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If Rapture were to happen next year, would you be ready?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Krogan Doctor, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. timtofly

    timtofly One Day

    Sep 28, 2009
    Life is not just about laws, unless that is one's focus. Science is not just about laws unless that is one's focus. Would it not follow that God is not just about laws unless that is one's focus?

    I do not think that my divine certainty has anything to do with laws. It has to do with my conscience and my duty to treat my fellow humans better than I treat myself. But again, I am not in a position to make or enforce laws. It would seem to me the problem is in how humans are going to convince other humans that their God actually told them to oppress their fellow man. Yes it is possible that they can take historical documents and prove they can justify such oppression. However, unless that human's intents were already set to oppress their fellow man, I do not see how God told them to do so, because of something that happened thousands of years ago. And to add to that something on that scale would need to be revealed at the same time to others to actually confirm if we are going by biblical standards.

    The last word we had from God was to spread good news. There is nothing in there about laws, nor about subjugating other humans if one gets the urge to oppress humans. Anything after that seems to be about how to conduct oneself as a believer, and had nothing to do with becoming one. If one uses force to subjugate others, it would seem to undermine God's intentions, not carry them forward.

    @ Forma and the rapture survey.

    That sign is not the one that goes with the Rapture survey and it really has nothing to do with the rapture. According to the link only 2% are keen on setting a date, and only 18% think it will happen in their lifetime. There does seem to be an unhealthy amount of people who think they know who will be raptured.

    The sign you posted is when Christ returns and the so called end of the earth. I realize that very few people know the difference. We need a little education here. There is only one really main scripture that hints at a rapture and the raptured will meat Christ in the air. It says nothing about him actually coming to the earth and ending it. I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of theologians or what not who like to think they have an inside scoop on the matter, but it is right there in black and white without any need of private interpretations. But of course we all like to flex our imaginations and add our own inflections.

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