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LK159 - CCM 2.4, Egypt

Not having all the Steamrollers I could have used available made me take 2 turns to conquer S Africa. It helped that I razed some 30+ pop cities and got many workers. Not being able to build unlimited cites also slowed it down. The 3 move Vickers and Harley Scouts are what made it possible.
I still want to reposition some of the S African cities, I did not raze, to get more territory. I will do that when I have Steamrollers available, next turn or later.

I have a large convoy of Steamers loaded mostly with Vickers sailing to our beachhead. They we loaded and sailing to our beachhead before I started the S African campaign. Now I wish I had loaded more Steamrollers and fewer Vickers before they started sailing here.

Report from the front:

Before Ending 1819 AD:
We control 54% of the world area and 61% of the population.
Razing Reading: Attacking on British soil triggers a MPP, Korea declares war on us.
Heavy tank kills British Rifleman and blitzes a Pikeman (2, 0). Reading is razed.
New Reading is founded.

Our Navy sinks 6 enemy ships (8, 0).

Clearing out the riffraff in our Beachhead:
Harley Scout kills S African horseman (9. 0); Vickers kills polish Knight and blitzes British Bombard (11, 0); 4 Vickers kill 2 Polish War Elephants and 6 Polish Knights. (19, 0) and produce a Great Leader who is airl ifted to our main continent. Harley Scout kills Polish Cannon (20, 0); 3 Vickers kill 2 Winged Hussar and 5 polish Horse Artillery (27, 0); We lose 1 Vickers while killing 10 Polish Camel Musketeers, 3 Camel Corps, 7 Dragoons and a Polish Hussar (48, 1); Lawyers kill 2 Polish Dragoons (49, 1); Vickers kill 3 Polish Knights (52, 1); Harley Scout kills Polish Knight (53, 1); Vickers kill 3 Polish Heavy Artillery, 4 Cannon and, 1 Knight (61, 1); Harley Scout kills Horse Artillery (62, 1); 1 Vickers is killed while we kill a Grenadier and a Musketeer (64, 2); Harley Scout kills Trebuchet (65, 2); Harley Scout kills Polish Knight (66, 2); We lose 1 Vickers killing a Polish Camel Musketeer, a Camel Corp and 4 Dragoons (72, 3). Harley Scouts kill 3 Camel Musketeers (75, 3); Harley Scout kills Polish Dragoon (76, 3). 11 Vickers lost killing 10 Polish Grenadiers, 2 Musket Infantry, 17 Musketeers (105, 14); Lawyer kills a Musketeer (106, 14); Mullah kills a Musker Infantry (107, 14); Mullah converts a S African Crossbow (108, 14);

Razing Bapedi:
Harley Scouts kill 2 Late Pike (110, 14); Bapedi is razed.
:band: American Bandstand is founded and blessed by a Monk. All Entertainers and Monks are moved into the city.
Harley Scout kills Hungarian War Elephant (111, 14). Partisans kill an African Musketeer, a Firelancer and, a Grenadier (114, 14); Vickers kill 2 Musketeers and ,2 Firelancers (118, 14); Harley Scout kills Pike (119, 14).

On Home Continent, I rush builds in cities that will be abandoned in the future and put wealth in their build queue. Change several builds to Harley Scouts (can be air lifted to the beach head).

Between Turns:
Spain kicks us out of their territory.
Mongols want us to pay them for a MPP. I politely decline the offer :nono:
I watch 101 polish troops enter Spanish territory from British territory. :crazyeye:
Our Early Tank kills an Austrian Hussar. Then we lose that Tank and 2 Steamrollers to an Austria Hussars (120, 17).
Our Commerce raider sinks a Brazilian ship (121, 18).

