Wyrms been banned

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Jun 26, 2003
Cape Cod
This has been relayed to me for posting here:

Wyrmshadow has been banned because of an incident on the OT forums where he stood up for himself. He thought it was taken care of outside the forums but the Moderator still banned him. Wyrmshadow says he will no longer post any of his units @CFC because of political differences between him and the moderators.

History repeats itself. (more or less)
Oh, that was REAL smart ... ban one the best and most prolific unit creators in the entire civ community.

Anyone who reads these forums knows Wyrm has a bad attitude - but he PRODUCES. There's only like 5 or 6 guys out there creating units of such high calibur; we ought to be kissing his butt and putting up with whatever he wants to do or say. Guys like him are the biggest reason any of us are checking out this page in the first place.

Who was he arguing with, anyway? 10 to 1 says it was some guy who hasn't produced anything original on this site, but has tons of posts saying things like, "Good job!" or "Great unit!"
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For the record, I am used to his "attitude", and strive to minimize its effects. He was given a 3-day ban for being "unwise" down in the OT forums, flaming and cursing.

And gorn: no-one is indispensible here (except TF). We will not "bend the rules" to keep anyone. If anyone cannot keep their temper under control, they will be banned. I will miss his units, but I will not put up with him telling other posters to "go **** themselves".
Originally posted by MarineCorps
because of political differences between him and the moderators.
Pure self delusional fantasy. I believe The moderator to be VERY similar in political outlook to him, but more mature and disciplined. If shows to said moderator's advatange the many posters are ignorant of his leanings. Every badly behaved poster seems to think it was political bias that nicked him (we have at least three leftist and two rightist restrictees wailing the same song this month) , instead of his being obnoxious. As for suggestion of privilege of bad behavior on acount of talent, they are periodcally made here, and instantly laughed off by site administration.
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