February 2021 Update - Patch Notes Discussion

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Apr 10, 2014
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February 2021 Game Update

Included in this update is the new Barbarian Clans, the Leader Selection Pool and several balance adjustments and additional changes based on player feedback. Read on for the full list of what’s available in today’s free game update.

Version Size = 157.1MB


Barbarian Clans Game Mode

A new game mode that adds diverse Barbarian groups and strategies. This game mode replaces standard Barbarian Tribes with Clans, with a variety of terrain and combat preferences. Additionally, the mode introduces new player actions for peaceful interactions with Barbarians that provide increased strategic options.

Every Clan can progress towards converting into a City-State. If the camp remains in play long enough and/or receives enough boosts from player actions, it will transform into a new City-State.

New Clans Types

This mode includes seven types of Barbarian Clans. Each clan type has its own preferred range of units to field and requires a different set of map conditions in order to appear. In addition to their normal units, clans also have the ability to field Unique Units from Civs that were not selected during game setup.
  • Flatland Clan – Prefers to place their Outposts in open terrain away from woods and hills. They prefer a balance of melee units for attack and ranged units for defense.
  • Woodland Clan – Prefers to place their Outposts in or adjacent to woods and rainforests. They prefer greater numbers of ranged units than melee units and use them for both attack and defense.
  • Hills Clan – Prefers to place their Outposts on open terrain with hills. They strongly prefer melee units, even to the point of excluding ranged units completely.
  • Rover Clan – Require a nearby Horse resource and prefer to place their Outposts in open terrain away from woods. They prefer as many mounted units as possible, using both light and heavy cavalry for attack and defense.
  • Chariot Clan – Require a nearby Horse resource and prefer to place their Outposts in the desert. They prefer mounted vehicles and light cavalry in all roles, rarely using ranged units at all.
  • Jungle Clan – Requires a nearby Ivory resource and prefer to place their Outposts inside rainforests. They prefer a mixture of light and heavy cavalry units supported by foot and ranged units.
  • Seafaring Clan – Always place their Outposts on coastal plots. They defend their Outposts with land-based anti-cavalry units, but otherwise they exclusively use naval melee and naval ranged units for scouting and attacking.
New Unit Commands

Combat units that enter a Barbarian Outpost do not automatically destroy it. Instead, they can choose from two new unit commands to deal with the clan.
  • Disperse Clan – Destroy the clan completely and earn experience points for the dispersing unit.
  • Raid Clan – Player is rewarded with Gold and the clan’s progress towards City-State conversion is reduced, but the Outpost is not destroyed. Raided clans gain immunity to raids for a short duration and spawn a defender unit in reprisal the same turn.
New Player Commands

Players can take peaceful or diplomatic actions with Clans. To initiate one of these interactions, players will need to click on the map banner over the Outpost.
  • Hire Clan – Spend Gold to permanently purchase the best military unit the clan can currently train. The clan will gain progress towards City-State conversion.
  • Ransom Unit from Clan – Spend Gold to recover a civilian unit captured by the clan. Clans that ransom units lose progress towards City-State conversion.
  • Bribe Clan – Spend Gold to expel units from your territory and prevent them from targeting your cities for a number of turns. The clan will gain progress towards City-State conversion.
  • Incite Clan – Spend Gold to encourage the clan to raid and attack the cities of another civilization. The clan will lose progress towards City-State conversion.
Leader Selection Pool

The Leader Selection Pool is a new advanced option that allows players to create 2 custom pools of leaders for their single and multiplayer games. What this does is allow players to create lists of leaders that can be chosen by others, or by the AI. For instance, you might want to have one group of leaders for your friends in an online game, and then restrict the AI to a different set of leaders. This still allows for some randomness - you could create a list of leaders that you haven't seen before, a list of non-aggressive leaders for a peaceful game, or all the warmongers for a real brawl.