1820 AD:
Great Leader rushes Dockyards in Beja.
Commerce Raider sinks Brazilian ship (122, 18)
Our Navy loses 1 pre Dreadnaught sinking 3 South African Frigates, 6 Chinese ships and 3 Hungarian Galleass (134, 19).
Early Tanks kill 1 Austrian Hussar and 2 Landsknecht (137, 19)

Razing Holbane:
We lose 1 Partisan killing a Firelancer and a Musketeer (139, 20). Holbane is razed. Hotchkiss kills Musketeer (140, 20); Partisan kills late Pike (141, 20); Lawyers kill 2 Crossbow and capture 2 workers (143, 20).
:xmassign: Merry Christmas Baby is founded.
Partisan kills Crossbow and creates new Partisan. Mullah converts Crossbow into Monk (145, 20). Monk Blesses Merry Christmas Baby.

Occupation of Bloemfontein (need steamrollers to raze effectively):
We lose 1 Vickers and kill 3 South African troops capturing the city (146, 21).

Occupation of Kimberly:
One Harley Scout is killed. we kill the 4 troops defending (150, 22), and Kimberly is captured.

Occupation of Pretoria:
We kill 3 South African troops and capture Pretoria (150, 22)

Occupation of Ulundi:
We lose 1 Partisan killing the 2 firelancers defending Ulundi (152, 23). Ulundi is captured.

Razing Hungarian city Pula:
Vickers kill 2 Landsknecht (154, 23) and raze Pula.
White Silver Sands is founded. Don Rondo brings the city some culture. Lawyer kills a Pike (155, 23).

Occupation of Isandhlwana;
Vikers kill 2 Musketeers (157, 23); Tank kills Firelancer (158, 23). Tthe town is captured and renamed Wanabe. Wanabe is blessed by a monk. Hotchkiss kill 2 Crossbow and Vickers kills Pike (161, 23).

Between Turns:
The Italians want us to give them 1171 gpt for an MPP with them :rolleyes: They should be offering us at least that much to protect them :D

1821 AD:
From Victory Screen: 56% world area; 63% world population
Our Navy sinks a S Arfrican Frigate, a British R Class, a Spanish Frigate (164, 23);

Razing Cape Town:
Harley Scouts kill an Adventure and a Musketeer (166, 23); Vickers kill a Rifleman, a Musketeer, a Firelancer, and an Adventurer (170, 23); Hotchkiss kills Late Pike (171, 23). Cape Town is razed.
:xmastree: Snoopy vs the Red Baron is founded.
Lawyer signs a Pike up to entertain in Snoopy vs the Red Baron. (172, 23);
Harley Scouts kill 2 Musketeer (174, 23).

Razing Zimbabwe:
Vickers kill 5 Rifleman (and a settler) (179, 23). Zimbabwe is razed.
:xmascheers: Jingle Bell Rock is founded.

Razing Durban:
Vickers kill 3 Firelancers and a Hotchkiss kills a Pike (183, 23). Durban is Razed.
:rudolf: Run, Rudolph, Run is founded.

Razing Pietermaritzburg:
Harley Scouts kill 2 Musketeers and a Partisan kills a Pike creating a new Partisan (186, 23). Pietermaritzburg is razed.

Razing Port Elizabeth:
Harley Scouts kill 2 Firelancers and a Lawyer kills a Pike (189, 23). Port Elizabeth is razed.
:rudolf: Little Saint Nick is founded.

Occupation of Luderitz:
Harley Scouts kill Firelancer and a Pikeman (191, 23). Luderitz is captured.

Occupation of Walvis:
Harley Scouts kill a Rifleman, A Musketeer, a Firelance, and a Pike (194, 23). Walvis is captured.

Occupation of Windhoek:
Harlet Scouts kill 2 Firelancers and a Musketeer (197, 23). Windhoek is captured.

Occupation of Johannesburg:
Harley Scouts kill 2 Musketeers and a Pike (200, 23). Johannesburg is captured.

Occupation of Sinop:
Partisans kill 2 Pike (202, 23) Sinop is captured.

The South Africans are destoryed.

