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SheepNES: Modern Battlefields: MAIN THREAD

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by Sheep, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. germanicus12

    germanicus12 First Citizen of Rome

    Jan 18, 2007
    Ancient Rome
    Can I play? If so I would like Ukraine

    Capital: Kiev
    Political Head/Player: President Viktor Yushchenko
    Government/ National Confidence: Parliamentary Democracy/ Protesting
    Economy: 99ep a year
    Treasury: none
    Industrial Base: 275
    Education: Encouraging
    Army: 240,000 infantry, 1000 Med. Tanks, 500 Heavy Tanks, 750 Artillery
    Navy: 3 Cruisers, 10 Destroyers, 15 Patrol Boats, 5 A Submarines
    Air Force: 200 Fighers, 150 Interceptors, 75 Helicopters
    Strategic: 100 Cruise Missiles, 500 Scud Missiles, Chem. and Bio Warheads
    Projects/ Research:
    Completed Research:
    Completed Projects:
  2. Tyrion

    Tyrion Hmmm.....

    Feb 1, 2004
    Sheeps attracting the oldies and newbies... hehehe
  3. germanicus12

    germanicus12 First Citizen of Rome

    Jan 18, 2007
    Ancient Rome
    I have a question..... Which Union or League is Ukraine in? I cant seem to find it in any Union or League.:confused:
  4. Disenfrancised

    Disenfrancised Beep Beep

    Jan 25, 2004
    Only the News You Need
    @germanicus; just have a quick read of the Ukraine wiki entry.

    -You have a partnership and cooperation agreement with the EU (with the possibility of joining some time in the far future, at least 8+ years).
    -Your part of the CIS (Commonwealth of independent states)
  5. Canuck3

    Canuck3 Pastafarian

    Sep 12, 2005
    Well we all know how hard it is to get into the EU, right knight? Some countries don't really have a organization in this nes. Like DPRK is in the Non-Aligned Movement however they are not very active so I guess you can say they don't have a organization. @germanicus check the Non-Aligned Movement see if your on that one I really don't know. As well sheep I don't know if you got to this yet or not but the EU has a new thread, so therefor when you get the chance can you switch the link on the front page. If you already did then just ignore this message.

    Edit: I just looked and you are in the Non-Aligned Movement.
  6. Gelion

    Gelion Captain

    Jul 25, 2004
    Earth Dome
    I think he understands the problem. But dont bull about the 8 years ;) There's no way its going to happen IRL (in that time... personaly I see it no earlier than 20 years from now).
  7. bombshoo

    bombshoo Never mind...

    Jan 7, 2003
    I think 8 years is possible. I mean who can predict that far. Once you get past the couple of immediate coming years, its almost a toss up.
  8. Sheep

    Sheep Orange Shrooms!

    Oct 23, 2002
    Edited so Moose cant find me
    Update 01 - 2007


    Panama Canal project begins

    President Martin Torrijos took out the ceremonial gold shovel and dug the first load of earth to signify the beginning of the first major overhaul of the Panama Canal since its completion early last century. The Panamian people voted overwhelmingly to start the project to allow larger ships, even Nimitz Class Carriers of the US Navy through the canal.

    Kashmir Violence

    Renewed violence in Kashmir began in January in a response to a raid by Indian military units uncovering a bomb factory. Islamic militants on the Indian side of the Line of Control began hitting civilian targets in a reign of bloodshed and terror. The strength of the attacks has led people in regional areas sure that the militants are not doing it by themselves.

    Angola economic recovery

    The Angolan Ministry of Finance released figures for renewed economic prosperity as the country struggles to overcome years of civil war and anarchy. New projects promised by the Angolan government look promising and a trade pact with the Republic of South Africa adds strength to investor sentiment within the country.

