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Dec 28, 2005
Where No One Has Gone Before
Having proven successful in the "tutorial" game of Fox09. we are doing The Real Thing (TM) now -- OCC-AW Emperor, which was the original intent but we dropped to Monarch for some reason.

Spoiler Reason :

To accommodate Pholky :D ... now that he voluntarily withdrew himself, we could do the Real Thing ;)
Before you start yelling, ok, it is a joke.

  • Difficulty: Emperor
  • Leader: Huayna Capac
  • Speed: Epic
  • Mandatory Options: OCC, Always War, No Tech Trading
  • Optional Options (to be discussed): Aggressive AI
  • Map Type: Need isolation -- to be discussed
  • Variant: Every turnset report must be accompanied by a joke

I wanted to give financial a spin, and prove that it is not without its use in an OCC. As for map type, cable mentioned preferring something other than archipelago. But I can't think of any other non-edited map that will allow us to win with reasonable odds. I am open to ideas though.

  • GreyFox
  • Imhotep
  • Cabledawg
  • r_rolo1
  • RuffHi
  • Pawelo
  • Shyuhe

As far as I know, the above are the crews from Fox09 who had not indicated they do not want to join :) with the addition of RuffHi. As I foresee myself to be running out of jokes (geez, I even told the Hawaii blue brick joke), I am opening the roster yet again to a possible 7-man roster.

Why the (?) on me , Mr Fox? I was clear: if it was a OCC you could count me in... ( and yes ,this is a check in :p )
Spoiler response to Mr Fox spoiler :
Are you sure that the spoilered reason wasn't truth? A guy that has
"Playing an sg with pholkhero is so much fun that you hardly notice that you've lost." -pigswill
in his sig is not exactly a recomendation for a winning SG :rotfl:
(And yes ,that is another joke.... I think that I already won a SG or 2 with pholk... rare events, of course ;) )

More serious stuff:

Map: hub, maybe?.... otherwise isolation is fine by me

traits & leader : Good enough

AGG AI : with No tech trading is a :nono: IMHO ... C'mon, we want a chalenge or not? ;)
  • Difficulty: Emperor
  • Mandatory Options: OCC, Always War, No Tech Trading
  • Optional Options (to be discussed): Aggressive AI

oh, i thought that WAS the joke, since, ya know, Emperor AW w/Agg AI is no challenge at all :mischief:

also, towards the end i was using websites for my jokes. one had different themes and I'd try to grab one that was thematic for my set. :D

will be lurking ~
checking in (kinda). Aggressive AI makes the initial stages of the game harder since the AI stockpiles more units. If we play archipelago and are isolated, then it will just cause the AI to stall in the medieval age from having too many units.

I think no tech trading is still a requisite option. It'll just be too hard without it.

Map type... we may be able to do highlands with high peaks that are clustered. That tends to make lots of maps with chokepoints and the AI takes a long time to reach you. However, the map is slightly larger than standard size and the land is pretty bad. I don't know how the resource distribution is either.

I'll refrain from the pholk-bashing that's going on here :lol:
i'm in - maybe a single width maze ... however, that might mean we cannot reach some cities ...
We could play a Pangaea with high sea level and snaky shoreline. Just make sure we start in a corner so we have only one front to defend. Worked well in the original RotQM...


Any chance you're checking the DMI VII - Warlords thread ? It's a long time we heard from ya...
We could get someone to make us a map starting with a inland sea map and giving us a starting position in the middle of the sea. Something like this.

The only thing I dont know is if 3 tiles is enough from the shore that the AI cant reach us till Astro. This is just a suggestion, Im game for anything.
I didn't know Agg AI and No Tech Trading would make this "not a challenge". I was actually hoping to increase the challenge. Please enlighten me. I only know Agg AI + Always Peace = ******ed Hercules, didn't knew that Agg AI has problems with other options as well.

I think that combining Agg AI, no tech trades and AW will make that the AI will do tons of outdated units ( far more than in Fox 9 ), hurting their research ( that already is debilitaded by the no tech trading ).... If we can get a defensible terrain ( by defensible I mean isolated or with a small front to defend ) we just have to turtle.....

Of course that i'm ready to be proven wrong.... ;)

@ dawg

That would be a quite interesting option..... a ocean ditch ;) It would certainly make easier the ending mop up
Ditto on the Aggressive AI. It is no accident, then, why it is an option and not the default (contrary to what Blake wishes). Ok, default "passive" AI it is.

As it is, I see archipelago as the only possible unedited map type. But since someone must go into WB to ensure we have access to iron and oil anyway, let's try one of those more interesting maps this time.

I propose something more interesting than the inland sea. Perhaps the snaky continents, and have Wizard of the Oz (that's you, benny) world edit us a nice island that is at least 3 water tiles away from nearest continent. I would like to give us the opportunity of exploring a pre-astronomy invasion (either by us or the AI), hence the 3 water tiles distance. But the snaky continents would require slightly more work from Ozzy, as there might be a need to place forts on strategic locations to ensure access to any point on the map by sea (remember we are OCC, so we can't build forts ourselves). Standard 6 opponents (all non-industrious please).

What do the team think of my proposal?

BTW, one more slot is available.

I have been looking at that open slot for a few hours now and have half a mind to grab it .... but unfortunately OCC + AW + Emporer is just WAY outta my league.
How can you possible resist to a temptating game like this one...?
Lurking sign - so that I learn to play OCC better :coffee:
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