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#18 Spoiler discussion

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by golem, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I finally finished by conquest in 1901. I ended up with 183 real cities; I did not bother to turn every engineer into a size 1 city. Though I did add some of them to existing cities.

    My initial plans were for a quick victory. I decided to not make any science or happiness improvements and concentrate on units first and commercial improvements second. I also decided that my top priority wonders were: Great Library, Pyramids, Marco, Leo, Darwin, and Hoover dam.

    I soon realized flaws in my plans. Science was too slow even with trade, so I decided to build libraries in my larger cities after all. I also realized that I have underestimated the Tithes generated by happiness improvements and started building temples.

    As for wonders, Great Library and Marco are useless together. You need one or the other not both. (Although getting both made me better understand how GL actually works.) Also, I should have gone for Great Wall, not because I needed it but to keep it out of the enemy's hands. Michael Angelo's and Bach were other oversights. They are a gold mine under fundamentalism.

    The map was another challenge. Starting position was not very good. I decided to look for a better place. In the process I found 3 huts and got 25 gold, Wheel, and a horseman. Built my first city in 3550BC; I wandered around for too long.

    I played in 2 sittings till 100AD. At this point I had 7 cities on my island and had not sailed yet. I had Great Library, Pyramids, Marco, and ready to get Leo as soon as the tech became ready. Others were busy building wonders too. By then, I had missed Colossus, Great Wall, and Sun Tzu. Soon I realized that I am going to need Magellan's more than anything else and went for that and got it.

    French Destroyed Romans in 3300BC. It was year 600 before I found Egyptians. I decided to have peace with them and use them as a trading partner. This was an excellent decision. I choked their growth where their continent got narrow and claimed the southern part of their continent. Two things helped me achieve this. Barbarians took over their city near the choke point and I got it from Barbarians. I also found an advanced tribe further south on their continent.

    Around 1000 I found Persians. They were too far to be my first adversary. Right around this time the Greeks were making a real pest of themselves. They soon allied with French which I had just found on my South. The invasion of the Franco-Roman continent started around 1300. This was a big continent.

    By 1836, French were down to 3 cities including heavily fortified Paris. I timed it so that I achieved Conscription and built Darwin's in the same turn (1836). I got Tactics & Amphibious warfare from Darwin’s. These along with Leo which I had alreay built gave me a huge instantenous advantage over my AI enemies. Paris was captured in 1836 after I threw 1 Cannon and 8 Cavalry at it. These were stationed in a fort built right adjacent to Paris by a pre charged Engineer.The Cannon and 5 Cavalry died. Capture of Paris gave me Colossus and Sun Tzu both of which were active. The remaining two French cities were bought off and the French were destroyed.

    Next, I went after Sioux who were allies with French and Greek. I had already discovered some of their cities compared to none of Greeks. Most of their empire was conquered in a decade. It took me a while to locate their last city. They were totally gone in 1867.

    Greek main land was discovered in 1851. Meanwhile, one of the small Greek cities I took over in the Franco-Roman continent was bribed back by Greeks and they also took Amphibious warfare (Marines). At the time it seemed like a significant set back, but in practice I moved fast enough not to encounter many Marines. In 1856 I consumed 7 diplomats sabotaging Athens till I destroyed its city walls! Then I killed its 4 defending Musketeers and a ship and took it over. Greek capital moved. I started buying Greek cities. For example, Corinth was bought for 1015; it was 3315 before fall of Athens. Once their homeland was conquered the remaining cities were eary targets. It only took as long as it did because they had not just spread out to the nearby islands but have also built a tiny city in the middle of Persian forest. They were gone by 1887.

    In 1876 Persians broke the cease fire I had signed with them without provocation. Their timing was perfect, as by then I was just mopping up the Greeks. The invasion of Persian continent started right away. Because of the location of Perspolis and location of my army, the Persian capital was among the last Persian cities to fall and thus I had to pay premium prices for the ones I bribed. Perspolis fell in 1888. By 1890 Persians were down to a single city I could not see.