    The Panama Canal, which is now being made wider


    French new economic future

    In the French Presidential election Nicolas Sarkozy releases his parties’ vision for a new French economic era. It is on the back of such promises Nicolas Sarkozy wins the election in April to become new French President, plans are being drawn up and privatization efforts seem to be in place to occur over the next few years to revert French economic affairs to a less regulated environment.

    Suicide bombers strike Sydney

    At 11am as a school tour began to go through the Sydney Opera House, explosions ripped through the iconic structure making the building collapse in on itself within minutes. 5 minutes later the NSW police received reports of a second explosion in the vicinity of Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower. By 11:30AM Federal Police were in charge of the situation. Later reports confirmed a total of 309 dead, including 178 under the age of 12. 279 Australians, 11 New Zealanders, 6 Germans, 4 Brits, 3 Chinese, 3 Americans, 2 Japanese and 1 Lebanese was the nation by nation death toll.

    Prime Minister John Howard appeared on television that night and gave an address to the nation. His polls dropped dramatically. By October he had to call the election. Kevin Rudd, leader of the Labor Party has swept the Coalition from office for the first time since 1996.

    Togo and Ghana Union

    The Republics of Togo and Ghana united after a series of discussions in a yet undisclosed location. The new country will be called the Union of Togo-Ghana, and the administrative abilities will remain in both capitals. Also both English and French have been elected the official language of this new Union to ensure equality between Anglophones and Francophones.

    The Death of the Opera House in Sydney


    Putin authorizes the creation of the Russian Youth League

    Vladimir Putin unveiled and authorized the creation of the new Russian Youth League, to be modeled in statue after the Soviet Youth League. However the Russian Youth League will teach the children love of the state, its history and its future. Already enquiries are high and the Youth League leaders have had to make several calls asking for an increase in budget due to the unexpected high amount of applications to join.

    Floods strike India

    Floods struck the north-western province of Gujarat for the second time in three years claiming the lives of over 1000 and half a million head of livestock and countless crops. Famine and disease spread quickly and it was due to the Indian armies’ diligence and the Indian governments huge reserve force, which allowed the area to be stabilized.

    Within two months the area was back under control and well supplied. Those who had survived the floods and its aftermath were left to rebuild and pick up the pieces.

    Project: AIDS

    South African government ministers and scientists met together in the city of Johannesburg to launch the Nelson Mandela Centre for AIDS Research, the worlds leading research laboratory in the fight against AIDS, which was more prevalent in Southern Africa then anywhere else in the world.

    Flood Strike India


    Saudi military exercise in the Persian Gulf

    Several vessels of the Saudi Navy and several squadrons from the Air Force participated in Operation: Bright Day a joint operations exercise in the Persian Gulf. Iranian officials watched nervously knowing they needed a few more months to ensure they had the ultimate weapon. In the end there was no incidents and the Saudi military returned home.

    Nationalism grows in the Empire of Japan

    The Nationalistic call of the Emperor is growing as Japan begins a series of steps to reverse the wrongs of the past. The Japanese Diet led by Prime Minister Abe, a pro-nationalist himself, passes a law allowing an increase of the GDP % total allowable for military purchases. He has also left open the option for more.

    Young Japanese men seeking a better life flock to the military.

    Expansion of UNSC vetoed by United Kingdom and People’s Republic of China

    For several years now several nations, most notably Germany, India and Japan had been agitating to join the United Nations Security Council as permanent members. South Africa jumped on the bandwagon, putting its own case forward.

    The Idea initially gained some attention, and several Security Council members voted in favor of the idea, most notably the Russian Federation. However just as they were beginning to gain diplomatic breakthroughs a diplomat from India spoiled it all by mentioning the status of veto power and suggesting its removal.

    Within a week both the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China (unlikely allies) had vetoed the proposal and the Security Council remains 15.

    The United Nations Security Council Chamber


    Chunnel Blasts

    The 12 year old Channel Tunnel frequently named one of the great engineering feats of the modern age, linked England to France by rail and Britain to the continent. Security was always tight, but even the best Security can sometimes just due to coincidences and little twists of fate fail you.

