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December World: sign-up thread

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Ahigin, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Ahigin

    Ahigin Emperor

    Apr 18, 2013
    Welcome to the December World sign-up thread. It's going to be a global strategy game in a steampunk setting that will evolve as the game moves forward. In this game, I'll put under test a lot of ideas I've been playing with for a while, and hopefully you'll have fun playing with them, too.

    Without further ado, let's take a look at the map of the world in 1890. (Right-click to expand in full size in a separate tab.)
    Spoiler :

    For now, I'm looking for players willing to contribute their time and passion to this game. You will be playing one of the 20 great powers, and I reserve the right to vet players to a reasonable degree, so we don't get a superpower controlled by somebody who doesn't know what they're doing in the game (that way, everyone has a chance to have fun).

    If you're looking for joining, please select 3-4 nations you'd like to play (ideally, range them by preference and leave, maybe, a brief comment, if you wish). Please note that any minor power will be given to you on the "first come-first serve" basis. If you'd like to play as a major power, I may be more selective, with my choice being based on my knowledge of you as a consistent, experienced player (it's subjective, I know, but that's the only way I can select people).

    Major powers:
    • Directorial Russia - player found (Shadowbound)
    • Hungary - free for the taking!
    • North-German Federation - player found (Seon)
    • Austria-Bavaria - free for the taking!
    • Communard France - player found (Terran Empress)
    • Italy - player found (tobiisagoodboy)
    • Portugal-Brazil - player found (Nuka-Sama)
    • British Royal Commonwealth - player found (Ophorian)
    • Sublime Porte - player found (Decamper)
    • Egypt - player found (KaiserElectric)
    • Maghreb - free for the taking!
    • Free Boer Republic - player found (Crezth)
    • Sikh Empire - player found (JohannaK)
    • Third Burmese Empire - free for the taking!
    • Taiping Mandate - player found (Masada)
    • Tokugawa Shogunate - player found (Immaculate)
    • Union of North America - player found (J.K. Stockholme)
    • Confederate States of America - player found (thomas.berubeg)
    • Mexico - player found (christopher_sni)
    • Gran Paraguay - free for the taking!
    • United Communes of the Andes - player found (Belgarion95)
    • Sardinia-Piedmont - player found (Brougal)
    Medium powers:
    • Ukrainian Hetmanate - free for the taking!
    • Pacific Directory - player found (Kyzarc Fotjage)
    • Siberian Popular Assembly - free for the taking!
    • Poland - free for the taking!
    • Netherlands - free for the taking!
    • Iberian Republic - free for the taking!
    • Ma Dynasty - free for the taking!

    Minor powers (only players listed):
    • Greece - player found (christos200)
    Setting summary

    The December World is an alternative reality which experienced an early information revolution going in parallel with the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Think of steam-powered computing machines, dirigibles, Gurney steam carriages, early submarines, repeating rifles, and all of the changes they bring to the world - and you will see the December World. Think of world powers playing their Great Game for control of the high seas, wild, uncolonized lands, small nations acting as pawns in the hands of clandestine players - and you will see the December World.

    Spoiler :
    The point of divergence, however, had nothing to do with technology and started with one rash decision made at the wrong moment by one of the most powerful people on Earth.

    After Tsar Alexander I Romanov died in early December 1825, his liberal-minded brother Constantine was proclaimed the Autocrat of All the Russias. Constantine, however, had no desire to rule the enormous, backward nation and renounced his succession after troops in St. Petersburg had already sworn an oath of loyalty to him. The crown was supposed to pass to the the youngest of the Romanov brothers, Nicolas, but the confusion in the capital sent a signal to the Union of Salvation, a secret liberal organization of noble officers, that it was their moment to spring into action. Thus started the Decembrist Uprising.

