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Immaculate NES Five: Blood From A Stone

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by Immaculate, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Kyzarc Fotjage

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Western Washington
    Absaroka's membership in the Arctic Pact has been confirmed. Welcome to our illustrious ranks neighbor!

    edit: Storytime
    Playing with Fire
    Spoiler :
    It was a most interesting party thought Diane, the High Priestess’s sole accommodation to the demands of her guards. There were seldom few times when she’d seen the Priestess and the Governors seem so at ease, so very relaxed. Amongst people that practically were enemies of the state at that! The governors and the Strange Men officers were mingling like they’d been friends for life. She could swear she’d even heard Brian, the taciturn governor of Vancouver, crack a joke to Kyra, apparently the Stranger’s executive officer. Only the governor of North Rockies, one Zachary Zandbergen, seemed to be uncomfortable. She glanced over at the Priestess, she was chatting animatedly with the Stranger and some woman Diane didn’t recognize. Thus reassured she sidled over to Zachary, one eye on her charge. “Sir, you feelin’ alright?”
    He looked up, startled. “Huh? Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little out of place. You’re her Holiness’s bodyguard, right? One of the Slender Men?”
    Diane nodded “Indeed I am. I’d have thought that you’d be perfectly at home. These are your fellow governors”
    Zach laughed “Hah! I don’t belong with them.”
    Diane focused on him “What do you mean?”
    “They were all part of the ‘grand revolution’, I was just a follower. They’ve fought alongside her. What am I? Just some gorram replacement. I only got this job because she disappeared”
    Diane turned back to check on Rachel again. She was gone. She repressed her initial panic and scanned the room. The Stranger was also missing, that could be a bad sign. Her mind spun, constructing what could have happened. The Stranger and his consort talked Rachel into going outside where... no, he would know that Slender Men were watching outside. She’s still in the building then, or possibly there’s a hidden passageway to the outside that they hadn’t found when they searched the building. Zachary looked at her curiously “Something wrong?”
    She looked at him. He provided the distraction, he could be in on it. But then again he’s far more likely an innocent bystander. For him to be in on it the conspiracy would have to go all the way to the top “Did you happen to see where her Holiness went?”
    Zachary looked around, “Huh, no. Last I saw she was talking with Anne”
    “The Stranger’s consort.” He leaned in conspiratorially “You know he doesn’t even have the decency to marry her.” he leaned back again “I entered the Priesthood hoping to be like the inestimable governors, to be closer to the High Priestess. Now I’ve achieved my dream and I learned what they’re really like.”
    “I think that you’re drunk, sir”
    “Hey, I’m not drunk. I’ve only had 3... 4, 5, 6 drinks! And the champagne. Okay, I’m a little drunk.” He suddenly focused on her “You’ve got very pretty eyes. Has anyone ever told you that?”
    “Sir, you should go sit down. I have to go find her Holiness” Diane rushed off before he could entangle her again. Ten minutes later she was running outside. Rachel was nowhere to be found in the house, same with the Stranger. A full scale search would be required.

    Rachel laughed as they pulled themselves up through the trapdoor. “I swear, this is getting more difficult every year. Whats this, the sixth way out we’ve had to use?”
    The Stranger smiled “Seventh, if you count that time we tried chimney”
    “Good gods, I’d almost forgotten about that. You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”
    “Nope” he ripped a sand-colored tarp from the ground, uncovering an electric motorcycle “Viola! One ride out of here”
    “Its voilà, numbskull. Viola’s the instrument.”
    The Stranger smirked “Funny you should mention that...”
    A look of horror passed across her face “Forget I said anything”
    “Oh no, you started us down this path.” The Stranger mounted the motorcycle and offered Rachel a hand. Rachel ignored it and clambered on behind him. They took off into the night.
    Five minutes later the Stranger ground to a halt next to a large sand-colored bag. He opened it and pulled out a pair of long bundles as Rachel continued right where they had left off “Then I’ll end it, Swamp corndogs”
    “Now that’s just low, but I’ll never admit defeat, as you should know my dear Nallasariel”
    Rachel facepalmed, “Let’s just get this over with” and she unwrapped one of the bundles, revealing a long sword. She hefted it thoughtfully “Certainly better quality then last year. This doesn’t seem to be stainless, is it some new alloy?”
    “Its titanium. I found a couple strips back in one of bases and thought it was time to try something new”
    “Forged or ground?” Rachel tried a few thrusts and slashes
    “Ground, you know I’m too lazy for forging”
    “Heh, remember Weeper?”
    “Please don’t remind me, that was simply embarrassing how utterly pathetic that was.”
    “Hey, it worked fine” She ran a finger down the back of the blade, feeling the long strip of kevlar.
    “After we got Jim to fix the bloody thing. And even then the steel was shiser”
    “You got the white gas?”
    “Specially smuggled from Canada” The Stranger pulled an unmarked jug from the bag and poured gas down the lengths of both blades. One match later and the blades were ablaze, lighting up the night for a hundred feet. Rachel watched the flames with fascination, swinging her sword a couple times experimentally. “Very nicely bala-” and she spun, sword flying at the Stranger. There was a bright flash as their blades collided.
  2. Immaculate