    On the morning of the 14th of May leaving Waterloo International Railway System was Passenger train 518. On board there were 325 passengers and 11 crew. It entered the Chunnel at about 9:40, for its half hour travel through the tunnel.

    The border in the tunnel is marked by a metal post, marking the international border between the United Kingdom and the Republic of France. Placed on that post by an unknown worker was a package, one which an unwitting person would explode, when a small transmitter it carried came to the border territory, around the half way point of the tunnel.
    At 9:55am The Channel Tunnel Headquarters in the south of England reported an explosion in the First tunnel (the one running England to Europe). The Alarm was raised within 45 seconds and the tunnel evacuation had begun. All in all this saved the lives of some, those furthers from the train that caused the explosion. 5 minutes after the initial explosion ripped through the tunnel, the tunnel wall breached, allowing the English Channel to come crashing into the tunnel, drowning many survivors of the initial explosion.

    The final death toll was 1,349 people, of which 450 were Brits, 378 French, 153 Belgians, 121 Dutch, 72 Germans, 56 Italians, 16 Americans, 15 Australians, 12 Spaniards, 10 from Luxembourg and 66 from miscellaneous other countries.

    Abu Bakir Bashir assassinated

    The recently released spiritual leader of terrorist group Jemiah Islamiyaah (JI) had retreated to his Islamic schools where he indoctrinates young boys in radical Islamic thought. Since the Sydney blasts he had known that he was safer in hiding, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. In April the Australian Federal Police had discovered the evidence linking JI, it hadn’t taken them long, damn them!

    Abu Bakir Bashir was lost deep in his thoughts, he didn’t realize the camouflaged sniper perched in a tree, aiming at the back of his head.

    Vatican condom campaign in Angola launched

    Pope Benedict XVI started appearing with local church officials in a Church media blitz in the Republic of Angola educating the largely Christian nation the dangers of condom use and the pleasure of abstaining from pre-marital sex.

    In one fiery television interview the local Cardinal condemned contraception as the work of the devil, to promote promiscuity and the degradation of morality in today’s society. Condom sales in the country have started to decline in the Republic.

    Pope Bennedict XVI launches an anti-condom campaign in Angola


    Russian correctional system overhaul

    Vladimir Putin announces the overhaul of the correctional system, increasing the punishments for repeat offences, and changing some of the laws and increasing the number of offences. The Federation Committee of Prisons notes that space is running out.

    Meanwhile critics of the new laws publish scathing attacks in the newspapers, although the suspicious death of one of them has shut them up mainly for the time being.

    Mexican economic upturn

    The New Mexican government begins passing economic reforms that give the economy a slight upturn. At first the measures are protested by some people, but as employment becomes more widespread this is becoming less and less a problem.

    Indonesian bombings and violence

    A month after the assai nation of Abu Bakir Bashir, JI struck out. The first of all bombed outside the Australian Embassy at an attack at who they considered their moral enemy, the also bombed various places within Indonesia, including the Presidential Palace and the Supreme Headquarters of the Indonesian Army. Casualties at the second two sites have so far remained classified, however outside the Australian Embassy, 22 people we killed, 1 Australian, the remainder all Indonesians themselves.

    The bombings led to mob violence, as those who supported the bombers clashed with protestors against the campaign of terror. In one instance the Police were caught between the two groups and we horribly mauled. 155 people are reported dead in some of the worst violence Java has seen in decades.

    The aftermath of a bomb in Indonesia


    Riots in Haiti

    Riots clashed with United Nations troops in Haiti over three days due to the lack of jobs, and the failure of the Haitian government led by President Rene Preval to deliver on economic reforms mainly to help the impoverished city of Port-au-Prince.

    No fatalities are reported but up to a 40 million dollars worth, of damage is caused, further weakening the position of the UN backed democratic government in Port-au-Prince.