    Spontaneity of the action and low consciousness of regular soldiers on both sides of the conflict quickly led to encirclement of the rebel regiments on the Senatskaya Square. Partially out of a misguided sense of class sympathy to the doomed highborne rebel officers, Tsar Nicolas himself rode to their ranks, hoping to diffuse their determination and prevent bloodshed in the very heart of the Empire. (In OTL, Count Miloradovich, a hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, did it instead of the Tsar himself.) He had some success among regular soldiers for some short few minutes, until Pyotr Kakhovsky, a radically minded officer, shot him dead in the middle of the square. What followed was a bloodbath with shrapnel being fired at the rebel soldiers amid the tightly packed square. The uprising was a disaster.

    As for the succession, Russian bureaucrats managed to persuade Constantine accept his crown back. However, a detached intellectual as he was, Constantine quickly gave up the reigns of his rule to much more reactionary advisors at his court, while they provided him with imitation of power by letting the “enlightened Tsar” invest money into support of arts and science, his biggest project being an invitation of British inventor Charles Babbage (who was much ridiculed in his homeland) to work on his prototype of a steam-powered calculation machine, the difference engine. In Russia, Babbage quickly found a kindred spirit, a punchcard inventor Semyon Korsakov. And while Tsar Constantine’s Russia was slowly slipping into the depth of corruption and mismanagement, Babbage&Korsakov’s revolutionary projects established the foundation for the scientific revolution that would transform the world.

    National summaries
    Let's make our life easier for each other and simply use Google Docs, shall we?

    You can post now.
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  2. Sniiperman456

    Sniiperman456 Warlord

    Nov 5, 2016
    1. Italy
    2. Hungary
    3. Austria-Bavaria
    4. Free Boer Republic
    5. Maghreb
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  3. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    1. North german Federation.
    Fur die Befreiung. Freiheit uber alles.
    2. Italy
    3. Egypt
    4. Union of North America
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  4. J.K. Stockholme

    J.K. Stockholme Right Opposition

    Nov 15, 2011
    Archive of note-worthy posts by the Union of North-America:

    Politics in the Northern Union Q1-Q2 1893
    Joseph Benson Fouracre Q4 1893
    The Flag, The Anthem Q3-4 1895 - Q1-2 1896
    Fouracre Addresses Nation March 31, 1896

    Monroe Declaration Q1-Q2 1893
    Treaty of American Reaffirmation Q3 1893 (defunct)
    Declaration of War Upon Great Britain Q3 1893
    Treaty of Washington Q4 1893
    Statement on Recent Actions by Portugal-Brazil Q4 1893
    Statement on the Gran Colombian Civil War Q4 1893
    Treaty of Montreal Q3-Q4 1895
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  5. Ophorian

    Ophorian Holy Britannian Emperor

    Jun 18, 2013
    I hear the call to arms.

    1. Royal Commonwealth of Great Britain (are you even surprised)
    2. Directorial Russia
    3. Taiping Mandate
    4. Portugal-Brazil
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  6. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    1: Britain
    2: Russia
    3: France
    4: Sublime Porte
  7. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York
    1. Taipings

    I think its well-known in IOT that one of the nations I have always been meaning to play as in general was the Taipings. Hong Xiuquan's proposed economic reforms for China could be best described as proto-socialistic, and his imagined gender roles for society are honestly still pretty unique to this day. My goal as the Taipings is to play the Heavenly Kingdom relatively straight, as Hong's envisioned theocratic state. Obviously, expectations will have to fight the reality of the situation, as social engineering such a large population will take a lot of internal energy. The peasants don't really care for this foreign "Jesus" diety instead of honoring the gods their ancestors have honored for millenium, the landlords will not like their estates broken up and given to the peasants, the bureucrats of the old Confucian order will not like their influence being curtailed by the new government, and the few western educated Chinese intellectuals will not like the outright Ludditish practices of the government.

    Meanwhile, the issue of the foreign barbarians is always a presence, both of the other four nations and the Laowai. The Heavenly Kingdom will never be more than a "Mandate" until the Qing are fully eradicated, and the Manchu pay for the crimes they afflicted upon the Han for hundreds of years. The Hui still cling upon their false prophet Muhammed, and their clique represents a thorn on the Taiping's side as long as their pretender Ma dynasty exists and resist the Good Word. And let's not even forget Riben's arrogant shogunate, which has been subverting China's historic dominance of Asia with their modern fleet. And there's a special place in hell for the white Laowai barbarians, the barbarians that the Qing of old have allowed to walk all over them, making China so weak.

