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Imperium Offtopicum V: Claims and Income Thread

The 1st Navy shall be based in Dublin, though it would be hence forward be named the 1st Fleet.

New Navy
2nd Fleet


(Hopefully Denmark would be alright to claim :hide: )
Territorial Claims
Spoiler :

All money into SCIENCE!

Reposted claims in line with the request.

Also, Riccio would like to recruit one of those free navies if possible, given that we have 22 territories INCLUDING this round's claims.

If territories claimed this turn do not count, then disregard the free navy recruit order, as I don't want anything interfering with research.

Navy should be stationed in Roma/the Tyrhenean.
I recruit one army and navy. The army will go to my easternmost province and be called Primera española Regulares. Navy will go to gibraltar and be called Flota de gibraltar. If territories claimed this turn don't count towards free units, scrap the army. All gold goes to research which should finish steam power.

All money into civics. Claims in green.
Alright, it's been exactly 24 hours, that means claims and income is closed until the next update.

The next update will be tomorrow btw :)
Since you were that close landlubber, I wouldn't mind you posting your stuff.

But after that, no more.
With permission from Joe via PM, here are my corrected claims. Sorry for the memory relapse on claims; I won't let it happen again. Thanks Joe! :goodjob:



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Update #3 has been posted.

You guys can post claims and such until 12:00 tomorrow (24 hours).
His infinitely wise majesty has decided to expand to the sea:

Spoiler :

Claims in orange

Begin research on Steam Power
15 gp into research of Steam Power
9 gp into troop quality

Recruit: Army
Name: 2nd Imperial Army
Location Budapest

Also looking for anyone interesting in opening trade with us.
Claims in Green. Everything into Rifling. If free army applies, hire one. If applies, place anywhere.

Put rest of the money not spent on upkeep onto the naval research

Claims in Kaede/Lucy/Nyu's haircolor:

Claims in green.

I propose a trade agreement to Spain and put all my income into Steam Power again. If I complete that research, then I'll put my overflow into diplomatic protocalls.


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13 into Industry
13 into Banking


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