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Family Guy

How do you feel about family guy

  • Family guy ROCKS!

    Votes: 61 81.3%
  • Family guy is bad. :(

    Votes: 9 12.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 6.7%

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It's great stuff, but I usually forget to watch it. The few episodes that I've seen were usually pretty funny.
I have something against her and everything else thats so stupid its funny.
As many have correctly pointed out, Futurama is by far the best adult cartoon of the last decade.

Family is ok. American Dad is becoming better than it, IMHO (granted this isn't saying much).
I wouldn't call American Dad better. The only thing that differentiated them, initally, was that in American Dad they made Bush jokes. Now in Family Guy they show Peter entertaining Bush with a red clown nose. :rolleyes:

American Dad is practically an extension of Family Guy for another half-hour with a few more political jokes, different characters, and annoying self-references. ("Who do you have to probe to get another champagne around here?")
I love it, but im quite biased considering I live in Providence. Thus, there are inside jokes that only those living in Providence would get. Such as Buddy Cianci Junior High. I can't think of em on the spot, but when I watch the show I recognize them instantly.

Woo Hoo 100th post
Family Guy is hilarious. This was my favorite scene that I've seen:

Elrohir said:
Family Guy is hilarious. This was my favorite scene that I've seen:

Quite a priceless moment in Family Guy :D.
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