    I want to play as the Taipings so badly I even considered not listing other nations, but in case I don't get it, I'll put in the rest of the list.

    2. Gran Paraguay

    Paraguay is an itty bitty nation. Most historians today consider the Paraguayan War to be nothing short of suicidal overconfidence by her President, who seriously believed he could wear down the far larger and more powerful neighbors through a war of attrition. This war in reality killed over 90% of the male population of Paraguay.

    Somehow this plan actually worked ITL, as Paraguay carved itself a nice empire out of the coalition that formed against it.

    Uruguay is annexed entirely, Argentina is shattered to a point where it honestly would never recover, but Brazil still has most of its strength left. Brazil-Portugal will likely want revenge for the humiliation it must have felt to have lost to Paraguay. War to shatter this fragile empire is only a matter of when, not if: it's only neighbor Paraguay hasn't been at war yet appears to be a radical communist state in the same vein as the Communards, who would likely disapprove of the psychotic military dictatorship that formed in the wake of what could only be dubbed as the Paraguayan Miracle. A second coalition against Paraguay is only a matter of time, and it is Paraguay's main concern to either strike first, or find friends somewhere that could relive pressure off of it.

    Also worth mentioning for Paraguay would be demographics; while Paraguay itself likely won't have nearly as high causality rates as it did OTL, the fact remains that, to rule over such a large territory, the mandatory conscription of all male citizens would likely have to continue. Paraguay would likely become the new Sparta; a gender-stratified society where all the men are in the military and the women overlook the economy. And for the people they conquered, they mind as well be a modern day Helot.

    3. Communard France

    Debout, les damnés de la terre,
    Debout, les forçats de la faim.
    La raison tonne en son cratère,
    C'est l'éruption de la fin!
    Du passé faisons table rase,
    Foule esclave, debout! debout!
    Le monde va changer de base,
    Nous ne sommes rien, soyons tout!

    C'est la lutte finale,
    Groupons-nous, et demain,
    Sera le genre humain!
  8. SouthernKing

    SouthernKing crickety cricket

    Dec 29, 2010
    Deva Loka
    1. Burma
    2. Mexico
    3. Egypt
  9. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    1. Portugal Brazil

    A dynamic monarchy? Check. An opportunity to play politics in Asia, South America, Asia, and Africa? Check.

    Portugal? CHECK.

    I have grand ambitions for a not so sad state, and Her Majesty's dream of greater glories shall be realized by guns, art, and ships.

    Will add more countries later tonight but wanted to write this
  10. Ahigin

    Ahigin Emperor

    Apr 18, 2013
    Ok, just based on my personal in-game experience and knowledge of the players, I have confirmed some of the roles:

    • Union of North America - J.K.Stockholme
    • Royal British Commonwealth - Ophorian
    • Third Burmese Empire - SouthernKing
    • Portugal-Brazil - Nuka-Sama

    All others - you're still being considered, I just need a bit more time and submissions to figure out where you'd fit in better.
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  11. christopher_sni

    christopher_sni Prince

    Jun 14, 2015
    Fort Worth, TX
    1. Mexico- No longer a punching bag for the Americans.
    2. Directorial Russia - Russia not being an authoritarian empire and even a progressive state?
    3. Sikh Empire - Neo-monarchist warrior peoples fighting against colonialists on all sides
    4. North German Federation - Building an empire using bank books, not bullets.
    5. Italy - Long live the People's Government!
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  12. Bair_the_Normal

    Bair_the_Normal 全は禪

    Jan 31, 2012
    Ignore for now.
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  13. Ahigin

    Ahigin Emperor

    Apr 18, 2013
    Ooh, yeah, that'd a silly miss. Fixed.
    Yeah, let's roll with Chishima. Fixed.
    Yeah, I'll update it to Hiripin on the map when I have time.