    Chinese man in orbit

    The People’s Republic of China sent its second man into orbit this month aboard the Chinese Rocket: Dragon 3. Nieh Han a 30 year old man from Shanghai and member of the communist party is reported to take the step. The glory of the People’s Republic has been declared and the mission now is to land on the moon by 2016.

    Ghana-Togo signs closer economic agreement with USA.

    The Union of Ghana-Togo and the United States of America signs a trade deal under which economic ties between the two nations are strengthened. American investment capital floods into the Union of Ghana-Togo strengthen their economy. However much of the profit now heads off overseas, and for a few, especially in former Togo, this effect is unsettling as it reminds them of the colonial situation.

    US President gives speech to UN on human rights.

    President George W Bush fronted the United Nations Security Council this month and gave a speech, frankly on human rights in which he talked openly about many countries including the usual suspects like China and North Korea, but also astonishingly the United States as well. Details have not been fully released as many countries have been unsettled by it and it is reported that certain government circles in Moscow, Beijing and even Paris have taken exception to the President’s comments.

    Nieh Han, the second Chinese man into orbit, takes off from his launching pad


    French riots and EU protests and riots due to Islamic crackdown

    For months, particularly after the Channel Tunnel blasts the French Islamic community had begun to feel the crackdown on its liberties and its movements begin to be restricted by the French Judicial Police. However in the month of August when the Judicial Police cleaned out a Marseilles Mosque that was suspected of fundamentalism, the local Muslim community erupted into outrage. Within 24 hours that outrage had spread to the remainder of France, and what were called as peaceful protests through a mixture of rage and government response the rioting had begun. In Paris alone 7 city blocks were destroyed in the mob violence and billions worth of damage caused. 23 people were killed and 670 arrested.

    Throughout the European Union Muslim communities and their friends and allies protested the riots the following week and the French government for allowing the situation to occur.

    Atrocities lead to German riots

    Later in August two separate events less than 24 hours apart shook the Federal Republic of Germany to the core, and called for the withdrawal of forces that had been there for decades. Late one afternoon an American soldier was detained for the rape of a German woman in the city of Berlin, early the next morning a French soldier was arrested for the shooting death of a sixteen year old Turkish immigrant. Over the course of the following weeks the brewing political storm continued to develop.

    On the 24th August the German Foreign Minister stated that he supported the withdrawal of all international forces from Germany. The Leader of the Opposition Parties in the German Parliament also supported such a scheme. This is likely to become an issue over the next few years if not taken care of quickly.

    Brazilian education reforms announced

    The Brazilian government introduces a series of education reforms leveled mainly at the more rural lands to the south west and west of the country. Schools are being built and the students enthusiastic about the prospect. A brave new future for Brazil could be just around the corner.

    Cars burning in Paris


    Croatia Technologies

    President Stjepan Mesić open today a state-run corporation, Croatian Technologies, its hope in competing against the other technological states in the world and bring a new life for Croatia. It does help research in Croatia so at least the money isn’t completely wasted.

    Middle East riots

    In response to the French Foreign Minister dismissing the Arab world as nothing but ‘a bunch of rag-head fanatics’ the Islamic nations from Pakistan to Libya, Algeria and Morocco erupt into violence as protestors burn effigies of the Foreign Minister, President Richard Cheney and President Nichols Skarzoy. In what is basically a repeat of last years cartoon riots, some damage was caused and a few people killed.

    Bush assassination

    ’The President of the United States is dead; George Bush was a dear friend and will be sorely missed. As your new President will stay the course and ensure that America does not flinch from its global commitments’ – Richard Cheney upon taking the office of President of the United States of America.

    The night after the shooting the whole of America, indeed the world knew that an influential man had died. You may or may not agree with his policies; however the assaination of George W. Bush only worsened things. President Cheney lacked the profile and respect overseas to adequately have an impact on the changing political landscape that in places was fast spiraling out of American control. Indeed the challenge now for America is to ensure the election of a strong leadership in 2008.