    Immaculate unerring

    Jan 22, 2003
    From The ASEAN Union Six
    To Lianshan Yi, Hubei and other interested parties,
    Regarding the New Qin Empire,

    The New Qin Empire was unjustly attacked by both the Liangshan Yi and the Hubei without cause in a blatant grab for territory and resources without regard to lives lost or suffering caused. In this age of darkness and tragedy, we men and women of the planet have suffered too much as a consequence of uncontrolled threats including weather and famine that we should not have to worry too of our neighbors' aggression or greed.

    Let it also be known that the New Qin Empire has been willing to sign an agreeable peace with the Liangshan Yi but that their attempts to discuss peace with the Hubei was rebuffed without so much as a counter-offer.

    It is for these reasons that, after hearing the request of the New Qin Empire, we have offered our protection to that nation. Let it be known that an attack upon the Qin will be considered an attack upon the AU6 and that we will respond as is appropriate. Let it also be known that, expecting an attack by the Hubei, our forces will be present in the new Qin Empire by invitation and that we will respond with extreme force to any attempt to conquer or attack the Qin both from within Qin territory and from without.

    Now, to address the Corporate Board of the Blue Suns Corporation. Cease your attacks upon the New Qin Empire, pay them reparations worthy of the suffering you have caused them, and return to peaceful development or we will be forced to declare war upon your company and its employees.
  3. Ekolite

    Ekolite The Mighty Jungle

    Sep 15, 2007
    Celtia Atrebatia
    The Pacific Island Sultanates echo the sentiment that blatant wars of aggression for no just purpose should be condemned by the Asian community.
  4. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    Joachim was positively bored. His tutor was going on and on about German history, and Joachim could not sit still. It wasn’t like this was important, as eleven year olds fairly care about the Siege of Paris in a conflict so long ago.

    “Remember, Prince Joachim, you as the ruler of Germania must be sure to embody the warrior spirits of the Teutonic Knights. Your rule as Emperor will be one of an autocrat, and you must bear the weight of the Reich as Atlas bared the weight of the world on his shoulders.”

    “Herr Bremermann, what of the Fuhrer? Can’t she rule?”

    “No my Prince. It is the responsibility of the Emperor to guide the Reich, no matter what anyone says. The Fuhrer is likely to be old news by the time you assume the throne, but the Emperor will never be without meaning. That is what your ancestors fought for. You are so lucky my prince, you will be the first to truly rule a united Kaiserreich. You will do great things.”

    At this, Kaspar, Joachim’s personal guard, came into the study. Herr Bremermann? I am to take the Prince.”

    “Very well. My Prince, finish reading about the Franco-Prussian war, and outline how the German Spirit enabled us to triumph over the French. Go with your guard.”

    Joachim and Kaspar left the study and walked down the hall “Kaspar, I hate these lessons, why can’t I go play?”

    Smiling, Kaspar patted his head “I’m sorry my Prince, but it’s necessary if we want you to have a solid foundation for the academy.”

    “The Academy?” Instantly, vivid pictures of giggling school girls in short, short miniskirts filled his mind. He blushed as he imagined girl after girl awestruck as the Prince of Germania walked through the halls, each of them trying to be the one who could conquer him and claim him as her own. Yes, he could tolerate lessons for that.

    Kaspar interrupted his reverie “Yes, it’s tradition for the Prince to serve in the military before he assumes the throne” shattering all of Joachim’s fantasies. As he started to protest, Kaspar interrupted him once more “Here we are my Prince. Your father wanted a few words with you. I’ll be waiting outside”

    Joachim entered his father’s room. The scent of schnapps was quite apparent, and his father was wearing a bathrobe. A woman in a bathrobe walked out and was surprised to see the boy, but smiled broadly. Joachim nodded respectfully at his father for his latest conquest.

