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Orcs and Humans Continued

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by Nailix, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Nailix

    Nailix Damn!

    Feb 5, 2008
    Wars of Warcraft

    Orders Due: Update 21

    [TIMER="07/19/2013 4:00 PM PST"][/TIMER]

    Spoiler :


    This is a continuation of EQ's Orcs and Humans NES which he had to end due to outside circumstances. After discussing things with him, and getting a fairly decent grasp on the idea behind the NES we both feel I am suitable to mod this NES for him so it doesn't have to end so soon.

    A Quick Start to Selecting Your Faction

    There's a lot of text going to follow this sentence, and some of you may want to quickly pounce on a reservation for a nice looking blob. Here is a quick guide of which races I recommend for varying degrees of experience, though if a bright light shines upon you and demands you take a race, go for that too. Now, of all races there are multiple factions, except for gnomes and elves. The elves I would consider an "ultra-easy" mode for the NES, while the gnomes would be "ultra-hard." The rest are outlined below:

    Humans: Human Kingdoms are middle of the road and probably the second easiest to play overall. Most kingdoms will also have plenty of time to gain strength before they are called to war.
    Orcs: Orcs have the largest armies to start and the most powerful units overall, but suffer from an inability to easily recoup any losses.
    Dwarves: Think of these as the "hard" version of humans.
    Trolls: Think of these as the "hard" version of orcs, since most have few resources and are surrounded by hostile enemies.

    EQ's First Word

    This is an NES based on Blizzard's world they created with the Warcraft RTS games and the following MMORPG, World of Warcraft, of which you might have heard. I hope to stay truer to the spirit of the RTS games rather than the RPG, and the map and rules have been focused to emphasize grand strategy rather than personal role-playing. Despite this, it is not a 100% faithful retelling of that world that Blizzard created, despite the similar beginnings. I have no intention of keeping to the exact lore, mostly because frankly, with NESers, no plan works forever. Therefore, I have kept in mind only the broader strokes of the lore of the game that takes place behind scenes, which will be recalculated based on the actual events of the NES. Furthermore I have every faith that you NESers will find ways to manipulate the world for your own profit and gain, and look forward to witnesses the threats to the world that you create outside of the writ of Blizzard's story. I especially encourage those of you not actually familiar with the World of Warcraft franchise to join in, as there is so much to be discovered for you especially, in a rather rich fantasy world. Before I conclude this paragraph, I just feel that I should say that the map is entirely handcrafted based upon my maps in the World of Warcraft game and internet sources. Therefore it is quite frankly one of the greatest maps I have ever made, in my own humble opinion. Beyond that, enjoy this NES, I know I will.

    The Story so Far

    Over one thousand years ago the united humans and elves under the kingdoms of Arathor and Quel'Thalas, respectively won great victory over the united troll tribes of Azeroth. The trolls were scattered across the continent and their cause was shattered beyond all repair. Over the next centuries, an untold era of peace and prosperity emerged, as the elves and humans coexisted within their grand empires, expanding and populating the continent, and living peacefully, with only the occasional skirmishes with the remaining trolls. The discovery of the dwarves and gnomes brought more friends to this peaceful sphere of trading, and only two hundred years ago would the peace finally be broken. The Kingdom of Arathor, without a legitimate heir, fell to internal squabbling, as the various great cities of the realm declared their independence, while the remnants of the loyalists moved south to found the mighty Kingdom of Stormwind. Despite the growing tensions and petty wars and skirmishes among the kingdoms and races, major war has been unknown throughout the continent, until now. A great army has swept out of the southeast, of ferocious beasts known only as the orcs. They attempted to topple the great fortress of Stormwind Keep, and only through the valiant efforts of its defenders, were the orcs repulsed, but not beaten. The orcs have rallied new strength and more clans have joined them, as the age of war has once more descended upon the world of Azeroth.

    Sample Stat Formats

    Sample Kingdom Stats

    Alterac <player name>
    Race: Human
    Ruler: Aiden Perenolde (Level 1 Warrior)
    Heroes: None
    -Aiden Perenolde: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+450 Gold)
    Lumber: 0 (+20 Lumber)
    Mana: 0
    Army: 200 Warriors, 50 Archers
    Navy: Landlocked
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    Strahnbrad: +50 Gold, +20 Lumber

    Sample Horde or Mobile Nation Stats

    Blackrock Clan: <player name>
    Clan Color: Red
    Ruler: Blackhand (Level 2 Warrior)
    Heroes: Orgrim Doomhammer (Level 6 Warrior)
    -Orgrim Doomhammer: The Doomhammer
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 0
    Mana: 0
    Army: 5,000 Warriors, 500 Spearmen, 50 Catapults

    The Rules of the Game

    Government, Diplomacy, and Stability in Azeroth

    The governments in Azeroth are quite simple, all steered by absolute and wise rulers and kings (See the hero section below for more on them). Notions such as democracy, republicanism, and communism are nonsense to the people of Azeroth, and they are quite content to let their rulers lead them to glory or oblivion. Unlike other NESes of my own, you have no stability stats to worry about, and there will never be a call for internal political reform, so don't do it. While there is no stability stats, there may still be plots among the ranks, but these will be solely justified by events, and as long as you don't make any catastrophic blunders, you will be fine. There are some exceptions in plots that are laid out behind the scenes from the beginning for various nations, and the world as a whole, but you will have to deal with these as they come.

    For diplomacy, you'll note that almost all factions have "natural enemies" and "natural allies." Prolonged conflict both before the start of the NES and during the course of the NES will put various factions into the different slots. Natural Enemies cannot and should not be negotiated with under any circumstance. Natural Allies curry the favor of your people, who would be most disappointed if their kingdom was allowed to fall. No nation has natural allies to begin with, but all have natural enemies.

    A Kingdom's Economy

    All kingdoms are built on three key resources: Gold, Lumber, and Mana. Gold is used to pay for the training and recruitment of all types of units, and is by far the most important resource to possess. Gold is produced from dedicated mines and the larger communities, and the largest cities typically provide the most wealth to their kingdoms. Lumber, while not used in every unit, is still essential for a fully equipped military force, being used for siege equipment and warships. Mana is used by five of the six starting races to help train and deploy spellcasters of all types and varieties. Only gnomes do not use mana, using expertise instead to train their skilled engineers and devise their clever inventions. For information on what places produce what, see the map section at the bottom of the post.

    Gold, as already stated, is the most important resource, and thankfully is also the most plentiful. It is produced in large amounts by mines, but the best source of wealth is inevitably wealthy villages, towns and cities. Gold can also be found on the field of victorious battle, dropped or abandoned by your defeated enemy.

    Lumber, is found almost exclusively at the lumber mills and camps scattered across Azeroth. Some larger cities and towns along produce some lumber locally for the shipping industry, but the most plentiful amounts inevitably come from the lumber mills.

    Mana, is an unique resource in that it is NOT produced by most sites on the map. Instead, the amount of mana you produce is chiefly determined by the amount of spellcasters you have present in your military force. A faction not steeped in mysticism will find it very difficult to establish a magical arm for his military, as most factions possess only the smallest of magical powers. Mana is used not only for recruitment of casters, but also the casting of Great Spells of power.

    Expertise is used by gnomes and goblins to help them create radical new inventions that spur their own war machines. The gnomes and goblins with plenty of expertise have brought many new inventions to Azeroth, including gunpowder, rifles, cannon, and mortars for the dwarves. Expertise is also needed to train new gnomish or goblin engineers in the arts, and, like mana, Expertise is generated by those who need it for recruitment.