    In 1880s Egyptians started landing troops on my islands. These troops did not attack or pillage just moved around. In 1892 I put 4 full transports worth of troops on their home land. In 1893 the attack on Thebes started. It took 4 spies to take the city walls down. 4 Cavalry killed the 4 defending Riflemen. Thebes is defenseless and I have no troops nearby to walk in it. I sent an empty transport to a close by city of mine and took a cavalry without spending movement points of the cavalry. Then transferred to a second and third transport till I could land it near Thebes and it took Thebes. After fall of Thebes, Alexandria’s asking price for revolt dropped from 7650 to 3290. Heliopolis, Abydos, Byblos, Asyut, and Lisht were all bought off immediately. I this turn I also destroyed the sizable Egyptian navy. Egyptian civilization fell in 1895.

    The search for the single remaining Persian city got more heated at this point. Finally, in 1899 a Persian settler ran into a sentry of mine and helped me discover this last city. It was bought off in 1901.

    Right before the end, I had over 180 cities, over 100 engineers, and over 100 cavalry (them and Marines were the most advanced military units in the game).
  2. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    I finished in 1660, had too much of everything, a few ship chains too late, generally everything too late. However, by expanding vigorously at all times, there was no trouble from the AI. Huge losses of course, but they nor the Barbs were never a problem for the Huge Glorious Fundamentalist Army.

    Occasionally spending several $thousand in one turn, I generally had gold to burn and did not use it wisely. Built more and more Harbors. Finished major Rail lines after 1600, made little use of them. I never developed Knights, hence the Crusader losses, but was able to IPRB Horsemen for 20g all game. I eventually was building many Horse, thinking I'd convert them to Knights...

    This continues my log from page 1?, and a short note on the 1400AD era on the prior page, page 4. Read below as you wish -- I have also included 2 links to big invasion pictures.

    1400 AD, PHYSICS, Choose Steam RR over Chivalry, Chemistry Engr, Magnet Fridge, Banking, Gravity, Theology. Just noticed I have Bridge Building! Oops! Rheims fires futily, Delphi repels Barb Legion. Kyoto Dye to Pharsalos PAID $224, Kyoto Salt to Rheims $336! Founded Edfu Hill Mine. Pop Polar Hut: 2 Barb Knights, bribe Persian Elephant $346! Storm Thermopylae, Barx, $21. 50,00,50%
    16000,000 pop 77 c, $714 -78, Sci 247/6, F11 Mfg=380 FS=5.7, 36.tech Greece, 1400 AD

    1420 AD, French fire futily at guarded Cannon target, Persians kill wandering Explorer and Crusader, we weep. Blasted the last Rheims Warrior, we'll leave them with a stout circle of guards. Cannon blast Delphi, capture Marco Polo, $31. Our enemies have 23 cities, no tech, no gold. Bribe Greek Settler $296, None. Subvert Sparta for $664, got $80+60 Market & 3 troops, building walls! Bribe Phx $70, None. Subvert Corinth $474, got $54 Barx Market & 4 troops. Bribe Archers $100, None, immediately killed, RIP.

    1440 AD, Fdd Busiris. Subvert lonely Sardis $90 -9, 2 troops. Greeks in disorder, delaying Caravans. Abydos Gems to Kyoto $168+2, Fdd Troy. Bribe Gr Elephant $132 None, Archer $99 None, subvert disorder Knossos $266 -88?+60 Barx Market +2.troops, bribe Catapult $124 None. Bribe stale Fr Settlers $216, Fdd Rouen. Subvert Persepolis $220 -19 & Settler 2.troops. Sank ancient Barb Trireme w load of 4, we're Vet. Treasury $2289, 17640,000 pop.

    1460 AD, Leonardo busy upgrading obsolete units, STEAM ENGINE, choose Chemistry Engr over Railroad, Chivalry, Magnet Fridge, Banking (French researching), Gravity, Theology. Kyoto Wine to Rome $175, Kyoto Dye to Greek Pharsalos $196. 7.Ironclads in.prod. Subvert Mycenae $414 -59+60, Barx Settlers & 2.troops. Hut: 100g
    1480 AD, Barb Elephants near Busiris again. Kyoto Wine to Pharsalos PAID $260, foolish Barb leader $150. Bribe Settlers $220, None. Fdd Slake. Another Crusader lost. Plan: Engineers, Railroad, Darwin, Refrigeration, engulf Persians, scout world.