    “My boy! Don’t mind Gretchen here, she was leaving soon. Here, let’s have a drink!” The Kaiser walked over to his cabinet and briefly hesitating, selected whiskey, pouring himself and his son a glass. Usually, Joachim wasn’t allowed to have alcohol due to him being eleven, so he eagerly took the glass. It was incredibly sour and tasted horrid, but he persevered.

    “My son, why are you here?”

    “You summoned me dad.”

    “I did? Hmm”

    “Father, why must I go to the military academy? I want to go to a normal school with girls in mini skirts!”

    “My son, let me assure you. Women in uniform, they look so so cold, but underneath? They are so, so warm. Besides, you already have a wife lined up for you.” To Joachim’s disappointment, it wasn’t a supermodel. It was a girl, his age, maybe a bit younger, and with a dress and crown. A Princess no doubt.

    “Dad, even though I’m engaged, does that mean I can still fool around?”

    The King stroke his beard thoughtfully “Well, normally I’d say no, as it is a diplomatic marriage, but technically, you haven’t met her yet, and there’s no real way to prove that you haven’t stayed pure. You have my blessing until you see how hot she turns out.”

    “Thanks Dad!”

    Unfortunately for Joachim, Herr Bremermann was there to hear the entire conversation. He pulled Joachim out, and whispered to the Kaiser. It seemed the Kaiser didn’t care, and summoned Gretchen back to his bed. Bremermann took Joachim’s hand and walked quickly.

    “My Prince, take no heed of what your father said. I implore you, do not be as he is”

    “But Herr Bremermann, isn’t that what power is? To do what you want?”

    “No my prince. Let me tell you a story. The Ancient Greeks believed in a pantheon of Gods had taken power from the Titans. The Titans were quite powerful, but they were careless in their power, causing them to fall. But one titan was more powerful than the rest. Atlas. Atlas was far more powerful than any god, and so he had the burden of keeping the world in place. Power is not to be used without care. It is to ensure the benefit of your nation and your society. Your father uses alcohol and a Fuhrer to help him shoulder the burden. But you, my Prince, must ensure Germania remains pure. You, and only you, can rule Germania. I trust you my Prince. You will be the greatest ruler Germany has ever known, for you alone will guide us on the path to the destiny of the German people.”

    Joachim was quiet for a moment, until timidly asking “Herr Bremermann?”

    “Yes my Prince?”

    “Can I go play with the ducks in the garden?”

    Bremermann smiled. “Yes my Prince. Go play.” The Prince would be a good ruler soon. Once the people saw the inefficiencies of the Fuhrer, they would return to the Kaiser’s guidance. And Joachim, with his help, would succeed in bringing the Kaiserreich the place in the sun it so desperately needed. Until the Prince became of age, it seemed he would have to play the role of Atlas for now…
  5. ChiefDesigner

    ChiefDesigner Sunset Emperor

    Mar 5, 2007
    TO: New Qin Empire, ASEAN U6
    FROM: Ministry of Cross-Strait Affairs, Republic of China

    The Republic of China is extremely disappointed in the New Qin Empire's choice in friends. In our dealings with AU6, we have found them to be nothing more than a pack of tyrants and thieves, no better than the Burmese dictators and Thai tyrants they supplanted.

    In protest, AU6 and New Qin diplomats have been declared persona non grata and expelled from ROC territory.

    The ROC further calls upon its fellow FEDCO powers to place an embargo on AU6 goods, and freeze the assets of AU6 merchants and businessmen operating within FEDCO signatory authority.
  6. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    “Quack,” the duck said. It was swimming about in the center of the small pond in the garden. Joachim held an wooden stick and took aim at the duck.

    “Please leave the duck alone, Master Joachim, the palace gardeners complained that the ducks inexplicably become injured during the day when they leave for lunch,” a voice said from behind him. Joachim jumped and dropped the stick. “I wasn’t going to throw it at the duck!” he muttered.

    He turned around to see an expressionless woman holding a large bag in her hand. “Who are you?” Joachim asked.

    “My name is Katherine Voigt. I have been given permission from the Kaiser in order to be your temporary mentor,” she said. “I have brought the materials that we will be using in this class in the bag,” she handed Joachim a large black bag.

    “But I already had my lesson few hours ago!” Joachim complained.

    “Today’s history lesson was on the Siege of Paris, which ended Franco-Prussian War. I do like to focus on how that particular war started rather than on the battles, however. They are…far more interesting,” Katherine said. “I may teach you a few things on the subject myself, but you’ve had enough of that for today. You may, however, find my lessons more interesting. Please open that bag.”