(To Be Continued)
I can tell our play styles are different.
I would have delayed killing South Africa to get more workers.
My turn was torture due to lack of workers. I couldn't skip 50+ workers from razes.
I hope those steamrollers arrive soon. I was even airlifting regular workers from the mainland to get more help.
I am not sure if the Steamers have enough movement to get here next turn or, if they will be a move or 2 short.
I do not always get workers when I raze a 25+ population city. Plus, I can always raze some Turkish cities for more workers. :D
Ran out of settlers to use on the new continent. :blush: Time to air lift more and maybe rush some in the captured towns.
The is some good new though, here is another partial report:

1821 AD: (continued)

Eliminatiing a Polish SoD:
We lose 1 AT Gun, 4 Harley Scout, 1 Vickers, 1 Infantry, and 7 Partisans. We created 5 Partisans.
Our troops killed 6 Crossbow, 4 Pike, 5 Grenadiers, 5 Line Infantry, 14 Musket Infantry and, 31 Musketeers (267, 37).

Between Turns:
Korea declares war on the Spanish.
Britain declares war on the Spanish.
HangChow revolts back to the Chinese (267, 38) :backstab:
Early Tank killed by Austrian Dragoon and an Early Tank kills an Austrian Dragoon (268, 38).

1822 AD
From Victory Screen: We have 57% world area; 66% world population

Our Navy loses 1 Pre dreadnaught and sinks 5 British Ships (273, 39). We sink a Pirate ship (274, 39).

Retaking Hangchow:
Vickers kills Rifleman (274, 39) and 8421 gold is recovered. The revolt in Hangchow is quelled. :trouble: To set an example Hangchow is razed. :spank: We get 13 workers.
:xtree: Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 is founded on the ashes.

Our Spies report that there is only 1 Turkish Settler. :ninja: That Settler is in Izmit on a Galleon. :mischief: We declare war on Turkey.

Razing Mugla:
Harley Scout kills Pike and Vickers kill 2 Pikes (277, 39). Mugla is razed.
The Chanukah Song is founded.

Razing Istanbul:
Our troops kill 8 Pike and 2 Crossbow (287, 39) Istanbul is razed.

Razing Izmit:
We lose a Harley Scout while our troops kill 6 Pike and 2 Crossbow and a Settler (295, 40). Izmit is razed.
Baby It’s Cold Outside is founded.

Our Navy sinks 2 Turkish Ships, and an Austrian Ship. (298, 40).

Amphibious capture of Ankara:
Infantry kills 2 Pike (300, 40). Ankara is captured.
Rename the city Mistletoe and Wine.

Capture of Aydin:
Early Tanks and kill 3 Pike, and a Crossbow (304, 40). Aydin is captured.
City renamed O Tannenbaum

Razing Kafa:
Hotchkiss kill 2 Pike and, Vickers kill 1 Pike and 2 Crossbow (309, 40). Kafa is razed.
12 Days of Christmas is founded.

Razing Uskudar:
4 Partisans die and we create 3 new Partisans killing 2 Crossbows and 3 Pike (314, 44). Uskudar is razed. Vickers kills 2 Pike (316, 44) . Lawyer signs Pike to a Circus contract (317, 44).
Cool Yule is founded.

Razing Iznik:
Our Troops kill 3 Pike, a Lawyer, and a Crossbow (322, 44). Iznik is razed.
Winter Wonderland is founded.

Capturing Denizli:
We lose a Vickers killing 2 Pike (323, 45). Denizli is captured.
Denizli is renamed Boogie Woogie Santa

Capturing Antalya:
We lose a Harley Scout killing 3 Pike (325, 46). Antalya is capture.
Antalya is renamed Christmas by the Bay.

Occupation of Konya:
Harley Scouts kill 3 Pikes and, an Ansar Warrior (329, 46). Konya is Occupied.