    Thank you, that was very helpful.

    Also, if other visitors see naming issues on the map or in the history, definitely let me know.
  14. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York
    The full name for the Taiping government should be the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, as it was called OTL. I used that term exclusively in my sign up post because "Taiping Mandate" sounds like it's a colonial territory, like the Syrian Mandate.

    I also have concerns over the history for the Taipings, now that the fact you have pre-written history was pointed out to me. Firstly among them is that the Mandate of Heaven was actually never invoked by the Taipings at any point in their rule. The MoH relies on the concept of a monarch subservient to Shangdi and the gods of the Chinese pantheon, and is inherently based on Chinese folk religion for its legitimacy. Given Hong's absolute fanatical belief in his version of Christianity, he actually used a different style, "Tian Wang", or Heavenly King. This goes with his concept of a Heavenly Kingdom, in order to emphasize the holiness of his country. I could also give a mini-rant about how five people couldn't share the MoH in any sort of reasonable interpretation of the Mandate, but finding out the Taipings went out of their way to not use it at all superseded that.

    Secondly, Hong Xiuquan was also a very autocratic man. While he did call his subordinates princes (and even initially kings), they were ultimately expected subservient to his rule, and he appointed and demoted him to his arbitrary will. The idea that he would simply allow his Princes to take over and form some sort of oligarchic confederation like that is absurd (And before you say anything, no Hong means the Taipings would not exist in any recognizable faction. Perhaps there'd still be a massive revolt against the Qing in the same time period, but it would ideologically be completely unrecognizable and would have a different name, since Taiping literally refers to Hong's dogma). Not that the princes couldn't, after victory against the Qing, try to remove the Tian Wang and set up rule by themselves, but it would not be a peaceful transfer of power. There'd need to be an outright coup by the princes. And that too would likely result in the nation not even being called "Taiping" at all.

    Thirdly, China is too xenophobic to simply go "eh, the Europeans are Christians, their treaty ports are fine". Were the Taipings less xenophobic than the Boxers? Definitely. But the Taipings would still be doing everything in their power to end the humiliation of the Qing's legacy of treaty ports and unequal treaties. After all, one of the biggest policies Hong had was the absolute and total ban of opium in China, which he considered to be a plot by foreign demons to destabilize China. Given how the Qing's attempt to enforce an Opium ban led to an outright war, the Europeans would surely not be happy that the Taipings are going down that same route. The Hua-Yi distinction was still in full effect by the Taipings, and they did believe they were culturally superior to the Europeans.

    Are they perhaps boding their time to not take on the Europeans in open conflict until defeating the northern dynasties? I'd buy that. But official rhetoric by the Taiping government should be that they are stolen land that needs to be returned ASAP, and not consider them in any way equal to them.

    Lastly.... Tsingtso was only obtained by the Germans OTL 9 years after this game starts. How the hell do they have it, if no European intervened in the Taiping Rebellion ITL?
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  15. Ahigin

    Ahigin Emperor

    Apr 18, 2013
    That is a wonderful post that has taught me a lot about the Taiping Rebellions. Having said that, I'll stick to my historical summary, because I don't want to open a can of worms called "this alternate history is too alternate to be a game setting."

    On the other hand, I'll let the players add more details to their countries' histories without contradicting the broad strokes that I did specify. I'll give a lot of freedom in that sense.

    As mentioned above, I do welcome your corrections of names of geographic locations. (Renaming of the factions would have to wait for now.)
  16. Immaculate

    Immaculate unerring

    Jan 22, 2003
    I would really love to play as Burma.

    I just finished reading the Difference Engine by Sterling and Gibson and can imagine Burmese men in top-hats, coattails, and canes working as part of a savant/capitalist oligarchy in support of the Burmese king alongside monks in saffron robes, a blend of the western steam-punk (heavily German influenced I would guess but also British despite having gone to war with them) and eastern traditions. Greesy-fingered clackers shuffle cellophane punch cards from counting houses and government computing engines while between them rikshaws skirt about. I love this imagery and hope you’ll let me play as Burma.