    1500 AD, CHEMISTRY, choose Explosives Engr over Railroad, Chivalry, Magnet Fridge, Banking (French researching), Gravity, Theology. Barb Crusaders threaten AI Arbela. Asyut Gold to Hakodate PAID $174+1. Fdd New Bighorn. Hut: 100g. Pharsalos reduced, Rheims reduced again. Bribe Persian Phx $282.
    19230,000 pop 90 c, $849-102, Sci 277/6, Mfg=456 FS=5.6, 38.tech 2.Barx.captured 3.Sewer+2 16.Aqua+8 18.Market+3 18.Library+2 24.Harbor+4 55.Settlers+20 53.Dip+12 20.Caravan+16 30.Caravel+2 105.Musket+3 36.Crusader+2 14.Horse+3 17.Cannon+1 9.Explorer+3 and 9.Ironclad in.production.

    1510 AD, Barb Elephants near Eretria outpost. FIRST IRONCLAD. Bribe Persian Elephant $450 None. Subvert Argos $256, got 32+60 Market Settler & 2.troops, subvert Marathon $124, got $14 & Legion. Bribe Persian Legion $250 None. Hut: 100g.
    1520 AD, Massive Barb army near Lugdenum! Outrageous! Sidon fires! Bribe Greek Warrior $25, Settler $204 None. Horse walks into Sidon, $35. Subvert Ephesos $310 -43+6- Market & 2 troops. Ghastly lull in Caravan deliveries... Nara Gems to Lugdunum PAID $150. 20170,000 pop, Score 594+260+25 = 879.
    1530 AD, many veteran promotions, but Rome lost a Settler due to my negligence, I weep, Thessalonica didn't fire. Rome Gold to Satsuma PAID $198+2. Bribe Persian Warrior $67, None. Located Tyre, Hamadan destroyed. Subvert Thessalonica+ $180 -28, Legion Wine & 2.Whales.

    1540 AD, Persians offer $100, No. Tyre murders cruising Crusader.
    Barb Elephants near Sardis outpost, kill trecking Dip. Leonardo busy upgrading obsolete units, and new ENGINEERS. Choose Railroad over Magnet Fridge, Chivalry, Banking (French researching), Gravity, Theology. Wounded Knee Gems to Kyoto PAID $354, Rome Coal to Kyoto $180, Kyoto Dye to Phasalos $208, Hispalis Gems to Manila $54, Kyoto Beads to Besacon $150. Destroyed Lugdenum intrusion. Musket storms Troy, $18. Founded StPetes, Cherbourg. Hut: advanced tribe Singapore.
    21920,000 pop 99 c, $953-119 Sci 297/5 Mfg=524 FS=5.6, 39.tech

    1550 AD, Greeks demand Gunpowder, No, then WAR! Barbs at new Cherbourg frontier, repulsed. RAILROAD, choose Magnet Fridge over Chivalry, Banking (French researching), Gravity, Theology. Hunting Barb Leader: $150. Pharsalos Warrior reduced. Cumae Gold to Yokohama PAID $134+1, Paris Gold to Nagasaki $132+2.
    69.Engineers+17 62.Dip+17 24.Caravan+19 33.Caravel+9 117.Musket+1 38.Crusader+1 14.Horse+3 18.Cannon 11.Explorer+3 and 5.Ironclad 3.in.prod. Treas $5690, can't spend it all.

    1560 AD, Greeks fire futily on our Muskets. Fdd Triple. Bribe Grk Settlers $188, None. Subvert Herakleia, only Pharsalos remains. Wounded Dye to Pharsalos PAID $86. Crusaders succumb to Antioch treachery. Bribe Elephant $172 None, subvert Susa $776, got $70 4 structs, Settler & 3.troops. Fdd Dariush Kabir. Hut: $100g. 23490,000 pop, all city targets located...
    Peak Kyoto: Sz 15 food +12 Trade 45 Tithes+3, Tax 39 Sci 44,
    Kyoto just built Univ, has Colossus Mike's Copernicus etc