    Irian Jaya autonomy

    The status of West Papua was made autonomous of the Indonesian Government after the letter of separation of government was signed by the Indonesian President. However many West Papuan activists in West Papua, Papua New Guinea and Australia contest that this is nothing but a stop gap measure, and that true independence must be given to the West Papuan people. The governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia remain quiet and officially support the territorial integrity of Indonesia.

    Meanwhile the US Mining Giant Freeholds Pty Ltd that runs the mine in West Papua is stated to not be impressed by the political maneuvering and its potential for instability caring nothing about the people on the ground itself.

    President George W Bush, moments before the fatal assaination shooting



    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg today announced the launching of free high speed internet service and communications throughout the Duchy region due to the successful completion of a project to link every building in the territory to the new system. A Joint Luxembourg-German consortium was responsible for the project, and now the new company ‘Luxcom’ is focusing on expansion into neighboring Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France.

    Chechen Republic surrenders

    The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria’s President Doku Umarov formally submitted the surrender of the Republic to the Russian Federation in a ceremony held in the Chechen city of Gorzny. Some Chechen forces have submitted themselves to duly constituted authority from the military occupation government, however others have taken to the hills and prepared the long struggle and holding out against the superior Russian force.

    Turkish reforms begin

    The Republic of Turkey continue democratization and economic rationalization reforms to meet the criteria of the European Union. So far none of these have met any real opposition however the more painful ones are yet to come.

    LeT strike in Delhi

    Lashkar-e-Toiba, an Islamic terrorist network predominantly in India that seeks to extend Islamic rule over all parts of the globe struck out at the Indian government in Delhi over the second week of October, severely injuring several Indian government officials, lightly wounding the Prime Minister himself.

    Armed with dump truck ‘bombs’, mortars, rocket propelled grenades and assault rifles the LeT operatives drove towards Connaught Place down Rajpat Road towards the heart of the Indian democratic institutions. Thus attacking simultaneously several crews armed in similar ways opened fire, aiming predominately at government buildings but also directing some fire towards civilians caught in the area.

    Several minutes after the attacks began the first truck exploded shot by a Helicopter rocket. The five remaining trucks sped from the location and detonated once either surrounded or out of other munitions to fire against the bleeding heart of India. After the bloody hour long battle was concluded with the last dump truck exploding, 545 people had been killed, including the Indian Foreign Minister and Indian Defense Minister, and a further 2680 wounded, of which 1209 needed hospitalization.

    Cyprus Resolution passes the UNSC

    Late in October the United Nations Security Council voted and passed a resolution to the Cyprus issue. The Resolution is as follows:

    The following resolution shall be adopted by the European Union and submitted to the Security Council by an EU representative:
    I. All property seized in the split of the island between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities shall be returned to its rightful owners.
    II. Turkish forces shall immediately withdraw from the island.
    III. A system of direct proportional voting shall be used in the re-unified Republic of Cyprus. The first elections shall be held January 1st, 2009.
    IV. Citizenship shall be granted to any Turkish immigrant who arrived on the island on or before December 31st, 2000, as well as those born on the island in the meantime. All Turkish immigrants who arrived after December 31st, 2000 shall return to Turkey.

    It remains to be seen if the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will agree to the aforementioned resolution now that it could become a reality.

    The shoes of a slain Indian girl. This picture would become symbolic of the LeT attack on Delhi.


    ESA Man in orbit by 2010.

    The European Space Agency announced that it would be conducting the first tests going towards sending a man into orbit by 2010, after several nations increased space funding, increasing the ESA budget by up to 500%. European Space Directors are indeed happy are in the process of discussing and researching numerous projects, one of which is termed a Space Elevator...

    Iran announces it is a nuclear power with a blast in the Iranian desert.

    ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, 30 minutes ago the Islamic Republic of Iran joined the ranks of the nuclear club, in our demonstration of the ultimate weapon to deter the Crusaders from taking our lands’ - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    Iran had an eventful year although several opportunities were missed by the government. Their single-minded purpose however gave them the desired result. Iran later in November exploded the first home made nuclear weapon of the Iranian people. There was much confusion in the ensuing weeks but the resolution in several capitals, was there after the New Year this new threat would need to be handled with care. Unlike North Korea, Iran had a working nuclear bomb and the means to deliver it.

    Morocco begins tourism drive

    The Moroccan government has started an advertising blitz throughout Europe and North America in an effort to attract greater tourism numbers. Although visitor numbers are up 5% from November last year, it remains to be seen if such numbers will continue to grow.

    Iran's nuclear power, the Islamic Republic becomes a member of the Nuclear club


    Environmentalism takes hold in Western Europe

    After the British government led by the new British Prime Minister (Tony Blair resigned in May) released and signed into law an environmentalist bill, they received praise. When several other Western European nations failed to do the same, they received scorn. Environmentalists have been demonstrating in most major cities across Europe this month to as they say: ‘Save the world for our children’s children’

    As business leaders in the United Kingdom begin to make preparations to switch over to the new green regime, it remains to be seen if other nations will follow suit.


    For the whole year following the detonation of the test nuclear warhead (that didn’t explode properly) The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and its Glorious Leader National Defense Chairman Kim Jong Il, labored his quest to secure his regime and return the DPRK to a small level of prosperity. In April 2007, full four months behind schedule the Six Party Talks began anew, however this time Pyongyang wasn’t just delaying and disrupting proceedings, this time it was talking and it seemed promising to Washington and Beijing.

    By October the Six Party Talks had reached conclusion and by the end of that month the North Korean nuclear arsenal was shipped across the border the People’s Republic of China for later disposal. However it took yet close to another 2 months for the United Nations Security Council to drop its sanctions, and several nations still have not done so. The full effects of such political maneuvering will be shown next year, however the North Korean populace is on the up, aid is arriving at their doorsteps from the soldiers who they feared for a decade, beginning the change of perceptions in the communist nation, and even entertainment in the form of traveling shows had begun yet again.

    Oh and could Hans Blix, please move to the left?

    Famine in Mozambique

    Famine has struck Mozambique hard after a massive crop failure in the wake of a locust swarm. International aid is rushing in but it remains to be seen if it will arrive in time for tens of thousands.

    Kim Jong Il, Glorious Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    All year


    Events in Afghanistan took a turn for the worst for the pro-NATO forces in the nation, as Taliban insurgents begin counter-attacking in numerous places with renewed strength and vigor. The amount of supplies the Taliban have received from various forces have pointed to several possible situations developing, all of them in favor of the Islamists.

    On the Pakistan border particularly in the northern section, Islamic militants of Al Qaeda and the Taliban manage to push the British and American forces in the sector away from the caves of Torah Boar. In June, Al Jazeera launches a new videotape of Osama bin Laden in his mountain holdout, praising the brothers in Afghanistan, Iraq and taking responsibility for the Channel Tunnel massacre.

    The situation steadily worsened and Afghan civilian government lost control of the southern city of Kandahar in October to a Taliban army. The assaination attempt on President Hamid Karzai in December which almost killed the Afghan leader with a rocket propelled grenade sealed what has been a troublesome year for the west in Afghanistan.


    The Israel/Palestine tensions of recent years were rather sedate in 2007. Fresh Palestinian elections returned Hamas to the Leadership in the Assembly, but retained Abbas as President and Fatah leader. Thus the divisions remained and on several occasions throughout the year the Gaza Strip and West Bank looked to be on the brink of civil war.

    The wall was completed in October 2007, a full year ahead of schedule and finally shut the Palestinians off from the Israelis. However nightly rockets still reigned down and Israeli tanks remained in Gaza throughout the year.