    EDIT: Saw that it was promised to Southern.

    In that case, I’d take Japan. And play much the same way with the savent/capitalist oligarchy working as part of the military that runs the country. Again, british top-hats and coattails and canes but this time alongside Japanese Shinto and buddhist monks. A growing savant and clacker class to operate the british counting machines. A growing ‘colony’ to support the rising sun of the east. Rampant racism and a strong hierarchy but dominated increasingly by meritocracy based on mixed military acumen and scholastic success

    Otherwise 2) Boers or 3) Northern Germans or 4) Confederates.
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  17. Ahigin

    Ahigin Emperor

    Apr 18, 2013
    Oh yeah, that's one hell of a book. It was what inspired me to start working on this game.

    You also got the spirit of Burma and Japan perfectly. Since SK is already going to be Burma, you get Japan.

    (As usual, the rest of you folks are still considered for all other roles. Please don't get discouraged that somebody got picked over you for one country or another. I just remember playing a game with Immaculate, so I trust him with Japan.)
  18. Ahigin

    Ahigin Emperor

    Apr 18, 2013
    Now seems like a good moment to share some aspects of the upcoming game and how it works.


    In the most minimalist summary, the December World is a game about great nations fighting for influence over entire regions, using ideologies, economy, army, and fleet as tools of power accumulation. Social, economic, and administrative policies will help these nations adjust to their current needs, and a wide technological tree will improve their ability to project power or defend what’s been conquered.

    Regions and influence
    The map of the December World is roughly divided into regions (I intentionally do not offer exact borders for them, since these are socio-economic concepts first and foremost). These regions encompass large segments of the globe and will oftentimes include multiple countries in them (take Scandinavia, for example). It’s influence over these regions that player factions will be struggling for.

    Please note that regions will not be used as minimal territorial units (like “provinces” in many strategy games), but rather abstract entities combining territory, population, economy, and political landscape.

    Nations are political concepts that exist on top of that regional overlay. However, a nation is not just a territory on a map, but something much more. For the game purposes, I trace national presence in a region by a parameter called Regional Influence (RI). In most simple cases, RI will be directly dependent on territorial presence of a nation in a region (for example, in Scandinavia, nations of Sweden , Denmark-Norway, and Finland will most certainly have some influence at all times - 30%, 25%, and 20% at the beginning of the game). However, RI also signifies economic penetration, industrial investments and outsourcing, cultural influence, clandestine spy networks, military bases, war occupation, etc. Returning to Scandinavia as an example, we’ll see that Directorial Russia, North-German Federation, and British Royal Commonwealth have some noticeable presence there (5%, 10%, and 10% accordingly), despite having no actual territories there.

    Please note that RI is not necessarily directly proportionate to the geographic size of a country. Take OTL Korean peninsula as of today, for example. Both North and South Korea are roughly the same size in territory, but South Korea is taking the lion’s share of the peninsula’s economic, cultural, demographic, and industrial output, so it’d have much more than 50% of influence there.

    How does the Regional Influence change? We’ll talk about it when we learn about in-game units and what they do. But before it, let’s ask ourselves another question. Why do the nations fight over these regions?

    The answer is simple. Resources.

    All resources in December World come from one or another region. Nations by themselves don’t produce anything, but rather tap into the output of each region they have some influence in. These resources are wide abstractions, which may be interpreted differently in different in-game situations. I encourage you to not get too picky about finding perfect definitions here, but just use the general impression of what each resource represents.

    Human Capital (HC) stands for military manpower, industrial labor, and simply the ability of a nation or a region to find human resources for its needs, whatever they are. Big HC is not always going to be indicative of big population, and vise versa. In many densely populated regions, limitations of caste, tradition, corruption, or disenfranchisement may diminish the HC pool, while in some areas practically every member of the society is a ready-made recruitment resource, with little regard for class, age and gender.

