirit). Cities gain +2 loyalty, and +5 loyalty during a Dark Age. Also grants the unique mercenary unit Roma Merc that replaces the horseman. Is unlocked with the Mercenaries civic. When next to a unit of a civilization you have an alliance with, both units gain +5 Strength.

    (Sindi are a related ethnic group)

    Agenda: Baht da Ladž (Honor and Shame). Likes Civs with Great Artists/Writers/Musicians. Dislikes Civs who conquer City-States.

    Civ Bonus: Latcho Drom (Safe Journey). Escorting civilian units with a military unit grants a defence bonus. All units gain additional defence during the opening turns of a war you did not declare.

    Unique Unit: Vardo (Civilian unit, replaces Trader). In addition to trade routes generating gold after completing a trade route, they also generate +1 housing and +1 amenities in both cities connected by a domestic trade route. Foreign trade routes provide production to foreign civs.

    Unique Building: Romen Theatre (replaces Amphitheater). In addition to amphitheatre abilities, generates additional great writer/artist/musician points and has one extra GW slot and able to accept any GW.

    Capital: Razvan (Razvanii?) or Iasi. (alternatively: Šuto Orizari)

    City names based on clan names: Vătraşii, Căldărarii, Rudarii, Spoitorii, Mătăsarii, Ursarii, Cărămidarii, Gaborii, Florarii, Lăutarii, Ciubotarii, Argintarii, Pieptăanarii, Lăieşii, Cocalarii, Tismănarii, Fulgarii, Zlătarii, Cositorarii, Răcarii, Bidinerii, Geambaşii, Ciurarii, Lingurarii, Salahorii, Kovachii, Sfirnarii, Sitarii, Potcovarii, Kirpachii, Mestere-Lacatuchii.
    City names based on settlements: Sulukule (oldest Romani settlement in Europe), Sacromonte, Ayvansaray, Stolipinovo, Hacıhüsrev, Ayrancılar, Örnekköy, Šangaj, Jarovnice, Alsószentmárton, Strmec Podravski, Bangladeš, Csenyéte, Gilvánfa, Cojasca, Armășești, Slobozia Bradului, Vâlcele, Fakulteta, Tokaito, Nadezhda, Ungra, Brdarica, Letanovský Mlyn, Kerinov Grm, Caneira Montijo, Triana, Nou Barris, Marinkova Bara, Deponija, Buzescu, Depresija, Bolintin-Vale, Goveđi Brod, Jatagan Mala (Other settlements also exist in other parts of the world).

    Citizen names: (male) Barsali, Danior, Camlo, Django, Hedji, Merripen, (female) Esmeralda :), Charani, Araunya, Ehra, Gildi, Lolli, (male modern) Jardani, Kem, Manfri, Tobar, Vano, Rukeli, (female modern) Kizzy, Dorenia, Fifika, Jeta, Miselda, Tiena.

    Colors: Green and sky blue (Earth and sky).

    Symbol: Wheel of freedom.

    Music: (Apologies for the use of the "G" word in the title of the clip)
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
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  3. chronoturner

    chronoturner Chieftain

    Dec 4, 2017
    I've been tinkering on these two for a while now, instead of doing what actual work I need to be doing. So, I might as well post them here instead, to make it worth it. :p

    Led by Huayna Capac

    “Greetings, traveller. I am the one and only Inca, Huayna Capac, and you come to my realm – the Four Regions. I hope you remember who rules here.”

    Unique Ability: Tawantinsuyu
    Start with an extra economic policy slot. The range in which Incans can found cities without losing loyalty is extended by 5/8/10 (Unsure which is most balanced) more tiles around the capital.
    Unique Unit: Macana Wielder
    A unique infantry unit exclusive to the Incas, and is unlocked after researching Military Tradition. Stronger than the Warriors, these infantry units gain experience faster if the city that they were built in has a monument.
    Unique Infrastructure: Step terraces
    Grants +2 Housing and +1 Food. Units can pass through without losing movement. Can only be built on hills.

    Huayna Capac
    Leader Ability
    : The Young Warrior
    City States the Inca are Suzerain of can be incorporated as cities of the civilization through war without suffering warmonger penalty. Cities conquered by the Maya do not suffer any broken infrastructure (ie buildings in the city center that need to be repaired)
    Leader Agenda: The Greatest Extent
    Likes civilizations do not try and interfere or denounce him for his conquering. Dislikes civilizations that try and do this, although remains neutral on those that do so long as they don’t stop him.