    1570 AD, DARWIN, wasted prior Caravans. Magnetism, Electricity, choose Refrige over Chivalry, Banking (French researching), Gravity, Theology. Treacherous Antioch built Warrior that slaughtered our new None Elephant, I was impetuous. Kyoto Wine to Rheims PAID $317, Slim B Gems to Kyoto $238. Have 17 Horsemen that will never be Knighted.
    1580 AD, Barb Frigate sank our Destroyer! 24130,000 pop. Lyons Silver to N'Goya PAID $117+2, Hispalis Gold to Satsuma $128, Besacon Gems to OsakaSS $82. Fdd Halicarnassus. Destroyer reduces Tarsus, bribe Phx $161 None. Subvert Bactra $411 -34 Phx. Bribe Settler $876, None, Subvert Tarsus $783 -73+60. Subvert Arbela $987 -57+60, they offer $105 to live in peace, No. Buying Harbors for growth.

    1590 AD, Persians kill our new Mtn Phx, Fr develop Banking! Samaria destroyed. Bribe Persian catapult $628 None, Phx $168? None. Pasarg, 1590 AD

    1600 AD, Refrigeration, choose Gravity Newton over Chivalry, Banking (French researching), Theology. Tyre Elephant charges futily. First Cannon shot at Parargadae. Paris Spice to Manila demand PAID paltry $52, Avignon Gold to Nagasaki $132, Cumae Silk Kyoto $186, Rome Gems to Kyoto $136. Hut: $100. 25930,000 pop.

    1610 AD, Antioch killed another Horse... Antioch warrior destroyed $13, Subvert Tyre $330 -$24, Settler about to vanish, reduced Pasargadae, could end game, Kyoto Copper to Paris PAID $162, Wounded Gold to Nagasaki $184. 26550,000 pop, Score 927.
    81.Engineers+18 74.Dip+12 26.Caravan+19 43.Galleon 131.Musket+11 38.Crusader+1 16.Horse 19.Cannon 13.Explorer+3 and 6.Destroyer.

    1620 AD overtime, choose Bach over Chivalry, Banking, Atomic. Fdd Omega. Captured Rheims $102, FRENCH DESTROYED. 27690,000 pop.
    1630 AD overtime, Built Eiffel. 29070,000 pop, Score 990. Paris Gems to Kyoto $220.
    1640 AD overtime, Barb Elephants SLake. Built Isaac Newton. Nara Gold to Paris PAID $218? Cumae Gems Kyoto $196. Pharsalos reduced, subvert $82 -28, GREEKS DESTROYED, Pasarg remains. 29940,000 pop, score 1025.
    1650 AD overtime, Theology. Built Shakespeare. 30890,000 one more turn.
    1660 AD overtime, Built Bach, Barbs every turn! 32970,000 pop,
    34350,000 pop, 20,80,00% 1252+360+25=1637, 266% Tokugawa Magnificent.
  3. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    Here is my final log segment, AD 1000 - AD 1580:

    AD 1000 Amphib War; S-Railroad; A02-Neapolis(Silk,564,D); A02-Neapolis(Wool,188,N); A02-Neapolis(Gold,188,N); Capture-Neapolis(-35g,no Anarchy); Capture-Antium(GR,MK,,no Anarchy); Rome-CF?(NO), 200g?(YES), Peace?(NO), End; Bribed 2 Roman Horse(2x69,NONE); A02-Athens(Salt,516,D); Greek-Dmd Tribute-WAR!; Bribe-French Warriors(145,115g); Capture-Athens(26,BK,no Anarchy); Bribe Elephant, Archer, War (102Athens, 76NONE, 26NONE); Revolt-Stony Lake(106-10,GR,2Units,Sz3,No Anrchy); Bribe Greek Sett (204,NONE); A02-Thess(Gold,298,N); Capture Thess(-7,No Anarchy); Revolt-Delphi(244-14,MK,GR,4Units,Sz3,No Anarchy); Revolt-Mycenae(244-13,GR,Archer,Sz3,No Anarchy); A02-Argos(Silver,600,D); Revolt-Argos(120-12,BK,GR,MK,no Ana); Bribed French War,Leg66,246,NONEs)