    Joachim obliged. His eyes went round and his hands thrust into the bag. “A wooden sword!” Joachim beamed.

    “Indeed,” Katherine said. She leaned over and pulled another wooden sword out of the bag. “Swordplay is an important skill to learn as a prince, Master Joachim. And also quite a bit more exciting one to learn than history. The palace garden, however, may not be the best place to practice it. Please follow me.”

    “Alright,” Joachim said, excited. He followed Katherine away from the palace gardens. As they left, a guard spotted them and gave a salute. “Fuhrer Voigt, it is an honor to see you,” the guardsman said. Joachim gasped. “It is a pleasure to see you as well,” Katherine said back. They continued down into the palace.

    “What is wrong, Master Joachim, you look worried,” Katherine asked.

    “Herr Bremermann told me not to trust you,” Joachim whispered. “He said that, when I become king, I will be the most powerful man on the earth, unlike my father.”

    “Did he? He is a loyal subject of Germania then,” Katherine said.

    Joachim stopped. “Huh?” he said.

    “Let me tell you one thing, Master Joachim,” Katherine said. “Just because one is loyal does not mean that one is clever. That is my first lesson to you. Bremmermann is a fool if he thinks that one man can rule a nation as large as Prussia.”

    “I can, if I study enough-“

    “Oh, really, Master Joachim? I saw you droning off when you were learning history from your tutor. I heard his yells. I overheard your conversation with your father. Are you sure you will become the strongest man on this earth, or another man like your father who needs alcohol and me to help shoulder the burden?”

    Joachim tightened his grip around the wooden sword. “That’s not fair, I-“ he paused. “How did you know that he said that? Are you trying to make me angry?!”

    “Yes, of course,” Katherine said simply. “That is my second lesson to you. You just confirmed the rumor I have heard that Bremermann told you such things. Angry or otherwise emotional people are easier to read. It’s thusly always important to keep a cool demeanor. Also you are now more willing to use that sword. Here we are.”

    Katherine opened a large door and entered the gym within the palace. Joachim looked stupefied. “Come, Master Joachim, did not you wish to use that sword? I saw you tighten your grasp around it.”

    “Coming…” Joachim said. Inside, Katherine was already wearing a protective helmet over her face. “Your helmet is inside the bag,” Katherine said. Joachim also quickly wore the mask as Katherine walked over to the other side of the room.

    “Truth is, Master Joachim,” Katherine said. “Although I did learn swordplay in my youth, I am uncomfortable with this kind of sword.” It was true. The tiny wooden sword looked downright comical in Katherine’s hands. “You might be quite a challenge for me as well. Well, should we have one match to see how good you are?” Katherine gripped the wooden sword with one hand and put the other behind her back.

    “Sure,” Joachim replied.

    “En garde,” Katherine said. Joachim ran up to Katherine and was easily batted aside.

    “Do not cut at my sword,” Katherine said. “You must attack at the flesh.”

    Joachim got up and approached her more cautiously this time. He took a swing at Katherine’s body, who easily sidestepped it. “Doing much better, this time, Master Joachim,” she said.

    Joachim gripped the wooden sword with both hands and rushed Katherine, swatting aside her one-handed attempt to block it and hitting her in the arm.

    “Very good, Master Joachim, I see that you are a quick learner,” Katherine said. “Shall we do that again?”

    “Yes!” Joachim said. He gripped the sword with both hands and approached her confidently.

    Katherine quickly retreated out of range and pulled out her free-hand from behind her…

    The free-hand was holding a water pistol…

    And shot Joachim in the face with a stream of water. “Augh!” Joachim said, startled. He dropped to the ground, letting go of the sword in the process. Katherine went over to his side and kicked away the dropped sword. “Third lesson of the day is to always be watchful, and that rules can be bent or outright broken,” Katherine said. She helped Joachim back up. “That lesson, in particular, you must always bear in your mind,” she said. “I think that is enough for today. Our lessons will progressively get longer every time we meet. We will meet again at this location two days from now. I will see you around, Master Joachim,” she said.


    Two days later.

    “Are you ready, Master Joachim?”

    “Yup!” Joachim said, giving a wide smile.

    “You seem happy today. Did something good happen?”

    “No, but it will!” Joachim said happily.

    Katherine stood silent for a couple of seconds. “So it may be. Let us begin then? En garde.”

