Single Player bugs and crashes v39 plus (SVN) - After the 20th of July 2019

This is the code for "Reports from the ... speak of reduced volcanic activity".
I have to double check this. I've no idea now what I based this assertion on.

It still looks pretty suss though doesn't it? It looks like it could happen repeatedly, if so the adjust fertility still needs dialling back, and the routine name refers to "Dormant Eruption" but the TXT_KEY says "Extinct"

If I may try again...

This code:
def doVolcanoNewEruption(argsList):
  kTriggeredData = argsList[0]
  pPlot = GC.getMap().plot(kTriggeredData.iPlotX, kTriggeredData.iPlotY)
  if pPlot.isNone():
  player = GC.getPlayer(kTriggeredData.ePlayer)
  team = player.getTeam()

  doVolcanoAdjustFertility((pPlot, 1, team))
  doVolcanoReport((pPlot, BugUtil.getPlainText("TXT_KEY_EVENT_TRIGGER_VOLCANO_NEW")))


...sends the message: "Reports from the ... empire speak of increased volcanic activity." That is the text of the TXT_KEY quoted, and that key is not referenced anywhere else.

This should definitely use getText not getPlainText.

I'm staring at the screen trying to decide if this could happen repeatedly. I'm unable to say for certain either way, so I'll assume there's no bug in the adjust fertility.

So I'll leave it there: here lie the tattered but still useful remains of an ambitious bug report...
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