FFHSG1 - The Perilous World Of Erebus

If i had had the dot maps up on another screen, i would've brought them into the game. As it is, i think i sprained my shoulder out exploring a creek with my younger daughter. so, playing took a bit longer as i was pretty laid out in pain yesterday, telling myself it will be fine. anyway, there wasn't much to report, in the end.

I explored lairs to our NE:

So, beserk, eh? that sounds perfect.

We met a guyperson up by that lair:

They seem great! :yup:

And the AI loves Queen b/c:

another one bites the dust (i *think*).

Note the red above, and here:

This is for those who maybe might not be so good at the rmembering to avoid that area.

I almost passed through the pass :D

It also functions as a overview of where our scout was exploring. I was hoping to get him moving NE to view that area to our east.

Also during my set, we lost that Beserk warrior while he was out exploring, and lost a warior at teh capital, but i noted that i didn't have see enemy combat on so i missed them.

I MMed the capital for food until pop3, then went prod to get that granary (though i slipped in a warrior to replace the one we lost JIC [just in case, i think i'm going to say this a lot so i want to abbreviate early]). however, i also built a farm above our city so i swapped to that to grow some more while doing more granary building.

exploration came in and I went for calendar for our resources. but 30someting turns?! cripes...

I stopped at 16 turns to get us to t65. seems like 15 a piece or so may work now or maybe more?

Here's another pic:
Spoiler it's oversized :

idk why i took it

ozbenno - UP NOW, whip a'ready
King Bulrush - on deck, looking steady
unroyal_swordsman - out of pocket, he says with hope
pholkhero - just played, didn't lose, kinda a dope


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oof, it's watching a netflix series but the lore's only revealed in tiny increments. i like it :D
I changed from a granary to settler at size 4 to get this second city underway and moved a warrior to both pave the way to the new city and do a bit of fog busting as well.

Our scout wandered about for 10 turns until we met the new neighbour

This is ....... not good.

We will be expecting an early war. For pholks sake, the Doviello are war loving barbarians and are not very friendly.

And that was all that happened in 15 turns. Settler in 13, Calendar in 17.

We have a definite research problem, with no coins being generated. Calendar will allow us to get some from the cotton but I think Mysticism for an elder council (and on the mage path) would be helpful.

I'd say after the settler, let the granary finish and then build 2-3 warriors just in case Mahala declares.


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Got it!

Edit: I was planning to play today but I am to tired to play and write a good report about it,so I will postpone until tomorrow evening. Until then, a few last minutes questions/ideeas:

- I see you already preplaced a warrior as garrisson for the planned nortwestern city. I will send the settler there once it is done. Last chance do decide if we should shift the city location one tile to the southeast (to share access to the farms to the north of the capital).
- Elder councils sound good in theory, but can we afford to spend hammers on it when we need to build up our military first?
- Speaking of which: if the Doviello are a threat, would it make sense to activate the guardian of pristin pass? The gargoyles won't enter our cultural borders and hopefully they will eat any units that Mahala may send to scout our positions. Or at least we could have a contingency plan to do so.

By the way, are we doing 15 turns per person now? or more?
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if its the western site from earlier, I think moving 1 SE loses us the incense w/o giving us a nicer way to get it into a different city's range. i think that the original site you had is good for that plus it has alot of production that doesn't need to be improved right away to be useful (iirc)
I'd have the city where the warrior is to avoid shared tiles.

By the time we can build an Elder Council, we should have a much better military (it's about 40 turns away, warrior should take 4-5 turns maybe). I can see us falling behind badly if we don't generate some research from somewhere.

Intriguing idea about triggering the gargoyles. We'd lose a unit but hopefully provide a deterrent to Mahala (if they don't wander away).
The reign of King Bullrush the 2nd was much more uneventful than that of his illustrious ancestor.

- A goblin raid on the capital was repelled on turn 85, and an attack by lizardmen onf turn 88. Unfortunately, the constant threat from roving bands of barbarians disrupted the activity of our work crews and prevented a more rational improvement of the surrounding tiles.
- As our scout to the south was our only unit that was still doing some exploration, I wisely choose not to explore any dungeons or disturb graveyards. Unfortunately, it looks like the AI wasn't so carefull, so we ran into a powerfull barbarian unit that must have been spawned from an explored lair somewhere. It's not hard to guess the outcome of this encounter:

Well, no more exploring from now on, so my turns got even more boring.

I managed to found our second city on my last turn. I started to build a monument because the new city already has a garisson, we are going to build warriors in the capital anyway, and we want the extra culture to expand the border and grab the incense, horse and fish (once we have the tech for that). However, since the construction has just started, it can still be changed easily.
Otherwise there were no major developments. I did not get to choose any new tech.


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i have it all.

any special notes on where to go next techwise? is it worth it to build another scout? maybe have a warrior explore? or should we keep thtem close at home JIC?
I also agree that we need to build more warriors. Have both cities well garissoned and also 1-2 warriors to guard the workers when they are working next to the goblin camp (we need to build plantations there for the cotton).
Also, no scouting but perhaps one more unit to the south to keep watch on the Doviello and spot any invoasion force they may choose to send our way (and activate the gargoyles if the situation looks bad enough).
For tech I do not have any other ideeas. I guess Mysticism is ok.
Regarding tech: On a second thought, do you believe it is worth it going for cartography and trying to build the 3 giants after all? (Since our newly founded city is likely to have high production so we may be able to get them in time).
The reason I suggest it is that 3 hill giants, especially once we farm some barbs for XP and get the shock promotion) are usually enogh to deal with any warrior or axeman rush, so we can focus on building up our economy and infrastructure after that. And they are HN units so we can use them to harrass the AI without declaring war. And they would allow us to overrun that damnable goblin camp to the south of our capital.
The only question is if we can get them in time.
Hey now all. I've played, just have been distracted a bit by events; completely forgot about the game yesterday after i played early morning.

and, you can imagine that it was forgettable b/c nothing happened.

i had a small scare from a lizard man heading north instead of to our capital. I didn't want to take the chance up north, so i sent a warrior there to try and tempt him from attacking the city itself (that only had one deender).

:yup: (that's a win since the shot is a bit unclear)

I opted for Cartography b/c YOLO and all that. Hill Giants or nothing! I revolted to agrianism as it was only the one turn, adn the bonus on the farms, i thought, was quite powerful for us in the early game.

also went warrior>warrior>palisades at the capital to help out w defense. and i played 20 turns since it was only pushing enter for the most part; i didn't think you would mind.

here's the empire fwiw

Spoiler not resized :



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