    AD 1020*RR; S-Industrialization; Killed C15 Ldr; HUT-Rifleman(H04); Bribe Sioux Musketeers(63g,H04)
    Greek Archers,Catapult(73,98,NONEs); Subvert Sparta(2x240-20,MK,3Units,No Anar); Cease Fire Expired; Dec War; Capture Rhodes(-8,no Ana); Revolt-Corinth (232-16,2,GR,MK, Arc,No Ana); Killed Barbs at Sea (5); A02-Lyons(Beads,488,D); cost=1950b; Peace-Sioux(1 city left); Gift Sioux ABF (3 techs); Cost=1896b; A02-Grenoble(Wine,644,D); A02-Grenoble(Hides,515,D); Set 60-20-20 for next advance

    AD 1040 Indust; S-Corporation; French - Start Cope X2; Capture-Paris (112g,GREAT WALL); French: CF?(NO), 650g?(YES), Peace?(NO!), Subvert (2x26-0g,No Ana, was size 1, no defender); Met French-Peace?(NO!), "Cease Fire Expired"; Revolt-Avignon(159-1,GR,War, NoAna, RB a Harbor), Revolt-Rheims (265-2,BK,GR,MK,HB, ); HUT-100g(South Pole); Subvert-Leutetia(2x240-5,GR,war,No Ana); Met Romans - CF Expired; Capture-Rome (-11g,GR,MK,) ; Revolt-Pompeii (216-4,GR,HB,War,noAna); Save Chartres (it wants Gems) and Orleans (it wants repeater Salt); A02-Lyons(Cu,475,D); A02-Lyons(Beads,475,D); A02-Orleans(Salt,467,D); Orleans(Salt,467,D); Revolt-Cumae(270-5, GR,War,naAna); Revolt- Besancon(106-1,War,noAna, RB SM); Bribe French Sett, Cat(168,84) ********68 Cities now*******

    AD 1060 Corp; S-Electronics; Subver-Permagon(2x58-5,War,noAna); Greek CF Expired; Bribe French Sett(172g,F11); Bribe-Roman Phx(73g,NONE); HUT-Adv Tribe(South Islands, Team5); HUT-100g(Team6); Revolt-Hispalis(216-5,GR,War,Arch,noAna); Revolt-Marseille(270-6,GR,Leg,noAna); Bribe French Sett(172g,NONE); A02-Lyons(Beads,712***NOTE THE INCREASE FROM 475g, DUE TO FREIGHT INSTEAD OF CARAVAN***,D); A02-Lyons(Beads,712,D); A02-Eleph(Hides,472,D); Main Line RR is done; Sci Cost is 1818; Stockpile of 2 advances now in place; Only 8800 gold now, but 28 freight coming (70 active).

    AD 1080 Electronics; S-Genetic Eng; Killed Lrd & barbs near C15; Bribe Roman Sett(168,NONE); Virocronium(216-17,2units,GR,noAna) ; Bribe French Sett (172,F09); HUT-50g; HUT-100g(Team5); A02-Bear paw(Beads,700,D)Ao2-Bear paw(Beads,350,D)A02-Grenoble(Beads,376,N); Gems-Chartres(Gems,738,D); Buy 3 Factories & build Hoover Dam.

    AD 1100* GenEng; S-Steel; Cost=1882b; A02-Orleans(Salt,700,D,repeater); A02-Orleans(Salt,700,D); A02-Grenoble(Hides,752,D,repeater); HUT-50g(Team 5); HUT-100g(Team6); HUT-Adv Tribe(Sz2) (Team4, same island as Team6); Revolt-Halixarcassus(58g-5,War,noAna,Panama Canal); Capture Rouen(-5,noAna,makind Courthouse); HUT-50g;
    AD 1120 Steel; S-Machine Tools; Revolt-Eretria(87-18,GR,noAna); HUT-100g; Revolt-herekleia(290-26,GR,5units,noAnarchy); Bribe-Egyptian Sett(178,NONE);
    AD 1140 Machine Tools; S-Miniaturization; Revolt-Ergali(29-9,noAna); A02-Therm(Silver,500,D); HUT-Barbs(South Pole Dip.... Deat Meat); A00-A02(Beads,63,N,mistake); Gift Sioux ABF(Before=2066b, 6Techs, After=1888b); A02-Orleans(Salt,700,D); A02-Orleans(Salt,700,D)
    AD 1160 Minit; S-Refining; CURE FOR CANCER (85 happy points); 3x A02-Grenoble(Hides,752,D); Capture-Tarsus(-26,GR); HUT-Barbs(South Pole, 2 Knights, Bribe 1 for 82g, N01); Revolt-Byzantium(53-5,noAna)
    AD 1180*Refining; S-Combustion (Choices are Comb & Comm); Revolt-Hamadan(56-6,noA)Revolt-Troy(56-13,noA); RB 1st Offshore Platform (Bi1... the "right" shield multiples of 5-10-20); Killed Lrd; Bribe-Greek Sett(180g,NONE); Revolt-Ephesos(224-22,GR,Archer); 3x A02-Chartres(Gems,738,D); Score 925

