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Aug 29, 2007
Hi there :wavey:

After playing civ for quite a while I started having less time and interest for it about a year ago or so. A few days ago however I for some reason started another civ game... great fun, just like back then :old: ;)

So now I'd like to play another SG though I didn't find anything around here that suits me... firstly, I'm not interested in complicated variant rules as I've come to find it sometimes quite annoying when you have to keep a dozen (more or less pointless) limitations in mind while planning/playing. I'm open to simple stuff however, like "never build cottages" ;) (though I don't really consider this a limitation :lol:).

Before I stopped I usually played on deity level as I found immortal games too less tense (though I can't boast a very impressive deity win ratio :spank:). When playing SGs, with all the discussion, the play is usually way better than when playing solo... so I'd kinda prefer deity but I'd agree to immortal too...

I'd like a relaxed game that is about having fun. Not stuff like whipping people because they took more than a day to post "got it"... I also don't mind a gentle pace when playing as long as nobody loses interest. Pretty much all settings are open for discussion as well as variant rules...

Please pop in with ideas... anyone is welcome to join! :)
In, if I may...

can play only the week end though (but I can check the thread daily provided it's not as intensive as OSS thread :p)

I am up for any variant. I just want a relaxing and fun game like you ;)


edit: oh yeah, I would prefer normal speed and map to ease the end game micro somehow. :please:
Sure, that is just fine. Like I said I'm not about high pace and I'm not about huge micro discussion either (like in a certain SGOTM team ;)) though I do quite a lot of MM myself.

I prefer normal speed as well... map-wise I like fractal as those are usually nicely balanced and interesting.
I'd be interested, anything is fine with me. I haven't played Deity much, for me a no-variant "just win" would be enough of a challenge.

I'm playing on a netbook, so I might need to step back in the late game, particularly on a larger map.
Hi Thrar :)

Thats just fine... do you have any preferences regarding the settings? Leader/civ/map? We've been thinking someone like gilgamesh or similarly powerful as none of us is really in shape either :D

Well I'm playing on a netbook as well at times... it works, just takes a little longer ;)

If you have some time, I would suggest you play a few games until 1AD or so to be a little familiar with early AI techpace, REXing and so on.
For the map, I guess one of fractal/BS/MS?
We prolly want to avoid archipelago (unless we want to play another lighthouse -boring?- game), and pangea (since it increases BC dow rolls and allows some trading/bribing abuses).
Open to anything though (like always :devil:)


edit: not in shape? who? where? :lol:
There you guys are! :)

I'll join. Also struggling with micro-intensity these days... I've been reduced to smart-ass comments about once a week.

I'm ok with a standard fractal deity. Unless you wanna attempt Warlords?

Can we play someone crappy?
No leader preference for me. I'd be fine with Random/Fractal and see what we get.

I'd like to stick to BtS for the game balance changes, but wouldn't mind disabling espionage and corporations to simplify the game.
Hiya bbp :cheers: nice to have you in ;)

Fractal/Random Leader is fine by me. Can we disable corps? :dunno: Not so sure about no espionage, I'd rather have it on as I find it quite interesting. Why don't you like it? I'll definitely disable huts though... what about random events?
You can't disable corp (well, you can still go state property and never look back ;)) and no espionnage is kinda broken imo. no huts/random events is fine by me, even if I like some flavor here and there :goodjob:

I am glad to see bbp joining :salute: welcome to Thrar!

Yah I was quite confused... "how could I miss that option..?!" :D I'm all for avoiding corps but we can't really prevent the AI from using them.

Random events add flavour (I usually play with them on, like in the last game when I got a free golden age when preparing for/going to war just after I pushed all the way up to rifling fuelled by another 2 GAs so I must say they may have a huge impact :hammer:).

Huts don't add flavour, they add yet more advantage to the AI.
Meant Warlords for the challenge, nothing wrong with corps and espionage.

I don't like huts and events, but it doesn't matter too much.
I'm debating on whether to lurk or play this one. This is a stellar crew here so I'd love to learn from yall and get over hump. Leaning toward playing if you will have a lowly mortal IMM player. Settings sound good, but I'm not fond of events and huts at all. I guess I could live with events.
Erm, ok. So corps cannot be disabled. :blush:

I like events for flavor, but don't mind going without them either. Disabling huts is fine with me.
Espionage is yet another economic vector to take care of, one that in many games I chose to neglect. I've stolen the odd tech here and there, but it's quite possible I've never got to see its true power. I'm fine with leaving it in and finding out!
Welcome lymond!

@mysty: I can't see the pics of the save game you generated, they don't display very well :D :lol:
Shut it... :p as I wrote in msn I still had connections issues when I got home..

Well then... here we go:

Spoiler :

Settings were no RE no huts, standard otherwise (I think :D).

First one is Washington. Huge food capital, I'm never certain whether I like it or not. Good is the early boost and quick going as well as heavy whipping capabilities, bad is that it doesn't work well with buerocracy (which would not matter while in nationalism :hammer: ;)). Lots of forests too which is good but after they're gone all we can do there is run specs. I definitely don't like coastal starts though here it's not that bad as we start with fishing.

Second one is justinian as you may see. Again, heavily forested but thankfully inland. Very low food so this might turn out very hard. OTOH if we find some gold/gems somewhere we can spam settlers like mad with all those forests...
Justinian definitely is a very interesting leader, spiritual is great for deity and those catas are fun as well :hammer:

Third is pericles, undoubtedly the strongest leader of the three. I'm not so sure what to think about this capital. Probably the best suited for buero but rather hammer-wise than commerce-wise as it doesn't have too much food but lots of hills. With the gold and traits this is the easiest game imo.

Oh I just noticed that not one but all three start on a plains hill... Those seem to haunt me, had them in the last 3 games I played.... not that I'm complaining ;)

I'm open to play either of the three game, I don't really care much. What are your thoughts?

Roster-wise, I'll leave the 6th spot open until sunday if someone else likes to join. IIRC roster by now is:


View attachment saves.7z
Justi start looks really low on food... though 2 cows + PH + chops = nice rex. Still the worse start imo (and no other food tile in the fog since we see forests everywhere). But interesting leader as u said (Oh Usun's university!)...

Pericles has good traits and a nice start. Not too strong still as there are a lot of (well at least 5!) brown tiles and few riverside ones: more an early to mid game powerhouse... excellent for deity :goodjob:

I like Washington's starting food though seafood starts are slow and mean higher chance of getting boxed. Maybe the more "risky start".

For a safe game, I would rate them as follow: Pericles > Justinian (for the REX potential) > Washington.
We played Justinian in an SG already, so I'd give him a skip. Pericles and Washington both look tricky, one for apparent lack of food and the other for lack of worker actions. I'd vote for Washington - looks most interesting.
Logged in to comment...

First I can't participate right now, as I'm on vacation overseas without a civ computer. Still I can lurk and post once in a while when I find a wifi hotspot. I'd be more interested in a Warlords Deity for 'novelty'. The last SG was a bit uninteresting after a while so hopefully this one can be harder with the crew you're setting up!
If we go for Washington or Justinian, I suggest moving the settler to find a better site before settling.
The Washington start isn't bad, but it's better for a second or third city there. It lacks production (except for the forests) and is coastal, which means we'll be able to secure less land. On the other hand if we move, we'll have an excellent location to backfill later.
For Justinian, it appears there's grassland in the north, so I'd move up there to find a better location. SIP is weak pre-Calendar and not exactly good afterwards either.

Pericles is the most straightforward and Deity is hard enough as it is, so that one's my favorite.
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