    Gold and Lumber are the only resources that can be traded among kingdoms, as mana and expertise is linked more to the individuals involved. The economy of your nation is laid out in the stats provided in the third post on the thread, and different communities will provide different types and amounts of the resources. The resources of a town or other community CANNOT be used if the community is captured by a faction of another race. Lumber mills and mines will continue to produce, regardless of what race occupies them at any given point. Lastly, there's no such thing as deficit spending, what you have is what you have.

    Projects and Great Spells

    Every once in a while the resources of an individual or nation must be directed to a massive greater good. This comes in three distinct forms. The first is the traditional project, which is a program dedicated to some material goal accomplished through traditional means. These are civil works projects which would be completed with gold or lumber, nothing more or less. All you must do is determine what sort of project you'd like to begin, and I will direct you to the cost for the plans, and you can pay it out as slowly or quickly as you choose.

    Great Spells are a far more powerful thing than mere civil works, though theoretically they can be used to accomplish similar goals. Great Spells only use mana in their casting, and typically have a time requirement to be cast. Truly powerful spells and incantations may take months, maybe years, to prepare and cost, and be prepared for extensive commitment in this respect. The flip side is that through the use of magic, you can accomplish pretty much anything you can imagine. There are very few spells I will outright turn down or reject as moderator, though you must be prepared not only for the benefit but whatever moral or physical toll the spell may cost your mages.

    Inventions are a project only available to goblins and gnomes. These are sort of a combination of Great Spells and projects. For this, your people work on devising new inventions that can help expand the power of your cause and people. As with magic, your imagination is the only limitation, though of course a veto is more likely, simply because in some cases, it's just not possible even in a fantasy world. Be reminded, though, while a moderator veto is possible, it quite definitely isn't a likely outcome of your plans.

    Travel, Armies, and Units

    One of the key components of Blizzard RTS games is that they provide a variety of races with different feels and strategies. This is one element that I hope I have successfully brought to this NES from the games. To begin, there are six different races, and they feature a variety of different units, with differing uses and styles of play. The full details of the costs of each unit for the races is detailed in a post below, along with a handy picture of the race for those of you unfamiliar with the World of Warcraft, though I have excluded a picture of a human for hopefully obvious reasons.

    In wartime, each turn is approximately a month, so if campaigning across a large distance not within your own territory, expect journeys to take a while and for your forces not to arrive immediately. Your armies will be marked by a square of your color in whatever region they are in. Armies can pass through other nations without actually waging war, and will only be considered an aggressive act if the NPC or PC who's lands you are crossing through dislike you immensely. Within your own territory, the familiar grounds allows you quickly transport forces anywhere across your realm over the course of the turn. Remember, the distances are long, and it will usually take multiple turns to travel to other nations. This will give an advantage to a defender, thanks to the fog of war, but do not expect such advantages even defending allied territory. Your forces will be present on the map and their make will be reflect in your stats as well.

    Mages are unique because they can teleport from one friendly city to another en masse, but be warned, this takes a lot of effort, and they will be useless for the rest of the turn. If you are unfortunately enough not to have any mana at the beginning of the NES, the only ways to acquire it are either by creating a mana producing hero, being given a mana producing unit by another nation with the same race as yours, or by capturing a site which produces mana all on its own. Remember, not all the factions are meant to be able to do anything, mages are rare and hard to come by, hence by they are typically hoarded by the few.

    Building and Expansion

    It should be clearly stated that it is NOT possible to build new towns, lumber mills, or mines. This is an absolute statement, with no negotiation on this matter. What's there is there. Villages may turn to towns and towns into cities, and towns and cities will grow with what they can produce in time. There is only one type of structure which can clearly and plainly be built onto the map. That is the fort/stronghold. Forts and strongholds can be built for the flat price of 300 Gold, 200 Lumber each. You must select where the fort will be built in your orders, otherwise I'll place it as best as I can determine based on the wording of your orders or the needs of your nation. Forts are also the only way to expand your color into "white" territory. All expansion and nations are based on the control of resources, forts, and towns, and forts are the way to expand your influence into unclaimed territory. This will not add any resources to your production. The good news is, that with time, a fortification can very well turn into a village, and things beyond, thus adding to your long-term potential.

    Heroes and Rulers

    *You may only build ONE hero per turn.

    Heroes function as a key part of driving stories and battles. There are a number of prescripted heroes that have and will emerge, and some nations will start with multiple ones. They will obey your commands in service to their liege. You can also summon forth a hero of any unit that your race can build for the mere cost of 500 Gold. As an added boon, you can also name any hero you create however you want, assuming it's not obscene. To make things even better, they gain experience with each battle they participate in, growing in power from Level 1 to Level 20. Everything their class does, they do it that much better, and they grow even more powerful if they obtain legendary weapons or artifacts to increase their strength. Be warned, no matter how strong they are, they can still fall if they are overwhelmed. Should they fall, it will be a costly defeat for your cause, especially since any artifacts they may hold will go to your enemy.

    Now a major part of almost all nations is the great heroes and commanders that lead their armies in this world. All kings and rulers are that way because they have earned it through their chosen field, and are typically some of the mightiest warriors in their own realms. You can use your king in combat whenever you choose, and like all heroes, he is essentially a supercharged version of whatever unit he is designated as. Most rulers will typically be warriors, meaning they are heroically great soldiers, who bring swathes of enemies down before them. Be warned, they can die, and if they do, you will not only lose one of your strongest soldiers, there will quite likely be a quick power shuffle to replace him which could lead to unexpected turmoil on the home front.

    As previously stated the heroes you can create can only be created from the units available to your race. There is a single exception to this. For 750 Gold, you can hire a special Assassin Hero. These heroes are used both skillfully in stealthed raids and combat, but also to discretely eliminate other heroes or kings. The higher the level of the Assassin, the more likely their attempt to kill their target will succeed. Be warned, if they are caught, they will be executed, so only move to assassinate someone if your either desperate or certain of your assassin's success.

    The Special Case: The Horde and How it is Different

    Different NES Mechanics

    The orcish clans and the Horde handle completely different to everything else I just discussed. You may notice that none of the orc clans have their names on the map nor do they possess than villages, towns, or cities. The Orcish clans are constantly acting as a united mobile army and only collect resources when encamped near a mine or lumber mill. Similarly, they can only build warships if they are camped along a coastline. You can however, capture enemy ships in coastal towns and raid for supplies without conquering territory, if you are encamped near the target you wish to raid. A raid will prevent the victim from collecting the benefits of that location for the turn and will enrich your own coffers. This more difficult system is somewhat offset by the significantly high amount of soldiers that all the orc clans possess at the beginning of the NES, but as your casualties mount, you will find it more and more difficult to replace them.

    Orcs do not function as a nation and are completely mobile, if they conquer their way through a "civilized" nation or kingdom, they will turn all the lands of that kingdom to "white" territory, leaving the infrastructure rotting behind them. At the order of the warchief and the agreement of the clans, any conquered lands can be distributed and the orcs can settle down as standard nations, but they will not be able to use any of the villages, towns, or cities that were left behind by those they defeated. They will however be able to exploit any lumber mills or mines in their newly claimed realm.

    Clan Diplomacy

    First to get it out of the way, the Burning Blade Clan is solely a reserve Clan, and will forever remain to protect the Dark Portal until they are destroyed by an enemy. They have no chieftain and remain stalwartly dedicated to their task of protecting the portal from any infiltrators.

    More importantly, the Orcish Horde is governed by a Warchief, who commands the de jure loyalty of all orc clans. This was first granted to the Blackrock Clan, where it remains under Warchief Blackhand. The Warchief is responsible for commanding the overall war effort to claim the world of Azeroth for the Horde, and must issue directives and orders to the other active clans. The clan chieftans do not have to follow the instructions, but they would be foolhardy to not, as the Blackrock Clan is by far the strongest and has the support of the elusive Shadow Council. A new warchief will only emerge if the old one dies, appointed by various elements within the Orcish Horde. To summarize, if you are playing as the Warchief, you MUST issue broad directives to all other clans, whether they are players or NPCs. How often you give the directives is up to you, and you can reprimand them for failing to accomplish their goals, but the timelines and objectives of orders will be up to you.