    Joachim dropped his sword, pulled out a sling-shot from his jacket, and shot a pebble at Katherine, hitting her in the chest.

    “I think you learn quickly, Master Joachim,” she said after a while. “Perhaps Herr Bremermann was right.”

    Joachim giggled. “I will bring a practice rapier for both of us the next time we meet, and our lessons can truly begin,” Katherine said, walking slowly towards Joachim. “We will meet again two days from now at the same time.”

    “Rapiers? Of my own?” Joachim said.

    “Of course. You still have much to learn.” She suddenly tapped Joachim gently on the head twice. “Case proven here.”


    “See you around, Master Joachim,” Katherine said. She quickly tossed aside her helmet and left the room.
  7. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    Here are the characters of my (and Seon's) stories Part I. Enjoy the irony :goodjob:

    Spoiler :

    Fuhrer Katherine Voigt

    Großmeister des Ordens Heinrich Von Salza

    Reichsprotector Eugen Bremermann

    Oberstleutnant Kaspar Raaf

    Prince Joachim of Germania

    Princess Nikolatta of Austria
  8. Diamondeye

    Diamondeye So Happy I Could Die

    Apr 20, 2007
    Dancing in the Dark
    Spoiler Outcasts :
    Scaling the low hill, Alejandro stopped for a moment, turning to look at the coloumn snaking its way behind him. He adjusted the rocket launcher weighing down his shoulder and felt the hot metal against bare skin. He grimaced. The Devil's Work indeed, he thought. The humid lowlands they were passing through were marvelleous indeed, and splendid to behold when bathed in the golden beams of the Sun, but most of the soldiers in the coloumn below were looking straight ahead.

    The marvels are not for us to enjoy, Alejandro reminded himself. We have surrendered all that is beautiful and pure so that our children and grandchildren can live in a paradisic world, innocent as Adam and Eve before the Snake tempted them. Heavy is our duty, but our cause is glorious indeed. He nodded to himself and walked down to join the others in the coloumn. There was not a day where he speculated on his destiny, and every time he reached the same conclusion. There is no sacrifice too great if it will save the immortal souls of our descendants and bring the One, True Light to those who had yet to be enlightened.

    The Outcasts marched on, their rifles and other weapons resting on their bare shoulders, the metal of the demonic contraptions gleaming with splendour in the light of God.
  9. Immaculate

    Immaculate unerring

    Jan 22, 2003
    48 hours to get those orders in people.

    and all- good stories- don't forget to link to them in your orders if you want bonuses for them.
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    Jun 21, 2004
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    Eh what? How is that friday? I still haveeee exaaaamss!!!1!
  11. Immaculate

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    Jan 22, 2003
    OOps- i wrote 9/6/11 is a friday but its not a friday, its a tuesday... its still 9/6/11.

    If you need more time kozmos- give a shout out and i will put it back a bit since i screwed up. hopefully you won't though and we can this going.

    And i'll fix my signature right away.
  12. Kozmos

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    Jun 21, 2004
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    No I can make it, but they'll be short and depressing like the last turn.
  13. Immaculate

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    Jan 22, 2003
    Please be sure to prioritize NESing over university courses, family life, women, and personal safety.

    EDIT: but not hygiene.
  14. thomas.berubeg

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    OK, yeah, I've been busy, but I'll try to get it in.

    Edit: That's what she.... or rather he, said.
  15. GamezRule

    GamezRule Inconceivable!

    Jul 14, 2009

    Notes From the Meeting of the Grand Council

    Grand Councilman Danilo Consuelo called the meeting, in which many priority topics were discussed.

    First, they discussed the military. Many officers in the Iberian Red Army are corrupt and unloyal. Obviously something should be done, as usual, Comrade Stalin's superb leadership of the Soviet Union provided some ideas. The Red Army has become as corrupt as the old Iberian National Army which used to rule the nation through it's brutal iron fist. There are many fears within the counsel and the party as a whole that the military could attempt to seize power. However, Comrade Consuelo managed to calm the fears of many of the council members, and simply pointed to Comrade Stalin's leadership in taking care of the corruption in the original Red Army, which guided the Bolsheviks to victory in the grand Russian Revolution.

    Another hot topic of discussion was agriculture. Iberia's agricultural infrastructure is growing, and in fact, with Comrade Consuelo's superb leadership, has managed to overcome the drought and provide some means of surplus. However, so far only temporary measures have been enacted, and the nation needs a stable long term agricultural plan. All the Councilmen had their own ideas, and the Grand Council took these ideas to create a long term plan in a later meeting. They all agreed that it should be modeled after the emergency measures that were so successful.