    Led by K’ab’al

    “I am Lady K’ab’al Xook, Queen consort of Ahau Itzamnaaj B’alam. See beyond me the Kingdom of Yaxchilan, and see my people.”

    Unique Ability: The Long Calendar
    Every 394 in-game years, gain era score based on what age your civilization is in. If during a Dark Age, gain +10 Era Score. If during a Normal Age, gain +5 Era Score. If during a Golden Age, gain +2 Era Score. If during a Heroic Age, gain +1 Era Score.
    Unique Unit: Atlatl
    Unique ranged unit. Deals bonus damage when attacking from a jungle or forest tile. Available from the very start.
    Unique Infrastructure: Lakamtun
    A unique building that replaces the Monument, Lakamtuns also generate +1 Science as well as Culture. When a Historic Moment occurs, bonus Science in accordance to the bonus Era score multiplied by 5 is awarded.

    Leader Ability
    : Her Own Space
    When the population is ecstatic, Luxury Resources generate +2 Science. If in a Dark Age and the people are happy or above, however, they generate +3 Science instead.
    Leader Agenda: Kaloomte
    Likes civilizations with powerful armies that keep them away from her cities. Dislikes civilizations that do this, double so if their population is unhappy.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  4. Alexander's Hetaroi

    Alexander's Hetaroi Warlord

    Oct 17, 2017
    I posted this on the Polynesia thread with a change. I've been liking the idea of adding Samoa more and more.

    Leader: Queen Salamasina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salamasina
    Agenda: Tafa'ifa- Likes to acquire tribal villages and not attack barbarians. Likes civilizations that tend to avoid tribal villages and do not disturb barbarians.
    Leader Ability: Four Papa Titles- Gain a free citizen whenever you encounter a tribal village. Gain culture for every barbarian outpost destroyed. May convert barbarians to your side by using a religious unit charge.
    Civ Abiltiy: Navigator Islands- Settlers may enter coastal tiles after researching sailing and ocean tiles after celestial navigation. Land Units may enter water tiles while in formation with a settler. Reefs provide +1 appeal to adjacent tiles.
    UU: Manu'a- Swordman replacement which unlocks at Miitary Training - Gains culture when receiving a promotion.
    UI: Fale- Built on coastal land tile. Provides housing, food, culture and tourism later through flight.

    Like in real life she united the four chiefly tribes of Samoa and for 60 years there was no warfare.
    They are also good for a culture victory as well as settling quickly on islands and crossing the ocean.
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  5. awesome

    awesome Chieftain

    Dec 29, 2009
    behind you
    Here's another modern leader for an ancient civilization:
    Reza Shah (of Persia)
    Leader bonus - Foreign Educated Advisors
    +2 Trade Route capacity with Urbanization civic. Can have a Research Alliance with up to 3 civilizations.
    Leader agenda - Mission For My Country
    Likes more advanced civilizations. Dislikes backwards civilizations.
    Capital: Tehran
    (Won't lie, I stole the idea for the ability from the Hittites thread)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  6. rattatatouille

    rattatatouille Chieftain

    Jan 26, 2018
    I know we've had a lot of suggestions for the Ottomans in this thread but here's mine:


    Ottoman Empire

    Civ Ability: Millet System
    +5% Gold per turn and +1 amenity for every religion present in Ottoman cities.

    Unique Unit: Sipahi
    Renaissance Era heavy cavalry unit that doesn't replace anything. 58 Combat Strength, +5 Combat Strength against melee units. 280 Production Cost, 4 Maintenance Cost. Obsoletes at Combustion and upgrades to Tank.

    Unique District: Bazaar
    A unique district that replaces the Commercial Hub. In addition to halved production cost and a +2 adjacency bonus to Rivers and Harbors, the Bazaar gains +2 adjacency bonus to Holy Sites and +1 adjacency bonuses to all other districts.


    Leader: Suleiman I

    Leader Ability: Kanuni
    Gain +1 Era Score every time you change policies. Gain the Janissary unique unit.

    Leader Unique Unit: Janissary
    Renaissance Era melee unit that replaces the Musketman. 55 Combat Strength, +5 Combat Strength against civs following another religion. Has a 33% chance of converting defeated enemies into a Janissary at half Strength.

    Leader Agenda: The Magnificent
    Admires civs with more researched civics than him as well as high wealth. Dislikes civs with fewer researched civics.