    Orders and Updates

    Orders and Format

    For those not familiar with my other NESes and how I like orders, here's a quick rundown:

    1. Label your PM with your nation, it makes it significantly easier to pick them out of a crowded Inbox.

    2. Place a summary of your spending orders at the top of your overall orders.

    3. Use clear bolded font to differentiate one section of your orders from another.

    On the Updates

    This NES will be designed to start moving very quickly after the first few updates work the bugs out of the ruleset. Keep this in mind, and be prepared for a rapidly moving game, and multiple updates a week. The NES is supposed to be quick and violent, so play that way, a long game here is still recommended, but, overall stay in the moment as much as possible, as with each moment things get trickier.

    Starting World Map and Information

    The only note needed about the map itself is that the grey areas on the map are impassable mountains that cannot be cross by any army. Once more: grey area is always impassable.

    Production Rates

    The following section details how much of each resource a site will produce. Towns and Cities will produce different amounts depending on their race, location, and prosperity. Their wealth can and will change throughout the NES. These production rates are listed within your overall stats individually by community. The capital is not listed individually, but is considered the base part of any production you might have as a kingdom. All other sites are set in their production, regardless of location.

    Village: +10 Gold per turn
    Lumber Camp: +50 Lumber per turn
    Mine: +50 Gold per turn

    Places of Power

    Places of power are locations of major significance to the world of Azeroth. This list will most definitely change as the NES progresses and Places of Power are destroyed or created by the acts of players.

    The Sunwell: A source of immense magical power, it is located right within the High Elven capitol of Silvermoon, providing the elves with the bulk of their magic potential and strength. It was created ages ago with the elven arrival in these lands, and serves as their great bastion against any would-be enemy. As long as it is controlled by the elves, they will receive +500 Mana per turn.

    Guardian Runestone: Located at the southern border of the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, the Guardian Runestone acts as the main barrier to any invasion. Its mere presence confuses and disorients any invading army, causing any assaults against the elves to become scattered and armies move far more slowly through elven lands as long as the Runestone stands.

    The Dark Portal: The Dark Portal in the far southeast of Azeroth is the gateway through which the Orcish Hordes have arrived in this realm. The portal constantly has a flow of aid and support to the warriors of the clans on the front lines. As long as the portal remains open and functioning, new clans and supplies will occasionally arrive to the aid of the clans already here.

    The World Map
    Spoiler :

    Labeled Map
    Spoiler :
  2. Nailix

    Nailix Damn!

    Feb 5, 2008

    Racial Bonuses: Dwarves possess the greatest fighting skill when in mountains and hilly terrain. They also have the greatest strongholds in the world, as most of their larger cities and fortresses possess great steel doors, which create impregnable positions within the very bedrock of the mountains. If the doors close, it'd take a great feat of magic or engineering to open a dwarven fortress.

    Natural Enemies: None.
    Natural Allies: Gnomes

    Warrior: The warrior is the base unit of every army, waging war with melee weapons and great skill, and are the cornerstone of any fighting force. Warriors cost 10 Gold to create.
    Rifleman: Dwarven riflemen are the ranged forces of the dwarves, and in terms of power, are easily the most powerful of any race. They do however lack the range of most other races in battle. Riflemen cost 20 Gold and 5 Lumber to create.
    Mortar: Dwarven and gnomish Mortars have the longest range of any siege unit, but lack the punch of most other siege devices. Mortars Cost 50 Gold and 20 Lumber to create.
    Cleric: Clerics are those in tuned with the Light, a healing force that helps bring soldiers from the brink. For each cleric in your army, you have a chance to recover any losses that were sustained in combat. Clerics Cost 25 Gold and 10 Mana to create. Clerics do not provide mana to the nation's base pool.
    Gryphon Rider: The dwarves are fortunate to possess the only flying force in the world. The highly trained and powerful Gryphon Riders fly over all obstacles to smash their enemies with great warhammers, but have a significant cost. Gryphon Riders cost 350 Gold to create.
    Spoiler :


    Racial Bonuses: Elves gain bonuses when fighting in forests and can move undetected and with great speed through any forested terrain. Furthermore, their mages are typically better than human mages, due to many more years or experience and knowledge.

    Natural Enemies: Trolls
    Natural Allies: None

    Warrior: The warrior is the base unit of every army, waging war with melee weapons and great skill, and are the cornerstone of any fighting force. Warriors cost 10 Gold to create.
    Ranger: Elven rangers are the best ranged forces in the world, using trees to cover their advances, and are masters of concealment. They are great at hit and run assaults and have tremendous range. Rangers cost 20 Gold and 10 Lumber to create.
    Ballista: The Elven Ballista has the greatest force behind it of any siege weapon. They are highly powerful and feared pieces of siege equipment. Ballistas cost 60 Gold and 40 Lumber to create.
    Mage: The mage is a feared symbol of elven and human power. They cast all types of magics with equal skill and have a fearsome knowledge of the arcane. They are easily the most powerful and feared spellcasters in the world. Mages cost 25 Gold and 50 Mana to create. Mages provide 5 Mana per turn to the Mana bank of their nation.
    Cleric: Clerics are those in tuned with the Light, a healing force that helps bring soldiers from the brink. For each cleric in your army, you have a chance to recover any losses that were sustained in combat. Clerics Cost 25 Gold and 10 Mana to create. Clerics do not provide mana to the nation's base pool.

    Corvette: The Elven corvette is the fastest warship on the high seas, and possesses the best Elven ballistae as armament. Corvettes cost 150 Gold, 200 Lumber to create.
    Spoiler :


    Racial Bonuses: As discussed in the rules post the gnomes possess engineers instead of spell casters, which is only as great of an advantage as you are able to imagine.

    Natural Enemies: Goblins
    Natural Allies: Dwarves

    Warrior: The warrior is the base unit of every army, waging war with melee weapons and great skill, and are the cornerstone of any fighting force. Warriors cost 10 Gold to create.
    Sniper: The gnomish snipers use the best in rifling technology to have immense range and power behind their shots. They possess great skill and can be said to be able to shoot the hairs off of a fly. Snipers cost 30 Gold and 5 Lumber to create.
    Engineer: Gnomish engineers are the only units available that create new inventions and provide expertise. They possess all sorts of knowledge of explosive devices which they bring to bear with devastating effect in any battle. Gnomish Engineers cost 250 gold and 5 Expertise to train. Each Engineer provides 1 Expertise per turn to the gnomish people.
    Mortar: Dwarven and gnomish Mortars have the longest range of any siege unit, but lack the punch of most other siege devices. Mortars Cost 50 Gold and 20 Lumber to create.
    Autogun: The gnomish autogun features a rotating set of rifle barrels that fires at a rapid rate. Autoguns cost 50 Gold and 50 Lumber to create.
    Steamtank: The gnomish Steamtank resembles a small fortress on wheels with a large cannon protruding from the front along with autoguns all around, they must be stationary to fire and move slowly. 125 gold and 50 lumber to create.
    Spoiler :


    Racial Bonuses: Like gnomes, goblins are a race obsessed with technology, and thus have engineers instead of casters, and are able to use expertise similarly. They are also able to produce double gold from mines and gain extra gold from any towns and cities they establish.