    AD 1200 Combustion; S-Automobile (Comm, Flt); 959; Bribe Persian Settler(180g,NONE); Capture Gordium(-38, ); Revolt-Samaria(58-6,noA); Saltx3x700; Beadsx2x712; 3x A02-Orleans(Salt,700,D)
    AD 1220 Auto; S-Mobile Warfare; HUT-3 Barbs,South Pole (let them be); A02-Orleans(Wine,875,D); 2x A02-Lyons(Cu,712,D); Lyons(Beads,712,D);Only 9 squares left unexplored - This was last hut (I think); Making SHs.
    AD 1240 A02-Orleans(Salt,1224,D); A02-Orleans(Wine,1493,D) *** NOTE THE INCREASE DUE TO SUPERHIGHWAYS IN A02... 1224 is CAPPED (SGC=90 arrows base)!! ***; Lyons(Cu,1248,D); Lyons(Beads,1248,D); BearPaw(hides,1224,D); Oops, just realized I did not get Espionage before Auto... Dips are Dips. Science cost=2240.
    AD 1260* Communism; S-Espionage; 4x A02-Thermophyle(Silver,877,D); 1130; Revolt-Typre(162-27,Harb,War); KILLED-Persians; Lyons(Beads,1248,D);
    AD 1280 Espionage; S-Geurilla; A02-Grenoble(Cu,1314,D); BearPaw(hides,612,D); 4xBearPaw(Wool,1214,D);

    AD 1300 Geu; S-MassP; 1222; 6xA02-Elephantine(Hides,804,D); 3xA02-Orleans(Salt,1224,D); Revolt-Lugdunum(89,warrior); KILLED-Romans; Buying Improvements.
    AD 1320 Mass Production; S-Computers; Pollution; 6x A02-Thermophyle(Silver,877,D); A02-Orleans(Salt,1266,D);
    AD 1340* Computers; S-Robotics; Delivered a big load of freight, mostly salt to Orleans; Refused to talk to Egypt
    AD 1360 Robotics; S-Fission; 1381; 2xA02-Orleans(Salt,1278,D); C04-Orleans(Salt,294,D,mistake); REVOLT-Thermphyle(582(dip)-63,GN,MK,2units,NoAnarchy); KILLED-Greeks; Chartre(Gems,432,N,Mistake-NoDmdNow); Revolt-Chartre(187-19,GR,NoAna,Warrior); 5 Cities left (3 French, 1 Egypt, 1 Sioux)
    AD 1380 Fission; S-Nuclear Power; 1452/395; (73 Advances; 14 left; +220/+400); A04 has URANIUM now!; A02-2xOrleans(Salt,1278,D); 3xA02-Lyon(Beads,1278,D)

    AD 1400 Nuclear Power; S-Laser; 1st Uranium (Capital); 1486; Orleans(Salt,1278,D); 3xA02-Lyon(Beads,1278,D)
    AD 1420*Laser; S-Recycling ; 1533/398; 4xA02-Egypt(hides,804,D)
    AD 1440 Recycling; S-labor union; 1593; 4xA02-Lyon(Beads,1278,D); Bribed French Settler(180g,NONE); 2xOrleans(Salt,1278,D)
    AD 1460 Labor Union; S-Flight; 1659; Researching Flight-Prebuild Airports in almost all cities. Not freight Delivery-built Darwin, due on next turn. 124 cities.
    AD 1480 DARWIN?S VOYAGE; Flight; Radio; S-Adv Flight; (Colossus nixed); 1737; Sell SGC sewer & IPRB Airport; Sci Cost=3159; gift Sioux ABF, new Sci Cost=2466 (17 techs); 2xOrleans(Wine,820,D); 2xOrleans(Salt,656,D) *** NOTE THE DROP IN SALT PRICE!!! ****; Orleans(Dye,656,D); making over 100 airports. (79 techs)