Occupation of Bursa:
Harley Scouts kill 4 Pikes and, a Crossbow (334, 46). Bursa is Occupied.

:snowgrin: Hark the Herald Angels sing about the demise of the Turks. :snowlaugh:

to be continued.
Is Poland ready to sign peace? That war is a waste of our time.

Glad to see another Civ toasted.
Poland probably would sign a peace treaty. I would rather waste may time with them than be hamstrung by a peace treaty.
I have a large convoy of Steamrollers and Vickers unloading next turn, which opens up the option moving north.
Congrats to the progress in the game and thank you very much for this nice screenshot about the 'christmas cities'. I used the screenshot as a christmas present in Vuldacon´s 'Steam roller thread' as it also shows many of his lovely steam rollers working on Vuldacon terrain. :):xtree:
Merry Christmas to all participants and lurkers of this succession game. :xmascheers:
Early Present:

1822 AD (continued)
Early Tanks kill 3 Austrian Hussars (337, 46).
Mullah converts Horse Artillery to a Monk (338, 46).

Thinning a Polish SoD:
We Lose 2 Harley Scouts killing 4 Line Infantry (342, 48). We lose 4 Vickers killing 18 Line Infantry, 10 Musketeers, 7 Musket Infantry, 8 Grenadiers and, 12 Pikemen (397, 52).

As an experiment, 4 MG-Btln are left to defend against the remains of the Polish SoD (if it attacks)

Polish SoD-1 = 7 Heavy Archers, 3 Footknight, 8 Pikemen, 18 Crossbow, 5 Spearmen, a Swordsman
Polish SoD-2 = 2 crossbow, 2 heavy artllery, 13 pike, 1 foot knight, 2 genadier, 9 heavy archers, 9 line infantry, 7 musket infantry, 3 musketeers, 1 swordsman
Between Turns:

The Brazilians declare war on us (saved me from deciding between them or Mongolia).
Harley Scout kills Meso Knight, Early Tanks kills Meso Knight (399, 52).
The Poles do not attack our MG-Btln.
Early Tank killed by Austrian Hussar (399, 53).
Cruiser sunk by British Ship (399, 54).

1823 AD
From Victory Screen: 59% world area; 69% world population.

Our Spies report that there are no Brazilian Settlers.

Our Navy sinks 2 Chinese ships, a Hungarian ship and, a British ship (403, 54).

Early Tanks kill 4 Austrian Hussars, a Landsknecht and, a Crossbow (409, 54).

Under the Boardwalk is founded.

Capture of Manaus:
Harley Scouts kill 2 Late Pike (411, 54). Manaus is captured.
Renamed Christmas Dragnet. Partisan kills Enslaver (412, 54).

Occupation of Fortaleza:
Vickers kill 3 Mesofirelancers and an Eagle Warrior (416, 54). Fortaleza is captured.
Fortaleza is abandoned, and Krampus, Coming to Town is founded.

Razing Recife:
Vickers kill 3 Mesofirelancers (419, 54). Recife is razed.
Good King Wenceslas is founded in the ruins.

Razing Brasilia:
Vickers kill 4 Mesofirelancers (419, 54). Brasilia is razed.
Beach Party is founded.

Razing Porto Alegre:
Vickers kill 3 Mesofirelancers (422, 54). Porto Alegre is razed.

Occupation of Rio de Janeiro:
Vickers kill 3 Mesofirelancers (425, 54). Rio de Janerio is captured.
Rio de Janeiro is abandoned and Blame it on the Bossa Nova is founded. Lawyer signs Crossbow to preform at Blame it on the Bossa Nova (426, 54).
Partisans kill 2 Mesofirelancers (428, 54).

Bossa Nova Baby is founded.

Razing Porto Alegre:
Harley Scouts kill 3 Mesofirelancers (431, 54). Porto Alegre is razed.
Whispering Bells is founded.
On our way to settle some territory, we find a Lowlands party including a Settler :snowlaugh:

Vickers kills a Lowlands Rifleman, a Landsknecht and, capture the Settler (434, 54).