    Natural Enemies: Gnomes
    Natural Allies: None

    Warrior: The warrior is the base unit of every army, waging war with melee weapons and great skill, and are the cornerstone of any fighting force. Warriors cost 10 Gold to create.
    Grenadiers: The goblin grenadier uses thrown explosives as a ranged weapon with substantial power. They lack the range of standard similar units, but have the most punch of any ranged force, even being able to bring down small walls. Grenadiers cost 40 Gold to create.
    Engineer: Goblin engineers are the only units available that create new inventions and provide expertise. They possess all sorts of knowledge of explosive devices which they bring to bear with devastating effect in any battle. Goblin Engineers cost 250 gold and 5 Expertise to train. Each Engineer provides 1 Expertise per turn to the gnomish people.
    Rocket Sapper: Goblins have an interesting approach to siege warfare. The Rocket Sapper attaches heavy explosives to his own body, and then uses rocket propelled footwear to launch himself at enemy fortifications or units. These have a devastating effect, but a heavy cost. Rocket Sappers cost 100 gold to create.
    Rocket Cannon: Less wasteful than sappers, the Rocket Cannon fires a barrage of rockets into enemy positions. Rocket Cannons Cost 100 Gold, 50 Lumber to Build.
    Zeppelin: The Goblin zeppelin is an unarmed scouting and transport vehicle, as the gases used to propel it are considered to volatile to have the craft armed with weaponry. Zeppelins cost 100 Gold and 100 Lumber to Create.
    Shredder: The Goblin Shredder is a great creation for deforrestation. These marvelous goblin creations will add an extra 5 lumber per lumber mill you have for an entire year (12 months), but after the year is up that lumber mill will be unable to produce lumber for another 10 months due to forest depletion. You can have one Shredder per lumber mill. Goblin Shredders can be built at the cost of 50 gold and 5 expertise.

    Battlewagon: The Goblins have heavy warships, and though they aren't quite as maneuverable as the human battleship, they outgun even the powerful orcish juggernaut. Battlewagons cost 250 Gold, 350 Lumber to create.

    Spoiler :


    Racial Bonuses: Humans have no racial bonuses, beyond having more productive cities and communities than other settled races.

    Natural Enemies: Orcs, Trolls
    Natural Allies: None

    Warrior: The warrior is the base unit of every army, waging war with melee weapons and great skill, and are the cornerstone of any fighting force. Warriors cost 10 Gold to create.
    Archer: Human archers are the median of all ranged units. They have moderate range and power and no real special skills, behind being able to provide a ranged attack. Archers cost 10 Gold and 10 Lumber to create.
    Catapult: Catapults are the most basic pieces of siege equipment. They are neither good nor bad and will serve in a large variety of circumstances. Catapults cost 50 Gold and 50 Lumber to create.
    Knight: Knights are the only mounted unit available outside of the Horde. These great armored warriors are the finest soldiers the human kingdoms have to offer, outmatching ANY other melee unit in a combination of speed and combat. Knights cost 125 Gold and 10 Lumber to train.
    Cleric: Clerics are those in tuned with the Light, a healing force that helps bring soldiers from the brink. For each cleric in your army, you have a chance to recover any losses that were sustained in combat. Clerics Cost 25 Gold and 10 Mana to create. Clerics do not provide mana to the nation's base pool.
    Mage: The mage is a feared symbol of elven and human power. They cast all types of magics with equal skill and have a fearsome knowledge of the arcane. They are easily the most powerful and feared spellcasters in the world. Mages cost 25 Gold and 50 Mana to create. Mages provide 5 Mana per turn to the Mana bank of their nation.

    Frigate: The Frigate is the mainstay of any human fleet and is overall a median craft, not too fast, not too slow, and with ample guns. Frigates cost 150 Gold, 300 Lumber to create.
    Battleship: The Battleship is the most powerful ships on the seas, providing the best combination of speed and firepower. While not as fast as lighter ships, they are still faster than the heaviest ships orcs or goblins can build. Battleships cost 250 Gold, 400 Lumber to create.


    Racial Bonuses: Orcish units have greater strength than any of the other races, and their warriors are approximately equal to two or three of any other faction. Unfortunately, this weakens their magical abilities and all mana generation is cut in half.

    Natural Enemies: Humans
    Natural Allies: None

    Warrior: The warrior is the base unit of every army, waging war with melee weapons and great skill, and are the cornerstone of any fighting force. Warriors cost 10 Gold to create.
    Spearman: The Orcish throwing spearman is the only non-siege ranged forces the orcs can bring to bear. While not having the range of any of the native races to Azeroth, they do pack a bunch. Plus, Orcish spearmen are nearly as good in melee combat as the warrior, unlike their counterparts with other races. Spearmen cost 20 gold, 5 Lumber to create.
    Catapult: Catapults are the most basic pieces of siege equipment. They are neither good nor bad and will serve in a large variety of circumstances. Catapults cost 50 Gold and 50 Lumber to create.
    Raider: The Orcish Raider is a warrior mounted upon trained wolves. They are fast, but not as fast or heavily armored as human knights. They are skilled fighters and act as the Horde's only cavalry. Raiders cost 100 Gold and 10 Lumber to Train.
    Warlock: The orcish warlock uses the powers of summoning and shadow magic to wreck havoc upon the Horde's enemies. Their dark magics are not as diverse as those of mages, but can be just as powerful and destructive. Warlocks cost 25 Gold and 50 Mana to create. Warlocks do not generate mana.
    Necrolyte: Necrolytes are orcish spellcasters that focus upon the use of the dead to bolster the armies of the Horde. When in combat, necrolytes have a chance of raising a deceased enemy to assist in the ongoing battle as an undead minion. Necrolytes cost 25 Gold and 50 Mana to create. They do not provide any Mana to the bank of the nation.
    Ogre: Ogres are not orcs. Another species native to the realm of Draenor, from where the orcs come, ogres are large and mostly stupid behemoths who possess massive strength. They shatter waves of warriors before them and are the most powerful melee forces available. Ogres cost 150 Gold to create.

    Juggernaut: The Juggernaut is the only ships the orcs know how to build. They are laden with so many weapons that they move at a slow pace, focused on sheer destruction rather than maneuverability. Juggernauts cost 200 Gold, 400 Lumber to build and can only be built when the clan is encamped along coast.
    Spoiler :


    Racial Bonuses: While not as good as elves, the trolls do have an advantage in forests and jungles during combat. More importantly, due to the race's abilities of limb regeneration, troll units have a 25% chance of being returned to your arm if they fall in battle.

    Natural Enemies: Elves, Humans
    Natural Allies: None

    Warrior: The warrior is the base unit of every army, waging war with melee weapons and great skill, and are the cornerstone of any fighting force. Warriors cost 10 Gold to create.
    Axe-Thrower: The Troll axe-thrower has greater range than the Orcish spearman and has great skill in fighting in woods and jungles. They also back a major punch and are almost as good in melee combat as Troll warriors. Cost 10 gold and 10 Lumber to create.
    Berserker: The Troll Berserker is the most powerful force available to the trolls. Blessed by the trolls' dark gods, they are an unstoppable killing machine, throwing and wielding axes like a devastating whirlwind of power. In the forests and jungles of their homes, they are even more powerful and are an opponent truly to be feared. Berserkers cost 50 Gold and 25 Lumber to Create.
    Shaman: Shamans are the magical wielders of the trolls. While not possessing as powerful magics as other races, the shamans use a more rooted style of magic to inflict damages upon their enemies. Cost 20 Gold and 30 Mana to build. Shamans generate 5 Mana per turn to their nation's mana bank.

    Destroyer: Troll destroyers are feared among the high seas for their high speed, but rely on boarding efforts rather than guns to wage battle. They are at a disadvantage at a range, but are even faster than Elven corvettes. Destroyers cost 200 Gold, 250 Lumber to build.
    Spoiler :

    Other Creatures of Azeroth​

    This section is for the variety of heroes and beings that will appear unrelated to the main races, yet not have enough power to be justified as their own race.