    Leader: Mahmud II

    Leader Ability: Tanzimat
    Campus buildings halved in production and gold cost. Every 10 turns, gain a Eureka for a technology their neighbor knows but they do not.

    Leader Agenda: Auspicious Reformer
    Likes civs with many techs researched, as well as an upgraded army. Dislikes civs that do not upgrade their troops.
  7. erisiamk

    erisiamk Chieftain

    Aug 23, 2013
    Obviously not a uniquely picked civ but here's my take on it:

    Inca Empire

    Leader: Huayna Capac
    Huayna Capac was one of the later Sapa Inca's, mostly consolidating and expanding the empire established by the famous Pachacuti by annexing surrounding territories and developing much infrastructure, setting up observatories in the mountains, as well as establishing a network of store-houses throughout the empire to prevent starvation in times of need.

    Leader Ability: Qullqa and Qolla
    Internal land trade routes provide +1 Food for each district in both the original and target city. Wounded units heal for an extra 15% per turn when standing on roads in friendly territory. Example: For a capital with 3 districts and a destination with 1 district, the capital would receive +1 Food and the destination would receive +3 Food.

    Leader Agenda: Unifier
    Likes civilizations with high loyalty, many districts, and many internal trade routes. Dislikes civilizations with low loyalty, few districts, and few internal trade routes.

    Civilization Ability: Tawantinsuyu
    Commercial Hubs provide +1 Gold and Theatre Squares provide +1 Culture for each adjacent mountain. Cities built with at least two mountains and two coast tiles within 3 tiles receive +100% production when building districts and city centre buildings.

    Unique Unit: Kamayuk
    Medieval Era unit that replaces the Pikeman. It has higher Base Combat Strength (45 vs 41), and does not receive any movement penalties when moving through hills. It also costs 25% less to purchase with Gold or produce with Production.

    Unique Improvement: Terrace Farm
    Available in Ancient Era. Can only be built on hills. Provides +1 Food and +1 Housing. Provides +1 Food for each adjacent Terrace Farm, and +1 Gold for each adjacent City Centre or Commerical Hub. Does not require Fresh Water to be built.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
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  8. Greywulf

    Greywulf Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2008
    Members have been putting their heads together and here's an alternative to the Tonga Empire civs idea posted a bit earlier...Similar, but perhaps better. I've marked the new changes in red. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

    Tonga Empire.

    King Tuʻi-tā-tui of the Tongan Empire.

    Leader ability: Shell of Sāngone. Gains additional era score for discovering new islands/continents. +2 housing in each of his cities after he establishes a trading post there.

    Agenda: Tu'i Tonga. Likes civs who have open borders, but dislikes civs who don't. Likes civs who settle on the mainland.

    Civ Bonus: Polynesia may build districts as atolls on water tiles not adjacent to land. Districts receive a +2 adjacency bonus in open water and an additional +2 from reefs, but receive a -1 for every adjacent district.

    Unique Unit: Pôpao/Va'a (Outrigger canoe). Replaces the Galley. Travels swiftly across ocean tiles with additional line of sight. Can grant an embarkation and ocean crossing ability to all the units in its formation (settlers, builders, GPs, missionaries, etc.).

    Unique Improvement: Fale Tele. Replaces the Amphitheater. Grants bonus production equal to the district's adjacency bonus and receiving an additional +1 culture for every seaside resort worked by the city in the late game. Additionally provides +2 loyalty when one of its Great Work of Writing slots is filled, and another +2 when they're both filled.

    Capital: Mu'a.

    Other cities: Nuku'alofa, Neiafu, Haveluoto, Vaini, Pangai, Ohonua, Angaha, Kolonga, Hihifo, Tafahi, Petani, Holonga, Apia, Ata, Falevai, Falaleu, Malapo, Nomuka, Fonoifua, Matuku, O'ua, Tungua, Vaipoa, Ovaka, Salega, Talau, Popua, Kotu, Tofua, Kao, Lotofoa, Lofanga, Uiha, Fakahiku, Alofi, Ha'afeva.

    Spy names: Lo'au, Kae, Longopoa, Sinialu, Fasi'apule, Toiukamae, Salote, Papiloa, Lolofonua, Sangone.

    Citizen names: (Male) Afah, Isileli, Kapo, Malohi, Tokoni, (Female) Kahoa, Lotu, Paame, Siale, Talanoa. (Male Modern) Anitelu, Falakiko, Lakepi, Ptolomeo, Sione, (Female Modern) Emeni, Kiupita, Langi, Musika, Safaia.