    AD 1500* Adv Flt; S-Rocketry; 1793/415; 30 Airports; Almost 100 more coming. 7xA02-Elephantine (Hides,412,D); 2xOrleans(Wine,820,D);
    AD 1510 Rocketry; S-Combined Arms (No Choice); 1833; 2xOrleans(Wine,820,D); Orleans(Salt,656,D); A02-Elephantine (Hides,412,D);
    AD 1520 CA; S-Space Flight; 1885; 3xOrleans(Salt,656,D); 2xA02-Elephantine (Hides,412,D);
    AD 1530 SF; S-Plastics; 1946; Orleans(Dye,656,D); 2xOrleans(Wine,820,D)
    AD 1540* PL; S-Superconductor; Apollo; 2014; Gift Sioux ABF; 2xOrleans(Wine,820,D); Orleans(Salt,656,D); A02-C17(Dye,643,D)
    AD 1550 SC; S-Env(NoChoice); 2064; A02-BearPaw(Wool,628,D); 3xA02-BearPaw(Dye,628,D); Elephantine (Hides,412,D); Reject Sioux Peace (50g, hehe).
    AD 1560 Env; S-Fusion; 2137/428; A02-X01(Uranium,1792,D); A02-X04(Uranium,1728,D); A02-X04(Gems,1294,D); A02-X08(Spice,1116,D); A02-F00(Gems,1264,D); A02-F00(Gems,1264,D); A02-F00(Cu,843,D); X04-A02(Uranium,1728,D); 3xOrleans(Dye,648,D); Orleans(Salt,Dye,648,D); A02-L07(Gems,1200,D); A02-L03(Wine,1220,D)

    AD 1570 Fusion; S-Stealth; 2196; SS READY; Launch SS; Bribe- Sioux Engineer(NONE,188g); A02-L09(Uranium,1536,D); ***** LAUNCH SS ***** (Arrive 1581)
    AD 1571 Stealth; S-FT001; EIFFEL TOWER; 2278/434; Revolt-Elephantine(767-239,GR,MK,LB,BN,PH,Anarchy); KILLED-EGYPTIANS; Gift Sioux ABF; Refuse Peace; Demand Tribute-WAR; 143 cities; Ho4-A02(Uranium,1526,D)
    AD 1572 FT001; S-FT002; 2xA02-F06(Wine,1010,D); A02-F11(Gold,611,D), and another
    AD 1573 FT002; S-FT003; COPERNICUS; SETI; 2466; F08-A02(Ur,1766,D); A02-L03(Ur,1792,D)
    AD 1574 FT003; S-FT004; ISAAC NEWTON COLLEGE; 2552; 312g; 294g; 288g; 158g; 320g; 276g; A02-C16(oil,1274,D); 450; 280; 220; 76; 3x89; 92; 68;
    AD 1575 FT004; S-FT005; 2646; 65; 1461(oil); 436; 1321(oil); 756; 936(gold); 412; 442; 260; 322; Bribe French Settler (196g,NONE); 68g;
    AD 1576 FT005; S-FT006; 2739; 928; 60; 1587(oil); 444; 400; 280;
    AD 1577 FT006; S-FT007; 2830; Lyons(155-60,BK,GR,MK,Ana); Grenoble(97,Ana); Orleans(693-36,BK,GRnWar); KILLED-French; 872; 52; 446; 771; 1349 (oil); 276; 300; 3x204; Lots of tiny routes. Will have 5 wonders next turn.
    AD 1578 FT007; S-FT008; ALL WONDERS NOW DONE; Only 1 Sioux City Left; 3036; 1766(Uranium); over a dozen small ones.
    AD 1579 FT008; S-FT009; 3106; mostly capitalization. Ending settler tasks.
    AD 1580 FT009; S-FT010; 3451 @ 80% Lux.