General updates
  • [Maya and Gran Colombia Pack] Fixed an issue where the Basilikoi Paides Barracks replacement was not properly applying the combat strength increase for Lahore's Nihang unit.
  • [Base game, Rise and Fall] The Llanero [Maya and Gran Colombia] and Oromo Cavalry [Ethiopia Pack] no longer require a strategic resource in order to train.
  • [Gathering Storm] Earth Goddess now gives 1 Faith for Breathtaking tiles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Coastal Raid unit action was not properly raiding coastal plots with support units on them.
  • Fixed an issue where games with 20 civs and 24 City-States would start without a Free Cities player, making rebellions from loyalty impossible.
Natural Wonder updates
  • Cliffs of Dover gives 3 Gold, 3 Culture, 2 Food.
  • Crater Lake gives 5 faith instead of 4.
  • Lysefjord gives +1 Production to adjacent tiles.
  • Giant's Causeway provides +1 Culture to adjacent tiles.
  • The Campus now receives a major adjacency for the Great Barrier Reef.
  • [Maya and Gran Colombia Pack] Removed the Major Adjacency bonus for the Theater Square and Commercial Hub from Paititi.
Governments update
  • Autocracy Policy Slots - 1 Military, 1 Economic, 1 Diplomatic, 1 Wildcard
  • Oligarchy Policy Slots - 2 Military, 1 Economic, 0 Diplomatic, 1 Wildcard
  • Monarchy Policy Slots - 2 Military, 1 Economic, 1 Diplomatic, 2 Wildcard
  • Merchant Republic Policy Slots - 1 Military, 2 Economic, 2 Diplomatic, 1 Wildcard
  • [Gathering Storm] In addition to the housing Monarchy now gives +2 Favor from each Renaissance Walls.
Policies update
  • Craftsmen Policy has changed from Economic to Military
  • Colonial Offices Policy has changed from Economic to Diplomatic
  • Colonial Taxes Policy has changed from Economic to Diplomatic
Buildings update
  • Arena and Tlachtli buildings provide +2 Amenities.
  • [Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm] Ferris Wheel now provides +2 Amenities.
  • [Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm] Audience Chamber now provides +2 Amenities and +4 Housing.
  • [Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm] Add the Water Park building to Toronto (Rise and Fall) and Mexico City (Gathering Storm).
Red Death
  • Removed non-functional map options such as resources, start positions, and temperature from Game Setup menu as they don’t apply to Red Death.
Ethiopia Pack
  • Fixed an issue where extra Great Work slots on a building would disappear when a bank created by a Great Merchant would be replaced by the Gilded Vault during Secret Societies mode gameplay.
Byzantium and Gaul Pack
  • Fixed an issue where the Culture Industry Golden Policy card would provide +25% Production to specialty districts when it should only apply to non-specialty districts.
  • Fixed an issue where players could spam tavern visits on the same turn.
  • Fixed an issue where the City Banner tooltips would display incorrect text when viewing the “Sack City” and Visit Tavern” tooltips.
Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack
  • [Babylon Pack] Hero ability “Maui’s Inventions” will now only spawn a random resource that already exists in the world to prevent players from being granted a Monopoly on a single resource.
  • Fixed an issue causing redundant failure messages for Corporation creation.
  • Fixed an issue causing Kublai Khan’s agenda to not count negative modifiers towards military power.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a player tried to steal a Corporation from another player.
  • "No and stop asking" responses are disabled when human opponents engage in diplomatic options with the player during Multiplayer gameplay.
  • Improved matchmaking.
  • AI has bigger bias towards building air units.
  • AI will use better formations for air units.
  • AI will have more aircraft ready.
  • AI will more efficiently use anti-air against aircraft.
  • AI will place a larger value on trades that include strategic resources needed to build air units.
  • AI is more likely to make a deal for strategic resources related to air units.
  • Increase AI’s desire to engage in the Culture race.
  • Strengthened bias against building too many spaceports.
  • AI will not build units that require an ongoing resource they don’t have.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would offer more Gold per turn than intended for low-value items.
  • Fixed an issue where a Civilization’s data would be erased from the CO2 Levels Global Contribution graph after they were removed from the game.
  • Fixed an issue where “Sleep” icons were missing from the Unit List in the World Tracker.
  • Various text updates

  • Fixed an issue where the Defeat screen buttons would not function if player was defeated before another player settles a city in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a wooden border that was present in the Global Resource Report screen.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Great People menu to be overlapped by the Notifications menu.
  • Fixed an issue with an extra symbol being present in the Purchase with Gold tooltip.
  • Fixed an icon for Taoism being displayed as the Mongolia icon for China in the Path to Nirvana Create game menu.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after a desync in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when progressing through gameplay during late game.
  • Fixed an issue where a message prompt does not appear when setting the number of City-States in the Single Player Create Game menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Great People tooltips display on the Heroes tab of the Heroes & Great People menu.
  • Fixed a temporary hang that could occur when starting a game after launch.
[PS4 & XB1]
  • Fixed a redundant banner that could appear during a Rise and Fall ruleset game.
  • Fixed an overlapping issue in the Create Game menu with the Game Random Seed and Map Random Seed text.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the right tray expand button was not present when Joy-Cons are not attached.
  • Fixed a City Recommendation tooltip that would not display when toggling tooltips.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into a multiplayer game after joining a friend’s game.
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Can't play now, so I'll just have to observe the Patch Notes. *sad noises*
[Gathering Storm] Earth Goddess now gives 1 Faith for Breathtaking tiles.

IIRC that's a very significant nerf? Earth Goddess in Gathering Storm used to give 2 Faith.

Arena and Tlachtli buildings provide +2 Amenities.

Looks good, but don't really sure if that's enough to justify building them.

[Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm] Audience Chamber now provides +2 Amenities and +4 Housing.

Language cannot describe my happiness.
The Arena and Tlachtli now provide more Amenities... meh. Still not really worth building either.
Anyone able to download the update already?
Lets see if late game gets fun now if the ai can fight better. Last time i played many civs barely had any military in late game even when they had 15 city's and a big empire. So its not only an air issue
That sneaky Earth Goddess nerf... I guess even after the previous one, it was still one of the most popular pantheons.

Other than that, nothing really that we didn't expect. The arena/ferris wheel/audience chamber slight buffs are nice.

Also, hopefully the AI will spam fewer Spaceports now.
Earth goddess being nerfed is kind of sad - isn't this the second time its been reworked?

Audience Chamber buff is big, makes it much better for tall civs.

The entertainment complex buildings getting more base amenities is good, but I don't think it'll make me build them... but we are getting closer. I still think the arena should provide aoe amenities like the zoo, but perhaps only 1. That or increase yields from that specific city being happy/ecstatic.

Maui gets a slight nerf, but I think that fair given the new game mode - no complaints there. Speaking of heros mode, they still haven't fixed the monument issue when you get voidsingers have they? Odd because you think it'd be similar to the bank fix they did there.
What am I doing wrong? I am in my Steam account on my library "home" page, and I can find nothing. The update has not yet downloaded for me.

Could someone help?
Anyone able to download the update already?

Not yet unfortunately. On average it should have been released 18 minutes ago? Don't know if they announced they would release it later than normally?

So here are the different clans, ladies and gentlemen.

So... you thought you'd post it again in case someone didn't see it at the top of the first post, but happened to reach your 8th post? : P
Glad to see entertainment buildings get some love. But still, the entertainment complex as a whole needs some buff. i.e. receiving adjacent bonus from neighboring culture district (writers in the culture district boost entertainment), receiving $$$ from neighboring military district, etc.
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