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Jan 1, 2005
After years of development (due to many breaks), I am finally releasing my Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Mod. I will not post any information in this post; instead, I will just give a link to the readme (included in the download). The mod is about 80MBs, has four civs, two different map versions (both are based off my FF7 Map), many UU's, replaced wonders, and other small adjustments (such as improved upgrade system). Here are the files:

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Although it says it is v0.9709, it is (or at least should be) completely playable. The only things it is missing are two king units, three chocobo units, and some resources. I would like to give many thanks to Hikaro Takayama, who helped me a lot during this mod. Just about every unit (except for one or two) and building/wonder was his, and I thank him for his patience and hard work.

Please, if you have ANY problems, please post them here (along with any details you can give) and I will try to fix them. Usually, I will just have a "updated" file (if it is a file problem) rather than re-uploading the mod.

A link to file in database:

***Update #9 for those still using v0.9708***

New stuff:
-Added unit for Shinra (Shinra Marine)
-Added Bahamut unit for all civs (requires Bahamut materia)
-Added Comet unit for all civs (cheaper ICBM, requires Comet Materia)
-Replaced common materia resource with specific materia resources


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Screenshots, courtesy of Hooray:


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Things left to implement:

Rufus and Aeris King units
Cactuar Resource
Chocobo Chariot/Horseman/Cavalry (maybe even Chocobo Dragoon)
City Screen pics of some wonders
Summons? (as units requiring specific materias, such as Bahamut)
More units? (such as Barret Wallace/Sephiroth for military leaders and Cid Highwind/Dr. Hojo for scientific leaders, or actual Tiny Bronco/Land Buggy units)
Neat. This should tide me over until the full FF Mod comes out.

I don't know about the other civs, but corruption is atrocious for AVALANCHE. I gave Bugenhagen's Observatory the Reduces Corruption flag to compensate. Now I just have to play another game to see how that works out.
Well, I had been enjoying the scenario until this happened:

I went and checked, and sure enough there's no entry for Trebuchet in Pediaicons.txt. You'd better fix that.

EDIT: I've also discovered that PediaIcons.txt is missing an entry for the wonder splash for Heroic Epic. My game crashed when I tried to build it.
I just got tired of having "New Cosmo Canyon" and "New Cosmo Canyon 2" and cities like those. So I started using city names from other FF games.
Well, I just haven't gotten around to playing the updated version yet. Not much time for Civ3 at the moment. Once I get back to playing it, though, I'll be sure to mention if I encounter any problems.
I noticed this before, but forgot to mention it. According to the editor, Nibelheim should have Dr. Gast's Laboratory preplaced in it. But in the actual game it isn't there. I can't see any reason why this should be, though.
Whoops, I didn't read the box in your screenshot correctly. I forgot to put the animation for the Trebuchet it, it should be fixed with "Update #2" download (which includes Update #1), and I also took out Dr. Gast's Laboratory from Nibelheim (which was there from early on by accident, and later I forgot about it). Like it always will be, the update is in the first post.
I should be a beta tester or something, because I seem to be good at finding all sorts of errors. I received the following message when I tried to talk to Yuffie of Wutai in the middle ages. I think there's something wrong with the leaderheads when you pass into the middle ages. For example, I noticed that Aerith turns into Cleopatra!

Well, since I have a feeling that you'll find at least one more problem, I'll give you the title of beta tester, which kind of makes sense anyway, since that mod isn't even 1.0 yet. I updated the file again, and now both maps have corrected leaderhead flics for both Aeris and Yuffie (which I found while doing Aeris).
I found at least one more problem. ;)

The AI never builds workers. Never. My guess is that this has something to do with the fact you made workers cost 2 population points. The AI probably doesn't want to consume that much population.

This leads to two problems. The first is that the AI is unable to hook up resources. This means all you have to do is hold out against the enemy for an era or two until you get some better techs and resources. Then you'll have Cavs against Spears and Longbows. Not very fair, is it? The only exception is that Shinra already has Mythril hooked up at North Corel, so you'll face some stronger units in that area.

The other is that because workers cost two pop points, when they are captured they become two workers. This leads to an exploit where you let the AI capture one of your workers, have it become two, capture them back and now you have four workers where there used to be only one! Repeat ad nauseum until you have all the free workers you could ever want! Especially vicious using enemy workers (obtained by capturing settlers) which don't require unit support costs.

Despite the problems, there's a fun game in here. I already finished a game as AVALANCHE, and I'd be happy to post some screenshots if you'd like.
Other than all the minor problems (and the trebuchet thing) this is a great mod

good job :goodjob:
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