    Lich: The Lich is a fallen mage or warlock who has either been brought back to serve necromancers or through his own performance of necromancy, managed to achieve this state on his own. A Lich typically has stronger powers than the being he used to be, as being dead allows more concentration and time to hone one's craft. Liches can be found both as powerful and independent creatures, but can also be bound to service of an even stronger mage or necromancer. Liches do retain their old memories and desires, however, and are notably unreliable to be maintained as a creation for a necromancer. If one exceeds its master in power, or its master falls or is wounded, the fragile link can be broken, setting free a very powerful being unleashed into the world.

    Spoiler :
  3. Nailix

    Nailix Damn!

    Feb 5, 2008
    Great Artifacts of Azeroth

    This description lists the various artifacts held by a variety of leaders and describes the uses of the artifacts and quickly informs people of their holders and the loyalty of the faction to which the holder belongs.

    Amulet of Fair Winds
    Owner: Grabjabzul (Gurubashi Tribe)
    This amulet gives it's wielder the ability to control the winds around them in a small radius. With this power utilized at seas it gives the user a distinct advantage over their opponents, but can also be used on land to give a great advantage during assaults or defenses.

    Book of Medivh
    Owner: Cho'gall (Twilight's Hammer Clan)
    The Book of Medivh is the spellbook and notes of the great fallen mage, Medivh, who once held his hold in Karazhan. The mage was slain by a brave Alliance expeditionary force, which shattered his tower defenses and killed him, even as the Horde ran rampant over southern Elwynn. The tome could contain immense power, if only its hold achieves the mental strength and ability to open and use it without going mad.

    Eye of the Flame
    Owner: Dagran Thaurissan (Dark Iron Clan)
    The Eye of the Flame was created by the stalwart geomancers residing in the heart of Blackrock Mountain, the citadel of the Dark Iron Clan. Appearing in the form of ruby and designed to use the natural ley lines which link upon the mountain to channel greater magic, the artifact is a treasured new possession of the ruler of the Dark Irons. The Eye was granted to Dagran, as a new symbol of his office, and stands as a true marker of his own personal political power.

    Fist of the Mountain
    Owner: Kurdan Wildhammer (Wildhammer Clan)
    A storm hammer crafted in the forges of Ironforge personally for the Thane of Aerie Peak, Kurdan Wildhammer. Enchanted with the power of earth and wind this is a might weapon for any dwarven gryhon rider.

    Greymane Armor
    Owner: Genn Greymane (Gilneas)
    Nothing to special about the armor, it was crafted by the master smiths in Ironforge which has given the armor an advantage over that of the typical soldier in Gilneas.

    Heart of the Sunwell
    Owner: Anasterian Sunstrider (Quel'thalas)
    A weapon directly connected with the Sunwell itself. Very powerful, but takes a heavy toll upon the user and once used cannot be used for another

    Ironfist Shield
    Owner: Muradin Bronzebeard (Bronzebeard Clan)
    The Ironfist Shield was crafted from rare thorium from the depths of Ironforge, as a sister object to the king's Helm of Honor. The shield was presented as a gift to the king's brother, Muradin Bronzebeard to serve as a sign of affection as well as his own status as a general of the armies. The honor was well received by the dwarves, and the great shield stands as a sign of the bulwark that is Muradin and his warriors.

    Lion's Bite
    Owner: Anduin Lothar (Stormwind)
    The Lion's Bite is a sword crafted with a pommel in the shape of a lion's head, and it was crafted by the finest and most experienced artisans of the Bronzebeard dwarves. The dwarf Muradin Bronzebeard presented this noble weapon to Anduin Lothar in Stormwind as the fight continued against the orcish Horde. The blade is said to be one of the finest in the world, and is crafted out of the best thorium available to the mines of the dwarves. The arrival in the lands of Stormwind soon led to its enchantment by Archbishop Alonsus Faol, who imbued it with the glowing power of the Light.

    Pharnsworth Armor
    Owner: Currancy Pharnsworth (Gilneas)
    Nothing special about this armor. Crafted in Ironforge by the master smiths, giving it a slight advantage over the typical armor worn by anyone in the Gilnean army. Crafted specially for a mage making lit lighter weight then average armor.

    Staff of Primal Fury
    Owner: Mandokir (Gurubashi Tribe)
    This staff gives a shaman the ability to tap into their primal powers giving them the strength to call upon primal gods to take their forms in battle. While in these altered forms they are able to take on some of the powers of the god which they have shifted into. However this can be physically draining on the wielder.

    Stalwart Rose
    Owner: Muradin Bronzebeard (Bronzebeard Clan)
    The Stalwart Rose is a powerful mace crafted by the greatest of dwarven military artisans, forging an aesthetically appealing war mace in the shape of a Loch Modan rose. The Stalwart Rose is unknown to be a powerful weapon, given as a gift to King Magni's brother Muradin, for his efforts in securing the southern frontiers of the dwarves. No known powers are said to be part of this weapon, despite is rare and unusual shape and origin. It has been enchanted with the power and explosiveness of a mortar, not damaging the wielder or those around it just anything it comes into forceful contact with.

    The Helm of Honor
    Owner: Magni Bronzebeard (Bronzebeard Clan)
    The Helm of Honor was crafted as a symbol of the rank of King Magni Bronzebeard, the powerful of the dwarven rulers of the lands of Khaz Modan. The new helm was forged out of the finest thorium ore mined from the depths of Ironforge. The helm is rumored to possess the full power of the fires of the earth in addition to being a new mark and worthy battle crown for the ruler of the dwarves.

    The White Death
    Owner: Toshley (Gnomeregan)
    The White Death is a specialized sniper rifle designed with a telescopic sight and holds rounds that explode on contact. It has been a well known weapon of the gnomes for years, but hasn't been repaired after it was once used many years ago. Once repaired they added the new scope and special rounds for the rifle, in the hands of a skilled sniper this could be more deadly then the greatest of magics.

    Owner: Brann Bronzebeard (Bronzebeard Clan)
    A stone-hammer A stone-hammer fashioned from the best materials afforded and enchanted with magic to harness the power of the skies. The hammer was crafted in the depths of Ironforge from the greatest smelters of the Bronzebeard Clan with the ore's of the deep earth. This is a mighty hammer with great power enchanted into it from the mages of the Bronzebeard Clan to provide the wielder the power of the skies.

    Windrunner Amulets
    Owners: Alleria Windrunner, Sylvannas Windrunner (Quel'Thalas)
    The Windrunner Amulets were crafted as a gift from Anasterian Sunstrider to the Windrunner sisters, Alleria and Sylvannas. As a tribute to their names, the new amulets help provide swift and rapid movement, as though through the air itself, while helping arrows strike truer and swifter to their targets. The amulets were magically crafted and are more powerful when working together, also allowing the sisters to communicate instantly and across great distances.

    Unyielding Starfall
    Owners: Donain Stonefist (Bronzebeard Clan Storage)
    The Unyielding Starfall is odd among artifacts, a mortar cannon that was created to have a unique property in combat. Rather than firing single high explosive shells like most mortals and ranged artillery, this particular cannon splits the ammunition in air, bringing down a rain of metal upon the enemy. The weapon was built as a potential last resort device and now spends its time deep within the storage vaults of Ironforge.