    Intellectual Capital (IC) stands for highly educated population, accumulated academic experience, artistic and scientific tradition, and even access to patents and calculating machines. Just like with HC, IC is not always going to be proportionate to population size or literacy levels.

    Economic Capital (EC) stands for a wide variety of economy aspects, including access to natural resources, service industry, banking, small businesses, and light industry. Thanks to natural resources, even uncolonized areas may have sometimes rather high EC.

    Manufacturing Capital (MC) stands for heavy industrial capacity, industrial manufacture, and region’s ability to produce complex, knowledge-intensive goods. Just like all other resources, it will not always be tied directly to the exact size of industrial output, although it’s one of the things it may represent.

    As a fan of Paradox games, I’ll again use Scandinavia as my example again. Here are Scandinavian resources in the beginning of the game.
    • Human capital (HC)170
    • Intellectual capital (IC) 80
    • Economic capital (EC) 110
    • Manufacturing capital (MC)50

    And here’s how it compares to, say, the Italian peninsula:
    • Human capital (HC) 420
    • Intellectual capital (IC) 95
    • Economic capital (EC) 350
    • Manufacturing capital (MC) 210
    If these examples have taught you anything about resources is that yes, they are very abstract and can’t be directly tied to any single real world metric.

    Now may be a good time to ask ourselves, how do resources grow? There’s several mechanisms for that. First of all, each region has its own Growth Trend (GT), roughly signifying its modernization, prosperity, and speed of development. Each turn, unsolved social and national issues, high tensions, trade wars, actual wars, and other fun things like that will lower this growth, while events of the opposite nature may impact regional growth positively. These modifiers are tracked via Growth Fluctuation (GF). As a rule of a thumb, GT is a more lasting effect and GF is very short-term. Of course, having a lot of negative GF for many turns in a row will impact GT and vise versa.

    Another easily traceable way to modify regional resources is through addressing something I call Regional Quests. (It’s a silly name, I know, but it’s the name that, hopefully, will remind many players about the tree structure of RPG quests and thus make it more intuitive to understand). Most of these will be regional issues, opportunities and challenges that could be addressed by any (literally, any) player in the game, regardless of how distant their nation is (for that, of course, you’d need to use your units, which we’ll talk about later). In fact, the entirety of the first update will be a list of Regional Quests region-by-region, which will tell you all you need to know about the world you will be playing in. As the game progresses, I’ll be tracking the development of each quest. Some of them will get resolved and replaced by new issues or opportunities. Others will sit patiently, waiting for somebody to tackle them. And some quests will not wait for too long before escalating into something worse.

    What happens if a player sends units to address a Regional Quest? First of all, be prepared that your units will suffer losses in all four resources. (It doesn’t mean your people literally get killed (although, yeah, sometimes it will mean exactly that), but rather that your nation expenses its capabilities while addressing some task.) Secondly, in the end you will progress in percentage toward resolution of that Regional Quest. How much? Again, we’ll talk about unit mechanic later.

    What if several players address the same Regional Quest? It depends on how they address it. It’s completely possible that while one nation is trying to negotiate with striking workers, for example, another one would try to push the strikers or the police toward an open confrontation, while the third one would just use this awkward moment to buy out a greater share of local economy from capitalists running short on money. I will use my own judgement as a game master to decide if that pushes the quest toward resolution or away from it.