    Colors: Tan and red.

    Symbol: Sea turtle tattoo.


    (With the help of this Civ V mod: http://civilization-v-customisation.wikia.com/wiki/Tonga_('Aho'eitu))

    How does that look?
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  9. rattatatouille

    rattatatouille Chieftain

    Jan 26, 2018
    Mughal Empire:

    Civ Ability: Sons of Timur
    Heavy Cavalry units gain +7 Combat Strength against Ranged and Siege units. Melee Infantry units gain +7 Combat Strength against Light Cavalry.

    Unique Unit: Sowar
    Renaissance Era Heavy Cavalry unit that doesn't replace anything. Unlocks at Metal Casting. 62 Combat Strength, 270 production cost, 4 maintenance. Gains an extra point of movement if beginning turn in friendly terrain (stacks with Logistics).

    Unique Building: Mint
    Replacement for the Bank. +6 Gold per turn, +1 Great Merchant Point per turn, +1 specialist slot. +2 Gold to all improved luxuries and Copper mines near the city; additional +1 Gold to Silver mines.


    Leader Ability: Ibadat Khana
    Gain the Founder belief of a religion followed by at least 3 cities in your empire. Every city with at least two religions present gains +10% Science, Culture, and Faith output for every religion present.

    Agenda: Din-e Ilahi
    Likes civs that welcome multiple religions into their empire. Dislikes civs that keep to one religion and/or has set up an inquisition.

    Shah Jahan
    Leader Ability: Splendors of Agra
    Each World Wonder provides additional +2 Tourism and +2 Loyalty to their home city. +20% Production towards Wonders in a city with a Governor.

    Agenda: Mourner of Mumtaz Mahal
    Likes civs that do not compete with him in Wonder construction, as well as those with high Gold per turn. Dislikes civs that compete with him for wonders or have a low Gold income.
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  10. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    OK, so here are my designs for two Native American civs we really miss from Civ VI: the Iroquois and the Inca.
    As in any of my designs, I present a civilization with two unique units and two leader options.

    Civilization ability: Mourning Wars – an Iroquois unit will withdraw from battle if it is about to get killed unless it starts the battle with very low health, when an Iroquois unit kills an enemy unit there is a 50% chance to add +1 to the nearest city’s population
    Unique unit 1: Tomahawk Warrior (swordsman) – +1 movement, does not require iron
    Unique unit 2: Ambusher (musketman) – +1 movement in forest, is invisible to enemy units when in forest, +10 combat strength when attacking from a forest tile
    Unique infrastructure: Longhouse (neighbourhood) – available at guilds, +4 housing (+1 for charming and +2 for breathtaking appeal after discovering urbanization), +4 food

    Leader 1: Hiawatha
    Capital: Onondaga
    Ability: The Great Peacemaker – upon founding a religion all cities and nearby city-states are converted, having a different government will not cause a negative reaction from other leaders, spreading the state religion in a city gives it +5 loyalty for 5 turns
    Agenda: Great Law of Peace – dislikes leaders who have disloyal cities, likes leaders who have loyal cities and especially those who have converted cities of other civilizations

    Leader 2: Alliquippa
    Capital: Monongahela
    Ability: Key Ally – alliances grant one copy of one luxury and one strategic resource the Iroquois do not have and the other civilization does
    Agenda: Mingo Queen – dislikes leaders with nothing to trade with her or gift her

    Civilization ability: Mit’a – roads are automatically constructed between cities with holy sites, food producing improvements adjacent to a holy site provide +1 food, mines and quarries adjacent to a holy site provide +1 production, land military units and workers are produced 25% faster in cities with a food surplus of at least 5
    Unique unit 1: Chaski (scout) – +1 movement, starts with the alpine promotion, is more likely to trigger a eureka or an inspiration from tribal villages
    Unique unit 2: Chanka Clubman (pikeman) – +5 melee strength
    Unique infrastructure: Andén – must be built on plains or grassland hills, +2 food, +1 food when adjacent to another andén or farm, +1 science with civil engineering

    Leader 1: Pachacuti
    Capital: Qusqu
    Ability: Son of the Sun – +10 combat strength on hills, +10 combat strength to units defending in friendly territory, receive a settler upon conquering a city
    Agenda: Earth Shaker – dislikes civilizations that have lost cities to other civilizations, likes civilizations that have successfully withstood an attack or a siege on their cities

