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The Brit awards and fashion


Mar 27, 2009
Another year, another prime example of how celebrities collectively suffer from attention deficit disorder. I think this year in particular though raises a few more eyebrows than usual. In particular one such individual with quite possibly the most ridiculous outfit i have ever seen. So here is a montage of the weird:

Sam Smith - what on earth was he thinking. I did however enjoy the memes that followed. In particular the one pretending to be the Pentagon saying that he had been shot down from US airspace :lol:

Jessie J - No idea who this is. And i am pretty sure there are better choices when it comes to dress when pregnant.

Kamille - No idea who this is either. But apparently trying to look like a deformed version of princess Leia is somehow appealing

Harriet Rose - Again, no clue who this is. But someone has written all over her outfit

Ellie Goulding - Doesnt leave much to the imagination. Im sure she must have frozen her nipples before putting the top on

David Guetta - He looks like a reject Jock well past his sell by date

Lewis Capaldi - Looks like a defective version of John Lennon

Ashnikko - Looks like she has recently fallen into a barrel of radioactive slime

Talia Storm - Pretty sure her mother never condoned her wearing of this

Harry Styles - Looks a bit like the male version of Cruella DeVille

MNEK - Looks like an overweight pink flamingo who has recently converted to Islam
Lot of old man yells at cloud in here (sorry) :D

Like, fashion is fashion. It's invariably weird and not really reflective of what people wear in the day-to-day. Always has been.
Just look at what turns up on the runways at fashion shows.
The celebrities mentioned about are being talked about. I suspect that was the aim of their attire.
yes , it gets a Boomer named r16 to state they are clearly supporting the right of people to wear whatever they want . LB something but not LB-30 , which was a transport plane back in my day based the B-24 Liberator .
talia whatever has the closest but ı imagine she lacks information on how that thing was done back in the day , now that furs are not much tolerated these days .
I rather like Sam Smith's outfit. I mean, yeah, it's utterly ridiculous and I'd never wear it, but the whole point of celebrity fashion at events like this is to be ridiculous, so why not just go all the way?
I prefer this outfit, it's more Byzantine so there's affinity.

No publicity is bad publicity.
If you're a "celebrity," and people don't know who you are . . . well, then you better do something to stick in their minds!

I don't think most of us here are the target audience though.
I've heard of some of those people but I haven't heard any of their music.
I don't think most of us here are the target audience though.
I've heard of some of those people but I haven't heard any of their music.
It used to be much better. Like in the glorious 90s when Jarvis Cocker mooned Michael Jackson after he portrayed himself as Jesus.
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