This leads to, the Elimination of Eindhoven:
Our troops kill 4 Riflemen (438, 54). Eindhoven is razed. The Dutch are no more.
Tiptoe Through the Tulips is founded.

To Be Continued
Unless someone wants to finish the game, it is my intention to finished it before the New Year.

:xmastree: A belated Christmas present:

1822 AD (continued)
Our Navy sinks 5 Brazilian Galeass (443, 54).
Our troops kill a Meso Mortar, 2 Crossbow, and a Mesofirelancer (447, 54).

Raze Belem:
Vickers kill a Mesofirelancer, and a Pikeman (449, 54). Belem is razed.
Occupation of Sao Luiz:
We lose a Harley Scout killing a Mesofirelancer, and a Pikemen (451, 55); Mullah converts Pikeman (452, 55). Sao Luiz is captured.
Occupation of Golania:
Vickers kill a Mesofirelancer, and a Pikemen (454, 55). Golania is captured.
We lose a Vickers while killing a Pikeman, 4 War Elephants, and 9 Meso Knights (468, 56).

Capture Guarulhos:
Vickers kill 2 Pikemen (470, 56). Guarulhos is captured.
Guarulhos is renamed Coal Miner’s Daughter. Partisans kill a War Elephant, and 2 Crossbowman (473, 56).

Raze Sao Paulo:
Harley Scouts kill 3 Mesofirelancers (476, 56). Sao Paulo is razed. Partisan kills Meso Knight (477, 56).
Raze Salvador:
Harley Scout kills a Mesofirelancer (478, 56); Partisan kills a Mesofirelancer (479, 56), a Partisan is recruited. Salvador is razed.
Raze Belo Horizonte:
Vickers kill 2 Mesofirelancers (480, 56); Partisan kills a Mesofirelancer (481, 56). Belo is razed.

The towns Pink Shoe Laces, and Black Slacks are founded.

Infantry kills an Enslaver (482, 56).

Eliminate Polish SoD-1:
Our troops (including 3 Lawyers) kill 7 Heavy Archers, 3 Footknight, 8 Pikemen, 18 Crossbow, 5 Spearmen, and a Swordsman (524, 56).
Eliminate Polish SoD-2:
We lose 4 Vickers, and a Partisan killing 2 Crossbow, 2 Heavy Artllery, 14 Pikemen, 1 Footknight, 2 Grenadiers, 8 Heavy Archers, 9 Line Infantry, 7 Musket Infantry, 3 Musketeers, 1 Swordsman (573, 61). Also, we created 4 Partisans.

Between Turns:
2 Early Tanks are killed by Austrian Trebuchets, We kill 1 Trebuchet (574, 63)

Putting Submarines near Spanish Ships gets them to Declare War on us. 2 of our Submarines are sunk by Spanish ships. (574, 65). :xmascheers:
The Spanish have made it easier to attack the British :snowgrin:

1824 AD:
From Victory Screen: 62% world area; 71% world population.

Our Navy sinks a Chinese Destroyer and a Steamer (killing the settler onboard) (576, 64).

Conquer the Chinese:
Early Tanks kill 1 Chinese Infantry and 2 Riflemen (579, 64). New Canton is captured.

Capture Santos:
Vickers kill a War Elephant and a Meso Horsearcher (581, 64); Harley Scout kills Pikeman (582, 64); Vickers kills a Pikeman and a War Elephant. (584, 64). Santos is captured.

Conquer Brazil:
Early Tanks kill 3 Pikes (587, 64). Campinas is captured.

To Be Continued
Only 4 % of the world map are missing! :thumbsup:
I used the screenshot as a christmas present in Vuldacon´s 'Steam roller thread' as it also shows many of his lovely steam rollers working on Vuldacon terrain. :):xtree:

Here is another screenshot from LK159 which you might want to use. I founded the city "Steamroller Blues".
Note that the line of Workers from Coal Miner's Daughter to Sleep Walk is covering up the Steamrollers used to rail that distance.

