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Guess the map 16: No need for that latitude!

Countries where women in the workforce outnumber men?
Countries where women in the workforce outnumber men?
In Byelorussia, woman work in beet fields as tractor,
Strong woman harvest many beets,

Beets are lifeblood of Byelorussia,
Fulfill the Five-Year Plan in Four Years,

Strong woman, strong beet field,
Pathway to final victory of socialism.
Horray! That started my day on a good note :)

Here's one.
map 1.png
Is grey no data or a category?
Dark grey is a separate category. All uncoloured countries are not part of the data.
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Brazil in uncolored then? Or is China uncolored?
Is darker orange more? better?
Lighter colour (e.g. Brazil) means fewer of something. More orange colour means greater number of something. China is uncoloured.
I'm not seeing any grey. I am seeing a lot of blue. So what I see as blue (ie. Greenland, China, most of Africa)... that's what the rest of you see as grey, and that's the lowest on the scale other than 'no data'?
Yeah, that's what we see as grey.
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