    The two servicemen that were captured by Hezbollah were returned, however the young Corporal held by Hamas friendly Palestinian militants remained captive throughout the year, allowed only one phone call in November to his family to ensure that the captives had not killed him.

    Solomon Islands

    The situation in the Solomon Islands became less stable this year as RAMSAI (the Australian led intervention force) lost support within the government of Prime Minister Sograve, who in 2006 began an international crisis by declaring Australian High Commissioner persona non grata. In September Prime Minister Sograve survived a vote of no confidence by one vote, and several groups armed from the last round of ethnic violence in the islands declared themselves no longer loyal to the Prime Minister. It remains to be seen if the Civilian Solomon government or the Australian led peacekeeping force is able to retain control.

    Crude Oil

    On several factors over the course of 2007, most notably the November nuclear explosion in Iran, led to the Sweet Crude Oil price to grow steadily to new highs. Beginning the year at $US145 a barrel by years end the price had reached $US187 a barrel a jump of $US42 in one year and the continuance of a worrying trend.


    The Union of Islamic Courts broke down and by March had stopped to be a fighting force in Somalia. They retain some low level guerilla actions in the south of Somalia, along with terrorist campaigns, like the one that killed the Ethiopian Foreign Minister in Baiboda, which remains the Interim Somali government’s de facto capital.

    Ethiopia retains a military footing in Somalia after the first anniversary of its intervention. It remains the Somali’s Interim Governments chief ally and many have called the Somali interim government as nothing more than an Ethiopian puppet government.

    Up north Puntland and Somaliland continue to assert their claims of independence from anarchical Somalia. They have met on their respective border and signed an agreement to ensure that a United Front will be put up against any aggression against either ‘independent Republic’

    Other Civil Wars

    A rather uneventful year in the other civil wars across the globe. Cote d’Ivorie did have a brief upsurge of violence due to 5000 Ghanaian soldiers reinforcing government forces. However it too still remained relatively calm, meanwhile Dafur just continued to be in general anarchy the United Nations forces not doing any better than their African Union predecessors.
  9. Sheep

    Sheep Orange Shrooms!

    Oct 23, 2002
    Edited so Moose cant find me

    “History will judge the invasion of Iraq one of the greatest foreign policy misadventures of all time.” – Senator John Kerry, Presidential Race 2004.


    The Iraqi situation for the Coalition forces steadily got worse over the year of 2007, with record Iraqi deaths three months in a row in February, April and May forcing the Iraqi government’s hand asking the Western controlled forces to leave at the earliest possible date. Sectarian violence continues to wrack the country with the mainly Shiite army turning a blind eye to Sunni deaths, and Sunni Al Qaeda striking at Shiite targets, like Badr City.

    In June, Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden referred to Iraq as ‘The graveyard for the Crusader Armies!’ and they weren’t wrong. American losses exceeded 3000 men for the duration of the entire war, and by years end was fast heading towards 4000. This was not to include those that had been injured and so on the streets of America some protests came about to call for an Iraqi withdrawal.

    In September, President George W. Bush was giving a speech on the very subject when he was shot and killed. His assaination if anything led to the ascension of President Cheney to the Oval Office, and it now remains to be seen with the democratic government of Iraq fast collapsing, and the lack of training being given to make the New Iraqi Army capable against the insurgency, that America can simply walk out of there by May 2008. Many warn including some leading Democrats that to leave now will simply afford a haven for the bin Ladens, and Shiek Al-Hilals, and Kebabs as well.

    With Iraq still very much on a knifepoint, the deciding moments are upon us, and whoever excels over the coming months will most likely become victor for this sordid escapade.

