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List Enhancements for VP


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Apr 23, 2017
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Slight modification of @whoward69's Unit List Enhancements and other EUI's lists.
- added many tooltips with tons of additional info;
- added background colors;
- added health bars for cities and units;
- more detailed info in each window (actions, turns to finish, promotions, xp, level for units; happiness, resources needed, garrisoning, puppet, captured, border growth for cities);
- more sorting options;
- better fonts, aligning, colours;

Download List Enhancements for VP (v6.1)
Github Repository (v6.1)

Spoiler Screenshots :





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Fantastic! Thank you for your work! Is there a conflict with City-States Leaders for VP? They both share a Texts.xml.
~ >>> locate Texts.xml
/home/ryan/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS/UI - City-States Leaders for VP (v 7m6)/SQL/Texts.xml
/home/ryan/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS/UI - List Enhancements for VP (v 2)/XML/Texts.xml
Does this make Infixo's "UI - Show XP in Military Overview (v 2.3)" redundant? Or is his a possible conflict because of the use of LUA?
- Displays column with units' XP and Level (can be sorted).
- Displays Health Bar if unit is damaged.
- Shows icons for Great People.
- Shows Religion and Religion Spreads for religious units.
- Shows an indicator if a unit is ready for a promotion.
- Shows City Name for garrisoned units.
- Shows Fortification bonus when applicable.
- Camera moves to a selected unit.
- Tooltip showing Unit Type.
- Fix: Trade units show "Trade (Automated)"
Files affected:
- MilitaryOverview.lua
- MilitaryOverview.xml
- ShowXPinMO.xml
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@Infixo's Military Overview changes totally different window. You can see link to that window in one of the screens in main post. So hi mod is not redundant.
I will change Names for Text files. Thanks for reminding me.
@Infixo's Military Overview changes totally different window. You can see link to that window in one of the screens in main post. So hi mod is not redundant.
I will change Names for Text files. Thanks for reminding me.
I spoke to Infixo on Steam not long ago. He is just taking a break from modding but he said he'll return. So, I expect in 2019 some updates to his main mods.
Great! I know smth about such breaks. I also had one almost half year long.
I noticed that files are not problematic even if they have the same name. It is because you have two ways of implementing them into the game:
  • import - works when you need to substitute original files,
  • load on mod activation - normal functioning.
Most of mods I made or collaborated had second option chosen. In this mod text file is also done with second option, but the rest must be imported to substitute orignal files.

Nevertheless, I will update all my mods with small name tweaks to prevent such issues in the future.
Just a heads up, I'm watching the EUI thread and there have been several updates recently. The code has changed a lot and has improvements that will no doubt probably affect the coding behind UI/promotion modmods. At the point that these are integrated into VP core, there might need to be some tweaking done. But that will be some time in the future after EUI exits beta.

bc1 updated Civ5 Enhanced User Interface v1.29beta27
- display some of the unit's promotions to the left of its flag (this feature can be disabled in the interface options panel); only the most relevant promotions are displayed to prevent clutter, and only for your units and the enemies's you are at war with. Should be compatible with any mod that changes promotions or promotion art, but of course not mods that change the UI. Highly optimized, should have no noticeable CPU/GPU impact
- if auto unit cycle and quick selection advance are both checked under interface options, unit cycling is now really fast
- minor bug fixes
v3. Further changes to UI. Modified some texts.
v4. @Infixo's MO compatibility and further UI adjustements.
Ouch. Just download v3 for now.
Sorry for confusion. Now I updated correct v4 version of LE.
Quick fix. 4.1. I hope now it will be good. I did many basic changes. Later on I wil sit more carefully over that mod and maybe do bigger refining.
I have noticed that in Military Overview the XP (Lvl) column only accommodates 5 characters. So, when a unit (like a scout) accumulates triple digit XP the closing parenthesis is pushed the next line.

245 (7) looks like
245 (7

Perhaps you can expand that column width to 6 characters or change the formatting to require 5 or less: 245 /7.
I forgot about wraping. Will be in next iteration.
Huh this statux is probably error from original mod version. Keep informing.
v4.2 with few more fixes and cosmetic alignment changes.
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