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I need to know the alignment of the following people


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tired of being a man
Apr 28, 2003
a) Saddam Hussein
b) Auguste Pinochet
Since these men employed lawful systems (they made the laws, right?) for evil ends I'm gonna go with Lawful Evil.
This information will be useful if ever, on a lonely sunday morning, I ever entertain the thought of creating a massive parody of world politics and mix it in with my beloved Dungeons and Dragons.
Both lawful Neutral leaning towards Neutral Evil, im not sure exactly how 4th edition will be (or exactly how 3rd edition works) but if you have two scores one for lawfull/chaothic and one for good/evil, with 100-100 being Lawful Good, id give them about 80-40

George Bush i would give a 30-50 (Chaotic Neutral leaning towards True Neutral)
Saddam: Lawful Evil
Augusto: Lawful Neutral

Me: I was a lawful good cleric who worshipped Vishnu about 24 years ago. :)
Who the hell is Pinochet?
They also broke the laws at their leisure, and therefore are not lawful.

Lawful evil does not mean a pedantic strength toward the law - that's lawful neutral. Lawful evil is probably first and foremost twisting the law to your own ends.
I meant lawful evil for hussein.
Neither were lawful, recognising existing law (Pinochet overthrew elected Allende) international law (Saddam invaded Iran and Kuwait).

Neither were chaotic (not possible for chaotic people to become and survive as dictators for years).

Neither were good (both had innocent blood on their hands).

So by a process of elimination, I voted both as Neutral Evil.
I could argue that, since dictators are the law, they are by definition lawful.
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