    US Soldiers in Iraq prepare for yet another firefight


    PLEASE HAVE ALL ISSUES SENT TO ME BY PM OR IM, on the thread and I will ignore it.
    ALSO PLEASE NOTE THAT JUST BECAUSE IT AINT HERE, DOESNT MEAN IT DIDNT HAPPEN. There is limited space in the updates and I can go on about talking about every single little thing in these. Once again ask me questions.
  10. Sheep

    Sheep Orange Shrooms!

    Oct 23, 2002
    Edited so Moose cant find me
  11. Sheep

    Sheep Orange Shrooms!

    Oct 23, 2002
    Edited so Moose cant find me
    Stats will be updated in the next 48 hours. Orders will not be due for a week from when the stats are due, so no deadline as of yet.
  12. Tyrion

    Tyrion Hmmm.....

    Feb 1, 2004
    To Australia
    From Germany:

    We would like to express our sorrow at the attack upon your great nation which in the eyes of the German people and those of many Europeans is a wondrous place. We know that our losses cannot compare to yours, but know this, you have Germanies support.

    To The United Kingdom and France
    From Germany:
    The recent attack upon the channel tunnel is horrifying to say the least and we give our condolences to the families of those lost, not only in Germany but across the world. However we would like to express a wish for anti terrorist laws and measures not to be allowed to get out of hand. This is a war on Terror not human rights. And if we 'crack down' too hard we fear we may very lose those fundemental rights that make us different to them.

    To International forces (US, UK, Russia and France)
    From Germany:

    We no longer see the need for your forces to be based here, the original mission of your occupation has long since been completed. We feel that while you remain our steadfast allies to allow you to remain here would only worsen the situation not only in our country but wherever the world knows religious tension. As such we officialy call for the withdrawel of American, British, Russian and French forces from within our borders.
  13. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden Deity

    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
  14. Sheep

    Sheep Orange Shrooms!

    Oct 23, 2002
    Edited so Moose cant find me
    Ask Symph.
  15. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden Deity

    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
  16. human-slaughter

    human-slaughter brand new year

    Sep 15, 2003
    Cowboys Stadium
    ooc: to let everyone know im going to be gone this weekend. Knigh+ I hope we can talk on my return.
  17. candaboy

    candaboy Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2005
    Guadalajara, Mexico
    To England, France
    From Mexico

    We mourn the loss of life experienced in the tragedy of May 14th and our heartfelt condolences go out to the family members of those who lost their lives on that fateful day. courage

    Por Panama
    De Mexico

    Creamos que uds. hacen un bien cosa. Este mas grande canal ayudara todo el mundo. President Martin Torrijos es un hombre con vision y valor.

    We belive that what you do is a good thing. This bigger canal will help the whole world. President Martin Torrijos is a man with vision and courage.
  18. Swissempire

    Swissempire Poet Jester

    Nov 4, 2005
    Hamilton College/Florida
    Great Update
  19. Insane_Panda

    Insane_Panda Deity

    Aug 9, 2004
    Southern California
    (OOC: Billions of damage, Sheep? That seems highly unlikely - especially since only 7 blocks of the city were destroyed. Billions is what is incurred by a hurricane, not rioting. Several hundred million would seem realistic, though)

    TO: The International Community
    FROM: The Republic of France

    These acts against the peoples of France and Europe are truly despicable and barbaric and it shows clearly that no longer can the peoples of Europe ignore the growing world on terror. France issues a condemnation of these acts of terrorism, and states that it reserves the right to strike any nation, with any weapon or force, conventional or otherwise, which is suspected of supporting the terrorists which struck our people. We will not hesitate, both within and without of our country, to destroy the scourge of fanaticism and terror.

    France will respond, and those who have brought this strike upon us shall recieve their reckoning.
  20. bombshoo

    bombshoo Never mind...

    Jan 7, 2003
    To: Earth
    From: The Republic of South Africa

    South Africa mourns the great loss of life across the world from these acts of terror, and wishes for every nation to know we will do all we can in our part of Africa to bring these people to justice.

    -President Thabo Mbeki

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