    What happens when a quest gets finally resolved? There’s five possible outcomes, based on a number of factors I’m not going to openly share:
    • Complete success - generates lasting positive impact on the region and may open another opportunity as a Regional Quest (example: negotiations with striking workers have resulted in surprisingly limited concessions on both sides, and the region is experiencing a growth boom; also, a depressive industrial zone is having a chance to adapt to new economic realities and rebuild itself (new Regional Quest));
    • Mediocre success - generates some positive impact on the region or the country working toward successful resolution (example: the workers grudgingly returned to work after some effective police crackdowns on their leaders, and regional manufacture grew in certain cities);
    • Mediocre failure - generates some negative impact on the region or the country working toward successful resolution, but may also generate small positive impact on a country working toward negative resolution (example: the industry is back on track, but a lot of workers were forced to leave the labor force and now are burden on our economy; also, several struggling factories were sold to foreign investors, increasing their share of local economy);
    • Complete failure - generates lasting negative impact on the region and may open another issue as a Regional Quest (example: negotiations led to a walkout by the union leaders, and the police crackdown that followed turned into a bloodbath for both sides; factory owners eventually were forced to fire a big share of their labor and hire cheap manual workers from a neighboring country, but the industry has shrunk; meanwhile, socialist agitators are starting to form terrorist cells among the disgruntled, unemployed craftsmen (new Regional Quest)).
    Needless to say, not all Regional Quests are going to be crafted by me. A lot of them will emerge as results of your generic actions.

    All together, this game mechanics gives players many different strategies to expand their influence and tells you something about how the basics of the December World work.
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  19. Terran Empress

    Terran Empress Hornet

    Mar 30, 2011
    Hallow Nest
    Since two of my choices were already taken here is a new one

    In order of preference

    1. Comunard France:

    Quittez les machines,
    Dehors prolétaires
    Marchez et marchez
    Formez vous pour l'attaque
    Drapeaux déployés
    Et les armes chargées
    Au pas cadencé
    Pour l'assaut, avancez!
    Il faut gagner le monde.
    Prolétaires debout!

    Le sang de nos frères
    Réclame vengeance.
    Plus rien n'arrêtera
    La colère des masses
    A Londres, à Paris,
    Budapest et Berlin
    Prenez le pouvoir
    Bataillons ouvriers!
    Prenez votre revanche
    Bataillons ouvriers!

    Memeing aside, Comunard France looks fun for similar reasons why the commune of France looks fun in KR, revanchism, socialist, and somewhat democratic, though this France looks less democratic than others, but it could be interesting to see leftist thinkers debate on how France should reform and work, and perhaps see Lenin or other prominate thinkers from this time debate and come to France. Additionally, with a successful Comunard uprising in France, I see no reason for the International Workingmen's Association to split along anarchist and Marxist lines, and trying to keep the international from falling apart would be really interesting while also trying to spread the revolution across the globe, and trying to protect myself from reactionary elements both within and without, thorough internal politics and Realpolitik, France sounds like a wonderful state to play with many options politically, diplomatically, and internally.

    2. Directorial Russia

    Russia reminds me of Poland and Ofc Russia from kaiserreich, its at a cross roads, many paths it could go down and all of them most likely to put it in conflict with some of its neighbors. Like France it's bound to be revanchist and seeking to reclaim its lost glory, but with an endless debate during the second time of struggles of what it should do could lead to many different outcomes, from liberal democracy, socialist democracy, comunard, or autocratic monarchy. It will have to weigh each option carefully and also have to deal with modernizing and catching up with the rest of the world, it will have to tread carefully and be patient but it could become another world power.

    3. Egypt

    Liberal Muslim constitutional monarchy sounds fantastic, it's a spin that doesn't happen often, and working to build up egypts industry through trade and politics and diplomacy sounds like a grand old time trying to remain mostly independent and attempting to find ways to modernize and reconcile old Muslim thought and modern science and try to recreate the glory days of Muslim thinking and power, this would be a fantastic challenge and a wonderful state to play.
  20. Ahigin

    Ahigin Emperor

    Apr 18, 2013
    Hey, one more announcement. A lot of people have told me that they want to see me on Discord chat. I'm glad the game is gaining some attention among you, and I'm also glad you'd like to chat to me there directly. But just a heads up: most of the time, I'll be working on the game while at work, so I will be able to show up on Discord very rarely. If you actually have some meaningful questions, comments, anything - please, by all means, use this thread to say what you want to say. Alternatively, please go ahead and use PM on the forum. If it can be discussed on the chat, it can be discussed in PM or on the forum.

    Again, I totally get it, chats are great to get an instant feedback and just to have a great time. I just won't be able to show up there very often, and I don't want you to feel like you can't talk to me or something.

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