1824 AD (continued)
We 3 Kings is founded.
Santos renamed Sleep Walk.
Golden Teardrops founded.
Blue Christmas is founded.
Steamroller Blues is founded.

3 of our Ships are sunk while our Navy destroys 5 enemy Ships. (592, 67).
We kill 3 Spanish invaders on our Main Continent (595, 67).

Raze Logron:
Vickers kills a Rifleman and a Pikeman (597, 67). Logron is razed. Lawyer kills Polish Archer (598, 67).
River Deep Mountain High is founded.

Raze Cordoba:
2 Harley Scouts die and we kill 2 Riflemen (599, 69). Cordoba is razed.
The Nile Song is founded.

Raze Teruel:
Harley Scouts kill 2 Riflemen and a Partisan (602, 69). Teruel is razed. Partisan kills Spanish Pike (603, 69).

I only need 3% more land and I will conquer that before I even reach the Polish Empire.

Based on the new facts I change my position and make peace with the Poles.
Also, we give the Poles Imperialism and sign an MPP with them. I am interested to see if the Poles will declare war on the British :mischief:
Further, I had been careful about using Great Artists. In this push most towns get culture from a Great Artist.

Raze Sheffield:
Harley Scout killed by WWI Infantry (603, 70); Vickers kill 4 WWI Infantry (607, 70). Sheffield is razed (planes and zeppelins burn).
Dalwhinne is founded.

Raze Exeter:
1 Harley Scout dies and we kill 2 Riflemen and a Rolls Royce (606, 71). Exeter is razed.

Raze Nottingham:
3 Vickers are killed and we kill 4 WWI Infanrty (610, 74). Nottingham is razed.
Good Vibrations is founded.

Raze Cambridge:
Vickers kill 2 Rifleman (612, 74). Cambridge is razed. Partisans kill a Musketeer, and a Rifleman (614, 74).

Occupy Dover:
Vickers kill 2 WWI Infantry (616, 74). Lawyer signs a Worker to acting Contract.

Capture Brighton:
1 Vickers is killed and we kill 2 WWI Infantry (618, 75). Brighton is captured.

Capture Leeds:
Harley Scout killed by WWI Infantry (618, 76); Vickers kill 2 WWI Infantry (620, 76). Leeds is captured.

Current the Victory Screen: 66% world area; 72% world population.

Raze Newcastle:
1 Vickers is killed we kill 3 WWI Infantry (623, 77). Newcastle is razed.
Tourchwood is founded.

We have won (except no victory screen) :confused: and I do not feel like finishing the turn and doing all the micro managing. :rolleyes: I hit enter.

Between turns:
The Poles come to our add :goodjob: declaring war on Austria-Hungary, Britain, and Spain.

We lose some troops that we would not have if I played out the turn.:dunno:

1825 AD:

After going though the build phase (we built International Telephone Corp) we get:

When I clicked to continue and went into the victory movies and the game crashed. :cry:

I was not able to save or get any final statistics.

Here is the save from 1824AD before I clicked to end the turn.


  • LK159-1824 AD.SAV
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Here are 2 screen shots:
Spoiler Conquered British Territory :

Spoiler Our holdings on the second Continent :
WAHOO - it is officially wrapped.

For the next game - do we try TheRat's idea of AW? My gut says even monarchy will be very tough. We can't take advantage of trades to keep up in tech. That is usually how we make it through the first couple of ages.
Count me in. :thumbsup: AW is okay.

I think Civinator is close to releasing a new version. If it is not to far in the future I suggest we wait for it before we start LK160.

Maybe make it rainy so there is less desert ;)

GG guys.

Jersey Joe, makes sense to rename Santos to Sleep Walk, given Santo and Johnny did the song.
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