    ----------------------- AD 1580 ---------------------------

    Pop: 75.16M (Fundy); Score 3451 (SS Lands next turn +400)
    Tax: 80% (1179g/cost=153g)
    Sci: 00% (012b, 293T) (ALL 88 + FT001-009; Advs cost about 3515b)
    Lux: 80% (Some cities in WLTPriest Day)
    Prod: 2138 MT (20T poll, 0 polluted tiles)
    Cities: 168
    Wonders: ALL 28.

    Sioux 1 Cities (Sioux have 87 advances, gifted ABF)

    01 Settler (a NONE)
    09 Engineers
    01 Warrior
    01 Phalanx
    01 Musketeers
    33 Fanatics
    93 Riflemen
    06 Fanatics
    41 Cavalry
    04 Artillery
    25 Destroyers
    43 Transports
    17 Diplomats
    212 Freight (1 in prod)
    05 Explorers

    2821 Citizens           (approx 15,810 max)
    0560 Achievements       (560 max)
    0400 Spaceship          (400 max)
    0000 Peace              (100 max)
    0045 Future Technology  (1275 max)
    0025 Barbarians         (set at start; -50, -25, 0, +25)
    0000 Pollution          (0 or negative; -10 per skull)
    3851 Civ 2 Total Score  (On the Turn of SS landing)

    AD 1581 ********* SS LANDING **********

    I'll make a couple screenies & post them later today when I get time :).
  4. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001

    The strategy in this game was quite a bit different, and in retrospect, I made a lot of errors that were usually attributed to not playing the game continuously, then forgetting that I was not in (nor going to be in) democracy. The most hilarious was one stretch of several turns when I was building courthouses and getting hacked when I noticed my happy people were not increasing. I should have stopped and figured out why, but kept going for a few more turns before it hit me -- and then of course, I never completed any more courthouses. But I still started some out of reflex when city scrolling at warp speed. I was also putting units in cities and fortresses automatically, to prevent "unhappiness". I even was planning military campaigns to prevent face-to-face meetings to avoid having "peace" forced upon me by the "senate" (of course, in Fundy, this is not an issue, LOL!!). I guess I just have an innate "democratic reflex" since I'm normally either in, or headed towards, Democracy!!


    Never built a SSC.
    Never built a University.
    Fewest Libraries built (1, and never "used").
    Most number of totally worthless improvements built (18 Courthouses).
    Most number of excess Freight at end of game (212).
    Most number of undelivered Uranium (about 7, I think).
    Smallest Cities ever (none larger than 22).
    One of longest GOTMs, due to reliance on Trade for science.
    "Proved" Democracy = Pollution & Fundy = low pollution (from my Pollution thread last fall).
    Least pollution ever (2 skulls, I think).
    Most excess food ever (excess food for fundy growth).
    Due to slow growth of Fundy, only a handful of cities exceeded size 12.
    Unable to improve the terrain as much as a normal game.
    Unable to colonize many expanses of excellent terrain (due to slow growth of Fundy).
    168 cities: and joined the bulk of engineers & remaining NONE settlers before the SS landed.
    In Fundy, Mkt+Bank+20%Lux+CfC = happy size 3 city.
    Max Engineers was about 120, plus 4 NONE settlers.
    Never built a plane.
    Never built bigger ship than Destroyer.
    Kept a lot of enemy cities alive for trade purposes, until endgame.
    Never broke the 2000 barrier: Largest trade was only 1,792 gold (in 1560, A02-X01 Uranium).

    Super Gold City (1580 AD):

    State of the World (1580 AD):

  5. Elsaak

    Elsaak European und Réunionnais

    May 21, 2002
    Alsace !
    used for gotm 24
  6. el_kalkylus

    el_kalkylus Civ2 spearman

    Sep 21, 2001
    Is there a thread about this? Is it so that the less discoveries the AI have, the more gold (and science) you get from a delivery to their cities?
  7. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
    No, I think he was just delaying his science by keeping a gap between his techs and the key civ's techs. That way he gets techs slower, thus putting off having to get Invention and Navigation. Once you get Navigation and Invention, your caravan payments lose one of their bonus modifiers.
  8. el_kalkylus

    el_kalkylus Civ2 spearman

    Sep 21, 2001
    I see. Thanks.

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