    Leader 2: Huayna Capac
    Capital: Qusqu
    Ability: United Four Regions – may build two government plazas, domestic trade routes provide +1 food for every farm or andén they go through
    Agenda: Mother Qullqa – likes civilizations with many granaries and surplus food
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  11. The Magnanimous

    The Magnanimous Chieftain

    Mar 6, 2018

    Civilization ability: Mit’a -
    Traders can build roads through mountain tiles when estabilishing trade routes . Such tiles behave like hills, and Districts and Improvements can then be built on them.
    Unique unit: ???
    Unique district:
    Macchu Picchu: Replaces Government Plaza . It grants all the Governors' bonus to the cities where the Palace and Macchu Picchu are estabilished

    Leader 1: Pachacuti
    Capital: Qusqu
    May build Farms on Hills earlier(Civil Service) . Can Build land based wonders on mountain tiles with roads, with terrain restrictions no longer applying to them(but other restrictions still apply)
    Agenda: Unifier ???
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  12. maurcus

    maurcus Chieftain

    May 24, 2012

    UA: Bastion of Christendom

    Forts and encampments provide a large adjacency bonus.
    Theatre Squares, Holy Sites, and Commercial Hubs provide bonus yield.

    UU: Cataphract

    Medieval mounted unit replacing the Knight, is more expensive and slower than the knight, has higher base strength than the knight, and gains bonus attack against anti-cavalry units.

    UB: Basilica

    Replacement for the Temple, provides additional faith as well as culture, contains a great works slot that may hold any type of work.

    Alexios Komnenos

    LUA: Komnenian Restoration

    Earn bonus era score for completing Encampments and Holy Sites, more if you are in a dark age.
    May select unique dedications upon entering a new age.

    Agenda: Crusaders Call
    Likes civilizations that have high city strength, dislikes civilizations that neglect walls and encampments.
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  13. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    OK, here's an attempt at Ethiopia, perhaps the number one Sub-Saharan civ that should be in the game.

    Civilization ability: Home of the Ark – gain a relic when a civilization on the home continent or a neighbouring continent founds a religion, +4 faith from trade routes with civilizations that have founded a religion, palace has 2 slots for relics
    Unique unit 1: Shotelai (replaces swordsman) – +5 combat strength versus mounted units
    Unique unit 2: Mehal Sefari (replaces infantry) – +5 combat strength within Ethiopia’s borders, +10 if within the influence of the Ethiopian capital, -20 production cost
    Unique infrastructure: Hawilt (replaces monument) – +2 faith, +1 faith if there is a holy site adjacent to the city centre it is built in

    Leader 1: Amda Seyon
    Capital: Debre Berhan
    Ability: Solomonic Restoration – upon expending a great general gain a governor title, +5 combat strength against units of civilizations following a different religion
    Agenda: Glorious Victories – dislikes neighbouring civilizations following a different religion that also have large armies, likes neighbours of any religion with small armies

    Leader 2: Menelik
    Capital: Addis Abäba
    Ability: Spirit of Adwa – +5 combat strength on tiles within Ethiopia’s influence, +2 science from trade routes with civilizations Ethiopia has a research alliance with
    Agenda: Treaty of Addis Abäba – likes strong civilizations that help weaker ones, dislikes strong civilizations that take advantage of weaker ones

    This design combines two important elements of Ethiopia - the unique Ethiopian Eastern Orthodox religion and Ethiopia's status as an independent state. Ethiopia gets both bonuses to faith, and can even benefit from civilizations founding and following other religions; and bonuses to their military. Both leaders get a bonus to combat strength, but while Amda Seyon is more militaristic, Menelik will try to preserve peace, but will not tolerate strong civilizations bullying weaker ones by demanding tribute, making unfair demands, spying on them, denouncing them, and declaring war against them.
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  14. Stomper66

    Stomper66 Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2018
    Cardinal Richelieu (Alternate Leader for France)

    I don't have Rise and Fall yet so can't suggest specific leader bonuses for the expansion, but Cardinal Richelieu would be a great alternative leader for France for 3 main reasons.

    1) He was one of the most important figures in French history, as he unified the country and made France the new superpower in Europe during his lifetime.

    2) He was the de facto ruler of France in the early 17th century. It would be refreshing to have a Civ6 European leader who is not a king or a queen.

    3) He's actually French

    His bonus should probably have something to do with religion, diplomacy and perhaps the loyalty/ city flipping mechanic. Anyone who has R&F who'd like to see this leader feel free to offer suggestions. I would suggest the ability be called ' Red Eminence' though because it sounds so badass.



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