    Established Nations and Kingdoms

    Race: Human
    Capitol: Alterac
    Ruler: Aiden Perenolde (Level 1 Warrior)
    Heroes: Waldaelan (Level 1 Mage)
    -Aiden Perenolde: No inventory.
    Gold: 140 (+200 Gold)
    Lumber: 0 (+20 Lumber)
    Mana: 40 (+10 Mana)
    Army: 411 Warriors, 80 Archers, 5 Knights, 9 Clerics.
    Navy: Landlocked
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    Strahnbrad (Town): +50 Gold, +20 Lumber

    Amani Tribe
    Race: Troll
    Capitol: Zul'Aman
    Ruler: Zul'jin (Level 7 Berserker)
    Heroes: Alakzak (Level 6 Shaman), Tregla (Level 3 Warrior), Malacrass (Level 2 Shaman)
    -Alakzak: No inventory.
    -Tregla: No inventory.
    -Zul'jin: No inventory.
    Gold: 10 (+250)
    Lumber: 7500 (+150)
    Mana: 0 (+155)
    Army: 292 Warriors, 110 Axe-Throwers, 18 Berserkers, 15 Shaman
    Navy: 1 Destroyer.
    Great Spell: 1,060/1,500

    Atal'ai Tribe:
    Race: Troll
    Capitol: None
    Ruler: Jammal'an the Prophet (level 5 shaman)
    Heroes: None.
    -Jammal'an The Prophet: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (35)
    Lumber: 0 (40)
    Mana: 0 (100)
    Army: 40 Warriors, 20 Axe-throwers, 1 Berserker, 10 Shaman.
    Navy: None.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :
    Grand Hamlet: 25 Gold, 25 Lumber

    Bronzebeard Clan: Quisani
    Race: Dwarf
    Capitol: Ironforge
    Ruler: Magni Bronzebeard (Level 2 Warrior)
    Heroes: Muradin Bronzebeard (Level 7 Warrior), Brann Bronzebeard (Level 3 Gryphon Rider), Thudde Dunwald (Level 6 Warrior), Donain Stonefist (Level 1 Mortar).
    Stored Inventory: The Unyielding Starfall.
    -Brann Bronzebeard: Thunderstrike.
    -Donain Stonefist: Unyielding Starfall.
    -Magni Bronzebeard: Helm of Honor.
    -Muradin Bronzebeard: Ironfist Shield, Stalwart Rose.
    -Thudde Dunwald: No inventory.
    Gold: 230 (+650)
    Lumber: 145 (+50)
    Mana: 80 (+60)
    Army: 323 Warriors, 71 Riflemen, 21 Clerics, 12 Human Mages, 3 Mortars.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    Dun Algaz (Town): +40 Gold
    -5 Riflemen, 2 Mortars.
    Dun Modr (Town): +50 Gold
    Grim Batol (City): +150 Gold
    -22 warriors.
    Kharanos (Town): +30 Gold
    Thelsamar (Town): +40 Gold

    Expeditionary Forces:
    Spoiler :
    Stromgarde Expedition: 200 warriors, 150 riflemen, 3 mortars, 6 gryphon riders, Brann Bronzebeard, Thudde Dunwald.

    Dalaran: BILLSIF
    Race: Human
    Capitol: Dalaran
    Ruler: Antonidas (Level 6 Mage)
    Heroes: Dakrin (Level 11 Mage), Landazar (Level 4 Mage).
    -Antonidas: No inventory.
    -Dakrin: No inventory.
    -Landazar: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+300)
    Lumber: 500
    Mana: 4,980 (+1,780)
    Army: 50 Warriors, 254 Mages, 124 Clerics
    Great Spell 1: 800/1,000
    Great Spell 2: 600/200 per turn.
    Expeditionary Forces
    Spoiler :
    Ironforge Expedition: 50 mages, 5 clerics, Dakrin, Landazar.
    Redridge Expedition: 7 mages.

    Dark Iron Clan:
    Race: Dwarf
    Capitol: Blackrock Mountain
    Ruler: Dagran Thaurissan (Level 8 Warrior)
    Heroes: None
    -Dagran Thaurissan: Eye of the Flame
    Gold: 10 (+320)
    Lumber: 135 (50)
    Mana: 0 (0)
    Army: 100 Warriors, 42 Riflemen.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    -Dreadmaul Rock: +40 gold, +20 lumber.

    Great Spell: 230/500

    Darkspear Tribe
    Race: Troll
    Capitol: Jaguero
    Ruler: Sen'jin (Level 7 Shaman)
    Heroes: Rokhan (Level 3 Shadow Hunter).
    -Sen'jin: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+90)
    Lumber: 260 (+50)
    Mana: 475 (+120)
    Army: 20 Warriors, 8 Axe-Throwers, 10 Shaman, 1 Berserkers.
    Navy: 5 Destroyers

    Race: Human
    Capitol: Gilneas
    Ruler: Genn Greymane (Level 2 Warrior)
    Heroes: Curancy Pharnsworth (Level 4 Cleric), Davis Barnes (Level 2 Mage), Zachary Charles(Level 1 Ship Captain).
    -Curancy Pharnsworth: Pharnsworth Armor.
    -Davis Barnes: No inventory.
    -Genn Greymane: Greymane Armor.
    -Zachary Charles: Charles Armor.
    Gold: 10 (+400)
    Lumber: 200 (+100)
    Mana: 105 (+80)
    Army: 350 Warriors, 127 Archers, 5 Knights, 34 Clerics, 6 Mages, 2 Catapults.
    Navy: 3 Frigates, 2 Battleship.
    Projects: 900G, 150L/1,000G, 2,000L Gilnean Wall.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    Chill Harbor (Town): +40 Gold, +20 Lumber

    Expeditionary Forces:

    Gnomeregan: Milarqui
    Race: Gnome
    Capitol: Gnomeregan
    Ruler: Gelbin Mekkatorque (Level 6 Engineer)
    Heroes: Toshley (Level 2 Sniper).
    -Gelbin Mekkatorque: No inventory.
    -Toshley: The White Death.
    Gold: 170 (+200)
    Lumber: 815 (+215)
    Expertise: 64 (+65)
    Army: 113 Warriors, 92 Snipers, 20 Mortars, 59 Engineers, 11 Autoguns, 9 Steamtank.
    Invention of the Chopper: 566/800
    Expeditionary Forces:

    Gurubashi: TheLastJacobite
    Race: Troll
    Capitol: Zul'Gurub
    Ruler: Mandokir (Level 6 Shaman) - Inactive
    Heroes: Ma'iq (Level 4 Berserker), Grabjabzul (Level 1 Ship Captain), Zanzil (Level 5 Shaman)
    -Grabjabzul: Amulet of Fair Winds.
    -Ma'iq: No inventory.
    -Mandokir: Staff of Primal Fury.
    -Zanzil: No inventory.
    Gold: 5 (+370, +125)
    Lumber: 150 (+250, +75)
    Mana: 155 (+200)
    Army: 151 Warriors, 42 Axe-Throwers, 29 Berserkers, 13 Shaman.
    Navy: 34 Destroyers, 2 Battlewagons.
    Spells: 500/? Summoning spell of mysterious Shaman.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    Grom'Gol (Town): +100 Gold, +50 Lumber
    The Arena (Town): +40 Gold
    Zul'Kunda (Town): +100 Gold, +50 Lumber

    Expeditionary Forces
    Spoiler :
    Northern Expedition: 50 warriors, 20 axe-throwers, 5 berserkers, 5 shaman.

    Kul Tiras
    Race: Human
    Capitol: Kul Tiras
    Ruler: Daelin Proudmoore (Level 4 Ship Captain)
    Heroes: Derek Proudmoore (level 1 Ship Captain)
    -Daelin Proudmoore: No inventory.
    Gold: 100 (+250)
    Lumber: 50 (+350)
    Mana: 0
    Army: 235 Warriors, 125 Archers, 25 Clerics.
    Navy: 34 Frigates, 25 Battleships.