    The discussion closed with the discussion of foreign affairs. The Alliance of Communist States liberation of the workers of Peru hit some snags, however, progress was being made. The workers in south Iberia were still being oppressed by the Mahgrebians, but the it was unanimous that nothing could be done about that now. However, there was also concerns that communists were being oppressed in Southern France. However, it was agreed that the best thing to do was maintain peaceful relations with all of Iberia's neighbors.

    The meeting closed with the singing of Triunfo de los Trabajadores, the national anthem, and the scheduling of the next meeting.


    To: Bavaria
    From: Iberia

    We would like to discuss the possibility of acquiring some of you're howitzers for our military in the coming years. However, we could not make any such purchase until at least next year.
  16. Frozen In Ice

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Immac I'll try my best to get it in tommorow, but things are pretty hectic right now.
  17. Immaculate

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    Jan 22, 2003
    less than 24 hours remaining to get orders in- i am missing many many many order sets.

    Frozen In Ice- try to get them in as soon as possible- a little bit late is better than never. (to a certain extent)
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    I'm going to do my best to get them to you tonight.
  19. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    As Joachim slept with his stuffed duck, Kaspar sighed. It had been a busy day. Besides, there was something interesting to read. Something interesting…

  20. Julius Gandi

    Julius Gandi The Foreign Disease

    Nov 30, 2003
    Inner Mongolia
    Spoiler :

    In the cold Artic Sea, sails are made taught by the wind. A Californian trading vessel sailed from its Russian home at Vladivostok. A course laid in towards the Frisco Bay. The sleek vessel glided through the water with ease. With a good wind, a Californian ship could reach 20 knots. Trade winds benefited the sailing vessels of the MRC merchant fleet. From California and Russia the Magnates could dominate the Pacific.

    A man in a fine reindeer trench coat stood on the deck, watching the city slip away behind the planet. Under the coat was a finely woven hemp suit. Around the neck of the man was a gold necklace holding an eye, the symbol of his corporation, around his neck.

    Anthony Janski was the name of the man, and he commanded great respect among the Californians in Russia. In a sort few years he managed conquered the eastern Russian economy through exploiting the naive and allying with the smart. He acquired many small Siberian mining companies, pumped new capital and equipment into the failing businesses and turned them around into some of the most efficient and profitable in the region.

    It wasn't long before his Magnate was loaning him out to other magnates to negotiate licensing deals and joint-ventures with Russian corporations. Chairman Ulric went as far as naming him the Tsar of Negotiations. A great deal of his success was due to his overall charm he had, and his interest in Russian culture. It was of course the reason he was so quickly selected by his Magnate to head their Russian ventures.

    Now he has been quickly dispatched for home. He has been hired on as the head of Pacific trade for the West Pacific Trading Company.

    A world away, Chairman Ulric sat in a red wood chair in the Senate Hall. The room was bursting with Magnates and their assistance. The hum of voices was deafening, forcing those to sit close and talk loudly to be heard.

    The age old hall, seat of power and symbol of strength, was designed during the Age of Death, by the for fathers in the Ark. The traditional robes, red wood staffs, oiled and carved with the greatest care, passed down from some history book. The purpose of all this to connect the Magnates with the people from before the fall of man.

    Ulric stood up an cleared his throat before he approached the microphone that was perched on the rostrum. He rose his arms in a great gesture to signal commencement of the speech and a bell rang out. The conversations stopped and eye turned to the front of the hall.

    “We must come together on this day. We are united by a common interest. This land must be reformed. The crops are too few, the infrastructure too far gone, and the technology far too sparse to foster economic growth. Days will come that California will be the center of trade and industry. We have ended the economic protectionism that has crippled our nation and extended the hand of cooperation around the world.

    Most of California is mostly, useless to us. Californian’s are scattered, burdened by the responsibilities of surviving. They are lucky if they have anything left over at the end of the year. We must change this. It is dire for the prosperity of the republic that we bring water and electricity to the country side. The people need cheaper food, and more of it, electricity and jobs, and education.

    Magnates, you may be asking who will pay for this. It will be mostly on our backs, but soon the people will be making enough to pay into the government.

    You must see that these expenditures beneficial to us as much as they are to the country side.”

    The Magnate lowered his arms. Upon the tablets of the Magnates came the details of the proposal. Hum of conversations built up again as the Chairman left the room to his chambers. Ulric sat down and closed his eyes. It would be a long week.


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