    Race: Human
    Capitol: Lordaeron
    Ruler: Terenas Menethil (Level 2 Warrior)
    Heroes: Leroy Jenkins (Level 5 Warrior), Lord Garithos (Level 1 Knight)
    -Leroy Jenkins: No inventory.
    -Lord Garithos: No inventory.
    -Terenas Menethil: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+1,180)
    Lumber: 60 (+480)
    Mana: 60 (+15)
    Army: 227 Warriors, 43 Archers, 9 Knights, 43 Clerics, 3 Mages, 8 Catapults.
    Navy: 15 Frigates, 14 Battleships
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    Ambermill (Town): +20 Gold, +20 Lumber
    Andorhal (City): +120 Gold
    -75 warriors, 50 archers, 10 clerics.
    Brill (Town): +30 Gold
    Caer Darrow (City): +100 Gold, +20 Lumber
    Hearthglen (Town): +10 Gold, +50 Lumber
    Hillsbrad (Town): +30 Gold
    Pyrewood (Town): +20 Gold, +30 Lumber
    Southshore (Town): +40 Gold
    Stratholme (City): +200 Gold
    -100 warriors, 50 archers, 25 clerics.
    Tarren Mill (Town): +20 Gold, +60 Lumber
    Tyr's Hand (City): +130 Gold
    -Forces: 200 warriors, 50 knights, 50 clerics.

    Expeditionary Forces:
    Spoiler :
    Stromgarde Garrison: 405 Warriors, 60 Archers, 20 Knights, 34 Clerics Lord Garithos.
    Grim Batol: 200 Warriors, 100 Archers, 15 Knights, 50 Clerics, Leroy Jenkins.

    Quel'Thalas: Adveri
    Race: Elf
    Capitol: Silvermoon
    Ruler: Anasterian Sunstrider (Level 10 Mage)
    Heroes: Alleria Windrunner (Level 6 Ranger), Sylvannas Windrunner (Level 4 Ranger), Ravandwyr (Level 2 Mage), Dalyn Dawnrider (Level 2 Ship Captain), Captain Darill (Level 1 Warrior), Lo'rah (level 8 Phoenix).
    -Alleria Windrunner: Windrunner Amulet.
    -Anasterian Sunstrider: Heart of the Sunwell.
    -Captain Darill: Nothing.
    -Dalyn Dawnrider: Nothing.
    -Sylvannas Windrunner: Windrunner Amulet.
    -Ravandwyr: No inventory.
    Gold: 170 (+580)
    Lumber: 515 (+105)
    Mana: 280 (+915)
    Army: 299 Warriors, 207 Rangers, 57 Mages, 110 Clerics, 10 Ballistae, 5 Mortars, 4 Zeppelins, 8 Grenadiers.
    Navy: 8 Corvettes
    Scrying Spell: 210 (resets each turn)
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    Fairbreeze (Town): +70 Gold
    Falthrien (Town): +60 Gold
    Suncrown (Town): +60 Gold
    Sunsail Anchorage (Town): +50 Gold, +100 Lumber

    Prisoners: Thalressar Sunstrider (level 2 warrior).

    Redridge Brotherhood
    Race: Human
    Capitol: Lakeshire
    Ruler: Verner Osgood (Level 2 Warrior)
    Heroes: None.
    -Verner Osgood: No Inventory.
    Gold: 95 (125)
    Lumber: 15 (75)
    Mana: 0 (0)
    Army: 49 Warriors, 20 Archers, 1 Knight.
    Navy: None.

    Skullsplitter Tribe
    Race: Troll
    Capitol: Jubuwal
    Ruler: Ana'thek (Level 8 Berserker)
    Heroes: None
    -Ana'thek: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+125)
    Lumber: 915 (+140)
    Mana: 0
    Army: 52 Warriors, 54 Axe-Throwers, 25 Berserkers.
    Navy: 1 Destroyer.
    Towns and Cities:

    Steamwheedle Cartel:
    Race: Goblin
    Capital: Purgation Post
    Ruler: Ratso Steamwheedle (Level 5 Warrior)
    Heroes: Marin Noggenfogger (Level 2 Engineer)
    -Ratso Steamwheedle: No inventory.
    Gold: 160 (+130)
    Lumber: 150 (+50)
    Expertise: 100 (+17)
    Army: 120 Warriors, 51 Grenadiers, 15 Engineers, 15 Human Clerics, 2 Zeppelins
    Navy: None
    Power Armor: 12/500
    Battle Zeppelins: 220/300
    Prisoners: 7 troll slaves.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :
    Steamwheedle City: +10 gold +15 lumber

    Stormwind: bestshot9
    Race: Human
    Capitol: Fort Stormwind
    Location: Kul Tiras
    Ruler: Anduin Lothar (Level 14 Warrior)
    Heroes: Alonsus Faol (Level 11 Cleric), John J. Keeshan (Level 6 Archer) (CAPTURED), Marcus Jonathan (Level 4 Knight), Uther (Level 4 Knight/Cleric).
    -Alonsus Faol: No inventory.
    -Anduin Lothar: Lion's Bite
    -John J. Keeshan: No inventory.
    -Marcus Jonathan: No inventory.
    Uther: No inventory.
    Gold: 155 (+265)
    Lumber: 0 (+300)
    Mana: 25 (+50)
    Army: 312 Warriors, 100 Archers, 101 Knights, 26 Clerics, 10 Mages, 3 Catapults, 1 Zeppelin.
    Navy: 5 Frigates, 2 Battleships.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :
    Hope's Landing: +15 Gold, +10 Lumber
    Village Triumph: +50 Gold, +25 Lumber

    Expeditionary Forces:
    Spoiler :
    Redridge Expedition: 95 warriors, 20 archers, 25 knights, 10 clerics, 4 mages, 2 catapults, Marcus Jonathan, Alonsus Foal.

    Race: Human
    Capitol: Stromgarde
    Ruler: Thoras Trollbane (Level 7 Warrior)
    Heroes: Danath Trollbane (Level 9 Warrior), Henry Rhysm (Level 4 Assassin).
    -Danath Trollbane: No inventory.
    -Thoras Trollbane: No inventory.
    Gold: 5 (+390)
    Lumber: 270 (+250)
    Mana: 60 (0)
    Army: 154 Warriors, 200 Archers, 5 Clerics, 4 Catapults.
    Navy: 2 Frigates, 1 Battleship.
    Expeditionary Forces:
    Spoiler :
    Grim Batol: Danath Trollbane, 50 warriors, 30 archers.

    Thorium Brotherhood
    Race: Dwarf
    Capital: Thorium Citadel
    Nation Color: Dark Orange
    Ruler: Grothmag Farbeard (Level 4 Rifleman)
    Heroes: Lokhtos Darkbargainer (Level 3 Warrior), Chom'gar (Level 3 Ogre).
    -Grothmag Farbeard: Snouts (Boar Companion).
    -Lokhtos Darkbargainer: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+490)
    Lumber: 0 (30)
    Mana: 0
    Army: 215 Warriors, 87 Riflemen, 2 Catapults.
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :

    The Searing Gorge (Town): +80 Gold.
    Thorium Point (Town): +80 Gold, +30 Lumber.

    Race: Dwarf
    Capitol: Thundermar
    Ruler: Colin Thundermar (Level 4 Gryphon Rider)
    Heroes: Cambri Thundermar (Level 1 Mage).
    -Colin Thundermar: Gryphon Rider Armor.
    -Cambri Thundermar: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+190)
    Lumber: 900 (+90)
    Mana: 310 (+40)
    Army: 61 Warriors, 35 Riflemen, 6 Mages, 14 Mortars, 15 Gryphon Riders.
    Expeditionary Forces:
    Spoiler :
    Grim Batol: 30 Warriors, 15 Riflemen, 4 Mages, 10 Mortars, 5 Gryphon Riders.

    Wildhammer Clan
    Race: Dwarf
    Capitol: Aerie Peak
    Ruler: Kurdan Wildhammer (Level 9 Gryphon Rider)
    Heroes: None
    -Kurdan Wildhammer: Fist of the Mountain.
    Gold: 10 (+460)
    Lumber: 850 (+305)
    Mana: 0
    Army: 100 Warriors, 36 Riflemen, 60 Gryphon Riders
    Towns and Cities:
    Spoiler :
    Jintha'alor: +140 Gold, +140 Lumber
    Raventusk Village: +45 Gold, +40 Lumber

    Expeditionary Forces:
    Spoiler :
    Grim Batol: 50 Warriors, 15 Riflemen, 40 Gryphon Riders.

    The Rampaging Orcish Horde

    Warchief: Doomhammer (Blackrock Clan: NPC)

    Blackrock Clan:
    Clan Color: Red
    Ruler: Orgrim Doomhammer (Level 11 Warrior)
    Heroes: Gulnarg (Level 8 Warrior),
    -Gulnarg: No inventory.
    -Orgrim Doomhammer: No inventory.
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 850
    Mana: 0
    Army: 1,090 Warriors, 35 Spearmen, 7 Catapults.

    Black Tooth Grin:
    Clan Color: Dark Blue
    Ruler: Maim Blackhand (Level 5 Warrior)
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 1,075
    Mana: 0
    Army: 2,457 Warriors, 395 Spearmen, 10 Catapults.
    Navy: 2 Frigates

    Bleeding Hollow Clan:
    Clan Color: Green
    Ruler: Kilrogg Deadeye (Level 11 Warrior)
    Heroes: Formak (Level 7 Spearman)
    -Formak: No inventory
    -Killrogg Deadeye: No inventory
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 1,515
    Mana: 0
    Army: 915 Warriors, 98 Spearmen, 10 Catapults.

    Burning Blade Clan (NPC Only)
    Clan Color: Orange
    Ruler: None
    Heroes: None
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 0
    Mana: 0
    Army: 500 Warriors, 100 Spearmen, 20 Warlocks

    Dragonmaw Clan
    Clan Color: Gold
    Ruler Zuluhead (Level 7 Warlock)
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 1,210
    Mana: 70 (60)
    Army: 101 Warriors, 55 Spearmen, 70 Necrolytes, 80 Warlocks.

    Frostwolf Clan
    Clan Color: Blue
    Ruler: Drek'Thar (Level 2 Shaman)
    Heroes: Draka (Level 5 Shaman).
    -Draka: No inventory.
    -Drek'Thar: No inventory.
    Gold: 5 (+405)
    Lumber: 330 (+225)
    Mana: 365 (+95 Mana)
    Army: 159 Warriors, 12 Spearmen, 46 Raiders, 5 Shaman, 3 Catapults.
    Navy: 2 Destroyers, 16 Juggernauts.
    Prisoners: John J. Keeshan.
    Expeditionary Forces:
    Spoiler :
    Gurubashi Expedition: 50 Warriors, 10 Spearmen, 60 Raiders, 5 Shaman, 2 Catapults.

    Stormreaver Clan:
    Clan Color: Pink
    Ruler: Gul'dan (Level 12 Warlock)
    Heroes: None.
    -Gul'dan: No inventory.
    Gold: 100
    Lumber: 1,200
    Mana: 230 (+120)
    Army: 140 Warriors, 50 Spearmen, 103 Necrolytes, 181 Warlocks.

    Twilight&#8217;s Hammer Clan
    Clan Color: Purple
    Ruler: Cho'gall (Level 11 Ogre/Warlock)
    Heroes: Khadgar (Level 7 Lich)
    -Cho'gall: Book of Medivh
    -Khadgar: No inventory.
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 2,205
    Mana: 10 (+100)
    Army: 107 Warriors, 20 Ogres, 70 Necrolytes, 50 Warlocks

    Independent Heroes, Travelling Nations, and Mercenaries

    Garona Halforcen (Level 7 Assassin) NPC ONLY.
    Race: Half Orc
    Party Type: Neutral Orc Faction
    Party: None.
    Location: Unkown.
    Gold: 0
    Lumber: 0
    Mana: 0
    Party: None.

    Race: Troll
    Location: Unknown, in flight south.
    Ruler: Mai'jin (Level 9 Shaman).
    Heroes: Retherokk the Berserker (Level 6 Berserker), Akil'zon the Great Eagle (Level 8 Troll God).
    -Hexx: No inventory.
    Gold: 0 (+45)
    Lumber: 1,085 (+40)
    Mana: 0 (+190)
    Army: 54 Warriors, 30 Axe-Throwers, 5 Berserkers, 20 Shaman.
    Navy: 5 Destroyers, 5 Frigates.
  4. EQandcivfanatic

    EQandcivfanatic Zailing Captain Retired Moderator

    Jan 21, 2002
    On the Zee
    Just establishing my new position as Warchief of the Horde.
  5. Quisani

    Quisani Gaming Person

    Oct 23, 2010
    The question isn't where, but when.
    I'll be reclaiming Bronzebeard
  6. Milarqui

    Milarqui Deity

    Dec 31, 2005
    Granada, Andalucía, España, Europa
    Taking control once more of the Gnomes of Gnomeregan, magnificent engineers muchmuchbetterthanthosegoblins and great warriors muchmuchbetterthanthosegoblins. We will soon see the Steamtanks raid the ground and smash any that attempts to anger us!
  7. Nailix

    Nailix Damn!

    Feb 5, 2008
    BTW, this is for everyone, I will need new sets of orders. EQ did not read your orders so if you just resend those to me that will still work, but if you'd like to revise them you can do that as well. Orders will be due Wednesday, October 31st! (Next week)
  8. Justo

    Justo Emperor

    Dec 18, 2007
    Twilight&#8217;s Hammer Clan here.
  9. Brougal

    Brougal Chieftain

    Jan 19, 2012
    Tornio, Finland
    Hmm, I was thinking of dropping Dark Iron for ruining myself beyond my ability to rebuild (how I saw things), but I'll reclaim Dark Iron Clan and try to survive
  10. TheLastJacobite

    TheLastJacobite No Commies

    Mar 6, 2007
    Da Gurubashi be here
  11. bestshot9

    bestshot9 Monkey Sharpshooter

    Jan 24, 2008
    600m Away
    Stormwind checkin' in!
  12. Gem Hound

    Gem Hound Deity

    Aug 24, 2011
    In the dark
    Bleeding Hollow Clan is here.
  13. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    Steamwheedle, here!
  14. Milarqui

    Milarqui Deity

    Dec 31, 2005
    Granada, Andalucía, España, Europa
    Suggestion: put links to EQ's seven updates on the first post. That way, we can access them without having to check on the original
  15. Nailix

    Nailix Damn!

    Feb 5, 2008
    Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about that I was going to do that.

    BILLSIF Warlord

    Mar 29, 2012
    Claiming the most noble and best city in the lands, Dalaran once again.
  17. Lord of Elves

    Lord of Elves Suede-Denim Secret Police

    Oct 31, 2009
    right behind u ;)
    Lordaeron is back.
  18. Nailix

    Nailix Damn!

    Feb 5, 2008
    Just need two more sets of orders and the update will begin, just a heads up if I get all orders prior to the due date then I will start the update right away and not wait till the previously stated time.
  19. arya126

    arya126 Squad Leader

    May 10, 2010
    Outside the Wall
    My first time visiting this forum in months, I suppose this game is just too interesting for me to ignore. Would it be possible for me to sign up as Stromgarde? I know from what I've read that the new GM used to control it, so am I right in assuming your giving it up to GM?
  20. SamSniped

    SamSniped DJ Goodboye

    Jan 1, 2011
    playing some funky jams
    lurker's comment: Seeing as Arya is joining, subbed.

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